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Woman Was Sexually Assaulted in Dentist’s Chair While Under Anesthesia

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A woman who was sexually assaulted while in the dentist's chair is calling it "a devastating experience." In an Inside Edition investigation, Valerie Oliva revealed she was still groggy from anesthesia after having her wisdom teeth pulled when the dental assistant groped her. Video obtained by Inside Edition showed the assault at the dentist's office in California in 2016. "It was a devastating experience, something that no one should have to go through," Oliva said.
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Text Comments (1774)
My So Called Life (18 hours ago)
Eww this dentist guy is sick.
Clorox Bleach (19 hours ago)
Thats a good ledge she is sitting on at 00:25
Emily Murillo (20 hours ago)
She stupid she didn’t even get assaulted she just wanted the money
DracoKen (1 day ago)
15 Years for Groping While on The other hand 4 years for drunk killing obviously the women that says i wish you were never born is a dumbass like seriously its not that big of a damn deal you feminist
Lol Lel (1 day ago)
U making guys look bad man stop it u deserve to go to jail 😤
Mickey Hernandez (1 day ago)
These hoes act like they got raped chill out acting like yall don't let anyone smash
soundsovisual (2 days ago)
Jobs where you're dealing with woman in this capacity; Especially with drugs, takes extreme responsibility.
Miah Georgas (2 days ago)
Andrew Salnikov (2 days ago)
Just saying I wonder what the situation would have been like if the dentist was a lesbian woman
Andrew Salnikov (2 days ago)
You can’t even see anything
NATALIE JENKINS (2 days ago)
"Ask for a female chaperone"? Bring your sibling or BFF, how about that?!?
Legit (3 days ago)
Ok but 15 years is extraaaaa
Its Me Racoon (3 days ago)
15 years is too much
no name (3 days ago)
boyz r weird
PrimeTime 2k (3 days ago)
*So what if they ask for a female assistant , what if the female assistant likes girls also*
Iam__ A_Z_K (4 days ago)
Ok he's guilty for touching but 15 years like seriously
constantinos schinas (4 days ago)
a man touched me. it was devastating.
Mattie Wright (4 days ago)
That's what u get for being a women.......
Goobi doobi (4 days ago)
Hope he drops the soap
Genghis Khunt (4 days ago)
This was the girl's first sexual encounter and was requested by her mother to be done by the dentist!! 👍👍
Genghis Khunt (4 days ago)
the dentist grew up to be Obama 1 like = 1 respect
Steven N (4 days ago)
"Sexual assault can happen at any time to any woman" more like to anyone.
Varun Tripathi (4 days ago)
In India dentist put anaesthesia only around the region of wisdom teeth not on whole body
Kyron Moore (5 days ago)
Ms. Attorney is fine
Sovan Mohanty (5 days ago)
Crazy country .
Ethan Ritter (5 days ago)
I wish u weren’t born damn its a tit not like it was her vag
Kuti (5 days ago)
Come on dude gets half a million a year get some hoes
nun much (5 days ago)
Lol the girl crying
OmI3t (5 days ago)
"Suffer what you put so many of us through" they didnt even know it happened so they shouldnt act like if they actually felt something.
Forgotten_{}_ Person (5 days ago)
The reason why my mom is always with me when I’m put under anesthesia
Mark Penhall (5 days ago)
Americans lol
Momo Flip (5 days ago)
15 years? Imagine if the roles were reversed. https://www.reddit.com/r/MensRights/comments/8nb2xt/the_naked_truth_about_most_medias_dishonest/?st=JIDX88RE&sh=d915000c https://www.reddit.com/r/PussyPass/comments/8jsvib/paedophile_sisters_who_abused_boy_6_for_over_a/?st=JIDXBJV1&sh=02969b63
JustTrippin# (5 days ago)
15 years for touching......? Wtf
Luis Ramirez (5 days ago)
That attorney tho dayum. Whats her number??
Zillybeans10 (5 days ago)
Those girls with the fake ass cries, most of em didn’t even know they got groped.putting on a show like there life is ruined because a of it .But the guys deserved what he did
Tony Ellen (5 days ago)
I'd like to fondle that reporter at 1:07. Umm..I mean...Shame! Shame on that dentist!
