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Do Icelandic Girls Prefer Guys With Big Muscles or a Pretty Face? (Reykjavík, Ísland)

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Text Comments (3778)
kc4ril (7 hours ago)
Honestly I prefer a girl with an ok face and a great figure. The face is only a small percentage of the whole apearance and it's the one thing you can't do much about. If a girl is feminine with a great figure then I could care less how big her ears or nose are.
Georgi V. (8 hours ago)
4:45 soo sweeet babe
dilano. A (11 hours ago)
whats the song in the beginning?
Red Bluesome (16 hours ago)
Goes to Iceland to ask girls from Texas what Icelandic girls like? 🇮🇸 🤔😋
Jerome Fecto (1 day ago)
these girls have not see real men since the Vikings time
I bet Iceland is safe. No Africans or muslims there
patrick germain (2 days ago)
Glad i dont need steroids
America TheBeautiful (3 days ago)
next time ask them to choose between pretty face with small dick, and ugly face with big dick.... I think that will be a more compelling question.
America TheBeautiful (3 days ago)
Salma from Assland ?
bekindrewind (3 days ago)
Damn its not even a preference anymore if all of them are saying face
Stone Cold (3 days ago)
more beautiful white girls there
Pristine Stays (3 days ago)
guys with big muscles most are cynical and they dont have right quality of mind, obsession towards big muscles are highly narcissistic
Vijay Jadeja (2 days ago)
But many guys hit gym for Themselves...not for girls
Bob Galante (4 days ago)
I don't see mass migration or third world toilet flush in Iceland,hope it stays that way cause it looks awesome.
H C Agarwal (4 days ago)
The 4 shirt girl with blond hair is beautiful
manjeet singh (4 days ago)
Face seems more appealing.
JB London (4 days ago)
Adrian, stop going to the gym, hahahahaha!
thesatanic6 (4 days ago)
what a cringy video
Martin Septim (4 days ago)
Im comn
jdfarr45 (5 days ago)
where is a real church? is it the one at the end of the video? they are almost all agents of the government, or 501c3 tax exempt organizations, or similar in all other countries.
jdfarr45 (5 days ago)
this clown has to have some snake blood in him.
Anderson C (5 days ago)
Could be muscular, fitr and handsome. :) But I guess the idea here was "either or" at 4:36 the girl looked like Elle MacPherson. :) Lots of beautiful Icelandic women. But the question was sort of loaded in that Iceland is known for their "Strongman" (360-pound men competing in strength sports). LOL!! The last girl thought you were trying to pick her up and gave you her number. :)) Or her phone in the video...hehe...guys should try that!! HEH..
Hydex (5 days ago)
Hahahah the first girl is fucking retarded "When guys are in clothes you dont see their muscles" fucking idiot lol
Alexander Weber (5 days ago)
Elisa is just beautiful
mehul mishra (5 days ago)
Thank God ..I have a pretty face....
ken kim (6 days ago)
They hunt big black thing I saw everyday. They dont tell truth without booze.
marokan k (6 days ago)
i know where im going on my next trip. so many fine women.
arash siavosh (6 days ago)
It's not fair...what should guys with not attractive face do ?
thesatanic6 (4 days ago)
get the fuck out of the gene pool
Jolo Bot (6 days ago)
Don't let muslims ruined this beautiful country!!!!
tintman831 (7 days ago)
Dumb ass video
babak sard (7 days ago)
aww man racism in the interviewer choice 🤦🏻‍♂️
CRIS WTF 34 (6 days ago)
Montevideo (8 days ago)
These videoes are all a given .... face pretty much alway matters over muscles/body type.. I'm going to Iceland, though. ;)
Astro BOY (9 days ago)
You can always work for muscles but you stuck with that fugly mug, unless your rich then you can change everything like the Kardashians
prett wilder (9 days ago)
ahh!!! that's why i don't lift those fucking weights, Laaaaadies!!! ask them about money and pretty face next time. AG
fp Filip (10 days ago)
No. They prefer rapefugees. That's your future.
