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Eat Ginger Every Day and This Will Happen to Your Body

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Natural Living (6 месяцев назад)
Charles De Souza (7 месяцев назад)
Would help if, besides the benefits, you explained how to prepare the ginger for consumption. Also whether raw of cooked .
Bóm T (8 месяцев назад)
I drank ginger tea for a week and it cured my lung infection -- I slow juiced ginger (not just slices) with Hurom( used a big one ginger) A shot of pure ginger juice and mixed it with warm water + a slice of lime + a teaspoon of raw honey (manuka honey or raw killer bees honey) 3 times a day for a week. Besides not only helped with my cough and mucus. I felt like my eyes are more clearer and my hair looks shinier and thicker I could leave my hair for almost a week without washing and it was no grease or smelly I think maybe due to drinking ginger a lot and skin are very smooth and brighter. Now I try to drink it everyday. :)
Sebastien Auger (9 месяцев назад)
Unfortunately ginger doesn't kill robots
JenJamesTV (9 месяцев назад)
Thanks for sharing all the benefits of ginger :)
tony yes (11 месяцев назад)
I have been putting 1/2 teaspoon everyday in oatmeal with honey for years.
ricky wood (1 год назад)
Is there anything like this that is natural that helps acne ?
Curtistine Miller (1 год назад)
Almeda Nelson (1 год назад)
Ginger i Love It.
Denise Gibbs (1 год назад)
I make spa water with ginger and it is awesome. Cut a nice size cube of ginger. Cut up a small cucumber. and add fresh ment leaves. Put all in a drink pitcher of your choice and keep in the fridge to chill. You can add ice if you want. Drink and enjoy it all day. It is so yummy and good for you.
you tube 425 (1 год назад)
I just had some home made ginger tea with fresh ginger and no honey, I'm surprise I was able to tolerate the taste, I'll be drinking more of this from now on, I ran out of raw honey, and I'm able to tolerate the taste so I have no excuse.
Jenny Hall (1 год назад)
very good information
I am a Potato and I like it (1 год назад)
But ginger tastes so horrible I made a ginger smoothie and barfed, how do you overcome this horrible taste?
youtt ube (1 год назад)
Please stop putting copied text in your speaking juicer.
Vita Leonis (1 год назад)
b.rivera59 (1 год назад)
another robot voice
Mikael Vitaly Vyacheslav (1 год назад)
The best way to take ginger with is almond milk or a a drink mixed with milk ..fat stops it from burning the stomach ..when i have a head ache I take three capsules of ginger powder with tea mixed with almond milk and my head aches is gone in 20 minutes ...no more pills from big pharma ! that damages my liver .
Aaron Hurley (1 год назад)
Fact check. High blood sugar is not the main risk for heart disease. High cholesterol, genetic factors, and age are. Ginger is great though.
Ram Kumar (1 год назад)
Excellent video
RAJARSHI PATEL (1 год назад)
let the food be your drug and not the drugs be your food.
Chris Denney (1 год назад)
I eat raw grated ginger right when I get up and within an hour of going to bed. When I first started doing it, I began noticing differences in how I felt with a week
Mishell Cornell (1 год назад)
Chris Denney Hi Chris..what type of differences did you notice ?
Ethan Tremblay (1 год назад)
I did this for a month and my hair turned red. Damn!
Pivithra Pavi (1 год назад)
LIVE THE GOOD LIFE (1 год назад)
Food is the best medicine. AHD.
Bernardo Melgar (1 год назад)
ginger can cause of anemia
Sheik Ibrahim (1 год назад)
Scott P (1 год назад)
I had to back off the ginger. Too many erections
jim spry (1 год назад)
thank you so much for all this information
Amit Jain (1 год назад)
i m using oats flame orange juice pineapple cinnamon for knee pain would it increase weight
schwantz037 (1 год назад)
Eat ginger every day for a month, and you too will talk like a fukin robot...
Sukumar Dewan (1 год назад)
I take ginger daily.Very good.
Mishell Cornell (1 год назад)
Sukumar Dewan hi .good for what ?
* * (1 год назад)
Who the fuck eats ginger every day??!!
Henry Co (1 год назад)
nice 1
Jay Wilson (1 год назад)
Interesting -- but essentially misleading title.
BeAwsum (1 год назад)
The computer sounding audio is nauseating. Totally destroys credibility for the video.
I'm drinking ginger water and it helps to feel good. I heard it's not good for the heart. why
Mishell Cornell (1 год назад)
VJThe movie is exciting but dragging Dave hi. where did you hear its not good for the heart ?
Kris W (1 год назад)
I'm having a ginger beer and rum right now. these recommendations are getting scary..
speedozx10 (1 год назад)
dice up crystallised ginger and sprinkle it on honeydew melon.  Lovely
Ikramuddin Zwane (1 год назад)
Beautiful handwriting too.
lesly Dutch (1 год назад)
The title is misleading
john a (1 год назад)
Yes eating raw Ginger will definitely take your mind off feeling sick. All in moderation.