Andy Peterson (5 days ago)
Mayn, John Lequizomo has really hit bottom 0_o
Grimshaw Grummage (5 days ago)
The woman crying while giving testimony is so weak. It was just a grope not vaginal rape. Also she was under anaesthesia so she doesn't know what happened so why she acting like a traumatised victim. 5 years is normal, 15 is just way too much
Danj126 (5 days ago)
Who would want to grope her ass??? She’s ugly af
Skittle • Tree (5 days ago)
I don't believe this
Mr. Anderson (5 days ago)
He'll do 2-3 and getout on probation.. js
Optic ForSyth (5 days ago)
Abuse? Yeah let me know when you were physically abused.... not emotionally. You went through nothing. Our troops go through way worse then being “touched”
S.Mata (5 days ago)
15 years for just touching girls wowwwwww
Juan Zuniga (5 days ago)
Why she was pretty ugly
Black Tanner (5 days ago)
Anesthesia is an helluva drug☠️
Ahmad Sadiq (5 days ago)
15 years behind bars...cheers
Lindsay Tucker (5 days ago)
When I had my wisdom teeth extracted I met the Dr prior... who literally told me there will ALWAYS be a female assistant present during the procedure and aftercare. He even introduced me to her. It’s sick that this guy went unnoticed for so long
Radu Linie (5 days ago)
grope an ugly bitch😂 what an idiot
S 1 (5 days ago)
Damn it’s actually the attorney that I’d sexually assault
S 1 (5 days ago)
Sorry but what’s in her to be assaulted?
Ahmed Ali (6 days ago)
Sick bastard, they have no integrity.
Lisa DeL (6 days ago)
I feel like he liked the thrill! He had to know the cameras would catch him and did you see his smirk in court?
SHAURYA181 (6 days ago)
He got what he deserved but I am pretty sure if this was women she would have gone much less punishment or in some countries she may be not even charged.
Alejandro P (6 days ago)
Damn 15 years just for touching? I mean it’s totally wrong but 15 years 😕 he didn’t even have real sex with them
Hammod Elbatal (6 days ago)
What a sick person
Disaster Experiments (6 days ago)
They didn't even know what happened until they were told, why did they care?
Ishkal Show (6 days ago)
Да хорошо. Он сиську помассировал ей. Это что бы анестетезия ушла резвее. Я слышал об этом методе.
Evan joseph (6 days ago)
She deserved it
Ridds (6 days ago)
No you weren't. You aren't attractive enough.
Joe Stone (6 days ago)
Go to the dentist in your own country illegal alien
Joshua Fladger (6 days ago)
The oldest victim is 63! What a creep, how desperate can you be molesting and wrinkled lady
11h11 (6 days ago)
I rather see him burned alive and fed to the pigs. good time a year for a barn fire, I’ll bring the beer.
joe smith (6 days ago)
Why would he touch her she is a fat nasty pig. And the women were victims my ass. Please all those women have more miles on the pussy then a grey hound bus.
Arsalan Haider (6 days ago)
Ew she’s so beat
BeastieKoala Gamer72 (6 days ago)
what is wrong with people
Jag B (6 days ago)
Nice ending 🙄🙄🙄 blame the victim yet again again for thinking it was safe to go to the dentist alone
Carson Reeder (6 days ago)
“Sexual assault can happen at anytime anywhere to a woman” hmmmm🤔 So men can’t be victims of sexual assault?
ITS DAVINA (6 days ago)
Carson Reeder oh I didn’t hear them say men can’t lmao
aly (6 days ago)
Emma Nicole (6 days ago)
Feels like I can’t be safe anywhere anymore
Youñg Christie (6 days ago)
2:09 - 2:18 was not needed ; smh what he did was wrong. But it’s not like he raped them.
ITS DAVINA (6 days ago)
Youñg Christie it’s just as bad to be honest.
