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Drink a secret juice for you healthy life

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This video share with you to Make watermelon juice for your healthy life. This is very simple, easy to make, easy to apply and also, it is cost effective. So, follow the simple tips and step to get a effective results.
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Verena Nicolis (9 days ago)
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Home Remedies Zone (9 days ago)
Verena Nicolis wow...
Larry Sullivan (20 days ago)
Brilliant got to try this
Bradley Vensent (1 month ago)
Is it really work? Tell me
Bradley Vensent (14 days ago)
Home Remedies Zone ohhh okay thanks man
Home Remedies Zone (14 days ago)
depend to your...this is home remedies only
Pac man (1 month ago)
Jusr Look. At. The. Sexy Wemen. On. the News. Natural. Erection
Todd Lorenze (1 month ago)
Ok, I am serious here. I am allergic to Fresh Fruits and Fresh Veggies unless they are cooked. I really think its the pesticides that I am allergic too. But even bought Organic Watermelon and my throat swells, my eyes itch.. So, this Cooking it might be ideal for me. I am going to try it and seriously see if it works.
Todd Lorenze (14 days ago)
Home Remedies Zone unsure as of yet, no girlfriend to try with at the moment.
Home Remedies Zone (14 days ago)
how the effect
John Barban (1 month ago)
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enyia biggest (1 month ago)
p square
Nomad Flutist (1 month ago)
Consume water melon to get the other "Melon" .. :D
Home Remedies Zone (14 days ago)
Khayyam Jan (1 month ago)
There is no way that water melon and lemon juice will give you an erection. , it will slim your tommy so that you can see your penise 😂😁😀
Home Remedies Zone (14 days ago)
DAVID HERNANDEZ (1 month ago)
Lmao. Fake news
Home Remedies Zone (14 days ago)
home remedies only...depend to you
Welly Dozen (1 month ago)
Victor Martinez (1 month ago)
I destroyed my wife ass with this juice.
guffylips (1 month ago)
No chubby from this' but made me sit 2 days on the toilet. conclusion " Great Laxative".
neil phillips (1 month ago)
They've got viagra for your eyes now. . It makes you look hard 😂
Home Remedies Zone (14 days ago)
AB AB (1 month ago)
How much lemon juice to be added?
Tech & Tricks (1 month ago)
Woow it's good🙌👍
Glug (1 month ago)
Tried it.......ended up with a stiff neck. !!
1CBRDUDE (1 month ago)
Stop taking that stupid high blood pressure medicine and your dick will work Clean your body detox drink water eat proper stop taking medicine this is the problem your dick don't work .
Daniel Stella (1 month ago)
Should blend the water melon with his seeds
Stella Moyo (1 month ago)
Ron Bocanegra (1 month ago)
I hate watermelon besides all my friends with benefits are natural born hoovers what can I say
Backyard Films (1 month ago)
yep instant bone in just one sip, I am planting watermelon seeds in the backyard right now
Bar Brothers Video (18 days ago)
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Alison Austin (1 month ago)
Backyard Films as h CRC
Never2old (1 month ago)
Backyard Films 😂
Scott Richards (1 month ago)
As long as I don't look like the Guy in the Picture oh my .Yes Oatmeal has so many benefits Guys it is good to give ourselves a Helping hand now and again.
thespanish21god (1 month ago)
Anyone who has tried this, does this REALLY work?
Mushtaq Sheikh (1 month ago)
Bryan Bailey (1 month ago)
That doesn't work. 12 eggs a day
Bryan Bailey (1 month ago)
Eggs will do it
Rajeev Kumar (1 month ago)
DONALD FERNANDES (1 month ago)
but one question for how long we need to consume that blend of water melon and lemon juice. please guide
wintersnake (1 month ago)
This is what really helps... Saw Palmetto, Maca root, sarsaparilla root & Yohimbe root. Get all those in powder form, add them to water & drink em as a tea.
sangeetha gokul (1 month ago)
watermelon is correct ingredients and after that fine story telling , boiling is waste
Jim Puertas (1 month ago)
good old fashion BJ does the trick, suck that cock hard ladies. seriously too! suck it n stroke it!
Andrea Cioffi (1 month ago)
Traduce anche in Italiano per favore mi interessa.👍👍👍
Jerry Gibson (1 month ago)
Would lemon concentrate work?, If so, how many teaspoons?
Niyathi A (1 month ago)
67spankadelik (1 month ago)
Sounds like a salmonella disaster.
Guido Martignago (1 month ago)
67spankadelik sex Sex. Pino and
wintersnake (1 month ago)
67spankadelik how so?
Jimi Smackers (1 month ago)
This videos good, but it’s got stiff opposition!
Henry Goold (1 month ago)
Even drinking 3 glasses of watermelon juice or more will get you going. I've been doing it for years. It really works. But, be careful. It can , raise your blood pressure.
Shawn K Powers (1 month ago)
Just juice it. Boiling breaks down the nutrients.
Kambai Gitau (1 month ago)
She is complaining of my tough cork... how do i soften it...