James Hand (1 год назад)
I like making ginger tea.its awsome.took a while to get use to it.i now use it all the time
EndPur (1 год назад)
Thank you for share
I'm WORTH IT! (1 год назад)
Thanks so much for all your hard work! I really appreciate this channel and I appreciate YOU!
Stephanie s. (1 год назад)
Would have loved to watch the whole video but cannot stand that fake computer voice.
mohd farooq (1 год назад)
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William Parr (1 год назад)
Can't get over the robot voice...
Kelly J (1 год назад)
5. ...powerful inflammatory or ANTI-inflammatory responses?? I don't want inflammatory responses in the brain. Is this an error?
Lester Prosser (1 год назад)
I don't want to get a "gin blossom".
lori amora (1 год назад)
thanks kim...kinda dumb huh..?
John Healey (1 год назад)
Gee what did I miss? Every day for a month and what happens? I have tried putting some Ginger from a tea bag in certain food for preparing to eat. Like soup or pasta or maybe like scrambled eggs. Just a pinch or 2.
Tina &Tim Thompson (1 год назад)
OK I have a cute/funny story of our early marital years. lol. I was just starting to read up on natural remedy and I told my hubby to take ginger For gas...( he swallowed a lot of air while drinking coffee at work.) so- lol, it worked! but, it was also noisy. his co-workers would loooook at him, lol . Tim would just grin and respond GINGER. ( LOL. IT WORKS YALL..)
Susheela Narayanan (1 год назад)
Tina &Tim Thomps
John Seipp (1 год назад)
What's up with all of these extremely annoying computer generated voice videos on youtube nowadays??
tiny Trump (1 год назад)
cheap and fast to produce videos using these voices plus the writing animation, people just rip off the content from text in websites and produce these by the lot thus getting an extensive collection of video content to post in youtube and expect to generate a lot of money from the ads-visits
kim khamis (1 год назад)
Why am I reading when I could just listen?
DYNODRUM (1 год назад)
U have been Gingerlee programmed...
george jetson (1 год назад)
is there some sort of program that does that handwriting effect?
PowersOnDrums (1 год назад)
joe quillun (1 год назад)
b00ger901 (1 год назад)
I find it funny the last claim has the greatest statistical significance and that I've heard, by word of mouth, that ginger is great for nausea. Might want to look over the other claims with extreme prejudice, although the fourth claim could be promising. Claim one, No specified number - One study Claim two, 85 participants - One Study Claim three, 24 participants - One Study Claim four, 247 participants - One Study Claim five, 60 participants - One Study Claim six, 1278 participants - 12 Studies
iris chang (1 год назад)
Good info in irritating hand writing.
Musume Ronshaku (1 год назад)
Honestly, the video is rather boring than interesting. Sorry :/
Sandra Bhagaloo (1 год назад)
Sonja M. (1 год назад)
What about ginger-lemon tea? It is so good to me I have been drinking it almost everyday I have noticed that it does ease indigestion which I get really bad when I do too much dairy.
Sonja M. (1 год назад)
What do you mean by human cheese/milk? I'm talking about that which comes from the cow not a human. If one is intolerant to dairy then they can get indigestion.
A A (1 год назад)
Sonja M. human cheese/milk doesn't cause indigestion
Regina Dickerson (1 год назад)
lk not calculation add BY U TUBE!
Brendon Desousa (1 год назад)
aziz murad (1 год назад)
if ginger good for gastric
redwarrior Williams (1 год назад)
Natural substances in food spices and herbs is better, Thank you.
nancy burns (2 года назад)
Most stores carry ginger root in the produce isle
nancy burns (2 года назад)
How much is 1 gram
Un Narath (2 года назад)
Thanks you for good informed
dek (2 года назад)
enough with the electronic voice shit
Raquel Wallace (2 года назад)
I been drinking ginger everyday and Iam happy because I do Zumba and Iam way up on age however fell like a teenager is great for heartburn and goints is amazing thank you
Eric Cekala (2 года назад)
The robot voice makes me angry.
Bounty Warrior (2 года назад)
these are all a myth not a fact.
Niuean Laho (2 года назад)
if you eat Ginger for a month you will turn into the Ginger bread man
maika baleinairai (8 месяцев назад)
ginger is good for our body
Ginjer Key (1 год назад)
Richard Bassarath (1 год назад)
Niuean Laho good one
Beverly Bush (1 год назад)
oh my god, that was funnee!!!!!@ Niuean Laho
Javier Parra (1 год назад)
Just made my day
GOH BOMBA (2 года назад)
Thanks for the videos and infos
Thabit Kawambwa (2 года назад)
thanx very much
Gina Jorna (2 года назад)
I concur. If the video has someone write as they talk, it's annoying and I quit watching. I'm a fast reader. It may be good info but I just need it spoken to me. Please heed us!
Tom Hamilton (1 год назад)
Gina Jorna the DON'T WATCH -just listen.
David Tran (2 года назад)
Misleading subject or tittle
Christopher Samarita (2 года назад)
I drink emperors tea.. it is made from ginger, turmeric and garlic.
