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The Entire History of Tesla in Two Minutes

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April 30 -- Tesla is a young company, but it's already made history. Bloomberg takes a quick look back at some of Tesla's milestones since its founding in 2003.
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R W (2 days ago)
History of tesla is simple. Existed for more than a decade and didn't make any profit.😂😂😂
NixieMinx (3 days ago)
Guys a hero
R W (2 days ago)
Is he banging you?
rainy-day-blues (1 month ago)
Tesla is to cars like iPhone was to phones
Pauldanne Lachica (2 months ago)
419.?? Ha?? More than a thousand
سارا صبحانی (5 months ago)
من به پول شما زیاد احتیاج ندارم .اما برای ادامه همکاریمان و اعتماد به شما مجبورم انطور به شما گفتم که برای من از لحاظ مالی تامین کنید . و برای ازدواج فکر کنم به شما تحمیل شده ام. ‌اما برای کار و شراکت مجبور هستم اینجوری امتحان کنم تا بهانه ای به دست مخالفان و سو استفاده کننده هایی که احتمالا پشت این قضیه هستند و قصد دارند مرا بیش از این پایین بکشند و اواره کنند را بگیریم .
david crackerfeller (6 months ago)
fuck battery cars for that silly price , gasoline rules
FirecrafterYT (6 months ago)
There are a lot of Teslas in Norway
R W (2 days ago)
Norwegians are the stupidest nation on earth😂😂😂
chench (7 months ago)
R W (2 days ago)
Ignore this imbecile!! Ignore this imbecile!! He is a fanboy
Loui Coleman (7 months ago)
... and 30 seconds
Mayank Singh (8 months ago)
The hard work doesn't matter if you didn't get the results that's what I m afraid of .
Henry Rosas (1 year ago)
Tesla & Maserati 🖤
McEmisss (1 year ago)
tmat04 (2 years ago)
This has to be the only report that Bloomberg delivered about Tesla that's actually true! Lol.
Ronald Fish (2 years ago)
Love Tesla
young lincoln (2 years ago)
nice video
lkrnpk (2 years ago)
make that 100 000 vehicles on the road...
Ramon Zarat (2 years ago)
And 400 000+ down payment for the Model 3.
Sub Zero (2 years ago)
Many say solar panels can change everything if everyone gets it. Well i live in Ohio and solar panels would be a complete waste of money. I want a Telsa I have Zo7 Corvette and I know Tesla P90D blows my car out the water. Once again is it worth the money. With a few charge stations in Ohio and the convenience of gasing up versus charging is solved everywhere I will be gas guzzling. I love the car I respect Elon and his vision but it not as mainstream as I would like it to commit a 145k plus investment and worry all the time. Sorry if I offended any major tree huggers but its the truth which the gigafactory will some day resolve.
tmat04 (2 years ago)
Wrong! The Tesla Model S P90D doesn't blow the Z06 away! Well, at least not the C7 Z06. The P90D is definitely quicker than the C7 Z06 from 0-60pmh, but not to the 1/4 mile and beyond. Still, the P90D's acceleration is amazing, especially for a sedan that weighs nearly 5000 lbs and is unable to change gear. It is my favorite sedan. And the C7 Z06 is one of my favorite supercars.
Arild Schonberg (2 years ago)
I watched the video and Yes, the future is here now. Why can't we buy home batteries or EVs from more producers. Sonnenbatterie in Germany and Nissan, but where are all the others?
Al Montoya (2 years ago)
This is the future!
Ramon Zarat (2 years ago)
Explain yourself.
Topias Salakka (2 years ago)
+mookixox wut
mookixox (2 years ago)
+Al Montoya The future of FRAUD...

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