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California Kidnapping Survivor Details Brush With Alleged Serial Killer

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A survivor was overcome with emotion as she came face to face with the monster who abducted and tortured her. “I just tried to go somewhere else in my mind,” Jennifer Asbenson told Inside Edition. It happened in 2015 when she missed her bus in Palm Springs, California and Andrew Urdiales offered her a ride. He drove her to a remote desert location where he tied her with rope and her bra. “I didn't know what he was going to do to me before he killed me, and that scared me most of all,” she said.
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Text Comments (1457)
HINA KHAN (16 hours ago)
I used to ask my mom that why do people kidnap other people and kill them She said...... *THERE DEMON'S*
Katie Kennedy (1 day ago)
If somebody shased me like that I’d hold my head high and be like Jesus is with me bish 😂
Loko Titi (1 day ago)
Why is people so evil these day
TheMakester (1 day ago)
Don’t drop the soap
{|___|} ( * _*) hewe have sum of my quake {}( >🍰> []. []
Poor lady
Little Ducklings (2 days ago)
Dont take rides from strangers
Emily M (3 days ago)
I hope he gets jumped and somebody messes up his face in prison.
georgia Romano (3 days ago)
XxGamingGirlxX (3 days ago)
Why? 😤😤😤 just why
SupermanRB (4 days ago)
Im in 5th grade... I know not to take a ride from a stranger, Its a freaking trick.
pnu Pnu (4 days ago)
Send him to Saudi Arabia, his head would fly in the air.
whywasiborn amuggle (4 days ago)
Her cries I feel all her pain.
ø Eman Hafeez ø (6 days ago)
But like why she take the ride tho
Cheyenne cruz (6 days ago)
God will be with you
YaBoiPayson _ (8 days ago)
personally i don’t believe in the death penalty, but in this case he honestly deserves it
Bryan Ovalasiti (8 days ago)
Poor woman won't be right for a long long time. Sad
oreusable Potatoo (9 days ago)
Why must these people do this
Ïšäbełłä ! (9 days ago)
Wow who knows what ppl can do i feel so bad
Issix ._ (9 days ago)
Why would you get in a car with a stranger is she stupid
Nelinka Sedlarova (9 days ago)
I live in Illinois
Its the king nicko (9 days ago)
Now thats super sad and scary thankgod she got away!! And if someone says "ill help you and drive you home" say no because you don't know what they will do!
Guadalupe Magana (9 days ago)
The lady is a dumbass because she went to a strangers car and that’s her lesson
Honey (9 days ago)
I'm not trying to be rude, but why would you get into a stranger's car? Especially when they're a man and on top of that ALONE.
Kitteh Kat (9 days ago)
He chased her with a machete...yeah no thanks...that would be like running a marathon, I wouldn't look back, just keep running for my own life. Although I dont think I would make it cause I'm fat...😐
Grace Clements (9 days ago)
It’s kinda your fault for getting in his car and wanting a ride...
Ice Cream (9 days ago)
I’m sorry but that Thumbnail 😂
Star ships (10 days ago)
This world is never gonna be perfect
Quishanty Coffy (6 days ago)
Ally H. (10 days ago)
*bald rat*
Khloe Brown (11 days ago)
Omg so sad
Panda Princess (11 days ago)
Of all the things... this is what he chose to do with his life
Serenity Vlogs (12 days ago)
Rohey Suso (12 days ago)
He should have got life in prison
Madison Allen (12 days ago)
why did she go with him?
Oshuo The Artist (12 days ago)
Kill him
Cee Vee (12 days ago)
They should use him for human experiments to torture him instead of death penalty and to live in seclusion in a jail with barely any food or water.
TypicalxAllison (12 days ago)
Why can't the world be a *happy place*
Mog (12 days ago)
I hope he drops the soap
henry badillo (14 days ago)
If you were kidnapped what would you want like for rape and comment for murder
Reethi Raaje (14 days ago)
Welcome to Earth, Aliens
Gaming With Bryn (14 days ago)
The death penalty -_-
VezzyVex (14 days ago)
Mom can i be homeschooled?
JTGaming YT (15 days ago)
Good thing that guy is getting killed
Epeli (15 days ago)
I always wonder what is he still writing when he's getting sentenced and charged? What is there to write?😕🙉
Princess ASMR (15 days ago)
She is a brave Woman👏👏👏🤩
ASMR winter (16 days ago)
No offense... But why isn't he wearing hand cuffs?
Ugly Dorko boy (16 days ago)
Men aren’t human
Kitty Kat (17 days ago)
In the beginning when she started crying it broke my heart...literally 😭😭😭😭😭♥️
Daniel Weathersby (18 days ago)
Daniel Weathersby (18 days ago)
Daniel Weathersby (18 days ago)
It will be worth
Daniel Weathersby no she’ll go in prison as well
firecat 324 (19 days ago)
Just another sick absurd beast!
