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Tramadol Addiction Reupload =(

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I'm having issues with youtube, so I will be reuploading all my videos. Sorry for the inconvenience to those of you who subscribe to me and are getting updates for stuff you've already seen.
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Bruno Miguel Pereira (3 дня назад)
Good luck, dont underate Tramal, its a very dificult drug to deal with.....
Green Eyes (1 месяц назад)
I took Tramadol and it did wonders for my pain. Cause of all the druggies abusing it has made it too difficult to be prescribe. Pisses me off!!
Zay Say (2 месяца назад)
That feeling of not caring is what the opiate does, and it is a high. It’s a functional high
Ivan Moreno (2 месяца назад)
Hi man, thanks for your videos, they’re very helpful But my question is what do you do after 4 or 5 days ?? As you know loperamide causes BAD CONSTIPATION . How do you deal the following weeks? I’ve been on tramadol for 5 plus years, and loperamide REALLY helps, of course tapering down on the tramadol......... What is next??
Buddyrebel (2 месяца назад)
I’ve been on tramadol for the past 3 to 4 years and I finally had enough. It’s been two days since I haven’t taken them. I first started with the 50 mg dosage for the entire year and then I went to 100 and now I was doing 600 mg a day. But because I work at home and I have kids. I don’t have a wife I’m a single-parent I seen my chores decline. I’m not taking my kids out like I used to my job is suffering my social life is nonexistent my last two relationships failed not mainly because of this, those relationships were already in trouble before the tramadol. but I’m glad it’s over with them.but anyway it’s been two days without taking tramadol and I am so sick my head feels like I have 100 pounds on it I have cold sweats and heart palpitations I’m not sure if I should go cold turkey. I’ve done it before I’ve gone without tramadol for a week and after a week I was fine but then I went back on it but I guess this time it’s harder so I’m going to take hundred mg today and just gradually reduce the amount each day
shawn hellfire (2 месяца назад)
Kicking suboxone took 90 days i slept 1 or 2 hours for the first month and no sleep for the first week i was hallucinating going out of my mind crazy from not sleeping and i did it in a 8x8 room in the phillapines in the summer fucking hot and humid....i would have loved 3 days of no sleep
shawn hellfire (2 месяца назад)
I feel the same way about watching u tube video s ...im watching this one haha jk
Darkboy123 456 (2 месяца назад)
Currently going through tramadol withdrawl on day 2 haven't slept a wink and feeling terrible but i will go through whatever it takes for my daughter who is 9 month old and my son who is 6 years old, i hate being depending on this as this all started with lower back troubles
kelly walker (1 месяц назад)
How r u?
Dexter Morgan (4 месяца назад)
U drug addict filthy piece of shit, U must have bought something Generic stuff and I am sure it's not from India. I know that well because I am part of it, it's just yur addict pussy Brain thinks that!
Facu - (5 месяцев назад)
The high is really there, i take up to 500mg in an hour with friends, just to get high, and the high was quite intense, never done opioids before, and the feeling is like, beign really general good feeling/mood and a very pleasent feeling on the body, you can literally lay on the couch for 3 hours without moving listening to your music of choice and enjoy every second.The high at that doses last up to 10 hours, done it about 10 times in a span of 3-5 months, never had any withdrawl sympthom, but believe me, the feeling you get from that is VERY addictive, if you do it regular i mean, everyday you can easy become addict to it and get withdrawal symthoms. i also take 20mg of methadone one time, and it was quite similar but a lot more seddative and long lasting, it was different but similar to tramadol, same feeling on the body, maybe more intense, but also less"euphoric" than trams. the last time i did trams was about 2 months, and sometimes when i listen to the stones, velvet underground or that kind of music, i got a strange craving to do it again.I think thats the problem with opiods, once you have tryed it, you know how it feels, and suddenly you want to feel it again. just be ware, is a potentially addictive drug.And the high at least for me, was pretty pleasent. i'm male 21yo with a heavy background weed use. Sorry for my english, i m from Argentine.
Mormorda 666 (5 месяцев назад)
I totally disagree with you that tramadol does get you high, first time I used it it was bliss. Like you said it takes away all the cares in the world, I would take a pile of them then have a wee bed made up in the living room in front of the telly and I’d lie there feeling like I’m floating on a cloud with zero cares watching scrubs. When I’d stand up to get something from the kitchen it felt like I was floating and that my head was a helium balloon lol. I’m taking them again now after about a 2-3 gap since the last time but this time the high isn’t as good as my tolerance for opioids is high as I take cocodamol every day. So due to a recent arm injury that’s excruciating pain I’m taking a cocktail of cocodamol, tramadol, diazepam and amitriptiline.
Castle45commando (5 месяцев назад)
Im a medically disable combat veteran and honestly no drug works better for me. I was a super super heavy drinker for 10 years after the war. I found out about tramadol from my girlfriend shes prescribed it and i quit drinking completely and i take 300mgs throughout my day and i can function and im not deppressed anymore. But my doctor shut me off recentlly no reason its just how veteran health care is. Its been rough as hell. Sleep only a half hour every 5 hours, stuck in bed sweating. Alcohol was much easier to kick. I will never quit these things though. We all have vices at least im not blacking out entire weeks anymore.
