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100 Day challenge/Day 22 Done.. #fit2luv100, jessicasmithtv, Leslie sansone, weightloss

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Suzanne Johnson (2 года назад)
I wanna be like you when I grow up! I want to love exercise. If keep watching you I will! The day I say what I'm doing isn't enough and I want to do more because my body needs it, well that will be one fine day! What a nice birthday you gave your hubby. You're a doll.
BecomingDiva (2 года назад)
+Suzanne Johnson aww.. thank you.. its comes with time..stick to it.. and with the hubby yes.. he had a great time.. thanks for you love.. bless day
Frugal Foodie (2 года назад)
AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! :) So proud of you!!!!! You inspire me!
Frugal Foodie (2 года назад)
absolutely!!!! btw I LOVE that you call me doll!!!!! IDK why but I LOVE IT! :) bless day to you too!!!
BecomingDiva (2 года назад)
+Frugally Fit Weight Watcher Chick hey doll.. we inspire each other..bless day..
sistahonamission (2 года назад)
Congratulations! Have a wonderful weekend!
BecomingDiva (2 года назад)
+sistahonamission Gm sis thank you
Making Over V. (2 года назад)
WTG!!! Enjoy your weekend!
BecomingDiva (2 года назад)
+Vanessa “Prek2015” Burton thanks love
Bonita Tucker (2 года назад)
I get bored too I do a mile with the biggest loser power walk, a mile with jessica smith and a mile with leslie in the same day behind each other. Jessica also have a disco walk on Youtube that is good, check it out.
BecomingDiva (2 года назад)
+Bonita Tucker Gm yes thank you iam going too.. bless day
ettuandyou (2 года назад)
YAY!! I didn't work out today-it was a bad, bad day....that ended with me being in a car accident. So tomorrow I'm back at it. Great to see you!
BecomingDiva (2 года назад)
+ettuandyou oh no.. hope your ok.. tomorrow is another day for sure.. bless night xo
Elizabeth Ann (2 года назад)
You go girl! I be dying with 30 mins lol
BecomingDiva (2 года назад)
+Elizabeth Ann thanks mama.. you silly bless night

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