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Shocking allergic reaction: Girl's skin peels off after bipolar disorder prescription drug use

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A Georgia grad student was left almost blind and without the vast majority of her skin following a rare allergic reaction to a common drug used to treat seizures and mood disorders, according to a New York Daily News report. Back in 2013, Khaliah Shaw, 24, was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and prescribed a common seizure and mood disorder medication called Lamotrigine. Within a month of taking the medication, she developed a strange rash on her face and noticed her lips were always peeling off. Shaw initially went to the doctor and was told she had the flu. Two days later, she awoke to find her hair had fallen out, her nails had fallen off and that her skin was peeling right off. Doctors decided to put the 24-year-old into medically-induced coma to alleviate her pain and eventually diagnosed her with Steven-Johnson Syndrome. SJS is a rare disorder that starts off with flu-like symptoms and attacks the top layer of the skin, forming a rash that spreads and turns into blisters. It eventually makes the layers of the epidermis shed and fall. The disease is caused by toxins from a drug or an infection, which, if not treated, can even prove fatal. When Shaw awoke from her five week-long coma she was in shock that she had lost all of her hair and fingernails, and nearly 90 per cent of her skin had peeled away. The brave young woman has since undergone 13 month-long road to recovery, which has included seizure treatments and months spent at a burn center. ----------------------------------------­--------------------- Welcome to TomoNews, where we animate the most entertaining news on the internets. Come here for an animated look at viral headlines, US news, celebrity gossip, salacious scandals, dumb criminals and much more! Subscribe now for daily news animations that will knock your socks off. Visit our official website for all the latest, uncensored videos: http://us.tomonews.net Check out our Android app: http://bit.ly/1rddhCj Check out our iOS app: http://bit.ly/1gO3z1f Stay connected with us here: Facebook http://www.facebook.com/TomoNewsUS Twitter @tomonewsus http://www.twitter.com/TomoNewsUS Google+ http://plus.google.com/+TomoNewsUS/ Instagram @tomonewsus http://instagram.com/tomonewsus -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "Crying dog breaks the internet’s heart — but this sad dog story has a happy ending" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4prKTN9bYQc -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-
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DanFlor 65 (2 месяца назад)
I started this drug 2 weeks ago, I'm surprised her doctor didn't warn her... The first thing my doctor told me was to look out for this dangerous rash/skin disease. I also read the warnings in my drug info from the pharmacy.
strawberrygore (6 месяцев назад)
omfg im taking this medicine help
Honey Dip (11 месяцев назад)
Telaysha Beale (1 год назад)
that is sad skin
gabe palacios (1 год назад)
yo if i were her i would wear like like gauze all around my body like joshua graham in the honest hearts dlc for new vegas, i would look cool as shit dude
takia Smith (1 год назад)
#robloxlife (1 год назад)
i would probably end up having to die if that happend to me
Solomon Pilot (1 год назад)
Zastavan (2 года назад)
This is why I don't get vaccines and go to the doctors. They don't give a fuck about us.
TheGirlBri (2 года назад)
laken1804 (2 года назад)
I wonder if the FDA is still letting this drug in circulation!
laken1804 (2 года назад)
I you go to a doctor you get the wrong diagnosis, go to another one. I once went to the doctor with a rash on my face, the dermatologist told me that it was acne. Now I used to have acne in my teens, I knew the difference, those rashes were burning and peeling. she told me to use hydrocortisone (over the counter) which I did; within one day the rash spread all the way to my neck and the burning was worse. I went to another doctor, who as soon as he looked at me and said it's an allergy. He prescribed the right medicine and I got better at once. When I called the other doctor to tell her that it was an allergy I had to go see another doctor she started yelling at me saying I should have gone back in her office when I wasn't getting better, I should not have gone to another doctor. She was really angry. The message here. If it's not working with one doctor move on.