StarGazzer1984 (6 месяцев назад)
Some people say it doesn’t work on them, but it gives me a really good buzz. Don’t understand it
MATT ROGERS (6 месяцев назад)
Hello brother and l have just come back to say hope you are doing okay and l have been off Tramadol for 4 years God Bless
Bruce Courtney (6 месяцев назад)
My poor mother 😔
jay wilkens (29 дней назад)
Same thing i said lmafo 😁😂😂😂
Dean Kinsman (8 месяцев назад)
All opiates Opioids get you high, its just the dosage
Araya Ames (8 месяцев назад)
I took Tramadol (400mg per day) over more them a year and abruptly discontinued to take it, the withdrawal symptoms there comparable to other opioids like Morphine but after 1 week, the symptoms were gone. Moreover, Tramadol is also a good antidepressant because of the releases of Dopamine. So if you take a high dosage of Tramadol you will feel powerful, optimistically and vigilant. Overall, I consider Tramadol in compare to other opioids as harmless and is withdrawal symptoms as manageable but it always depends on person how high the risk is to become addicted and to withdrawal. But hear is the point, there is no potent medicine and this is especially true for painkillers without Side Effects.
Antonio Flores (8 месяцев назад)
I am currently addicted to tramadol. I take 400 mg at a time in the Am and 400 at 2 PM I'll take 200 more if I'm bored. Just being honest. It's super cheap in Mexico. I get 4 100 mg 50 capsule bottles for 20 dls it lasts me about 2 weeks and I'm partially lying on the time it lasts. Maybe 1 week one and a half. Don't know what or how I'm gonna get off but as a former heroine addict I think if I got off that I can get off anything. I have to stay positive. Maybe go natural with weed. I'm all ears.
Amanda Howard (7 месяцев назад)
Antonio Flores I did it. Pm me
Mike Roberti (9 месяцев назад)
Sometimes, you just gotta say “F-it” and get the job job done.
Jerry Tom (10 месяцев назад)
real nice guy --- maybe he is taking too many? all meds are to be taken with caution.
Simon Jones (11 месяцев назад)
Tramadol iş a crazy drug anybody who takes it and ends up abusing it is on a slippery slope sooner or later it will destroy your life or even kill u ...... ı was taking tramadol for over a year until last sunday at 8pm and ive been cold turkeying since ı wouldnt wish this on anyone its now Friday 6pm ı do feel a bit better but ı still dont feel right .....
Star Sail (1 год назад)
Dog shit drug (tramadol)doesn't work.! 30 times less effective than Oxycodone. Percocet.
Ichan Ceska (1 год назад)
im about to withdraw from tramadol. i can hold the withdrawal effect from it except for the Restless legs syndrome (when you kinda need to move your legs every time to get comfortable) its the worst. i can't sleep good every night and feel so tired in the morning. its tough, it really is...😵
James Stephenson (1 год назад)
Bad thing is the pills you get over seas you never know there mixed with something else
Herb Asher (1 год назад)
Thank you for your interesting testimony. Tramadol is, indeed, addictive even though it may seem mild and safe compared to other drugs. At reasonable dosage, Tramadol certainly won't kill you or prevent you from living a normal life but it will make you strongly dependent. Have you got over it ? Has your life changed for the better ?
Greg Aaron (1 год назад)
If you taper off when you finally jump off the withdrawals will still be there, I took it for 6 years for a bad back and joint pain from my school custodian job, I thought it was non-narcotic opiate and it was for like the first few doses that felt more like a stimulant than an opiate, however, one day I took it ad a euphoria like no other kicked in for over 16 hours, even mundane tasks become a thing of joy, I finally quite after reading that taking a couple doses of meth to override the 2-3 day side effects after jumping off tramadol,it actually worked I now only take Benadryl at night to help me sleep
Linnéa Isaksson (1 год назад)
"Not get high"?? Then you did not take a high dose in the beginning. I would get HIGH from that. Puking, itching and falling over and it all felt so gooood. I would use 400 mg as a first dose and I could not look my mother in the eyes or even talk to her on the phone cause I was so high.
Nedra Wilkerson (1 год назад)
Brittany Robertson (1 год назад)
I have severe back pain, i was put on this after being told it was Non addictive. it's been 8 years started at 100MG 3x a day. ran out after my doc was fired went through withdraw kicking legs, depression, getting sick. I am down to 100 mg at bedtime and will remain there till surgery. I wish you the best and thank you for this video. your honesty will help alot of people
Chris Alexy (1 год назад)
Told by who it isn't addictive? Lol. Shit's just as bad as heroin. But safer to abuse, to an extent.
Andymanaman (1 год назад)
You can buy Tramadol at Walmart in the States!?
The wandering photographer (1 год назад)
Side Effects from Tramadol just not worth it for me ...1..very bad night sleep. 2 Itching Burning Skin with no rash description: ... It appears the skin is itching and burning for no apparent reason. This itching and burning on the skin sensation can occur anywhere on the body, such as the hands, face, feet, lips, and scalp, to name a few..... not quite sure but I put it down to stiffness first thing in the morning.. PS some of these reviews are only trying to sell tramadol not good idea ..and the list for not using it just goes on but in saying that what works for you...
Paul Tyler (2 года назад)
Brilliant idea to help others by making these videos. After a recent operation I have become dependant on tramadol and having tried stopping once and fully experiencing side effects from hell I am wondering how decreasing over a period of say 2 months how I might expect to feel. I have got down to between 150 to 200mgs of slow release twice a day from twice that but must now stop. Can you help by suggesting how much to decrease by and at what intervals, and just how to expect to be feeling while doing so. Thanks, that would be very helpful.
ghosted (2 года назад)
i can honestly say youre wrong when you stated "anybody whos taken tramadol knows you cant get high off of it" because on several occasions when i took 150mg it would of course start off with the happy, confident, talkative, etc. feeling which later on when it was wearing off i would usually lay down and watch tv and this is when i would feel the warm euphoric feeling along with nods setting on (usually associated with opiates) luckily i couldnt find anymore and lost interest in the use that couldve easily gotten out of hand
QuadCore Gaming (2 года назад)
i just took about 640mg's of this stuff. as directed by my doctor for pain. Idk what to expect. I chewd them too so it kicks in sooner.
