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5 Acre Survival Homestead Garden Updates/New Blueberry Bushes

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This video is about Homestead Garden Updates/We purchased 3 new blueberry bushes and finished planting the Well Garden
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Deborah Crutchfield (1 month ago)
Candy , what was in the bag you were carrying?
JessieJames Homestead (1 month ago)
Deborah Crutchfield It was a bag of potting mix! I believe I used it in some pots for pepper plants.
Mark Thieme (2 years ago)
things are looking great! nice share :)
JessieJames Homestead (2 years ago)
Thanks. Long ways to go but we're getting there.
looks great awesome job
JessieJames Homestead (2 years ago)
Wow. Thanks😀😊
Looks Awesome All my watermelon is dead from hail and the blackberry bush I planted this year died, maybe I'll buy a new one
JessieJames Homestead (2 years ago)
Yeah, last year a HUGE hail storm, toward harvest, almost destroyed everything we worked all year for. But yeah, sometimes the plants die because they don't like where they have been planted. We learned that. Thanks Chris.

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