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Woman Was Sexually Assaulted in Dentist’s Chair While Under Anesthesia

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A woman who was sexually assaulted while in the dentist's chair is calling it "a devastating experience." In an Inside Edition investigation, Valerie Oliva revealed she was still groggy from anesthesia after having her wisdom teeth pulled when the dental assistant groped her. Video obtained by Inside Edition showed the assault at the dentist's office in California in 2016. "It was a devastating experience, something that no one should have to go through," Oliva said.
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Julia Gonzales (1 day ago)
Why must you only assault women?JUST WHY?
yves provencher (5 days ago)
Had the same thing actually worse at a gynaecologists office. During an internal exam the doctor after inserting 2 fingers inside to feel my pelvic walls said I was very attractive and asked me if I was single. It was like being raped. I could not run out of there fast enough. Ironically the regular doctor was in the hospital after having contracted encephalitis and this was his temporary replacement. I had another doctor on a different occasion who also made me feel extremely uncomfortable. I now have a female doctor to make sure I never feel that way again.
Mesrop Madxharyan (9 days ago)
I am sorry but i think 15 years to much before u metoo ppl say anything why I think 15 years is to much cuz u have ppl do this to kids get 6-7-8 years
Bakgethi Remote (13 days ago)
15 years for touching a corpse? That's too much.
JEFFERSON NGUYEN (13 days ago)
0:18 it can’t happen to men at anytime????????
Poppy Harlo (14 days ago)
It says oral dentist,that was an early sign not to go
fattymoko (15 days ago)
That dentist should have regularly monitored his videos. I would have held him partially to blame. What use a camera if you’re not going to monitor the videos it records? He left these women alone with this predator and whether he knew this man would indeed abuse them, he should’ve been monitoring for it.
Flo Rants (17 days ago)
2:12 don't worry he will get it..... in prison
1:38 *Lord, show me how to say NO TO THIS*
N Hinton (20 days ago)
Dentistry is a scam. Just brush your teeth with baking soda and peroxide and clean it with a plastic toothpick. Only lazy people go to the dentist.
They adore Arii (20 days ago)
But she did too much
Birb Edits (20 days ago)
.-. OH.MY.CHICKENZ Kakoskissjuehdygushhuwhuhduhxusuwhd7hsjhsuhsuhsuhsuhsu
Hailey Campion (21 days ago)
Lying ass , doesnt even look like he groped her.
Amy Thomatis (22 days ago)
Richard (24 days ago)
How could she not scream or do anything? Obviously he shouldnt have done it but most of the time you're at least half lucid. Im not blaming the victim but I'm genuinely surprised she couldn't fight back in some way.
Richard (24 days ago)
mahmoud sawy (25 days ago)
Is it weird that he has a woman as a lwayer🤔🤔
Richard Head (17 days ago)
mahmoud sawy He's probably groping her too.
Canvas Slimes (26 days ago)
Or man...
sheepy sheep (27 days ago)
15?!? I'll put him to exacution.
Abdul Wahab Khankhail (27 days ago)
Here, it looks to me that the lady was not under the influence of any anesthesia. The way she made her arms on to the body of dentist, shows that the lady came there for the harrasment of the dentist, infact..... But coward Americans always go against the men without taking any serious investigation. Damn Americans.
Michigan Beauty (27 days ago)
When i had my wisdom teeth removed I didn’t remember anything until i got home
Gamer Turtle Gameplays (28 days ago)
Only fifteen years! In my opinion I think that’s not enough time.
Joseph Nash (29 days ago)
He picked her up it doesn't show any assault.