Chris Alexy (1 год назад)
Yeah, keep doing it, tell me when you've choked on your own vomit during a seizure. you are partially why drugs have a bad rep. Any immediate release over 400mg's is very likely to induce seizures/serotonin syndrome. Factually speaking you ''COULD'' take over 2000mg and still live, if you don't have a seizure. It's not exactly easy to OD on Tramadol. You dying won't be from that. Tram is great to have short term fun with, but if you're taking it recreationally, why not just get some Coke/MDMA?
Ariana Sanders (1 год назад)
Super Dragon I took 10 tremadol 50 mg tablets before I get prescribed 100 a month so its very possible to take that many
Chris Alexy (1 год назад)
no, you fucking didn't.
SirSmurfalot (2 года назад)
Is someone snoring in the background?
Crissy R (1 год назад)
I think its a dog  lol
sara milena (2 года назад)
Is addictive, i take for tramadol's drop and doesnt get u high BUT it numbs u is weird that drug, the fucking thing i hate with my soul is the fucking nauseas before the dope, is fucking horrible......
M&M Papaya (2 года назад)
I hide my addiction from everyone. My friends laughed because tramadol is weak according to them. That it's nothing like morphine. But if you take 5 or 6 it feels like morphine. It's very similar high to codeine.
M&M Papaya (2 года назад)
Yep. You're Doctor said the same shit as me. It doesn't make you high but it does make you feel happy.
Pragmatic1 Ultramagnetic (2 года назад)
I'd say tramadol can absolutely get you high. I used to nod out on the stuff.
Scott Perkins (1 год назад)
Pragmatic1 Ultramagnetic no doubt it gets you high, without question
James Stephenson (1 год назад)
Pragmatic1 Ultramagnetic I agree if you don't feel anything it's because your body built up a tolerance to it
Nikola Mrdjen (2 года назад)
I want to talk to u about tramadol addiction. it's not as harmless as you think
unbrealtalk (2 года назад)
Did I say it was harmless? Pretty sure withdrawal from tramadol can kill you.
l.m. Getz (2 года назад)
Sounds like a dog snoring in the background!
l.m. Getz (1 год назад)
BLACK STAR HUNTER (1 год назад)
l.m. Getz Brent are you still okay brother
unbrealtalk (2 года назад)
that or my ac. The ac unit pipe hums in my wall. I'm in a new room that doesn't have any of that noise and I actually know how to do my audio now.
derek.............. (2 года назад)
it also used for sex...
AsSeenOnTV (2 года назад)
Joel Rodriguez (2 года назад)
Do you have a face book a need to talk to yo pleace
unbrealtalk (2 года назад)
I do, but I do not use facebook anymore. You can send me private messages on youtube. I live on youtube. Just go to my channel page and there is an option to send a private message.
Furby Gender (2 года назад)
+unbrealtalk I have extreme chronic pain from a fractured back injury and I've been on Tramadol now for nearly 7 years. At this point, it doesn't help tremendously so I went back to my doctor and he also gave me Flexiril (muscle relaxer) and even with that, I'm still in horrible chronic pain. The doctor won't prescribe me anything else despite the fact that I've never been a recreational drug user and certainly not a seller. Some people say I'm addicted but MRI's and other scans of my back have shown that the pain is real and so I'm not really sure what the truth is honestly. The problem is I'm afraid to keep up'ing my dose. At this point I never take more than 200mg a day, I need to know what's safe to take and how much. How are you doing now that it's been 3 years nearly?
Furby Gender (2 года назад)
+unbrealtalk I'm happy to hear that. I found something incredible about your video, it was almost like you were a professional and how you managed to explain everything in such an articulate manner made all the difference. Often times people do not see prescription meds as a drug, in that they don't see it as being similar as other heavy drugs. I think the world needs to know more about good people who get caught up in addiction and the worst of it is that the doctors know these meds are addicting and if you become addicted and admit it, usually the doctors will black list you. I really hope you can be and stay recovered, I believe when you when you say you promise.
unbrealtalk (2 года назад)
+Furby Gender I'm going to make more videos and get on a  schedule so it's harder to procrastinate. The depression messes me all up. No will to even get out of bed most days. Yeah it's very hard to find good info on drug addiction since it is such a taboo subject. Its' very stressful these days on youtube. Never know what rules really mean and it's always possible to lose all your videos if for some reason a person wants to screw you. Also this topic is very hard to make money from on youtube. (Not why I do this, but it really helps) I think of this channel and the ppl who watch it daily. I don't not make videos because I don't care. I really do. I've just got issues. I'll get my shit together. Promise. Thanks for the comment.