ShortStalk (2 года назад)
To the people who are accusing the doctor, just wanted to say that the doctor had no way of knowing that this would happen. I have had Stevens-Johnson Syndrom before. Just not as bad as this because we caught it so early. I had a rash on my face, back and hands from a antibiotic my doctor prescribed for Strep Throat. I have had the medicine before and no problem with any allergic reaction. This type of stuff just happens out of no where. Some people will have worse reactions to something though than others so since I caught it early and didn't react so badly I healed after five days to a week. This happened about two and a half years ago so I don't really remember how much time it took to recover. I didn't have burning and peeling also because again we caught it early, I just itched like crazy. I did recover fully and look just the same way as I did before the reaction. Like I said this is no ones fault this stuff happens out of nowhere. c:
rey dreem (1 год назад)
XxJelloTacoxX yes she asked and her doctor told her it's normal.but we will keep trying thank u so much :-)
ShortStalk (1 год назад)
+rey dreem I advise taking she go to the doctors. If she think it's already to severe and causing alot of pain you should try the hospital. So maybe just in case she doesn't have something like this or anything like I had. Just to remind you it took three trys before they admitted me into the hospitak. The reason we kept going back is cause it got more severe rapidly. I was red all over my face and body. To help with the swelling and itching try benadryl. I took it before the hospital, then they gave something more strong to help. I advise atleast going to the doctors as soon as possible. If there's a chance of steven johnson syndrome you want to catch it early as possible like me and my family did, that way it will clear up and not get so severe your admitted into the severe burns section of the hospital. There's no point in being afriad, just do what you have to do.
rey dreem (1 год назад)
XxJelloTacoxX hi thank you for sharing your story I have friend might be going through the same thing she's taking a mood med and is itchy all the time it started on her body and now her face and scratches the skin till she bleeds I think it's a reaction I don't know what she should do.
kit the cat (2 года назад)
It is absolutely the doctor's fault. Lamotrigine is known to cause Stevens-Johnson Syndrome. I was warned by my doctor when she prescribed it to me that it was a possible side effect, and that I needed to discontinue the medication immediately and head to the hospital if a rash occurred. It even says that on my prescription bottle. It was negligence on the doctor's part, absolutely. Also surprised that the doctors she saw after the rash occurred wouldn't ask about the medications she was on, because if they had, they wouldn't have just said 'it's the flu.'
Kayla Marie (2 года назад)
Why her doctor did NOT tell her all warnings/symptoms to the rash I do not know why, this was a huge thing my doctor told me.
Peter Cuomo (2 года назад)
pro tip: don't take medication for non-life threatening conditions.
kit the cat (2 года назад)
I agree totally. :| My doctor made it very, very clear that I needed to be vigilant about watching for rashes when she prescribed it to me. This isn't a doctor not knowing about 'all possible outcomes,' this is a doctor who failed to mention one of the most well known and deadly side effects of the medication. Besides, yes, it is absolutely the doctor's job to be informed on all side effects of the medications they prescribe. Shit, if nurses needs to know this information as well as they do, I better hope doctors need to know it as well.
Kayla Marie (2 года назад)
+Cory in AZ I grasp that and I'm not staying all the side effects and of course this is something patients should do, look into medications but the rash is a huge thing with Lamictal and can be fatal so it's crucial it's mentioned that's all I'm stating and it usually is stated
C in AZ bwGHOWFBM Since 1993 (2 года назад)
I'm sure most doctors DO advise patients of all risks, at least the ones that they know of. ALL doctors should but still patients may want to read the whole label (I do). I'm severely allergic to omeprazole and didnt find this out until I got it for acid reflux and developed hives all over my body, swollen throat and had to go to the ER. The paramedics had to jam a tube down my throat to breathe. I still bear rash scars on my thigh. My doctor told me about side effects but no one expected me to react like that. I passed out then broke into a full-blown hive. Of all the possible side effects I've read none ever mentioned anything about fainting prior to anaphylactic shock. just know now never to take that shit again because it doesn't work for me. The flyer I got stated severe side effects are rare but they can happen. I'm saying ANY drug can create severe side effects no matter the dose. Yes the doc should tell the patient this but likewise it won't kill patients to actually read the brochure as well. And ask questions as well. Doctors aren't gonna know everything.