Katherine Grullon Liz (30 days ago)
Deep House Nation (30 days ago)
When the guys abussed its nothing When a girl is touched just a little bit U can go easy in jail for at least 3 years
He was getting free sex. LoL 🤣
BoSsOm boss (1 month ago)
Assaulted, does she was virgin before that. 😂😂😂😂😂
funtime lizeth (1 month ago)
Marcus R (1 month ago)
She said she wished he was never born
Marcus R (1 month ago)
sorry off topic don't judge me
Marcus R (1 month ago)
im on hellas side if he was black theyed say he is crazy and don it a million times
Sexually Assault? How? How did that happen? All I'm seeing is that the Dentist is just helping that woman to stand up but I don't see any Attack Sexually. Damn! So If I help a Woman that will be automatically a Sexual Assault?
Jack (1 month ago)
This is a video just for feminists to hate men
Kawiie Unicornz (1 month ago)
Sara Jade (28 days ago)
Kawiie Unicornz Smh
Ip Man (1 month ago)
15 years was way to much
jr (1 month ago)
15 years is a little excessive..
I need holy agua (1 month ago)
Oh wow
Rebekah (1 month ago)
0:20 Anytime to *anyONE, everyone can be sexually assaulted not just women🙄
Savanna Rodriguez (1 month ago)
15 years?? Whoooa it’s not like he killed her damn
Mr Dhaaliwal (1 month ago)
Why too much worry??
Alfonso Pallan (1 month ago)
40 years ago this wouldn’t have mattered. Let’s go back to the past!
KIKIPA-STUDIOS (1 month ago)
The attorney looks like she wants to avoid the perv!
Mario Madrid (1 month ago)
Um guys can get raped and sexually assaulted by women u know that right
RosieCat 2017 (1 month ago)
We need to remember that sexual assault not only happens to women but men too! The narrator should have said “Sexual assault can happen any where to any one.”
laurie hardin (1 month ago)
Anyone in comments got anything to say about what happened to this woman tho??
ken kenn (1 month ago)
What a f❄cking pervert attacking women while in anesthesia .. Burn to hell asshole👎
Piano Girl (1 month ago)
He's kinda cute tbh.
Ciaran Gold (1 month ago)
It says at the start, “sexual assault can happen at any time to any woman” - this is true but sexual assault can happen to anyone.
juwan362 (1 month ago)
He sexually assaulted that?... I'd rather had rubbed one out!!!
ivan pavic (1 month ago)
Why sexualy abuse can happen to any women men cannot get sexualy abused,thats sexist
cbsduro1 (1 month ago)
Game Killers (1 month ago)
>:( sickos!
AB.kickz (1 month ago)
He should be on the sexual offered list and not 15 years but 5 and lose his licenses
drauf geschissen (1 month ago)
at any time to any woman. no man ever was raped. i am glad i am safe.
Roy Cayman (1 month ago)
This guy isn't guilty,
Gerald The Llama (1 month ago)
15 years is fair, it’s been multiple people that have been sexually assaulted. Sexual assault, harassment, and rape is not a joke anymore. Edit: Im a women and Im sick of people only commenting, “yea well if the roles were switched-“ yep everyone gets it, but it’s not about switching roles in this video. It’s specifically about this women and many others getting sexually assaulted. I agree it can happen to any gender too but it’s, again, specifically about this women 🙄
Isaac Thompson (1 month ago)
5 years would have been more fair.
Eddie Sille (1 month ago)
63? WtF lol
Touhid (1 month ago)
15 years? Too damn much. Where some real rapists & paedophiles get 10 years. Yes he is a pervert but shouldn’t deserve more than 5 years. It was just boobs not underneath.
Lps AMBEAR Lol (1 month ago)
17 to 63 yes 63 and 17 what a weirdo die loser
batman Arkham (1 month ago)
But dentists or para medical staff should be extremely professional and not only such an act should be punished but their licence should also be terminated
batman Arkham (1 month ago)
Whatever the assistant did is wrong but on a side note a patient who's in local anesthetisia is mentally conscious and physically active and the patient can raise voice or run away or resist, if this was local anesthetisia
fazyt86 (1 month ago)
I need to get all my wisdom teeth taken out and before I even saw this I knew I would have to bring a friend. Chaperone my foot
Moninca Hodges (1 month ago)
Avi Avi (1 month ago)
His last name is Ramos....
