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She Lost 7 Kg In 10 Days With This Homemade Weight Loss Drink

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Benefits of honey and cinnamon to lose weight recipe is claimed to help you shed pounds fast in a natural way. Please remember any kind of store-bought appetite suppressant can be dangerous and may not necessarily help you with your weight loss goals. There are so many weight loss recipes out there and it can be very misleading. Many of you may not think of eating honey and cinnamon to lose weight, but when combined they can reduce food cravings. Let’s look at the ingredients in this honey and cinnamon to lose weight recipe: honey and cinnamon for weight loss https://youtu.be/dfsbaFdK02s
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Ellycel Delos Santos (6 days ago)
Is it okay to use Cinnamon that I buy in the market?
Shirley Bartolo (14 days ago)
When you say filter what strain it through cloth
Bindu Sharma (16 days ago)
After c section I gained lot of belly fat..... I tried numerous things but nothing worked.... Then after watching ur video I star this drink on 1-9-2018 and today there is visible results... Thanks for sharing this wonderful idea...
crictonites (18 days ago)
1 tbsp of organic honey 1 tbsp of organic cinnamon 1 cup of water 1. Boil the water in a pan and add the cinnamon 2. Let the mix simmer for 5 minutes, then turn the heat off 3. If the mix is cooled down add the honey and stir it well 4. Divide the mix into two half cup amounts. 5. Consume the first half an hour before breakfast 6. Put the mix in the refrigerator 7. Consume the second half before going to bed.
Mammy Waziri (27 days ago)
This thing works....am using it
wenzile ngwenya Weezy (1 month ago)
This really works guys try it...it worked for me
fatima wailesi (10 days ago)
did u warm the remaining mixture in the morning before consuming or you drink it cold
Jatavis Williams (1 month ago)
Do you have to use honey ?
Persis Isaac (1 month ago)
I need to know if it’s okay to drink it only at night will I see any difference?
An Thing (1 month ago)
I've only lost like 2 freaking kilos
jelena winter (1 month ago)
In 1 day I already lost 0.5 kg
Michael Adams (1 month ago)
Make sure you only use Ceylon cinnamon.!!! The common cinnamon contains coumarin, which is bad for you in large amounts.!!!
zuya cutie (1 month ago)
Anyone tell me in hindi lzz
Nikitha Nikki (1 month ago)
is it really works.... plz tell me..... I want to loose weight.... because next month my marriage is fixed
Jimena Alcantar (1 month ago)
How much water do we boil at first
Ashutosh Singh (1 month ago)
in how much time to get loose 8 to 10 kg
camryn williams (2 months ago)
if you dont have honey what can you replace it with can you use syrup?
Ansari Bushra (3 months ago)
Should we drink second half cold only
Rupali Singla (3 months ago)
this drink take in summer's
Anupam Bharadwaj (3 months ago)
A really nice video. Related link- https://bit ly/2l9nsM8
Samikshya Satpathy (3 months ago)
current weight: 85kgs start date: 10th june 2018 night end date: 21st June 2018 evening weight Loss: ????????? Lemme try,may be it works.
Samikshya Satpathy (26 days ago)
Lost 5
Samikshya Satpathy did u loss the weight is it work
Samikshya Satpathy (2 months ago)
Nowrin Mirza juz 2....n gauned back....stubborn preggy fat😑
Nowrin Mirza (2 months ago)
Samikshya Satpathy hey did it work?
Bhavyaprem P (3 months ago)
hi can i give this to my daughter she is 11 years old
Shandy Leng (3 months ago)
Manuka honey should be fine right?
anu gupta (3 months ago)
Loose fat best remedies https://youtu.be/AKRYnDihFyI
Bukky xx (3 months ago)
I will be trying this for a week and I will update after a week to see if this works!
Naldesi Swapna (3 months ago)
Baby's ku milk estunna nenu use cyeyachhocha
Pradeepthi Raj (3 months ago)
Naldesi Swapna no
Barely Artistic (3 months ago)
does it work to drink it all before bedtime
Evgenia (3 months ago)
people say that consuming cinnamon daily its not healthy,, what to believe?
anusha sn (3 months ago)
Its really works?
srilakshmi vetury (3 months ago)
Anyone else watching this in May 2018? Anyway, imma try this and try to post results in a week or so
Stephanie Salamat (3 months ago)
Is it safe if I use Neph Cinnamon powder?
Ayath Shaik (3 months ago)
Agr kideney me stone ho toh iska kch sife effect toh nhi hoga na...????
Codon Mai (4 months ago)
wow , This looks amazing. People are having success losing belly fat with this https://bit.ly/2rU0Wdf . goodlook !
