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Novartis Earnings Given Clean Bill of Health - Nov 10, 2014

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Swiss drugmaker Novartis reported better-than-expected results, as strong sales of new products and its leukemia drug Glivec, helped offset copycat competition for its former best-selling blood pressure pill Diovan. Group sales rose 4 percent year on year to 14.7 billion dollars, while core earnings per share jumped 10 percent to $1.37. Analysts had forecast sales of 14.54 billion and core EPS of $1.31. Third-quarter net profit jumped 45 percent to 3.24 billion, boosted by an 800 million dollar pretax gain from the sale of its shareholding in Idenix Pharmaceuticals, which was bought by U.S. drugmaker Merck in June. Novartis kept its financial outlook for the full year unchanged, predicting low-to-mid single-digit sales growth and also forecast core operating income to grow at a mid-to-high single-digit rate. In April, the company unveiled plans to exit smaller operations such as vaccines, over-the-counter drugs and animal health, while adding higher-margin cancer drugs from GlaxoSmithKline.
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