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Update on my aquariums

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This is a little update on all of my aquariums. I'm in the middle of building a couple huge acrylic tanks, luckily Im a manager for my dad's glass shop so I can build and get glass/acrylic for free lol. I'm upgrading the saltwater tank to 240 gallons and my South American cichlid tank to 340 gallons. Should be ready in a couple of weeks.
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daniel butt (1 год назад)
Where did the arowana go?
Cajun Floridian (1 год назад)
daniel butt I gave it to my dad, he has a large aquarium and I recently moved into a new house and I'm in the middle of building a large tank to house a pair of dovii "wolf" cichlids. Since the dovii cichlids are extremely aggressive, I decided to give the arowana a safe home with my dad. I will be uploading another update soon since a lot has changed. I will also include the arowana in the video in my dad's aquarium.
David's Fish Tanks (1 год назад)
sweet tanks subbed you hope you check out my fish
DNA malawi cichlid hub (1 год назад)
awesome set up, I've subbed!!! would u be kind enough to sub me back
Cajun Floridian (1 год назад)
Thanks! And I subbed too. Nice cichlid tanks btw

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