Furby Gender (2 года назад)
+unbrealtalk Wow that's incredible. I've found that when I stop taking the Tramadol for even 2 days or so, I start getting horrendous migraines and now I'm on Butalbital for the migraines, ridiculousness. Can't wait to see the video. Yeah a lot of people come on way later after they've sorted through all the shit videos and then they find good one's like yours. I think it would be incredible for you to keep doing them, not every year lol. There's a lot of us struggling with addiction and we need to know there's others out there.
unbrealtalk (2 года назад)
I'm doing well. Still off the tramadol, but I've been taking the loperamide for about a year now. lol Went through a difficult break up and relapsed on srs drugs. The loperamide helps a little to stabilize my moods. I can't afford a doctor so I make due with what I have. I'll be making a video today. I haven't logged into this channel in well over a year. I am so surprised that so many ppl still comment and watch the videos. Figure the least I can do is make videos for you guys. I don't know much, but I know addiction.
Suboxone Fuckingrotin (2 года назад)
Tramadol is highly addictive, doctors just need an excuse to prescribe it to addicts, the reason doctos assure people its not addictive is because it effects people differently depending on metabolism. I have a fast metabolism so when i take anymore than 50mg i get as high as codeine. When i take tramadol with klonopin is when i had my first experience with slight addiction nothing too prolonged but tramadol is no joke it can get you high and there is high abuse potential because its safer to take it with a benzo becuase of seizures and the high drastically increases with a benzo as well but i love tramadol luckily i've been clean with no addiction for years even with using drugs on a weekly basis because i see nothing wrong with using drugs if its not harming your body.
Susan Boyd (2 года назад)
unbrealtalk (2 года назад)
You sound like you've got this under control. Good for you. If it gets out of hand again, remember your comment, because that is exactly what I would tell you. Just take it slow.
veronica miranda (2 года назад)
I'm a single mom of 3, I have been detoxed from tramadol in a nearby rehab center, its been 5 months and I attend NA meetings on a weekly basis... The cravings are so unbareable these past few days so watching your video brought me back to where i was while abusing this horrible drug.... Thanks for your video even though I have no idea if you still even check these comments...I was desperately looking for some support in someone who has been in the same shoes as mine! Thanks a million👍🏼
wuriatma ibnu pranawa (2 года назад)
so for what yje medicine was made
Tramadol is an man-made (synthetic) Codeine.
unbrealtalk (2 года назад)
There is much worse. The loperamide helps A LOT. But you can become addicted to that too.
Jade Jones (2 года назад)
Um, no, it is NOT codeine! (or synthetic codeine). In the family of synthetic opioid? Yes. Synthetic codeine? NO. Few things are worse than spreading ignorant misinformation! Please stop doing it! (you could have said, "... it is a synthetic that is SIMILAR to codeine...", but to label it as such is simply irresponsible!
veronica miranda (2 года назад)
This drug is prob the worse thing that has ever happend to my life, coming across it in such a vulnerable time in my life made it even more unmanageable.... Everyone, stay away!
The good family Better (2 года назад)
All the negative commenters have clearly never taken tramadol, and if they have then they haven't taken it for long enough for their body to adhere to it, making out they are heroes because they took it for 6 days and managed to stop... Lol wake up! Tramadol is half my best friend and half my enemy it's horrible but helpful beyond belief, key example, wake up in the morning feel like shit and have to go to work everyone including all the bosses are all having a coffee and chat and without tramadol it's shit feel awkward not confident and tired and generally feel like a ass hole and paranoid... On the other hand take 2 tramadol when 30 mins goes past starts to kick in and go to the office, I'm the most outgoing confident and likable guy ever and feel so good about myself and feel that nothing is awkward and can say what I want..... Then there's the health I'm having so many different bad signs of this drug and want to stop its killing me, my skin my organs and heart and everything
tranebur (7 месяцев назад)
this is so real
Conspiracy (1 год назад)
unbrealtalk hey, going through same thing with tramadol, first day off today, just wanted to ask, I watched another one of ur vids about the loperamide hydrochloride & just wanted to know did that stuff work? have some here with me & tramadol & wanted to know what u think I should do? should I take the loperamide or just throw them both aside & just ride it without anything?
unbrealtalk (2 года назад)
I noticed that too. I found though that all the things tramadol helped with were still there when I quit. I guess ur brain will rewire itself. Tramadol was all in all a positive medication for me. If I could get a prescription for it I would probably take it again. But no way would I take it without one.
Micah Sandreth (2 года назад)
Anyone that that takes Tramadol knows they don't make you high? Are you freaking kidding me? Keep telling yourself that you will never start to recover. I was a heroin/subutex/oxy addict for years. I preferred trams because my opioids tolerance got way to high. You take 8-10 of these in a pop you WILL be high. Most people get upset stomach from doing that and some have seizures. But this guy is wrong!!! They are extremely addictive, even more then Vicodin and they will rip you and ruin your life. You play with fire you will get burned. All addicts avoid this drug, it will cause relapse 100% and non addicts beware this is a controlled substance now becausssssseeeee it makes you high!!!
turtles420roast (2 года назад)
tramadol is fun to take with cannabis, i find they compliment each other, but like any ssri don't abuse it or it'll abuse you :/
George David (2 года назад)
man what the hell is that hum in the background? Your dog on Tramadol?
Jerry Stein (2 года назад)
It's also sold in liquid form for im/iv use. 200 mg. iv sure hits the spot, the only problem is the nausea, for me anyway. I'm not telling anyone to try it, please bear in mind, it can be addictive! I have severe pain so I'm prescribed it, told my doc about me becoming addicted to it so I'm cutting down. It really does affect your serotonin levels, Demerol also, I think. When I am coming off Demerol I become really depressed, if u don't need these meds, don't fuck with it!