Neha Gupta Official (4 months ago)
Anyone tried garcinia cambogia?
Sabeen Ghufran (4 months ago)
Yes . Nothing happened
anuramya kokkiligadda (4 months ago)
We drink morning one cup and evening one cup only ..this water or liter ...plz rply me ji.....
saranya airhaster (4 months ago)
How to prepare this dink can you tell me ?
Bratati Chaudhury (4 months ago)
I want to know if I make the tea at night and drink 1cup before bedtime, the next cup I will have to keep in the refrigerator. So the next day should I drink the cold chilled tea or should I boil it?
anjelina julie (5 months ago)
I've done mine by drinking lots and lots of water which also helped boosting my milk supply and most of my diet was based on carbs free foods and yes I used an herbal tonic as well "mummy magic tea" which also did great in order to bring that flab down.
Dua Najeeb (5 months ago)
Is it really work!!! Did someone try thiss
Nazma Sulthana (5 months ago)
can we drink honey IN summer
vishala kumari (5 months ago)
Beware ...Too much of cinnamon can cause liver damage....
Moe Kerry (5 months ago)
All i have is clover honey will its still work?
Zeeshan Haider (5 months ago)
A Foolproof, Science-Based System that's Guaranteed to Melt Away All Your Unwanted Stubborn Body Fat in Just 14 Days... https://bit.ly/2Jo5JeR
Md Shafaite (5 months ago)
can men drink this???
Pushpa Kishan (5 months ago)
feedings mother tagobahuda mam nange 1 year baby ide
neogeoriffic (5 months ago)
False! No studies prove conclusively that cinnamon and honey can help you lose weight.
William Bowman (16 days ago)
Studies are founded Pharmaceutical+studies= drugs Home remedies + skinny = no pharmaceutical. Government+obesity=pharmaceutical. You lose. :Pharmaceutical :Military industrial complex :FDA Work for the benefit of the money for government. Cycle of life in America But its freedom to educate and change .
Indy felix (1 month ago)
You don't need studies, all it takes is experience. There are alot of studies, not all studies work
Dorathy Alex (5 months ago)
I will try it this night and see
Pardeep Jamwal (5 months ago)
Can I use cinnamon leaves instead of powder
nina dort (6 months ago)
does this actually work?
lamya ahmed (6 months ago)
Deepali Divedi (6 months ago)
Ruby Khanu (6 months ago)
I'm going to start today19march2018....will tell u on 19 April...just after one month
Cassandra Leonora (6 months ago)
it works
SNEHA KARMAKAR (6 months ago)
khushboo uikey (6 months ago)
do we need to exercise along....or jst consume it to c change in body?
Khan Riya (6 months ago)
We have to drink this warm or cold?
Alamin Raj (6 months ago)
When it comes to eating healthy, you have to try not to fall victim to modern fad diets. Extreme diet plans undoubtedly are a threat for your health, especially ones that seriously limit your everyday nutritionary intake. Many of these fad diets work for a short period of time and then the benefits decrease after a while. You should search Fenoboci Diet Plan on the google search engine since it is not just another fad diet where you starve yourself.
chelzky Cordero (7 months ago)
i just 0nly drnk this bef0re bed time..
himawari (6 months ago)
chelzky Cordero its been 2 weeks, how was the result? Can you tell me?
Vaideyi Patil (7 months ago)
can we skip cinnamon Powder
Shilpi Das (7 months ago)
OnceJesseu (7 months ago)
I’m a young child and I want to do this to get rid of my cheeks. Everyone says it’s cute and normal for eskimos but I’m saying “fuk that -_-“ ㅋㅋㅋ
Arianne Nono (7 months ago)
Theres nothing wrong if u just do it,,im telling u its really works..eventhough its really hard time for u to manage but if u really want to lost ur weight u will do it everything
Swapna Banerjee (3 months ago)
Arianne Nono I do have cinnamon stick so can I use those stick instead of powder
Arianne Nono (7 months ago)
Common guys its really work,,i also do it.i started using jan.25 2018,, days after i see the result..all u have to do is follow the instructions
Kiera Nuekman (8 months ago)
I’m allergic to cinnamon
Shilpi Das (7 months ago)
Rather don't take this drink
samborlang kurbah (8 months ago)
After mixing both cinnamon powder and honey with water, cinnamon powder will dissolved all, so do I have to consume all the powder also or only the mixture
Shilpi Das (7 months ago)
Only mixture
Taar Kashee (8 months ago)
Is it necesary to add honey??? I dont like honey
MiSS Rieyfa (8 months ago)
Taar Kashee you also can add apple cider vinegar... it works!!
