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How to pay vehicle registration fee in Saudi Arabia تجديد رخصة قيادة

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Here in this video I am showing how to pay for vehicle registration or Istimara fee in Saudi Arabia through ATM machine. This information will work for people who are about to renew their expiring vehicle registration. Keep in mind driving with expire registration is a crime in Saudi Arabia and have Sr. 100 penalty on each catch. So better renew it in time and don't delay it. truck registration is necessary. online vehicle registration check is available. go renew registration now to avoid penalty. vehicle license registration is compulsory. find my car registration online service near you. dmv registration pay online is easy. auto registration services are there in every city. online car registration verification can be done. reg motor vehicles and car registration receipt you can get. car registration pay online and car rego is here. car registration plates can be get. car reg service may help you. vehicle registration renewal in an easy process. car tags can get. dmv car registration and renew registration is here. check car registration online. car registration renewal and car registration number are same. dmv vehicle registration and tag renewal are different. check vehicle registration is easy. trace vehicle owner and registration car by sms. renew car registration. online vehicle registration. renew registration online. vehicle registration search. motor registration. vehicle reg check. auto registration. car registration online. dmv online registration. dmv renew registration. renew vehicle registration. register car online. online car registration. vehicle licensing. vehicle reg. registration online. car registration details. new car registration. vehicle registration online. register vehicle online. car registration search. pay car registration online. registration of vehicle. tag registration. dmv registration fees. dmv tags. vehicle number search. car registration cost. registration dmv. pay car registration. dmv pay registration. registration for car. motor vehicle division. motorcycle registration. mvd registration. registration of motor vehicles. car licence renewal. vehicle license renewal. vehicle number. vehicle registration information. vehicle registration fees. license registration. registration vehicle. vehicle registration office. car license. dmv services. renew car license. check registration number. title and registration. new vehicle registration. car registration years. the dmv. register a car. new registration. register my car. vehicle registration plate. vehicle registration checker. lost vehicle registration. dmv motor vehicle. private car reg. car registration fee. motor online. dmv title. department of motor vehicles hours. car registration uk. florida vehicle registration. vehicle registration renewal near me. motors and vehicles. california vehicle registration. california car registration. ca vehicle registration. dmv online. dmv license. car registration california. pa vehicle registration. vehicle registration nz. uk car registration. texas car registration. tx vehicle registration. department of motor vehicles phone number. change car registration. dmv title transfer. rto vehicle registration. auto licensing. dept of motor vehicles. lost car registration. vehicle identification number database. motor vehicle license.
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Текстовые комментарии (22)
a.k kashmir (1 месяц назад)
how can chack how many cars regester in your id pleace tell
Rasel ahmed Tipi (2 месяца назад)
How many years validity????
Fazal Khan (8 месяцев назад)
Bhai mera istamara gum hogaya bata sakty Ho ab kiya karna hoga
LearningZone (8 месяцев назад)
Maroor office ja kar Naya print karwaye. Thanks.
Muqadas Butt (9 месяцев назад)
How do pay renew licence fee by al rajhi atm card
LearningZone (9 месяцев назад)
That I don't know as I never used that service.
tanveer khan (1 год назад)
Salaam sir our own country is OK for me I'm from azaad kashmir side nobody really works back home they all rely on family sending money from abroad good luck
جو سچا پاکستانی ہے وہ نواز گانڈو اور زرداری گانڈو کی گانڈ میں اپنا ووٹ نہ دے شکریہ
tanveer khan (1 год назад)
Salaam sir I know the Saudis don't really like pakistani people a person of your calibre will find a job any where in the world Insha Allah
LearningZone (1 год назад)
Saudi is OK they are returning back to camels once again. I am pointing about our own country.
tanveer khan (1 год назад)
Salaam sir are you back in pakistan or somewhere else bringing your outstanding knowledge to another country
LearningZone (1 год назад)
I returned back to Pakistan and my "outstanding knowledge" is not enough to provide me a job here in the country of raciest. I am sorry to speck like this.
tanveer khan (1 год назад)
really easy payment system would like to have this system in uk another good informative video when are the toyota corolla videos coming I'm missing them thank you (ustaad ji)
LearningZone (1 год назад)
Thanks for liking. No more Toyota Corolla with me! I left the country also! Kashti na rahi sahil na raha. Sahil ki thamana bhe na rahi. hahahhahahahaha. Let us see for another Suzuki or maybe Toyota! Inshallah. Anyhow be in-touch and a lot of videos will come Inshallah.
wyattoneable (1 год назад)
That is so much more easy than standing in line at our Department of Motor Vehicles. Smart.
LearningZone (1 год назад)
Yes you are right sir. Something is good and something is the worst.
zx8401ztv (1 год назад)
Seems simple enough :-D In the uk a car has to have a yearly m.o.t checkup for safety. insurance every year for road accidents. road tax every year. We pay for everyone. We must have passed our driving test once in our lifetime. The car has to be registered to our name, we are the owner, only needs to be done once, unless we sell it to someone else later on.
zx8401ztv (1 год назад)
I appreciate only one of the charges the m.o.t safety test, i do like to know if my vehicle is safe. All the other charges are just a rip off, typical governments.
LearningZone (1 год назад)
Same here in Saudi Arabia. It needs to pay for registration every three years. It needs to pass the vehicle by worst case inspection now a days, a video will come soon here; yearly or maximum after three years on each registration renewal or at selling. Same insurance yearly or maximum after three years at the time of registration renewal. For this we should have to pay. But it is excellent in great Pakistan! There is no such inspection, no such heavy registration fee, no such heavy insurance. All you should have a valid license and payed registration for your car and you are ready to go! Sometimes even such is not required! So driving a car or riding a bike is fun here.
MisterBassBoost (1 год назад)
Great stuff :)
Mohammah Basmala (1 год назад)
LearningZone sir i would like to know after done this. then you will the reciept from atm machine. how you will get your new istemara card?
LearningZone (1 год назад)

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