Danna Barish (2 года назад)
amen brother i feel your pain. Lying assholes is all they are. They dont know what they are talking about.
chinren707 (2 года назад)
Only tone i take this is when i run outta my regular meds to avoid WD.. the work for that reason, other than that there pointless and make me sick abd unmotivated all day
HARDEY LEONE (2 года назад)
Wow....this is the one I could dump with no problems. The constipation is vile and the buzz is shit. Oxycode is my next drug I have, even that 20mg 4 times a day is nit even worth starting an addiction for. It's boring. Actually, it makes me sick. I alike my benzo's but even they are boring to a point. I gave up drink and cigs. The point is, nothing works enough for long. No point in getting started!
HARDEY LEONE (2 года назад)
+J.B. Fraser Take more then. It will knock you out but you need breaks.
J.B. Fraser (2 года назад)
I sleep as much as i can but my back gets too uncomfortable, so i just get up and force myself to do laundry, housework, etc...i wish i could just sleep through the whole thing...
HARDEY LEONE (2 года назад)
+J.B. Fraser I can see how that would work. I have the seroquels....but it's just a shitty sicky...need to sleep feeling. Do you just try and stay up on it?
J.B. Fraser (2 года назад)
tks man
GhettoRanger (2 года назад)
Find a doctor that can prescribe suboxone, not all can, why put yourself through that hell unnecessarily? Ask your friends if they know a doctor because it'll still be a long road even with subs but your head will be clear and life will look much brighter. Keep me posted either way. Good luck!
draconian45 (2 года назад)
Yeah I stopped taking tramadol a couple of years ago. I was addicted for years. What helped me with the withdrawals and recovery was taking loperamide and also taking hot baths.
BrexitCub 38 (2 года назад)
+veronica miranda more people seem to make the switch from oxys to heroin than they do tramadol to heroin
veronica miranda (2 года назад)
How long did u abuse of tramadol? I have been detoxed from it for almost 5 months now and recently started taking oxy's since tramadol has now become harder to get, i dont know which one is worse but i do know that tramadol made me a supermom at one point and now i feel horrible :( any advice and suggestions are greatly appreciatted
SomthingFrom Nothing (2 года назад)
21 hours off tramadol I hope I can do it
Puck Light (2 года назад)
How are you getting on mate, I feel your pain I'm going through the same thing, I've gone from 30 x 50mg tablets a day to nothing and it's killing me
SEXY RED (2 года назад)
You can get high while using Tramadol. It depends on your tolerance to meds.
SomthingFrom Nothing (2 года назад)
I try not to take so right now I feel horrible my joints killing me :(
SomthingFrom Nothing (2 года назад)
when your boddy needs it feels like your spirit hurts I dint kniw hiw to explain but its so bad so I start taking oxicodone 1 every 24 hours for about 3 or 4 minths but bot anymore and now I wanna quit taking teamadoll but I have really pain
unbrealtalk (2 года назад)
+Buki Sula Just try the loperamide. You will be amazed at how well it works, but you can become addicted to that too. It's a harder drug to get addicted to in my opinion. You deffinitely don't want to use heroine. I'm assuming you are taking more than 2 tramadols a day? Get down to 2 a day or even 1. I got down to 1 before going cold turkey. if you have 6months left, you have plenty of time to prepare. Get down to 50-100mg per day. I felt very little discomfort using loperamide.
SomthingFrom Nothing (2 года назад)
+unbrealtalk I am afraid ill start heroin bro because after I finish my tramadoll I dint know what's going to hapen after that I have enough fi r next 6 mountha tramadol but after that I an in trouble
unbrealtalk (2 года назад)
+Buki Sula I'd say 10 days. It will stop being uncomfortable after just 3, but the depression will last for a long time afterwards. Maybe months. But it is not at all as bad as it could be. IF you have gotten your daily dosage down to 50-100mg/day. If you stop at higher dosages, you risk seizures , serotonin syndrome, and even death.
SomthingFrom Nothing (2 года назад)
+unbrealtalk how many days u need to stay off pills for being clear ?
SomthingFrom Nothing (2 года назад)
+unbrealtalk I don't know its so hard and when I am out of that maybe happans for 12hrs I go on ER so I take dilaudet I can't be off its to hard
SomthingFrom Nothing (2 года назад)
I feel now bro fucked up I keep moving my legs I am so adicted I used to take 8-10 tramadolls a day so now I am on 2-3 so I bin doing this for 8 years after my car accident so I don't know how do be free its to hard
unbrealtalk (2 года назад)
You may need them. Sobriety is not always the answer. I am no doctor. I know human behavior and addiction, but it takes more than that to give medical advice. The restless leg shit sucks. There are medications that will make that less of a problem. I don't know what they are, but I know they exist. You can get off tramadol if you want to get off it. If you don't, that doesn't automatically mean you are weak. Maybe they are doing you more good than bad. that is possible.
Recycle Bin (2 года назад)
I knew I had a problem when I began shitting pinecones
Recycle Bin (2 года назад)
I've had problems with addiction, I was meant to delete the drugs but ended up "recycling" some of them
tubewoodycool (2 года назад)
How can you not feel a high from like 500mg+ of tram? I get plenty of euphoria from like 400mgs without tolerance.
Chef Sweaty (2 года назад)
he said he used to be into harder drugs, so the feeling that we feel downstairs phase him
James Waller (3 года назад)
Sounds like an old man snoring in the background. Maybe the old fucker ate some Ultram for his HA
unbrealtalk (2 года назад)
probably my ac. It hummed constantly in the wall in that room. I've moved to much better room for recording and I actually know how to record audio now.