Anchal Dhanuka (8 months ago)
Can thyroid patients also use this is this will effect them also?
Banville Omolola (8 months ago)
cinnamon do give me serious headache
Antonio Betts (8 months ago)
Self-esteem, depression, health risks, plus physical capabilities are disturbed in weight gain.
Marella Sangeetha (8 months ago)
The actual video starts frm 1:30....
Diana Dumas (8 months ago)
ha ha ha jook
Oh TaeyBam (8 months ago)
I have to find a cinnamon!
Lakshmi Praba (8 months ago)
i hv a small doubt..?if once v drink tiz mrng and aft that we take some breakfast?? pls tell me
alisha sana (8 months ago)
Ok forget about the picture they shown lemme try. I will do from today morning 31/12/2017 morning now am 75kg i will give you my review on 10/1/2018
cecelia snapp (4 months ago)
kidilam videos i
alisha sana (8 months ago)
Hai i drank it about 8 days. To be honest i just lost 2 kg nd i knw wht was the reason . I ate a little amnt of pastrys too 😁 bt please dont eat junk fuds. Have this nd do little bits of exercises weekly 4 days for 10 mnts nd drink 2 cups of green tea daily you can lost wieght faster thank you,💜
tanvii k (8 months ago)
kidilam videos any review today is 10
Thasleem Sulthana (8 months ago)
kidilam videos plz reply
Priyanka Karmakar (9 months ago)
This drinks any side effects
Moe Chit Thu (6 months ago)
Priyanka Karmakar you should only take one teaspoon of cinnamon powder .
Priyanka Karmakar (9 months ago)
This drinks any side effects
Clara miss dawn xoxo (9 months ago)
Can I drink this before having my lunch??
Emo Khan (9 months ago)
Emo Khan (9 months ago)
Emo Khan (9 months ago)
Emo Khan (9 months ago)
ata te ki sotti upokar hoy friend....
Emo Khan (9 months ago)
ata te ki sotti upokar hoy friend....
Emo Khan (9 months ago)
ata te ki sotti upokar hoy friend....
Emo Khan (9 months ago)
ata te ki sotti upokar hoy friend....
shameem kereem (9 months ago)
Can i drink this when i am breast feeding
Mani Agarwal (9 months ago)
Is it good for hypothyroidism also?
Queen Lc (9 months ago)
I’m trying this, I’ll come back in two weeks and tell you what happened to my body, I already take half liter of warm water and cinnamon, without honey
vatan ingle (8 months ago)
Leah Kissaty does it works ?
Char_lotte K-B (9 months ago)
I want to try this, does anyone know how many times around you would have it to see results?
veena dharmasena (9 months ago)
i am a hypothyroid woman..can i take this
Fahad Abdulaziz (9 months ago)
yes am trying it's very true
Ravivarma Ravivarma (5 months ago)
Fahad Abdulaziz. is it working
Mike G (9 months ago)
gllmusic (9 months ago)
I'm sure there is some truth to this, but I'd like to see some sources and scientific studies. This video is purely anecdotal.
Merca coffee gardens (9 months ago)
I'm drinking mine now, my first cup, I'm sceptical but i will test it out.
nakshathra darlu (9 months ago)
before food or aftr food?
Before breakfast with half hour .... and before bed with half hour
Tanay Malhotra (10 months ago)
does this work
Shravya Anjali (10 months ago)
Can I replace honey with sugar or exclude it from drinking it nd drink only cinnamon in luke warm water?
Lauren (10 months ago)
Shravya Anjali Ya I suppose you could but it's a bit stuff by itself you could add a PINCH of stevia powder
Shravya Anjali (10 months ago)
Lauren oh then how about I drink only cinnamon in warm water coz am allergitic to honey
Lauren (10 months ago)
dont be so dense! if you add sugar you will GAIN weight! good grief...
Palesa Ngoasheng (10 months ago)
Can I use Ground cinnamon?
Yes it is better than the tube
Albert Lakra (10 months ago)
For all breastfeeding mother's..Cinnamon is not to be taken if you're in breastfeeding stage so please avoid this drink.
sham s (10 months ago)
How much is to be boiled? 1 cup 250ml?
Lauren (10 months ago)
lovely pavithra (10 months ago)
it works like magic for me guys try it I'm sure u wil never b dissapointed
Mo Modou (10 months ago)
I switch to green tea capsule diet. Started 3 days ago,Ill let you know please do the same as well
Ricky Yadav (10 months ago)
Did I make a powder of cinnamon or as it is

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