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100 Day challenge/ Day 27, weightloss, Leslie sansone, total gym 2016

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Annette Gray (2 года назад)
I started the using the Total Gym mid January. My plan is a minimum of a 4 day a week workout. Working out every step on the poster. I hope to see a transformation. In addition, I a going on a low carb diet, only eating carbs from veggies. I wish you luck. Don't give up girl! You must build muscle.
Fit2LuvME with Love Fuller (2 года назад)
Congrats on bringing your squat count back up!
Rogério Corrêa de Souza (2 года назад)
Darebee.com (free or donate). I donate. I lost 40 pounds! Good luck!
Cina Getting Fit (2 года назад)
Get it girl! I'm so inspired how you faithful use your home gym!
BecomingDiva (2 года назад)
+Cina Getting Fit yes.. mama.. is a part of me..lol.. ;)
Suzanne Johnson (2 года назад)
As always, thanks for the inspiration!
BecomingDiva (2 года назад)
+Suzanne Johnson hey love.. thank you.. bless day..
MyPreciousLife (2 года назад)
Your killing this challenge....Thank you so much for giving us all motivation.
BecomingDiva (2 года назад)
+MyPreciousLife aww.. thank you.. we got his.. love.. bless day
ettuandyou (2 года назад)
just finished up. Barely made those steps tonight. Wasn't feeling it but got it in. You are rocking it and I say go go go!
Shivaj Prashanth (2 года назад)
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BecomingDiva (2 года назад)
+ettuandyou yes go girl doll.. and you conquered and did it. this journey is not easy but we are in to deep to ever go back .. bless night
Transforming Melody (2 года назад)
Awesome workout. Do those squats hurt your knees. They look painful, but you look energized after doing them. You inspire me along with Leslie Sansone:). Thanks for being so diligent and sharing with all of us,
BecomingDiva (2 года назад)
+Transforming Melody hey live good evening. your so sweet.. yes the energy that I get after Leslie is something amazing.. about the total gym no it dosent hurt my knees.. lol bless night
Angie 73 Sanchez (2 года назад)
BecomingDiva (2 года назад)
+Angie 73 Sanchez thanks love bless night xo
Elizabeth Ann (2 года назад)
Congrats on 70!
BecomingDiva (2 года назад)
+Elizabeth Ann hey mama thank you. bless night

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