PNWmushrooms (3 года назад)
I recommend you take a few ibuprofen after you stop using tramadol. Also smoke some weed if you can. That way it will take some of the withdrawal pains away.
PNWmushrooms (3 года назад)
I've been prescribed these a couple times for wisdom teeth removal and now for ear infections. They only prescribe a small amount with 0 refills. I have minor withdrawals if any. It's always been worth it to me because ibuprofen and Advil don't work when you get to 15 a day. Plus your stomach feels horrible after that much ibuprofen.
Tom Thomas (3 года назад)
My friend bitches that the Vegetable glycerine in his full VG vape juice contains sugar alcohols that he claims gives him diarrhea and I think hes wrong but I cant convince him otherwise to the extent that I almost believe him. lol
unbrealtalk (2 года назад)
I want to say that is not true, but maybe it is. I don't know. He might just be causing these problems himself in his head. I can give myself diarrhea by just thinking of certain drugs. I've never noticed any side effects from VG. Been making my own stuff for 3 or so years now.
Tom Thomas (3 года назад)
can you order them without a prescription at your own risk? hmmmmm sounds like a plan jk
Tom Thomas (3 года назад)
+Tom Thomas Jesus it makes you shit that much!?? every five minutes my ass I hope not shit! I never had any issues with it but i was only on it for a month and i had like 4 a day
Tom Thomas (3 года назад)
Great vid man keep it up
Tom Thomas (3 года назад)
shit gives you energy to bag groceries and enjoy it when normally you hate work
Ricardo Moreno (3 года назад)
How do you order them online? I got shot with a shot gun and everything is still in my body (pellets) my left side, arm, neck, head, shoulder, and it's extremely painful, they fuck with my nerves and muscles constantly. I've been taking it from doctors but it's a hassle like you said.
Aminah Neumann (3 года назад)
I specifically asked for a non habit forming med and they gave me tramadol. That was such BS and its been such a nightmare to get off. My primary care physician was amazed that my surgeon left me on it for 6 months. I wouldn't suggest anyone using this for pain. The pain that comes from getting off of it surpassed the pain that I'm taking it for. Good for you for getting off.
hellomynameisjoe (4 месяца назад)
Aminah Neumann taking one 900mg dose of gabapentin at bedtime makes you have ZERO withdrawals coming off of Vicodin. I wonder if it would help with tramadol withdrawal.
Aminah Neumann (2 года назад)
Gabapentin has been a miracle in replace of tramadol
unbrealtalk (2 года назад)
You need real drugs for that. Tramadol is not going to help you with that.
unbrealtalk (2 года назад)
Doctors know jack shit about medications. They typically know as much as anyone who spends 2mins on google.
Aminah Neumann (2 года назад)
+Sam Firth everyone reacts to medication differently
John K Lindgren (3 года назад)
Thanks. Good video. Bangkok-Johnnie www.pattayatoday. " I started out on OxyContin - soon hit the milder stuff Tramadol"... I had a knee replacement done in Sweden last year. Tons of pain and plenty of OxyContin to kill the pain. Back in Thailand. I asked for Oxycodone, OxyContin in private, government hospitals, pharmacies and drugstores "No Have". Not allowed by Thai FDA. However, Viagra. No problem, there's tons of it, real or replica. Now, how do I manage my excruciating morning pain, stiffness and recurring depression? Tramadol 50 mg with a strong cup of coffee. Plus a mango & banana smoothie! Oh, yes!
SuMtOnE (3 года назад)
Can you pm me where i can get'em online?
Tabitha Stephens (1 месяц назад)
+Nigel Willis Where can I buy them online?
Nigel Willis (4 месяца назад)
SuMtOnE I have a good supply of trams email me n1ge19912k11@Gmail.com
SuMtOnE (3 года назад)
The motivation pill. Make you get up and accomplish things.
Dexter Morgan (4 месяца назад)
Modofinil can be Motivation Pill
tranebur (7 месяцев назад)
comfortabley numb
J.B. Fraser (2 года назад)
SuMtOnE (2 года назад)
+tubewoodycool guess everyone is different :)
tubewoodycool (2 года назад)
+SuMtOnE Whaaat? On tram I cant do shit, just lay and feel good
KrisRaps (3 года назад)
Im On Fife 200Mg Tramadol pills right now and im happy and im going to make a lots of stuff today
sarmen b (3 года назад)
when i took it , i told my self , welcome to lalaland. the euphoria is amazing.
unbrealtalk (2 года назад)
Good that you say this. the thing that keeps many addicts addicted is their total refusal to be honest about their reasons for taking the drug they take. If you can't even admit why you use the drugs you use then you have very little chance of ever being off them.
sarmen b (3 года назад)
Tremadol = happy drug. makes you super happy, things that you have 0 patience for , on tremadol you will love doing  especially work and guess what? mondays will be amazing. If you are using it dont incrase yourself to over 3 pills. if your over 3 pills , every week decrease 1 that way your body gets used to the lower amounts and if you want to quit go from decresing one to cuting it in half and taking a half, or a fourth or a 5th until you cant cut it up anymore and it'll be easier to quit.
All Natural (3 года назад)
Did it help your pain? And what website did you get it from?
Jessica Rodriguez (3 года назад)
Im goin thru my first night of not being on tramadol. Im LITERALLY DYING
tranebur (7 месяцев назад)
day 1, 2 and 3 is hell
Lazette Johnson (3 года назад)
Am OK wat abut u
Geraint Newton (3 года назад)
+Jessica Rodriguez How are you?
