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Wright Stuff - Can we sing Baa Baa Black Sheep? (23.04.08)

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Just listen to what Dave Spikey's replacement is, and apparently it's true!
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Uncle Sam (8 years ago)
common sense is needed ...'back, baabaa black sheep', it is a ryme about a black sheep, no more, no less. Black sheep,exist, whereas there are no rainbow sheep, if there were, then the ryme could have gone baabaa rainbow sheep. If the ryme was called baabaa white sheep I would not be offended because I am white, I would just be like, 'yeah it's a ryme about a white sheep.. so what'. Things are going too far, too deep and it is confusing/tarnishing things like a simple childrens ryme.
Tom Revan (8 years ago)
I once called Barack Obama "obarrbarr blacksheep" and my Jamaican mate said "thats racist", and i said "no its not" and then he sad "okay". We were pretty blazed that day. Good times.
stevierock77 (8 years ago)
Thats the spanish for you. They were doin monkey chants and blacking themselves up for lewis hamilton a few years back too.
CmdrTobs (9 years ago)
its common sentiment I have herd, but the world is getting smaller and we need to have a global etiquette otherwise it will be trouble. Just look at the Spanish at the bejing games pulling there eyes back as a joke. People only say its madness when it does not affect them.

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