Panzer Blitz (10 days ago)
Don't visit Iceland. It's an incredibly vicious, criminal country. They are ugly, inside and out.Their whaling terrorist hacked apart a mother whale and dragged the unborn fetus to shore. They kill the beautiful puffin bird and stuff down their rotting stomachs. They have no polar bears but killed one that was unfortunate to have floated to their shores on an ice floe. ICELANDERS ARE DISGUSTING;. KILLERS AND SADISTS WITH NO RESPECT FOR LIFE.
Trump 2020 (10 days ago)
Luckily for you ladies you don't have to choose if you choose me. Hmu ;) -Steven Seagal
xBlackFlame99 (10 days ago)
for those wondering why Icelandic girls are so beautiful is that because they love their culture and race. Nothing is more beautiful than sticking to what is yours.
The Danish Physicist (5 days ago)
Where on earth did you glean that pile of rubbish?
Julie badass (10 days ago)
He should do a survey asking guys if they prefer a woman with a pretty face or a banging body
Vijay Jadeja (2 days ago)
Innocent & cute girl that's all.
PRΞÐAT0R (10 days ago)
I have neither
R/J ORzO (10 days ago)
Listen to this : 3:58
sun mars (10 days ago)
Totaly wrong......i'm a body builder still now more than 20 ladys asked me for love but right now i'm single.....
archit guleria (10 days ago)
Looks like the girls here are more into kids with baby faces rather than being into real men.
Toon Vincke (10 days ago)
Muscle= hard work you can’t do anything about your face 😂 poor questioning
where is my wall (10 days ago)
to be honest most of them girls not saying muscles because they don't want to sound slutty ...its true ...its damn true
0707565 (10 days ago)
I dont like when woman say that my penis id small
Damn Man (10 days ago)
All i see is DAT ASS
salaheddine sif (10 days ago)
The way he says " why is that " piss me off
Célien O (10 days ago)
Elisa is so pretty
ABR! (11 days ago)
dammn the girl at 5:35 stole my heart, uggg wanna rush Iceland ;)
Lawrence L. (11 days ago)
Neither muscles or face...but success and purpose and direction, and morals and values and ideals. The allure of face or muscles fades very quickly.
Ser Rodrick Driftwood (11 days ago)
shit i would be a feminist if girls were that pretty
þiss vídjó sökks!
J (11 days ago)
Lets be honest.. alot of girls wonts be 100% honest
uTXRN (11 days ago)
Rajan Gaire (12 days ago)
I can see the "KATHMANDU" on your jacket. have u been to Nepal ? I guess yes
Styx Zero (12 days ago)
Men are more attracted to big muscles than girls are. So if you are gay, big muscles are a must. Most men who get whatever woman they want are semi-skinny with a beautiful face. So unless you are blessed with genetics (well in a way building muscles are also genetics) but atleast the right genetics you are not gonna be attractive no matter how much you workout at the gym. But tbh if you only workout to get women you are doing it for the wrong reason. Do it to feel good and staying healthy. But don't obsess over it.
F S (12 days ago)
The caption says “Iceland girls” and the first couple girls that he asks are from Texas. Wtf?
mani. channel (12 days ago)
If Arnold had a ugly face😂
baibhav (12 days ago)
Answer: All Girls : pretty face
supreeth reddy (12 days ago)
that song at 2:30,is it a stereotype song of icelandians?
Vismay Tyagi (12 days ago)
5:08 khaleesi's daughter
Killer Dude (8 days ago)
Vismay Tyagi 3:30 is Khaleesi, idiot
Włochyński (13 days ago)
gruszka polak ?
ME ME (13 days ago)
So many blonde girls, I wanna fucking live there!
Raskier (14 days ago)
Wow, i love icelandic girls. Greetings from Italy
Gregory Grand (14 days ago)
Wow Iceland got some beautiful girls I want to move there.
freakin people's (14 days ago)
Gym over
Adam Armstrong (14 days ago)
Big tits, or pretty face? Which one whould you choose? & Why? I personally go for pretty face
Anton's Class (14 days ago)
Eliza was so beautiful! She gave me the chills.
Dennis Ferguson (15 days ago)
Iceland girls are banging hot 👌🏽
Gazorpazorpfield (15 days ago)
Dumb fucking question to ask people. Your content relates to the lowest denominator of person.