Kayla Marie (2 года назад)
+Cory in AZ No one said a psychiatrist can predict the future at all, but when something this severe is a POSSIBLE side effect it actually is brought up amongst the patients because it has to be avoided 100% and monitored, it usually shows up at the beginning of taking Lamictal within the first 30 days. Or if started at a dose too high in Lamictal the chances of getting the rash increase, I was on this drug for 4yrs and I know all about it along with its protocols.
Kayla Marie (2 года назад)
Actually this rash can happen with Lamictal. Its not as rare as people say and her psychiatrist should have been keeping a VERY close eye on her while on this medication. The rash starts during the early time period the person is taking it (I was on this medication and told this and during my early time on it I was monitored very closely) That's why the starting dose should be extremely low, because if the dose is too high, there is an actual higher chance of the rash occurring.
Lori Gigear (2 года назад)
you should feel bad for her😭
Big Boat (2 года назад)
Jesus christ
A Talentless Idiot (2 года назад)
This is why I'm glad I do not have any allergies.
Renee banks (2 года назад)
Omg, I Have Roblox Too, Slay.
Recon Specialist (2 года назад)
Why i dont go to the doctor. Eat your apples & oranges people. If that doesn't help. Start digging your hole.
Male Sentient Void (2 года назад)
Can someone cite me an instance of marijuana doing anything comparable to this?
Male Sentient Void (2 года назад)
+bowl4two  I prefer rape.
bowl4two (2 года назад)
+machida58 I prefer 1 guy 1 jar. (˵ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°˵)
Male Sentient Void (2 года назад)
+bowl4two What do you think of male genital mutilation?
bowl4two (2 года назад)
+machida58 Actually the first case of SJS caused by smoking too much marijuana happened in 2014. The young man is still struggling to cope with his unfortunate fate. Marijuana is the devil's drug.
Blackman Hulk (2 года назад)
The best part about this video,is to see a smile on her face.
CheerX9087 (2 года назад)
The doc that told her she had the flu shouldn't be practicing medicine. If you KNOW something is wrong, then seek another opinion. Don't wait!
podenco2 (2 года назад)
And this rash often starts with flu like symptoms, the doctor should have been alerted!
Jayde Hawkins (2 года назад)
She has my hopes and prayers
geirtwo (2 года назад)
All she wanted was an attention/excuse illness and she got this instead.
Bettina P (2 года назад)
oh my god
Morgzie M (2 года назад)
It's a well-known side affect. It's her technically her own fault for not reading the insert from the pharmacy.
Iris Medina (2 года назад)
I think the doctor because he or she should have Checked for allergies
12sex2b (2 года назад)
wow. so this happened as a result of a prescribed medicine for people who are bipolar. I wonder if these side effects or symptoms were labeled on the bottle or box of meds she was prescribed. that would have prevented her from suffering this rare condition. I've never seen anything like her condition, she should sue, because if that were an actual side effect of the drug, and it was noted on the packaging, the FDA would have banned it from pharmacies, to prevent other cases similar in nature.
Fateara Mines (2 года назад)
but if it's a rare disorder could it have happened with any medication??
red rage (2 года назад)
damn that's fucked up
Jasko Calakovic (2 года назад)
1.26 Looks like Those snapchat face effects
Chris Vincent (2 года назад)
If she wasn't depressed before i bet she is now.
alyssa Williams (2 года назад)
I am never taking drugs ever that's just scaeey
Harvstersheridan (2 года назад)
She looks like Anakin Skywalker in Star Wars in Episode III
Harvstersheridan (2 года назад)
Tyra Madison (2 года назад)
+Foxy The Pirate thats what i though too lol
Grumpy Cat (2 года назад)
The fine bros: see you in court
Arralith (2 года назад)
Before I read the title, I thought she had leprosy. I feel so bad for her, I hope she survived :(
Giorgio House (2 года назад)
psychedelic drugs won't never do this.....................
