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Book Discussion - Circumcision: The Hidden Trauma

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Jason was looking for information about the psychological impact of circumcision and found Ronald Goldman's landmark book, "Circumcision: The Hidden Trauma." For copies of Ronald Goldman's excellent book: http://www.circumcision.org/cht.htm
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dawna lohbihler (22 days ago)
Over a hundred years ago Sigmund Freud concluded that MGM was a factor contributing to the anti-Semitism in Europe. Based on his psychoanalysis of men, he observed a fear of feminization and castration. https://pdfs.semanticscholar.org/2545/92efb7c8dcbdc9aa0b30a7a69eb19df17315.pdf The basis of stories that Jews were stealing Christian children and making matzah out of their bones is believed to have its basis in the horror of MGM. I.e., The common belief that if a Jew can do such a thing to a baby, whom they love. What are they capable of doing to us? And much more: https://books.google.ca/books?id=nAfUF2_ClqgC&pg=PA101&lpg=PA101&dq=medieval+circumcision+woodcut&source=bl&ots=nO1m8YX_0I&sig=tgVUon3wNYNe6zXGcsZhur8la04&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiH_L3tgOvbAhVD0YMKHfCRB9EQ6AEIYTAL#v=onepage&q=medieval%20circumcision%20woodcut&f=false MGM likely started out as a rite of passage millennia ago. In 2018 with the awareness of the pain and trauma, the insights of modern science. The practice should be made illegal, at least until a child reaches an age of maturity. But the pull to be part of a clan, tribe is very powerful. It is also still practiced in Australia. I don't know how mature the adolescent boy is, but many still volunteer to undergo the ritual. We must decide what tribal practices cross the line of human rights, as understood in the 21st century. And not be afraid of taking up the conversation in "polite company."
jerry sims (1 month ago)
Thank You! No child or baby should be cut, if your an adult and you want to cut  part of your body cut off go for it but not a baby or a child................http://www.circumstitions.com/
KBotter (1 month ago)
I’m just discovering this hidden trauma after years of questioning what was wrong with me. I feel simultaneously relieved and pained to know the truth.
KBotter (1 month ago)
Bonobo3D its absolutely necessary. I foresee change.
Bonobo3D (1 month ago)
It's difficult, personally and within society to question this. But it's essential that we do if we are to progress, both individually and collectively.
Max Greene (2 months ago)
I'll tell you a reason I hate cutting!!! After I have sex .. my dick will dribble small amounts of cum for hours after. If I put on underwear the tip of my penis gets stuck to the fabric and I have to tear it off which hurts. It's fucked up! Foreskin would prevent this because it fully covers the head and stops it from touching clothing. See how important foreskin is.
The ONLY countries that practice non-religious routine circumcision:- #1 USA #2 Australia #3 Canada aaaand that's it! The only ones who do it aside from these countries are either Muslim or Jewish Countries. IDK what to say but these 3 countries are not religious so they have no excuse
Victor Slabb not all countries, Infant Circumcision isn't even a thing in Muslim Countries oddly. This "tradition" is very exclusive to certain countries.
Victor Slabb (2 months ago)
yes, but you said Australia was only 1 of 3 countries that performed RIC's when all countries have RIC's maybe at lower rates but they still do it.
Victor Slabb The infant cutting rates have decreased thanks to common sense i guess but the fact is that it's still done and is perfectly legal.
Victor Slabb (2 months ago)
I'm sorry but we don't really circumcise in Australia. We don't offer it in Public Hospitals and it isnt offered on medicare. It has to be done privately and more men are natural than not. I don't really know any who is cut and im 32.
Gregory Malchuk (3 months ago)
Is there some current controversy breaking out on Facebook regarding Foregen? I saw one of BrotherK's auto-tweets on Twitter. What is going on?
Gregory Malchuk (3 months ago)
Bonobo3D Bonobo, this guy just outed himself as a pro-circumcision troll on my channel. He described intactivism as a cult and called us all mentally ill. He is NOT a benevent actor here.