Lazette Johnson (3 года назад)
Am tryin my best to stop but I hve seven kids n I go thru all wat he sayin so am goin to pray u make it thru it
Howard Conover (3 года назад)
Tramadol has been a miricle drug  I have chronic joint pain  I've never had to take more tan 100mgs per day. Tramadol is not a pain reliever it's a pair inhibitor , meaning a non narcotic.Wheh  I do have pain  II can take 50 mgs and the pain goes away.
SteveGaming (3 года назад)
My friend had the same problem he used to be on speed all the time and then he broke his knee which lead to him getting numerous operations and then was put on Tramadol ... he is prescribed a large amount of the drug each month however he takes the pills within 3 days of getting them because they make repetitive work like you mention extremely easy to cope with. Yesterday Stevie and I took around 500mg of Tramadol each within two hours of starting work, the day was so easy however then I decided to go out and had a few beers and a couple of vodkas woke up in a really bad way head felt like it was going to explode and I was sick about 40 times. I couldn't even walk home had to get help from Taxi driver to open the door etc. Bad idea.
Mary Cosme (3 года назад)
Hey I watching your video and it really hit home for me . Any way u can tell me how your doing or maybe send me a private message I could really use your inside and help. Please
hujjesb (3 года назад)
Hi mate I too was on tram for 7 yr .it took me a full year to get of it .I now warn everyone not to take it more than a 3 week for bad pain .I have been clean for 5 year of it ..
Will Lopez (3 года назад)
I've been on tramadol for a year and I'm getting 200mg pills now sucks when I run out
Nicole Jones (2 года назад)
holy shit i didnt know it goes past 100
Geraint Newton (3 года назад)
That`s good to read, it`s been 2 months for me also..
Will Lopez (3 года назад)
im clean now thank u
Geraint Newton (3 года назад)
+Will Lopez Are you still on them? If yes, then start tapering yourself off them, 2 a day, 1 a day, then 1/2 a day, slowly does it.
Aleksandar Lukrevski (3 года назад)
i dont know about US but i'm on 30 pills x 50 mg and if you want to leave them you will be in pain that even your imagination is not close .. and not give an interview on youtube ...150 mg = be happy about that 
Anonymous SB (3 года назад)
Took 8 a day once none stop smoking Hash. Ended up in bed, eyes closed but afraid to sleep as i really believed once i did i would not wake up the next day.
Dayum (3 года назад)
I was prescribed tramadol 6 months ago due to a car accident. I stopped cold turkey when i felt like my back is better. Once I stopped I've been getting brain zaps, dizziness and vertigo. The brain zaps scared the shit out of me because I did not know it was withdrawal from the drug. I thought it was from the accident. I am now in he process of tapering my self off of it. I hear people talk about taking 10 a day and that just blows my mind. I was taking 2 a day at most and when I stopped I got the withdrawal symptoms once it wore off. Brain zaps literally scared me to tears, and I haven't cried since my grand mother passed away. This drug is a hell of a drug, wished I had found out about the withdrawal symptoms before I start taking it. Also I hardly see any one talk about brain zaps with tramadol.. is it only me? because that is my main symptom.. Show less
serendipity Culture (3 года назад)
+Dayum Brain zaps means your receptors have been damaged and there is a very high chance you will suffer hardcore depression all your life.
Lazette Johnson (3 года назад)
No I hve thm to n tht shit irritation n hurt
Phyl Myaz (3 года назад)
Good video, Ive been on this shit for 3 years and have tried to come off several times. My doc gives me 120/month and I can't do it alone because I had rls before taking them and tramadol eliminates it, so coming off Is aweful. I have massive brain zaps and lose control of my muscles. It had robbed me of everything and I don't mean financially, I read shit on my phone till the sun comes up. I stumbled on to your vid and you gave me a little hope. Im down to six a day all in one whack at night, I withdraw all day till they single daily dose. I have been repeating this pathetic cycle for 3 years. Serotonin discontinuation syndrome is fast worse than opiate withdrawal. My surgeon even prescribed me oxy for 6 months to come off it cold turkey becsuse opiate withdrawal is a faster withdrawal and less of a hell than Serotonin withdrawal! I gave up smoking and drinking because of it . I gave up my friends and all things I once enjoyed. Ive become violent and dead inside. I speak of nothing but negative shit. I've become an introvert and seldom leave the house. I bought a brand new 4wd truck last year and it sits in its parking space with only 500 miles. Tramadol is ototoxic, it had damaged my hearing and I developed Tinnitus, which is a screaming ring on both ears that make me insane in a silent room. I have to play music while I sleep and run fans to drown it out. It has started destroying my one perfect vision and need glasses to see food on my plate or anything close up. Its ruining my relationship with the kindest girl a guy could meet. I'm hitting rock bottom and just can't do it anymore. Fortunately I retired comfortably @ 43 years old and don't have to worry about work or anything other than this addiction. I cannot deal with the withdrawal for any longer than 2 days and i crack! I am now looking at a very expensive rapid detox and withdrawing under anesthesia while they iv pump me with shit to trick the receptors into thinking they are full. Problem is most places think tramadol is a joke! I may have to lie and say Im on oxy or vicodin. I hope it works because I hate this shit and if I could just get through the withdrawal, I WILL NEVER TOUCH THEM AGAIN! was hoping someone or yourself knew of someone who can do the rapid detox, I'm not afraid of dying from the procedure becsuse I am already dead. Thanks for your vid bro, don't know how old this is but hope you got clean! Take care, people don't ever touch this shit unless you want to be a carrot with a pulse! God bless.
aaron cornaroli (17 дней назад)
Phyl, its been 3 years since this post, how is it going,?
aaron cornaroli (17 дней назад)
Wow men, thank you for the input on this tramadol. How are you doing now?