Eagles SB52 (1 month ago)
I was giving a head job while high at the dentist . I feel betrayed and good
sweet scribbles (1 month ago)
I didn't see anything disturbing.i saw someone help the discoordinated pascent that's all.How did she figure out her breasts were fondeled by this vedio.....some ppl want free service wherever they go.this is wrong .Either show the vedio where she was fondeled by blurring it or else don't even bauthers to try and convince the public for their random openions.very sad.
Amir jutt (1 month ago)
Yooo 15 years sentenced 😱😱
Hyper Lps (1 month ago)
“ sexual assault can happen anywhere, to any woman “ GOD IM TRIGGERED
Angel Avila (1 month ago)
His lawyer has this look like she re-evaluating her career after defending that piece of trash.
Michael Irons (1 month ago)
When does any woman expect to get sexually assaulted? Dumb statement. The dentist had cameras installed for this type of situation? Really?
Frddy (1 month ago)
Sexual assault can also happen to any man
Injustice served. !!!!!! 15 yrs ???
Roger Rinck (1 month ago)
15 years for touching boobies
Jason N (1 month ago)
So, it's ok for a woman to sexually assault another woman?
Deepu Verma (1 month ago)
Now police maintain his teeths😂😂😂
excelmaster7 (1 month ago)
Meanwhile, any woman can touch a man's chest or even his penis and go unpunished. FEMINAZIS: STOP
exoticcash 0429 (1 month ago)
0:27 does she know the camera is the other way
Toochie Toochie (1 month ago)
Did I miss something....I didn’t see anything wrong he looked like he was cleaning her up
jack reacher (1 month ago)
Now I want to become dentist 😂😂
Real Estate Seller (1 month ago)
This turned me on
Amit Bhattacharyya (1 month ago)
Why full anesthesia for dental surgery Just a question?
hey hey monkey (1 month ago)
I am male ... I had a blood sample taken and the female nurse put my hand where her crotch was....I too was disgusted and started to cry....NOT
LavenderSiren (1 month ago)
I don't expect to be sexually assaulted anywhere
Oh yea yea (1 month ago)
15 years????? Mabye life in prison and him burning in hell. Or just death penalty but a really painful one
B For Boring (1 month ago)
In today’s society it doesn’t matter if a man gets sexually harassed but then again it happens way less. Logic😂 2018
DK THEMAN (1 month ago)
15 years??? Come on now he didnt hurt anyone just a little touch to the body not like you got raped
- p•i•p•p•a - (1 month ago)
“Sexual assault can happen at any time to any women” No It can happen to ANYONE
Gabriela Velasquez (1 month ago)
A woman can do the same thing to you so your not safe either
HahaitsZoie (1 month ago)
He is not like that, he is a doctor if she can’t move or talk he has to help her...
MacKinley Lightfoot (1 month ago)
It said at the end to ask for a female assistant but like what if she’s gay? There’s that possibility right? 😂
Damn y is our world so damn cruel
Haste (1 month ago)
Get ready for feminist comments
Reaghan S. (1 month ago)
Alina Cyriac (1 month ago)
I am a HUGE feminist but I feel like I'm missing some thing? Like 15 years that's a lot for just groping women like I would understand 14 months or more and licenses removed but was their anything else that occurred to the women that was not said cause Ik rape cases where their is proof and they get less than a year
Eddie Hernandez (1 month ago)
Eww down her bra why would he do that
Thisal j (1 month ago)
What it says in 2:32 i can't hear it "experts say female to ask........."
lameah sutalam (1 month ago)
the best thing really don't see a doctor or dentist alone
soft peachi (1 month ago)
Okay the part that says he is in for 15 years makes me mad, my father sexually abused me for 10 years and only got a 6-12 year sentence

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