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How Softbank's Founder Became a Dealmaker

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Love him or hate him, Softbank's Masayoshi Son is shaking up Silicon Valley and global investing. He once lost more money than anyone has ever lost in history, but has since recovered to make some of the world's most successful tech investments. Video by Robin Fall
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Text Comments (61)
dee. M (15 hours ago)
His concept is buy it all
genera74 (13 days ago)
You don't (briefly) become a richest man in the world, squandered 99% of your wealth and then became super rich (again) just by luck... I'll be lucky to get 5% p.a. return on my stock portfolio on a regular basis..
Ge RuiYi (2 months ago)
FreeWorldChannel (2 months ago)
He's grappling in the dark. But it's better than not trying anything.
ViVo_ KOTH (2 months ago)
Lol he started with nothing and was at one point the richest man on the planet. Yet, idiots are still trying to prove he is only "lucky".
Ao Chen (6 days ago)
He finished highschool in three weeks, that's no "luck".
vtec kickedin (12 days ago)
lol we think of Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates etc. but they started with a lot. Masayoshi started with nothing, and like you said at one point was the richest man in the world.
Stanzin Chosphel (3 months ago)
How much he has to prove ? He is a genius!!! Believe it or not .
1966bluemax (3 months ago)
Offer them tons of money
DroidSage (3 months ago)
LOL the so called "Jury" debating whether this guy is a genius or not ..who build an empire worth 10's of Billions starting from scratch..whilst the "Jury" works 9-5 shitty ass job barely enough to cover their expenses .OKAY !!
岡田キイロ (3 months ago)
S U P R E M E (3 months ago)
His name is Masayoshi hmmm
Micah Lee (4 months ago)
regardless of winning or losing this man is the walking definition of put your money where your mouth is.
Atipat12 (4 months ago)
Atipat12 (4 months ago)
Great & cool article 😎😎😎😎😎
KIlO bAbAsEUNtjie (4 months ago)
Joe Glass (4 months ago)
What exactly is uber? A taxi company? why would anyone want to invest in such a stupid company.
Max's Cognac Review (4 months ago)
By waxing on and off
Indo Banged (4 months ago)
Masa also invest in Indonesia, Tokopedia
yungdung samten (4 months ago)
His recent success is Flipkart.
Anonymous Guy (3 months ago)
yungdung samten true he made billions from it
Cavin K (4 months ago)
We Japaneses refuse all products and services of his corrupted company.
Buee Ino (4 months ago)
Cavin K Lol say whatever you want.
ULTRA KWON (4 months ago)
Altair That’s really unfortunate. I do not understand the racism between these two countries. I’m Korean, and I’ve always had the utmost respect and appreciation for the culture. I’m a huge fan of Japanese lit - favorite author being Osamu Dazai. And in fact, I recently had the most incredible privilege of visiting Japan, and I loved every minute. The people there were incredible. Hard to imagine that there are those who harbor negativity.
Altair (4 months ago)
ULTRA KWON because he is ethnically Korean and some Japanese hate Koreans
ULTRA KWON (4 months ago)
Do you mind elaborating? I've never heard of him until this video, which makes him out to look pretty great.
Raunaq B (4 months ago)
'There's method in his madness' this line from Hamlet is quite applicable here
intel inside (4 months ago)
Korean with japanese names.
Chester Sabajo (3 months ago)
intel inside he is Korean
Wojciech Kapelinski (4 months ago)
Deep pockets
Examinator (4 months ago)
What we will get in Singularity, may be incomparable to money today. He is investing for it, the future.
Steve Jurgens (4 months ago)
He's reckless - this won't end well for him...
Jack Frost (4 months ago)
Son Goku isn't that smart
_ _ (4 months ago)
wow Masa breathed life into Alibaba o.o! this guy has a piece of everyones pie goddamn
49fiori (4 months ago)
anybody who didnt' see a bubble coming in early 1999 is an idiot, just like anybody who says Bitcoin is not a scam, is an imbecile. Masa was lucky, not smart, gambles with other people's money.
Immanuel Herman (4 months ago)
Bitcoin is not a scam. It's (arguably) over-hyped and overheated, but its technical and fundamentals are solid. I won't recommend anyone to invest in it though, it was not designed as instrument for investment.
Abhinav Nagori (4 months ago)
In India he made investments in Flipkart (similar to Amazon)(sold to Walmart)(3 times return on investment), he made investments in Paytm (e wallet company)(according to me will lose the race to WhatsApp payment in future or an e wallet called tez (Google co.), And oyo room (cheap hotels)(the founder is even back by Peter Theil...(I don't have opinion abt it because if u wanna book hotel u got lots of options to choose from so I am skeptical abt it)
552mustang (4 months ago)
This dude bought Sprint, ran it into the ground, achieved 1/10th of the success of John Legere over at T-Mobile and now is bailing out his failures and selling to Tmo. If he is a 'great businessman' we certainly havent seen it here in America.
Adna Adija (4 months ago)
If you use uber in the USA, if you own a smartphone, laptop or Ipad, the chip inside is produced by ARM, if you shop on amazon, most items are ordered from suppliers on Alibaba and Alixpress and then branded for the American market..In America today, if you want to efficiently coordinate teamwork on projects to move quickly, you use the app Slack..So Uber, ARM, Alibaba (which is also the tech company with the biggest Tech IPO EVER in the US) and last we have Slack. Americans are using his products, most are simply unaware.
keshav (4 months ago)
552mustang that merger is actually a win for him
I (4 months ago)
James Smith (4 months ago)
Who's his dad?
Ao Chen (6 days ago)
+The end of time You left out the part where he finished US highschool within three weeks and went straight into college. This man is a legend.
James Smith (3 months ago)
Stratton Studios Yes!
Stratton Studios (3 months ago)
Masayoshi Dad
The end of time (4 months ago)
Actually, he's ancestors were Han Chinese, then they moved to Korea, after that, he's grandfather moved to Japan. He was bullied in school because of his identity, so his father, who got rich by making sake, sent him to U.S. when he was 16. He went back to Japan in 80s and became a real Japanese by law.
Phanindra Veera (4 months ago)
TheTikox (4 months ago)
Nanomachines son
Karan Singh (3 months ago)
Bloody hell this was hilarious. xD
Victor Muthoka (4 months ago)
Using quite share the full vision of the future that he holds to, but there's a foresight he has that is undeniable. Looking forward to see if the vision fund proves or disproves him.
Faber (4 months ago)
He's insane.
Ale Vic (4 months ago)
The definition of: diversificated investments. Son is the king on this subject.
Dan K (4 months ago)
You don't know much about investment.
Biplav Shrestha (4 months ago)
It is all in tech. How is that diversified?
Marek Kolenda (4 months ago)
Negative interest rate near your bank. Housing mortgage rates Higher in 8 years. New GM suburban 90,000$ only.
陈士杰 (4 months ago)
Son is a running dog of the Communist Party of China
Cecile Yi (4 months ago)
does his investment in Ping'An and Ali ring a bell? There is almost certainly this middle man who representing Chinese high class's interests *allowed* Son to invest in those two companies
Cavin K (4 months ago)
Nature Boy he's korean
Nature Boy (4 months ago)
陈士杰 isn't he Japanese?
陈士杰 (4 months ago)

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