MEOW MEOW (19 days ago)
You can see the fear in her eyes and he is a monsters
AwwNuggets Fortnite (20 days ago)
Sad story but I’m pretty sure someone choking you isn’t the same feeling as drowning. Choking is worse cuz it’s more painful and can last longer
Tyler Durden (20 days ago)
I like how these poeople have trials and stuff lol 😂... if it were me I’d be like “not pressing charges let em go.” Then a week later they would find that dude with his head removed and placed snugly up his own ass.
B.D.R (20 days ago)
They should start beheading people like this " give them a scary punishment so they don't do the scary things "
kirito kirto (20 days ago)
The world has gone cuckoo
TheBeastly Champ (20 days ago)
Wait a second, California death Penatly is on pause. So he'll rot in prison
Don Serrano (21 days ago)
"And I would have gotten away with it too, if it weren't for you meddling kids"
M&M 101 (21 days ago)
Yeah so um don’t take rides from ppl
M&M 101 you stole that comment from another person lmao
Gemma Miranda (21 days ago)
He’s a former marine what a shame on a us marine
Marama Heck (21 days ago)
Instead of death penalty.. *_Make him suffer for the rest of his life_*
Kimberly Roman (22 days ago)
Karol Cortes (22 days ago)
😮 I am shocked
DeedeeWorld (22 days ago)
Tbh that’s kinda stupid because she said she “Got inside of his car” you can’t trust everyone but I’m glad she is alive ong‼️❤️
Glymm3r P (22 days ago)
Poor woman 😔 I feel bad for her.
Yoovie (22 days ago)
2:00 look in the bottom middle, that’s a transgender
Yoovie (22 days ago)
I’m laughing so hard how she said “drownding” instead of drowning lol
Jackie Kay (22 days ago)
i just want to give her a hug.
Jaz JJJwolfgirl (23 days ago)
Presley Kraus (23 days ago)
Damn that's scary, so glad she got away
Pikapowergirl (23 days ago)
I thought the death penalty was illegal in the US...
Camigral xD (23 days ago)
He doesn’t deserve to die
Master_Erik OMG (23 days ago)
slimey bunny (23 days ago)
you can really see the *terror* in her eyes...😭
benturbz (23 days ago)
A MACHETE!!! oh my god my ass would die just watching him run toward me. You go girl!
So much evil that you can't help anyone nor do anything...
Random Mew (24 days ago)
is he executed? if he is then dats good
x HVZ (24 days ago)
Put that guy in a small dark room, no food no water and just let him die slowly
Ivory Opal and honey (24 days ago)
I think they should let him rot in jail. But they should use the death penalty when someone murders someone. Kill the murderer the same way they killed the victim.
Jordan Carter (24 days ago)
Leslie Paola (24 days ago)
Never get in the car with strangers!!!!
itz_sweet (24 days ago)
if that happened to me I be like bish I have my chancla I can beat you
Bloom RRG07 (25 days ago)
The Problem Is.. She Got Into A STRANGERS car. Evil, Evil Man😡
citrus \ lunas child (26 days ago)
Poor darling... ❤️
•triggered• (27 days ago)
shouldn’t have given him the death penalty. lock him in the prison cell for the rest of his life with absolutely no contact with anyone and let him rot.
Pete Zuhut (28 days ago)
The underwear part is kinda hot
Kez’sLife xoxo (28 days ago)
I have no words......This is so heartbreaking and upsetting😭😭😭💔
Aaron Saltzer (28 days ago)
This is why people shouldn't take rides from or offer rides to strangers.
Binu Mathew (29 days ago)
What would happen if the genders were swapped?
Mark Le (29 days ago)
Shes such a hottie...
Mark Le (28 days ago)
+[Elih_ki The Tomato] hmmmm you know... you thought about it too... thats why u said that.
[Elih_ki The Tomato] (29 days ago)
Is that honestly all you can think about? Geez..
Pierre R (29 days ago)
Should have had ice coffee with you. Rookie mistake
Chloe Marie (30 days ago)
Gods miracles
Fatima Maarafi (30 days ago)
I feel so bad for this girl
Pinknight :D (30 days ago)
What is wrong with this world this is gross and wrong why would anyone do this! This makes me sad
Rafa's World (1 month ago)
2:23 what is he writing? Why is he not scared
Rafa's World (1 month ago)
Death penalty 😱 but he deserves
Elyse Elizabeth (1 month ago)
No offence but why would she even go in the car with the random stranger?
Ocean lights (1 month ago)
Wish we could torture him 😡😡😡
Jason Cleveland (1 month ago)
She's lucky
Judge Dredd (1 month ago)
Just another psychopathic ex-cop or marine killing. Nothing else to see here.
Mr. Cat (1 month ago)
Does anyone else just want to give her a hug?😢❤️

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