Ace Av8er (15 days ago)
Kambai Gitau use a meat tenderizer mallet and beat it really hard a few times.
Abdul Chughtai (1 month ago)
NBA draft
Randy Miller (1 month ago)
Kambai Gitau put a knitting needle in it lol!!!
that is great
alan M (1 month ago)
what a waste of watermelon when all you gotta do is just eat it up! Quote "petey greene"
Best Tongkat Ali (1 month ago)
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Junior Kirkland (1 month ago)
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Barry Johnson (1 month ago)
Does this really work or a waste of time?
craigdoc29 (1 month ago)
So added salt, sugar, etc may reduce the potency of the watermelon but boiling the juice is ok? 🤔
bigkel (1 month ago)
is a juicer or a blender?
Very good. I heard of the water mellon...but i didn't get anyone to explain it well... thanks
Michael Palmer (1 month ago)
has anyone tried it let us all know if it worked?
Mark R. Hanson (1 month ago)
Afrodiziacs has always helped to stimulate the follicles as well as watermelon and ginger juice stimulates. The benefits improves with having asparagus spears that's lightly-oiled, salted for taste as well as the rest of your plate contains foods with antioxidants
Gerald Roninson (1 month ago)
Hi are you doing how you doing
sanjay deore (1 month ago)
Vasundhara Venkatesh (1 month ago)
Bangmul Muk (1 month ago)
memek wanita gede telanjang gemuk
Wilson Balaoing (1 month ago)
I have tried this home remedy viagra but its no effective on me im 62 of age already but i still love sex
Irina Petrova (1 month ago)
Dear Sir, there are methods made by professionals to enhance your performance in bed, here is one: https://tinyurl.com/y9uexzzq It is effective and doesn't require the use of drugs so I highly recommend it.
ric rock (1 month ago)
It's really good
T. John Mc,Manus (2 months ago)
The video does not say. Once you start to drink it. How long it takes to see if it works or not. Does any one know how long to see when it starts to work.
Henry Goold (1 month ago)
T. John Mc,Manus forget boiling it. I've been drinking watermelon juice for years. Put cut watermelon with some rind. In a blender. I drink 3 tall glasses full. Within 20 to 30 minutes your ready. And gets you horny as hell.
Prelude Dude Si (2 months ago)
Got hard watching this
Prelude Dude Si (1 month ago)
Mark R. Hanson lmao it was a joke
Mark R. Hanson (1 month ago)
Prelude Dude Si, that's too much information publicly
Honk1117 (2 months ago)
ROTFLMAO yea right
GUERRILLA SUNRISE (2 months ago)
Honk1117 You are ignorant
Phils Biyama Japhet (2 months ago)
I don't need Viagra but i have a rape fantasy and i need to stay hard after i cum to fulfill it
Bussy R (2 months ago)
They give Viagra to the old blokes every night in the local old peoples home. Stops them from rolling out of bed.
Mark R. Hanson (1 month ago)
Bussy R, that's incredible!!
Bussy R (1 month ago)
Sorry Mate. Always try to amuse but some people don't get the humour sometimes. As long as a little bit of wee didn't come out as well :-))
Darrin Crowell (1 month ago)
Shouldn't have read that while drinking coffee. Came out of my nose and everything!!!
Sandile Dlamini (1 month ago)
Bussy R Lol!!!
Sabriyyah Ali (1 month ago)
😂 Lol
howard smith (2 months ago)
what if it gives me erection lasting 4 hours ? call a Doctor? or call more hookers ?
howard smith (2 months ago)
is it necessary to boil it? can i mix them and drink raw.
Shan (2 months ago)
WHy would you boil it you killing out all the goodness!
Hamp 72 (1 month ago)
To concentrate it more
Tommy Cotten (1 month ago)
Shan )
M.R.Sathish Rajamani (2 months ago)
boiling?? go to hell... waste
Jorge Gonzalez (2 months ago)
these is stupid all men wake up with a booner
Owens Rayfeilds (2 months ago)
no seeds no viagra,,,,explained corrected....
Fuhad Ahmed (2 months ago)
I so much in need of this :'(
Irina Petrova (1 month ago)
Dear Sir, there are methods made by professionals to enhance your performance in bed and stop erectile dysfunction, here is one: https://tinyurl.com/y9uexzzq It is effective and doesn't require the use of drugs so I highly recommend it. If that doesn't work either, maybe would it be better to consult a specialist.
howard smith (2 months ago)
Fuhad Ahmed no man, just eat or drink anything that clears your vains, never eat or drink stuff thats bad for your vains. do research on the foods an drinks u do. cut them all out an only eat or drink that improves the heart. the clear blood flow.
No God (2 months ago)
No cure for a boring robot voice. Not even Viagra can do that.
antoinette avenorgbo (2 months ago)
Bandana Chaturvedi (2 months ago)
Kwaku Kona (2 months ago)
Is it advisable for me to try?