Above Water (15 days ago)
LMAO "Obviously they don't look for"
Kendrell 81 (15 days ago)
"At the end of the day girls dont look for those type of things" 🤦🏽‍♂️🤭🤭 a woman paid him to say that part
Karim Moussaoui (15 days ago)
I'm single 31 yr live alone I wish I had an Icelandic wife building a happy family with her♥♥♥♥♥
Karim Moussaoui (3 days ago)
We are brothers in the land. I do not care about religion. Muslim. Christian. Jewish Call me whatsap 00212658158318
CRIS WTF 34 (6 days ago)
Iceland is not for disgusting muslims like you
House Vibez (15 days ago)
+Adrian Gee 02:38 Vegan?? :)
Both, I’m Swedish
Cok Duvak (16 days ago)
Did this stupid honk honestly said reykjaviČ?
Lodbrok (12 days ago)
Cok Duvak That's what I noticed. It sounded like those Balkan surnames.
James Mack (16 days ago)
Lose the beards dudes
James Mack (16 days ago)
The MAIN muscle?!!
fuck you (16 days ago)
I bet this skinny fuck left out clips where they preferred big muscles.
nimmy yousaf (17 days ago)
pretty face or tight pussy
cl0pCrypto (17 days ago)
Alisa - the most beautiful girl in a YouTube video ever.
specialse (17 days ago)
Obviously none of these girls know how to say " Big Mac and fires " natural healthy beautiful ladys .
Stevie Demson (18 days ago)
sergio nietbellangrijk (18 days ago)
They have cute girls out there... omg
Fernando Andrés (18 days ago)
Son muy lindas las chicas de Islandia
Tony Jablonski (18 days ago)
Love the natural beauty of these Icelandic women.
Charles Hoang (19 days ago)
I thought most girls like big dong !
Harry McNicholas (19 days ago)
So many losers commenting here without researching the subject. If you are convinced that money will attract women then go to Vegas and pay for a hooker. Much easier to get what you want. Just remember you get what you pay for.
E Zandman (20 days ago)
The guy is not interviewing. He uses some lame trick to attract hot blonde icelandic women. Good for him.
Harry McNicholas (21 days ago)
My friends who stayed for about a year in Iceland told me the following. I cannot guarantee it is the truth but I hear it form 4 different men. No I Icelandic girls mostly likely will not date you or marry you. No.2. If they date someone steady, it means they are serious about marrying the man and will bring him to meet her parents. No. 3. They generally do no general dating but simply hook up on Saturday nights. No. 4. After they sleep with you, unlikely they will ever talk to you again. There are some refugees in Iceland but their numbers are small since Iceland has a small population. Do not take my word, check it out.
VivaMessico (11 days ago)
So they are just sluts and prostitutes. I was expecting that for some reason. It's time they got some cultural enrichment.
Uno Kram (21 days ago)
Googling to the nearest plastic surgeon right now!! No im just kidding, i forgot already have pretty face
Pedro Mendes (21 days ago)
On my way to Icela... oh wait I dont have a pretty face
Gecko (21 days ago)
Pretty Face with Bad Odor, chronic wounds, bad breath and smelly feet. Nice choice.
Souvik Bose (22 days ago)
Then which country's girl's love big muscles????
Alex Four (22 days ago)
Stupid question because a guy with muscle can have a pretty face . See Ryan Reynolds and many others.
LSSJ (22 days ago)
Stupid question. Of course an ugly mofo with muscles is unattractive. Would be more interesting to ask if they prefer someone with a pretty face with muscles, and without. And level of muscles matters enormously too. Comparing two extremes (skinny bastards and horrible roided bodybuilders) is not representative of having muscles.
VivaMessico (11 days ago)
I am quite ugly and I tell you from experience, muscles are an absolute game changer.
Sabit Shah (22 days ago)
Hmmm. . .Nice video 😊
Chiki Briki (22 days ago)
In spring I'm moving to live there. Can't wait to give them the herpes <3. I hope they like ugly dudes.
Thor Nado (22 days ago)
The 2 texas girls didn't count.
mel124177 (22 days ago)
Whhoaa...I am moving to Iceland, their girls are gorgeous! Love Elisa! <3

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