DutchDude (3 months ago)
This whole intactivists' sect is a bunch of angry men, most and mostly for no reason and instead of making themselves useful, they keep spreading outright lies about circumcision, brainwashing other unstable guys and making themselves and these other guys miserable. They could make themselves useful for example in campaigning for a law that ensures all boys circumcised get adequate local anesthesia. They could campaign and organise funding for studies to objectively find out what types/styles of circumcisions are best, sexually, and how doctors can more safely perform circumcisions with a more predictable result. Instead all you intactivists are only angry and focus on goals that won't be reached at all or only in a very far future. A lost chance.
DutchDude (3 months ago)
Gregory, I think you have no idea about what is involved. I did not say that tissue generation is not viable. I said that before science will be able to generate a (whole) foreskin, we will be long dead. The rabbits are from 2009: http://www.iflscience.com/health-and-medicine/laboratory-grown-penises-ready-be-tested-humans/ Read the article, they thought they could start human trials in 5 years from then. We are in 2018 now - still nothing. And creating some organ that can have an erection is not the same as a natural penis with foreskin. Also, how long did the new penis hold, how long did the rabbits live? I'm don't have enough knowledge in this field of science, but I think I know enough not to believe that a foreskin comparable to a natural one will be engineered in the next 10-20 years. And about funding: government will fund tissue generation concerning serious ilnesses, kidney, liver, those things, certainly not foreskin generation. Really, if Foregen is telling you they can regrow foreskin in 5 -10 years, it's just a scam. But I don't think they will give exact dates. They probably stay vague and will tell you it depends on this and this and this..... It's nothing more than a "political" thing as you describe it which also will lead to nothing. Most men have no problems with being circumcised, so there is no reason whatsoever to introduce legislation against it. It has been tried several times already and it always failed.
Gregory Malchuk (3 months ago)
DutchDude That simply is not true. The underpinnings of regenerative medicine already exist. Wake Forest Institute of Regenerative Medicine is ALREADY able to regenerate whole rabbit penises, with successful implantation and breeding in live rabbits. Foregen may be doing little at the moment, considering that they get almost no funding. Success there may be dependent on securing government funding and support for tissue regeneration initiatives. Regardless, such tissue regeneration initiatives offer a clear goal, indeed a clear POLITICAL goal for angry circumcised men, and a place to "hang the hat" of men who are on the fence of being radicalized about their circumcisions. But to say that we will be "long dead" by the time that tissue regeneration is viable is NOT true. It is ALREADY viable and is ALREADY being used in humans.
DutchDude (3 months ago)
You are being deceived guys. Before foreskins from the lab can be attached to your penis, you will all be long dead. Foregen simply makes promisses on which it cannot deliver. It's just a way to get your money.
Pat Verbeek (3 months ago)
I wish I could share this on Facebook but I have too many friends that have been circumcised...and idk it's just hard to do
Pat Verbeek (3 months ago)
Bonobo3D it's such a touchy subject ....anyhow appreciate the work you do
Bonobo3D (3 months ago)
Why be afraid of speaking the truth?
Wendy A. (3 months ago)
Wisdom! Such wisdom! <3
silverfoils (3 months ago)
Thanks Jason : )
mamatanswan (3 months ago)
Excellent book review. Listening to this was like sitting in a lecture with the enjoyment of having a friend be the speaker. Thank you so much, fellow intactivist!!!
headrat1 (4 months ago)
This is trauma based mind control.
PeterFied FM (4 months ago)
*FORESKIN= NATURES VACUUM PRESSURE RELEASE MECHANISM, THERE TO PREVENT YOU FROM GETTING YOUR JUNK FROM GETTING YOUR JUNK STUCK IN PEOPLE PLACES AND THINGS. IT HAS ANTI VIRAL ANTIBODIES TO PREVENT VIRUSES LIKE POLIO FROM REPLICATING, THE MAIN THING IS VACUUM PRESSURE*, sadly American Single mothers have exploded this HUMAN RIGHTS CRIME subjecting their own sons into INFANT SEXUAL MUTILATION TORTURE, It is equal to RAPE in every imaginable way. Its ok to abuse males, a BS started by jewish doctors to keep their human rights crime against males going with propaganda. ITS EVIL. 1 in 77 males die from this, their brain permanently changed after the go into shock from the rape torture to destroy the utility and useful function on boys to prevent them from feeling good, because they shame male sexuallity to prevent them from jerking off and developing normally. Its sick. I want to thank the guys and women who are fighting against this modern day form of blood letting. ] all from a single mother break in the family, during ww1 and ww2, its a criminal act in every country except in the middle east.