Tayredty (2 года назад)
thank you
vicki kondylas (2 года назад)
thank you one question ....can people who undrgo dyalisis can they eat it or drink it...instead of taking gravol
Edd Morton (2 года назад)
FYI. I like your videos but I absolutely HATE HATE HATE that loud piece of crap music you insert at the end of each video. PLEASE!! Many of us now watch videos on streaming devices. I often have to turn it up to hear the voice and then when the music comes on at the end it almost 'blows me out.'
Marco Nierop (2 года назад)
When I watch this, it seems I have to get sick first to get the benefits of ginger... Maybe better to show in what dishes ginger would taste good! and at the same time prevent you get sick. I used it in Pumkin soup yesterday!
Jonathan Thompson (2 года назад)
been eating ginger for 4 years now.
chow mein (2 года назад)
I have a bunch of ginger (:
Guillermina Villarreal (2 года назад)
Thank you .
Amber Mck (2 года назад)
I tried boiling the ginger for tea and it was so spicy I threw up. I had heartburn and I was trying to put out the flames in my throat. I'm so confused because I've seen so many ppl speak on how good it is for digestion problems. :(
Monica Wright (1 год назад)
Amber Amberries you used to much ginger. Less is better
Amber Mck (1 год назад)
Loli Aburto I found relief eating an apple and/or drinking a tall glass of water with a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar. It really helped my son also. I gave up on ginger because I have 3 small kids so I got frustrated lol but I like ACV it has health benefits as well. I had to change my eating so I stopped eating sugar and peanut butter and that totally canceled out the heart burn. I had already given up spices 5 years ago. Vegetables are way better for all of us anyway so I don't mind giving up chips and chemical foods from the government.
Hippy(Bboomer) (1 год назад)
I slice a peel of it and chew on it. Also 2-3 more peels and a half a CC of ginger power .. add it to a cup of boiled water.. stir. Wait 30 minutes.. also I add a half a tsp of green tea to it. Take a bit less, but 2-3 times a day.. This stiff us good
Loly Aburto (1 год назад)
Yes Amber let us know how it went! Hope it helps!
Amber Mck (1 год назад)
Loli Aburto thank you so very much for the step by step. I just took some prednisone and one of the side effects is heartburn so I'm in real need right now. I'll. write back and let yall know how it goes.
ellenlimck89 (2 года назад)
Savitri Albert (2 года назад)
kirkmuse (2 года назад)
Just say what you have to say--don't write it for us. We are not in the first grade.
Phanary San (1 год назад)
Hello everybody this time is a cold season so we can get sick easy from the flu every morning I always drink fresh ginger with lemongrass and boil to make tea when I feel seek like running nose I add with one lemon and honey it kick out my running nose in 5 minute it really help
Phanary San (1 год назад)
Hello everybody this time is a cold season so we can get sick easy from the flu every morning I always drink fresh ginger with lemongrass and boil to make tea when I feel seek like running nose I add with one lemon and honey it kick out my running nose in 5 minute it really help
Phanary San (1 год назад)
Hello everybody this time is a cold season so we can get sick easy from the flu every morning I always drink fresh ginger with lemongrass and boil to make tea when I feel seek like running nose I add with one lemon and honey it kick out my running nose in 5 minute it really help
Altex lan (2 года назад)
quack ?
Peter Wong (2 года назад)
Fresh ginger root, an excellent way to detox the body, clearing the throat, antiinflammatory remedy and many more ..... A BIG INFINITE "👍"!!!
Clarisse Sivyer-Jones (2 года назад)
When I was a child and we got upset stomachs mom always gave us a cup of tea with ginger in it and now I can get ginger tea . When I do remember to drink it at night I always seem to feel so much better in the following morning
Allan Muzah (2 года назад)
Clarisse Sivyer-Jones nn
stacey del bucchia (2 года назад)
I love ginger..so healing
Lolita Corpuz (2 года назад)
thank you from this video i have thyroid and im on the menopausal stage insumia mucsle pain I feel very sick every day now after 2weeks drinking gengir tea w/honey 3x a day ist good now i can sleep well 👍👍👍
Lascelles Peters (1 год назад)
Jim McDonald
Lascelles Peters (1 год назад)
Jim McDonald
Jim McDonald (2 года назад)
Lolita Corpuz
Josie Vecchioh (2 года назад)
kirkmuse (2 года назад)
Just say what you have to say. Don't write it.
Nicky Nyams (1 год назад)
can someone tell me the benifits of ginger in Men's health
Charlotte Willis (2 года назад)
I use two Slices of ginger to 8 oz water.
Charlotte Willis (2 года назад)
I drink a cup of ginger tea every evening before bed. Seem to sleep better, anti inflammatory properties help my arthritis and analgesic also helps the pain.
adam eve (2 года назад)
L Lassiter (2 года назад)
knowledge is power, thank you
Nizam Deen (2 года назад)
Hat off ,for you effort to give written information. So that we can print it down in our hearts!

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