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How to create a farm business plan

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University of Maine Cooperative Extension provides information on why creating a farm business plan is so important and what marketing, operations, and finances mean to your plan.
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Dominic Gakure (11 months ago)
Nice video👌👍
war dawg (2 years ago)
when quality of food in the US is so important,,,, why isnt there more opportunities for farmers to get grants, or poeple who would love to become a farmer ,,,,, like me im a beekeeper and id love to market beekeepers honey as a commercial business.
David Reed (1 year ago)
Look up FSA microloans. They can help you get a loan up to $50k for a small farm business. http://www.fsa.usda.gov/programs-and-services/farm-loan-programs/microloans/index
MENCHIE MAN (3 years ago)
Do you have a farming business plan template?  Thanks!
+Michael Black We used AgPlan (https://www.agplan.umn.edu/). It's free and wasn't that hard. It helped us get our farm loan.
Danny Artur (5 years ago)
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killalangdon (5 years ago)

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