zuditaka (4 months ago)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SmUKlCW9BLw I was looking for the Pampers baby circumcision advert video, mentioned somewhere below, but found this instead! :/
zuditaka (4 months ago)
Looks like Hilary Clinton's PEPFAR might've helped pay for that shit! 💩
Bonobo3D (4 months ago)
Such blatant propaganda!
zuditaka (4 months ago)
The Australian National Children's Commissioner, Megan Mitchell, would not agree with anything said in this video about genital integrity as a fundamental human right for male children. She has uttered not a single word in the past five years to defend boys from *Male Genital Mutilation* . She has now been appointed for an extra two years. This means, in two years time, when she has been at the "Human Rights" Commission for seven years, and will be made "Dame" Megan Mitchell, for her "tireless" work as "champion of childrens rights", that thousands and thousands of Australian non-consenting and defenceless male children will have been genitally mutilated during her tenure as the "voice for children". She is blind to boys' agony; does not hear their screams; will not speak up in defence of them. A couple of years back, when boys were sitting in pools of their own circumcision blood, near death, and had to be airlifted to Darwin Hospital for lifesaving emergency treatment, Mitchell said nothing. (She is paid to defend all three genders--male, female and intersex.) She will not even visit the *Male Genital Mutilation* wards on her hospital listening tours. She is deaf to the screams. The AHRC "has not taken a policy position on male circumcision" where it has policies on both FGM and IGM. The RSPCA tells me it's illegal to circumcise an animal of any gender, in Australia, whether it be male, female, or intersex. There's definitely something wrong with a society that protects animals' rights to their own prepuces but will let boys lose theirs. BTW We also do *subincisions* upon male children in Australia. Circumcision is not the only form of MGM. The genital mutilation laws should be completely degenderised. In Iceland it will be 6 years in jail for perpetrating genital mutilation upon a child of any gender. If the laws were degenderised, here, in New South Wales, Australia, where I am, it will be 21 years in jail for perpetrating a *Male Genital Mutilation* and, if you took the child overseas, to do it, you would be arrested at the airport on your return. https://www.humanrights.gov.au/news/media-releases/reappointment-national-children-s-commissioner
jerry sims (1 month ago)
NO female should have a say in this, they do not have a penis!
Lois Garman (4 months ago)
Greetings Bonobo3D. I became interested in the subject of male genital mutilation (circumcision) when I first discovered many videos on YT of newborn infants being given their first bath in the hospital by a nurse. Many, possibly most, of these babies seemed to be terrified, and likely traumatized, by the experience. My interest was most likely due to the fact that I was traumatized as an infant by my father who sexually abused me. It took many years of once weekly therapy to discover this and I can speak to the actuality of body memories, which is all a preverbal human has to "remember" such trauma. Eventually I came upon videos of newborn and very young male infants being circumcised soon after birth. Having observed the suffering of those little babies, I find it so hard to believe that this has gone on for so long and that educated people like doctors have observed and caused this suffering and yet make excuses for it and go on doing it. I could go on and on but let me just offer a few things for you to investigate: 1. Why do we dress male babies in blue and female babies in pink. I understand pink, or certain hues of pink, can be calming. 2. A Therapist on Men's Hidden Circumcision Grief and Trauma https://youtu.be/tNCJ7AL_ThY 3. Clif's Wujo: The Pen Island Conspiracy ( https://youtu.be/xYbQybIQHy0) - This video I just discovered. I won't try to explain it because I really can't. Maybe you can explain it to me. I found it very interesting.
Lois Garman (4 months ago)
Bonobo3D - I had heard about the reversible pink and blue situation also. I also have heard that some prisons have cells painted pink where they put prisoners who become unmanageable. I will continue to speak out against male genital mutilation. Thank you for your efforts to stop this madness.
Gregory Malchuk (4 months ago)
Lois Garman If they're still in the hospital, then their genital amputation wound is probably still raw.