Ashley and Aldo giron (2 года назад)
Dabel Omari (2 года назад)
wow at least she has friends
Jacob Ashuri (2 года назад)
I hope she sues the hell out the the drug manufacturer. No way in the world is your damn skin suppose to fall of of your damn body.
ststTV (2 года назад)
She is pretty both ways and I really mean that😍
zeaundra gayle (2 года назад)
Poor girl... :(
Delon Lawrence (2 года назад)
What!! this is too much.
Stier Fam (2 года назад)
Am not gunna be mean but her face look looks bird man now
Amanda Nicole (2 года назад)
This can happen to any of us! There is absolutely no way of knowing who will have this reaction. This can happen from any medication too. No one is at fault!
Osmil Oe (2 года назад)
Omfg so fucking scary 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😨😱😱😱
Zeshan Haider (2 года назад)
my god help her
Carl W (2 года назад)
poor girl
Matthew Rosenthal (3 года назад)
Prescription drugs are all bull shit.
Male Sentient Void (2 года назад)
+Matthew Roach And yet weed is still illegal.
Denken Ken (3 года назад)
its the doctor plus her fault. the doctor should have immediately checked her blood allergies and she was supposed to at least notice duh this started to happen after I started taking these meds
Do Not Pirate (3 года назад)
I'd rather be crazy
Mike P (3 года назад)
USEXPAT (3 года назад)
healthcare industry, more powerful than the oil industry, and more deadly. stay away from it if you can.
Dorene Mellene (3 года назад)
The poor girl. Why didn't the doctor warn her of possible side effects, and most of all he should have done follow up appointments. I hope she fully recovers, and sues the pants off that wannabe doctor.
She Left Me For Jesus (3 года назад)
Toxin (3 года назад)
0:57 a thing a perv dreams.
Toxin (2 года назад)
+cosmospickle wtf?
yxngblessed (2 года назад)
+Lava Golem nothing bye dont want chris hansen to come for my ass
Toxin (2 года назад)
+cosmospickle wat
yxngblessed (2 года назад)
Go to sleep it's way past ur bedtime
mike mun (3 года назад)
Wow sad am allergic to fast food and she has a pic of a happy meal I can't eat that to think I was going to go to the hospital but I didn't I could have end up like her
Plastic Memories (3 года назад)
fuckin nasty
MrBisketTV (3 года назад)
Dame...! I'm going 100% hollistic, what are in the medication's these days
littlebabyblue (3 года назад)
And holistic drugs is way more cheaper than RX drugs I stay far away from it Tom she could of taken a natropathic medicine for her moods .
Bæ Too Saucy (3 года назад)
PinkiLife 10 (3 года назад)
Nightmares for life!!! Oh and to make it clear I do not take offence to her now and then looks, it's on,y applying to (I absoultly never want this to happen)
Thisbandsux (3 года назад)
sjs can happen to anyone from other meds then the one she took. you don't know u can get it until u get it
No Cucks In Kekistan (3 года назад)
0:56 BOOBS! LOL!
Aurum Gold (3 года назад)
I think doctors should put more work into the medicine they percribe and when they start to get sick right after starting to take a medication shoulde
Aurum Gold (3 года назад)
they stop
Sam Block (3 года назад)
I been through that too
Sam Block (3 года назад)
I been through that too
Potato (3 года назад)
im just 12 :(
Excillilate (3 года назад)
What. The. Fuck.
Anantashesha (3 года назад)
John Webb (3 года назад)
A pure indica would have treated her bipolar disorder. She didn't even need to smoke it, she could have used drops of thc oil.
jenn drake (3 года назад)
That's so inspirational☺️
SnippleSnapple (3 года назад)
Well done, doc.
ZombieFetish (3 года назад)
If I had that I would ask the doctors to switch my oxygen with helium so I wouldn't have to live like that
James Riddiford (3 года назад)
i am so sorry for that girl i mean come on find something that helps heal
Leandro Creature (3 года назад)
This made me sad. I hope she recovers.