Rakesh Gupta (2 months ago)
Herbert Ramsey (2 months ago)
It helps to have a white woman.
gary sorrell aint those lady boys? ✌☮
Terry Kover (1 month ago)
Cheryl Wade pig
Cheryl Wade (1 month ago)
Herbert Ramsey u better believe it. Always works for my male friends. And I'm white and they're black.
Randy Miller (1 month ago)
Yeah black women fuck better
Randy Miller (1 month ago)
Herbert Ramsey yeah huge and blubbery like a whale,like them big!!!!!!!!!!!
Herbert Ramsey (2 months ago)
I'm 54 and wake up Hard every day! No pills if any kind.
Ba A (1 month ago)
It's normal to wake up hard, it's part of the natural sleep cycle.... however the question is can you get it hard during day or evening when your woman wants you sexually? Take the Viagra or Cialis and forget about this watered down watermelon bullshit.
Jas Mann (1 month ago)
Herbert Ramsey that’s because you dream of white, Asian or Latin women. Try thinking about some black mama in da hood, you’ll soon loose that boner.
Mark R. Hanson (1 month ago)
Herbert Ramsey, that's not bad at all... Ha-Ha. I'm going on 67 by Sept. and still in great health. Waistline is still at 32-34" since 1971 when I graduated from NUHS in Cedar Falls, IA.
Mohd JAHEER7 (1 month ago)
Herbert Ramsey 9
Samuel Tetteh (1 month ago)
Herbert Ramsey really
TOMS WILL (2 months ago)
Leroy Jenkins (2 months ago)
Nelson Mandela junior (2 months ago)
If any man wanted the natural way to enlarge and have a longer lasting erection and best sex ever I swear I can help but we are miles away
Paul Sutherland (2 months ago)
"At men" what?
Tom Davis (2 months ago)
All these so called potions all do one thing and that is increase blood flow to Your member . If You eat a healthy natural diet , dont smoke and get some cardio in You will do fine. Smoking and junk food can have the opposite effect.
Saracen Seven (2 months ago)
Role play?
ROGER HARVEY (1 month ago)
Saracen Seven y
Ravenchat (2 months ago)
Don't work
OMAR 121845 (2 months ago)
Thanks, nice info i'll very interesting for that.
Jack Lynti (2 months ago)
This or any natural Viagra should be used and followed and one should not take any other medications or other natural ones...the point is that one should use only one type and not mix
Vijay Pawar (2 months ago)
Why do u mean by boil it for several minutes??? Plz tell exactly for much minutes???
D 40 (1 month ago)
Ronald Ivy no only a couple 😂
pulle black (1 month ago)
Dunstan Henriques i think 3 is a few & 4 is several 😎
Dunstan Henriques (1 month ago)
Vijay Pawar
Ronald Ivy (1 month ago)
Vijay Pawar if I remember correctly, several =3.
TheJR1948 (2 months ago)
Reduce by half.
Ajit Kapadia (2 months ago)
TAMIR TAMMY (2 months ago)
Paul Bolin (2 months ago)
Not soo much. Beet juice or beet powder is more legit.
OneLifeCycle (14 days ago)
Paul Bolin beet juice, watermelon juice and celery juice. No can defense. Trust me.
mohamed adow (1 month ago)
Beet juice is superior I conquer with you.
Lahiram Basumatary (2 months ago)
Paul Bolin ji
Dre (2 months ago)
New p***y works better than viagra
Tal national
Leif Wheeler (2 months ago)
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AH Rana (2 months ago)
এরিখ রুপো
Jimmy Dee (1 month ago)
AH Rana 1
Charles Hardison (2 months ago)
Should I call a doctor if I have an erection lasting more than 4 hours
Ace Av8er (15 days ago)
Charles Hardison no absolutely not call your wife girlfriend or a hooker
Rakesh Singha (23 days ago)
call a person who u hate most
Joe Wamwai (1 month ago)
No,u need to get another horny bitch n continue. .
StLouiemike (1 month ago)
Yea, not for me, her, after I'm done with her ;) pnl StLM Av
scan1982 (1 month ago)
Is the Doctor going to give you a blow job? If not then call a girlfriend.
B.G. Randolph (2 months ago)
I broke my dick in a freak sex accident. Ever sense then, it has become more difficult to reach full erection. I will try this.
Luis Aguilar (2 months ago)
That was interesting.
Popescu Ionel (1 month ago)
Luis Aguilar heiii!you try??
antonio sanchez (1 month ago)
Luis Aguilar vñññ)ppp1
Luis Aguilar (2 months ago)
I will let you know if I try 👌🏼.
Popescu Ionel (2 months ago)
Luis Aguilar Say if is Good ;).when You try?
Luis Aguilar (2 months ago)
I will try.
aurellio roccone (2 months ago)
Super hard on is natural dont need these ingredients just imagination is all you need
imranul haque (2 months ago)
Jatin Punj (2 months ago)
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Tracy McGuire (2 months ago)
What the Fuck
Datuk Galpam (2 months ago)
Rowland Singh (1 month ago)
Remove the eye bag
Moisesg Montiel Ortiz (2 months ago)
Datuk Galpam O.

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