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Circle time activities

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IML La Zubia at Colegio Escolapios http://www.imllazubia.com Circle Time Beginners 1C Teacher Celia Rivas Ruiz Monday 15 December 2014
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Text Comments (29)
Rutendo Babi (29 days ago)
How do I get the songs
The Santa kidz didwana (1 month ago)
Adam (2 months ago)
raise your hand to speak!
최윤주 (5 months ago)
good class^^
yaraamon (5 months ago)
I enjoyed your class so much thank you
guoping shao (7 months ago)
hello,maria ,i found your ideas used in class so interesting ,especially the song you chose here ,could you kindly tell the names of all those songs in this video ,cause i'm new teacher in preschool just for several monthes, my email address:412881620@qq.com,if possible to let me have these songs ,thank u so much
ashley kibiru (8 months ago)
Amazing....How can i get the songs you're using for circle time
Chua-chan Grieshaber (1 year ago)
Amezing Hallo Everyone @ how are you in Tuch To Eachother ...WOW!!!
Zubia Faisal (1 year ago)
Dear upload news period time .Thanks
childcare greenland (1 year ago)
Hi, any way to contact you personally? Thank you :)
Hello, could you give me the names of the songs? I'd appreciate it
Megha Meghasharma (1 year ago)
Zeina Elsammak (1 year ago)
iwant the songs pls
Latonia Johns (1 year ago)
How do you introduced the Alphabet to your class.
Trinh ThuHang (2 years ago)
Hello! I really like all songs in the video? Can you give me the beat of Hello song, and days.. I hope that I have chance to get it to support my teaching! Thank you!
Ana Portillo (2 years ago)
I am a new  ECE teacher. I would like to buy the music cd that you are playing during circle. Is there any chance that you can give me the name of the CD. Thanks
K Del (2 years ago)
What is the device you're using to start and stop the songs?
January (1 year ago)
....with "a" USB...
IML La Zubia (2 years ago)
+K Del It's a wireless speaker with an USB connector. Thank you!
Maria Nadiradze (2 years ago)
Maria NadiradzeIf is possible to write me exect names of those text books I can oder them from amazon.thanks a lot1 day ago•
TingTing Jing (2 years ago)
+IML La Zubia Can you please tell me the names of the songs as well ? I m a new teacher first year and I am still learning ideas from great teachers. thx for your help
+Maria Nadiradze I'll have to talk to teacher Celia and ask her that. I'll get back to you as soon as I reach her.
Maria Nadiradze (2 years ago)
If is possible to write me exect names of those text books I can oder them from amazon.thanks a lot
Maria Nadiradze (2 years ago)
Thank you so much, could you please send me copies to my email adress if you have them? Unfortunaly i dont have those textbooks :( mari.nadiradze@yahoo.com
+Maria Nadiradze We have the original CDs that we keep in our teachers' room. It's copyrighted material, so we can't distribute it :( I'm sorry we can't help you there!
Maria Nadiradze (2 years ago)
Great job! I am amaized. Please can you let me know where to get those songs from the video? Thank you so much!
+Maria Nadiradze Hi! Those songs are taken from a variety of text books from children. Kids' Box, Three in a Tree, Super Minds and a few others.
Jose Filho (3 years ago)
Celia has created an excellent circle time routine with her beginners class. She includes 6 relevant topics which students are consolidating and manages to engage each learner in the group. It's great to see the children interacting in English, responding to Celia's instructions and moving their hands in a lovely manner as they sing together. What an inspiration! Congratulations to Celia Rivas Ruiz and the students Helena Perez Ruiz, Pablo Perez Ruiz, Carmen Prado Saenz, Rosa Rufo Romero, Ana Luana Ruiz Martos, Diego Ruiz Perez, Pedro Torrew Pereira, Sandra Sanchez Ruiz and Jose Maria Barro Boquero (Pepe).
고야최 (1 year ago)

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