T J (3 месяца назад)
Phyl Myaz Bro I was a fentanyl addict for years I had to go to the methadone clinic for 3 years to get off that shit I got off was doing good for about 6 years then I got ran over by a drunk driver going 45 miles an hour when I was walking to my mom's house I have multiple compound fractures to my tibia and fibula. They gave me fentanyl at 25 micrograms in the back of the ambulance and life-flighted me to Enloe in Chico California. They were giving me hella Dilaudid and shit like that in the hospital. They sent me home with Percocet and some other fucking shit. Quit those cold turkey. Then I had another surgery and they gave me 60 mg of morphine and 10 mg Percocets for months. Quit that shit cold turkey. Had another surgery and they've been giving me Tramadol 100 mg four times a day also hydrocodone 5 325 4 times a day I quit the Tramadol like it wasn't shit brain zaps all kinds of weird shit like that I also quit at the same time Gabapentin 800 mg 6 times a day and lorazepam at 6 mg a day. Shit June 27th is when I quit cold turkey and only started taking two 5 mg Norcos a day. No more brain zaps no more depression my word bro hang in there it gets better quit being disassociative! start taking Amino complete which are BCAAs also take fish oil. And go on a fast for about 3 to 5 days with eating 16 hours between each meal and when you eat eat fish chicken turkey and only eat until your stomach is full do not overeat remember to drink water throughout the day you're not going to starve your body has Amino complete and fish oil. Be strong minded bro it's hard when you don't sleep I understand but the thing of it is bro you'll get through it. Oh yeah if you don't already you should start smoking weed it helps. And if you are already smoking weed quit that for a little bit to smoke it in moderation to lower your tolerance then smoke as much as you can take.
sustainableman (3 года назад)
What is that creepy moaning sound?
fortunateson101 (3 года назад)
+sustainableman ...sounds like a wheezy, sleeping old dog.
Adalyne Everheart (3 года назад)
Hi I was prescribed this drug and immediately within an hour I felt totally messed up I swear I was going to hallucinate or have a bloddy nose. I feel the addiction and don't want to take it IM in so much pain. But the pill did nothing at all. For the pain. I just felt really weird. I paid 24$ for twenty pills I can't even get a refund. Then I noticed being hypnotic like in space staring at nothing it was fucked up. These are not pain killers they are psyco drugs I feel manipulated. I feel so stupid. It reminds me a lot of seriquil a mood stabilizer which I have craving for because of taking it for years mind control pills. That will make u even crazyer
maaarshaaa (3 года назад)
Serotonin syndrome isn't a withdrawal effect of tramadol - serotonin syndrome is caused by taking too many serotonin agonists, or taking tramadol with an SSRI.  If anything, coming off of tramadol would reduce serotonin levels.  
Frank Dux (3 года назад)
good luck to you and may all the gods bless you my brother, i loved and enjoyed your story, im taking 50 mg myself for body pain and to chill out and be stress free, for me my back hurts a bit and i sweat like a negro out in 100 degree heat, but i want to talk more, listen to music more, i feel like working inside and outside a lot, and it keeps me from eating and thats good, sometimes i like to snort them at times with a few beers but i dont go hardcore like some people, but hell to me its better then coke
ALRASHEED SALIH (3 года назад)
Dear everybody i have a history with this thing for .more than five years . .gradual reduction of yr dose for six month is the best way . plus paracetamol, walkin a lot healthy food etc.
Benjamin Rae (3 года назад)
So try these 5-htp, inositol, b-vitamin, and omega fishoil. Before any anti depresant med. Please try. No side effects.
Benjamin Rae (3 года назад)
Totally shit drug this tramal.mi have been using it now for one year. Taking 750mg on a day. I stop it cold turkeys from 750mg to nothing. And after 24h it hit's. The electric shoks tru my brainn what is because the serotonin thing, and then affull blues u just feel so depressed, diarhhea, restless legs when u go sleep. Just fucking shit med. I have been using amphetthamin and bubrenorfin (subutex) over 10years. I was of for 5 years, then my back startet to crack when i was boxinng and doctor give me this. It makes me so happy and energtuc almoust like speed and very social can talk to people. But now i just wanna get of. But when u go of, buy some inositol, omega, b-vitamin and 5-htp from iherb.com or somewhere. It helps with the mood and electric shocks. Sorry for my english i am from finland. Peace
Lazette Johnson (3 года назад)
Yes electric shock through my brain too whn I try to stop
serendipity Culture (3 года назад)
+Benjamin Rae The Subutex is worse then tramadol..Being on sub u also feel shit, trust me, for every 3 months u are taking subutex is 1 mont of hardcore depression when u get off. They dont call it a death sentence for no reason i.e.e beong on sub and off it..U messed up by taking sub for 10 years! Moron.
vycon88 (3 года назад)
i dont take opiates at all and tramadol if i take about 3-4 i get high as opiates. but i know how you feel when you take trams anything seems fun to you anything is fine lol exactly how i felt.
Dope ToCope (3 года назад)
So no more tramadol when im board .. :\

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