EricaYE6 (3 года назад)
She didn't have any warning side effects before all that happened to her?  Wow!
Birch04z06 (3 года назад)
This is so sad and she was so pretty!
RaceIsOpen (3 года назад)
I hope she will be well
Jeremy Parsons (3 года назад)
wow.    and now she really will have some thing to go full crazy about
Go home Google You're drunk (3 года назад)
Like pills where going to help her mentally anyway 😒
Nik Udovitskiy (3 года назад)
Poor girl.  I wish her only the best.
BEBOPPINandSCATTIN (3 года назад)
Anyone still want to put their lives in the hands of the FDA?
SuperKawaiiChannel (3 года назад)
All the drugs are either useless or tend to make people addicted, I went through anxiety disorder/panic attacks, I have been prescribed a drug call paroxetamol/paroxetin. I lost my wife and almost killed myself... in USA people who took that drug could get up to $50.000 of compensation, while here in UK I got nothing, no single lawyer wanted to help me (unless I'd find a group of other victims who would like to sue those bastards), guess why? It is bloody British drug company (GlaxoSmithKline) who produced this POISON, I was reading other people's stories, their friends or relatives committed suicide, some people got some side effects which will never subside! I went through hell, but the company made a money off me and other people, I wish I could KILL all the people who knew about it... I will then die in peace, until then I will live a life of regret that SOME FUCKERS are poisoning people in need, making money of them and live without consequences!!! WHERE IS BLOODY JUSTICE!!!!!
pinkfreud62 (3 года назад)
 0:40 Whoa. It's just like in the movie "The Fly".  
Dayanara Guzman (3 года назад)
Oh no.. I'm really sorry for allergic ur body. You really very beautifully best smile I never said ugly
Mike Chiang (3 года назад)
not matter whose fault this may be I commend the student for not hiding but continue to take pictures of herself I would have probably hid in a room and at the end probably killed myself to how hideous I look. Thumbs up to her!
Premium fuel only (3 года назад)
Are they sure there wasent something else in that bottle?
Eugene chenn (3 года назад)
Theres a priest here in indonesia who was healed from this desease , now he is healthy but his eyes couldnt produce tear drop any more , check out his story here " kesaksian kesembuhan samuel irwan "
Stephen Green (3 года назад)
I hope she feels ok now
Red Davis (3 года назад)
Fucking Yikes!
Cary miles (3 года назад)
i think thats sad
Stan & Kim Harris (3 года назад)
My 2 year old daughter (now 7 years old) went through the same thing...She had a seizure and the Dr gave her Phenobarbital and soon after my daughter spent weeks in the hospital including ICU...
Stardust Sam (3 года назад)
She should sue the doctor!! 😠
PurpleMochiPants89 (3 года назад)
This is really sad... The fact that medical Marijuana could have been a better option for her, just like every drug you never know what will work but it would not have severely disfigured her like other man-made drugs that offer more side effects than aid. My trust in doctors is almost non-existent because they prescribe pills without knowing much about them and then when something goes wrong they don't even catch it.  Its like we are all guinea pigs and they pick people according to their vulnerability people with depression and emotional issues are easy targets. If I'm suffering from something non-terminal I'll usually just try to get through it, because all the risk of taking meds usually outweighs the benefit. People think MedMarijuana is all about getting high but to get the possible benefits you don't always need the THC. This may be a 1 in a million medical accident but still ... its a shame what our doctors are handing out to already sick people.
Tara Tipple (3 года назад)
Omg poor girl ;-;
Android_YT (3 года назад)
Lol i like it wen she hold the food
far8 (3 года назад)
best gift ever
Paul Wood (3 года назад)
Poor girl....we are so sorry for you. I feel so bad. She didnt deserve that. She seems like a nice person
Alexia8099 (3 года назад)
The blacks splash acid on their faces just to blame a drug company to try to get a lawsuit.
Swaffelwich (3 года назад)
i hope she gets better
Napturally Nawlins (3 года назад)
It's so unfortunate that this happened to her. I hope she got her money..

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