Bonobo3D (4 months ago)
Thank you for sharing your experience here Lois. Many women in the intactivist movement are survivors of childhood sexual trauma, some of childhood medical trauma. For many years I corresponded with a young woman who had been traumatized when she was catheterized in a hospital as a little girl. She had looked everywhere for support and acknowledgment of the trauma she experienced as a child but could not find a support group or sympathetic person... until she found the men deeply traumatized by circumcision. I don't know how this obvious trauma to babies (circumcision) is still happening. We are doing our very best to end it. I've read several accounts that pink and blue for babies was once reversed. Ladies' Home Journal article in June 1918 said, "The generally accepted rule is pink for the boys, and blue for the girls. The reason is that pink, being a more decided and stronger color, is more suitable for the boy, while blue, which is more delicate and dainty, is prettier for the girl."
Maura L (4 months ago)
Babies pee all the time and I figure out how painful every pee must be when the acid liquid touchs the wounded penis.
Cassandra Mitch (4 months ago)
Circumcision is barbaric, brutal and cruel. Keep your sons intact and let them decide at age 18 if they want it done. Babies can't consent. Thanks to all who speak against circumcision
Luke Artanis (4 months ago)
Teach your son that he was born whole and perfect, so he will remain a happy, confident individual throughout boyhood and into adulthood. If a loved one wants to injure himself by removing part of his genitals when he grows up, then something has gone horribly wrong. Boys who are suffering from the trauma and humiliation of forced "circumcision" may lash out by sexually harassing those who were lucky enough to be loved and protected by their parents. An 18 year old is still vulnerable to making poor decisions to escape the pain of bullying and peer pressure. Schools should not tolerate this kind of abuse, but it is common in some communities. Your son depends on you to protect him throughout his life. "In this survey of 999 US American men, greater endorsement of false beliefs concerning circumcision and penile anatomy predicted greater satisfaction with being circumcised, while among genitally intact men, the opposite trend occurred: greater endorsement of false beliefs predicted less satisfaction with being genitally intact" https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/29210334
Jesse Jennings (4 months ago)
Seen a pampers commercial recently that brain washes parents out of doing this horrible thing to their children. It was great. I like the phrases he uses...universal truths..where have i heard that before..lmao. Also not only do they not use anestic but the sugar water makes them more alert to the pain and torture. The pacifier is to muffle the screams.
Jesse Jennings (3 months ago)
Infant Circumcision is Unnecessary Or when in shock. Dont watch the video discussing when they go silent. I dont know how much more i can take.
"He took it like a champ. He didn't even cry." Kind of hard to scream (for help that never comes) while one is being smothered.
zuditaka (4 months ago)
Don't some genital mutilators add brandy to the poor kid's milk as an act of "compassion"?? 🔪👶🍼🍾 I've seen videos where a sugared/honeyed pacifier/dummy is shoved in the kid's mouth during the performance! As if that makes everything "all right". The lollipops in these pictures don't seem to be reducing the boys' agony. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4650152/Turkish-boys-circumcised-no-anaesthetic.html They all have exactly the same screams of horror and agony on their faces as they clutch the lollipops! 👶🍭👶🍭👶🍭👶🍭
Jesse Jennings (4 months ago)
Luke Artanis seen it when i was passing by a tv. Dont use those. Can only find shortened version on youtube https://ispot.tv/a/AK4u
Luke Artanis #metoo
Gregory Malchuk (4 months ago)
This gets a bit nebulous at times, but I like it. I try to keep it simple, if I talk about this aspect. Babies feel pain, and they feel pain at an ELEVATED level relative to adults. Circumcision severely disrupts latching and breastfeeding. It permanently changes stress response and elevates cortisol. It permanently changes the amygdala and lymbic system of the brain. It permanently lowers pain thresholds. And there is basically no pain control for a GENITAL AMPUTATION WOUND for weeks afterwards. This is a pretty basic place to start.
Gregory Malchuk (3 months ago)
V Betta Circumcision doesn't exist at the education or logical level. It exists as an emotionally driven cultural meme.
V Betta my mentor said don’t let your education get in the way of your learning.
V Betta (3 months ago)
I can't believe anyone could even think babies cannot feel pain. Some people are educated out of common sense, to the point of stupidity.
Gregory Malchuk great synopsis

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