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This Brain Implant Could Change Lives

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It sounds like science fiction: a device that can reconnect a paralyzed person’s brain to his or her body. But that’s exactly what the experimental NeuroLife system does. Developed by Battelle and Ohio State University, NeuroLife uses a brain implant, an algorithm and an electrode sleeve to give paralysis patients back control of their limbs. For Ian Burkhart, NeuroLife’s first test subject, the implications could be life-changing. Featured in this episode: Batelle: https://www.battelle.org/ Ohio State University https://wexnermedical.osu.edu/ Producer and Editor - Alan Jeffries Camera - Zach Frankart, Alan Jeffries Sound Recordist - Brandon MacLean Graphics - Sylvia Yang Animators - Ricardo Mendes, James Hazael, Andrew Embury Sound Mix and Design - Cadell Cook ----------------- Bloomberg is the First Word in business news, delivering breaking news & analysis, up-to-the-minute market data, features, profiles and more: http://www.bloomberg.com Connect with us on... Twitter: https://twitter.com/business Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bloombergbusiness Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bloombergbusiness/
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Text Comments (1124)
Brandon E. Smith (7 hours ago)
Take all the foreign aid we're wasting abroad and invest it into projects like these! Hundreds of billions of dollars might be able to expedite these types of technological advances.
Bouie342 (10 hours ago)
If they continue this then super powers will exist. I'm in
unique world (10 hours ago)
Kya yeah vigyan middle class or garib log afford kar payegye
Pyro Fire (2 days ago)
4:19 Finally *wink wink*
Sapnu Quas (5 days ago)
Next up:Buttplugs
wholly mary (5 days ago)
Walt Disney and his imagineers had this technology in the 60s
funnybomb (7 days ago)
Mrsteal Yourgrandma (9 days ago)
LeztGG (10 days ago)
i want it to be on the side of the head not at the top.
Daniel Price (10 days ago)
The cyborgs are among us
Wrong Headshot (11 days ago)
Wtf sliver 1 noob
J. E. Palad (11 days ago)
Human progress through technology however small and slow is still hopeful and promising.
Muhammad Syahir Aiman (11 days ago)
Curtis Jones (11 days ago)
Whaaaaaat theeeee fucccckkk that was amazing!
Abed Alruheim (11 days ago)
It's better to fund wars and genocide than working on technologies like this what's a person regaining function over his body over a missile that can target an ant
ItzBlitz Gaming (11 days ago)
Respect to you sir
TheCronch (11 days ago)
what if we could use this technology to make our bodies use up their full capacity of strength and stamina? Sure you'd be so sore you couldnt move but hey its technology
Trygaming (11 days ago)
hand simulator in real life
Mi'Lady (12 days ago)
We will get CyberPunk soon irl
Bubonic Plague (12 days ago)
"Gotta throw the whole spine away"
The Titan (12 days ago)
Big pile of bullshit 💩 Keep giving people fake hopes Why ???
Andy Yip (12 days ago)
is that plug necessary...? i mean... can't you just extend the cable with that hubs instead of plug a hub on a client's head? worst design ever seen.... i am talking about the DESIGN by all means.... the technology itself is awesome😂
the new VR game is amazing
Mehdi Kia Noori (12 days ago)
Nugroho Pangestu (12 days ago)
Error 404 : brain not found
Vlad Popa (12 days ago)
In 10yeras from now he will be normal
Virtualy frf (12 days ago)
Fucking indian tetetetetetetetetetetetetetteteteettt stop using t in your English
Dude the doctor is a philippine.
Al Ex (13 days ago)
4:19 am i the only one? 😂
Samuel Chan (13 days ago)
what the fuck
Zovera Wizo (13 days ago)
indians are everywhere. lol.
BlackSun (13 days ago)
Jeremiah Holman (13 days ago)
This is absolutely awesome!
Sophisticated Giraffe (13 days ago)
Well time to hack another device... HUMANS!
pat D (13 days ago)
Neural prosthetics are so stinking cool
Cuansety (13 days ago)
4:25 Haha, I knew he wanted to try that out. Has been a while!
Ghostassassin (13 days ago)
That can actually ruin lives because too many people on one planet = disaster
Calvin Lee Vail (13 days ago)
Ghostassassin finally someone i can agree with
BA Entertainment (13 days ago)
UPGRADE anyone?
sponsor eeeagle (13 days ago)
4:28 - 4:31 ok
Briliant Nyoni (13 days ago)
Kigali Ink Tattoos (13 days ago)
indians are very smart
Squanchy FapFap (13 days ago)
I'hate that indian guy! Id'execute him.
pramod kumar (14 days ago)
Wow great invention
Paul Nguyen (14 days ago)
With the big box just motify it so its on his hands
Deft (14 days ago)
Looks like the dudes playing hand simulator
Aidεn Pearςe (14 days ago)
cyberpunk 2077
Imagine showing things like this to people back in the 1900 or even 70s, 80s. They would think you are a wizard or sth
That the mark of the beast the brain chip is the mark on the forhead
Yet we still have anti vaxx , cancer conspiracy theorist , flattards
happy wolf (15 days ago)
How about fuck no
Luis Fernando (15 days ago)
another step closer to the matrix or ghost in the shell, next thing you know brain hackers are a problem.
