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6 Best Natural Sources of Vitamin C

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Vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid, is a water-soluble vitamin that is important for normal growth and development as well as maintaining good health. 6 Best Natural Sources of Vitamin C Classified as an antioxidant, the primary function of vitamin C is to boost your immune system. It’s also needed for the growth and repair of cells and tissues throughout your body. 6 Best Natural Sources of Vitamin C Vitamin C aids the production of collagen (a supportive component in your skin), ligaments and blood vessels. It also helps repair and maintain bones and teeth. 6 Best Natural Sources of Vitamin C For more information: http://www.top10homeremedies.com/kitchen-ingredients/10-best-natural-sources-of-vitamin-c.html Thanks for watching :) The video is TUTORIAL BASED, but it will surely provide you the best solution of your problem, so keep watching.
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