That what islam law said you infidels, split woman from men and then there will be no sexual assault no cheating on partner but that all is the Feminists fault and they deserve it , if the male dentist refuse to serve them they will sue him
daniel koekemoer (6 days ago)
Wtf who would sexual assault that thing
Murtaza Khan (7 days ago)
This is absolutely injustice, I didn't see any sexual assaulted in this video. And there's lot of female dentists, she must go there for check up if she feel uncomfortable with a male dentist.
Kevin Smith (7 days ago)
Horrible bosses😂😂
Anthony Cassani (7 days ago)
Stop saying hes getting prison time. Its not like he raped her. Jail
Zach Mesa (7 days ago)
Dawg she’s not even attractive
Jessiejsblood (7 days ago)
15 years for sexual assault? Wow
lennonSystems (7 days ago)
0:18 * to any one.
Ann Nyakaria (7 days ago)
Angelina Buendia (7 days ago)
Did she just say “I pray that you suffer “
Sheryl Lenati (7 days ago)
A dental called "oral surgery" hahaha
Romeo Jones (7 days ago)
He went from orthodontist to gynecologist in a blink of an eye get it ?
Check your Corners (7 days ago)
Sigh, why can't guys ever get fondled, we wouldn't complain.
Q Speed Racer (7 days ago)
Never been under anesthesia at dentist. I've had teeth removed.. Id be a lil worried like why you went me under
Jay Boss (7 days ago)
I hope u did t pay
Alex Flores (7 days ago)
Or any guy 🤔🤷🏼‍♂️
boedude (7 days ago)
I vote for castration then execution
Damain Jones (7 days ago)
I don't blame him
Leo Di (7 days ago)
I’ve seen porn videos way worse than this
Virgen Muniz (7 days ago)
only 15 years? they were atleast 10 women! if they were important people he would be in jail for life. Poor ladies.
SVTsupercharged (7 days ago)
He’s Mexican what do you expect? Rated #1 for sexual assault, molestation, rape, pedifilism etc.
Naveed syed (7 days ago)
Lesbians won't grope if you put a female dispenser there 😂
Lulu Mai (8 days ago)
Eww nasty nigga
Mikeoo (8 days ago)
Hey like cmon his making your teeth nice at least make sacrifices ...
GhANeC (8 days ago)
Yes it's sexual assault. And quite a deviant one. But 15 years of possible DAILY beatings and anal gang rapes, for groping some women...
GhANeC (5 days ago)
I dont think you get the point, if yours is the "its all the same" usual brain numbing ridiculous one.
ITS DAVINA (6 days ago)
GhANeC its all the same. If you’re someone who would gripe a PATIENT. Let’s remember he is a dentist. He is supposed to be PROFESSIONAL. He would touch his patients. Who’s to say he wouldn’t rape violently. He is a danger to the public. Sexual assault is on the same scales as rape and they BOTH deserve 15+ years. I get your point but it’s a ridiculous one. He’s a professional dentist who stripped women and touched them to get off while they were under anesthesia. God knows what else he’d do.
GhANeC (6 days ago)
yes Davina the very first thing I said was that it's a sexual assault and a deviant one. But there is a more than slight difference between someone who takes women and binds them and violently rapes them bloody (very unfortunately and sadly this has happened) and someone who groped women on a doctor's chair. Yes the fact that they were under anesthesia effect makes it an ever more traumatizing transgression for the women and he deserves to pay for it. But all I'm saying is sentencing the first example to 2-4 years, in the likely (and deserving) hell that such a rapist will endure in prison, and then sentencing this example to 15 years in hell... is hardly a consistent standard...
ITS DAVINA (6 days ago)
GhANeC it’s not just groping some women it’s sexually assault if multiple PATIENTS
I Luv H.C (8 days ago)
What is up drama alert nation? I'm your host KILLLER 2:00 LETS GET RIGHT INTO THE THOTS
juice323 blue (8 days ago)
He should get 10 years for each victim.
Carey Adviento (9 days ago)
It's time for Baba to have a Mandingo party!
Dried Soup (9 days ago)
Disgusting and keep in mind that sexual assult can happen at any time to ANYONE and not just wahmen
Marco Martinez (9 days ago)
15 years yes 👌👌👌👌

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