PIckeljuice (15 days ago)
gota get that up and down movement back ya know
Nick Eh 31 (15 days ago)
thanks to science, now he can finally jerk off
Jacob Bon (15 days ago)
This is cool
Mira (15 days ago)
Johnny Anton (15 days ago)
Soon we can send that chip info (store-> transfer) it to a robot or a human CIV HumanBot . Anything is possible in this world .
Kevin Gallagher (15 days ago)
This is collosal. Could change many things for the better
Mythical (15 days ago)
1:30 send bob and vagene
Db76 Legos7 (15 days ago)
The thumb nail looks like a power brick in their head
Marrrvin X (15 days ago)
Next thing you know the illuminati is controlling our minds
XXX SCΔRTΔCION (15 days ago)
make us a chip so we dont have to go to that hell called school
Azarudin Azar (15 days ago)
Super idea
Karma (16 days ago)
I love how science grows but my penis doesn't. I hope with the power of science they change that too.
Shobe Productions (16 days ago)
How would he nut though?
INvS Remix (16 days ago)
4:25 he barley got his hand back and is already excited to start wanking
WOWCruiser (16 days ago)
4:18 Does it mean he can jerk off now??? 💦🍆😁
Max Trombley (16 days ago)
Did this man just plug his head in that seems wired to me but do what you gotta do
Paradoxical Nightmare (16 days ago)
This is how The Matrix begins.
RPM Internet Dose (16 days ago)
when u remember your great grandparents degree and work experience....👒 😂
ecchi squid (16 days ago)
Let me know when we get implants that don't leave large bulges on our skulls.
Jamason Rainey (17 days ago)
*can you tell from the look in our eyes* oh wait nvm
Gilbert Lupeth (17 days ago)
sonu singh (17 days ago)
But death is complasary
Campbell Bennett (17 days ago)
Dr strange
Timothy H (17 days ago)
Zorem Sanga (17 days ago)
Some of the best an best Doctor scientist now are an Indian.. Great to hear that
Henry Kwek (18 days ago)
Who needs to study you can just Dowload it into your brain
YaakovKatz (18 days ago)
can't trust dot heads implementing this
Skye (18 days ago)
this would be awesome in or not only for force feedback using muscle stimulation instead of some brak mounted to the fingers and if you could get a brain reader chip installed for like 200$ than it could serve as a controller
~ this can change life’s Me~ thinking of the phone charger sitting out of his head
VanRensburg knives (18 days ago)
The thumbnail just looks like the dude just plugged his phone charger into his head
ka mar (18 days ago)
Indian tech vs the Chinese tech
Flex Seal (20 days ago)
*Got spinal injuries? Let Flex Tape fix your spine in the matter of minutes !*
PoCe13 YT (21 days ago)
Black Mirror.
abhishek thapa (21 days ago)
Proud to be indian
Marc Stärker (21 days ago)
cyberpunk, we are coming !
Night Stick (22 days ago)
Awesome technology, awesome mission, awesome guy, but couldn't you make it look at little prettier? A big ass power-cord-looking cable sticking out of your head has to be awkward as hell.
Shleepy (22 days ago)
2:52 he moves his hands fine and continues to act normal till they put the arm straps on and then he acts like he finally got feeling back. this is fake af
Risa Lockwood (14 days ago)
He said he could move his hands a little
Idiots in Rockford (22 days ago)
Wouldn't it be easier to build a device that connects a bridge over the damaged part of the spine
Chai Lee (22 days ago)
These indians are so smart...fuckin bustards😂😂😂 i want an indian lady now...
Ahmet Dibrani (23 days ago)
You have to meditade that helps to
Logan Czarnecki (28 days ago)
your going to be needing to swipe that credit card again after this is over but this is coool
Andrew Wadsworth (29 days ago)
Wow. What an incredible video. It also makes me so grateful for things I never really take note of—the simple autonomy using my hands provides.
AssassinSquid33 (30 days ago)
I'm thinking too much about video game applications rather than medical purposes XD
Mayank Parmar (30 days ago)
Sharma ji ko koi mukabla nahi
thehALomolov2 (1 month ago)
So he's training himself to be able to trigger the sensor... Yet everything displayed could easily have been done by a single researcher pushing a button to activate the electrodes, while the rest pretend that it's working... A sensor that reacts to brainwaves isn't very practical, there's no specific spot to implant a sensor for any specific task. So he's essentially learning what thoughts/area triggers the sensor to grasp, while a bunch of other unintentional thoughts could also trigger it. Wouldn't it be easier to make a pulley type system so his bicep arm movements can tighten his grasp. Worst case one arm moves around and the other moves to pull and tighten grasp. Best case, both arms extending forward tightens grasp, so using the working muscles to fill in for the lost functionality.
SOVEREIGN BRAND (1 month ago)
It’s like he’s trying to learn how to jerk off.
andrea giudici (1 month ago)
keep improving Ian! never give up man!!

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