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This AI Can Clone Any Voice, Including Yours

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Journalist Ashlee Vance travels to Montreal, Canada to meet the founders of Lyrebird, a startup that is using AI to clone human voices with frightening precision. ---------- Hello World is a Webby and Emmy-nominated video series from Bloomberg that invites the viewer to come on a journey across the globe to find the inventors, scientists and technologists shaping our future. Join journalist and best-selling author Ashlee Vance on a quest to find the freshest, weirdest tech creations and the beautiful freaks behind them. Watch more Hello World episodes: https://www.bloomberg.com/hello-world Bloomberg is the First Word in business news, delivering breaking news & analysis, up-to-the-minute market data, features, profiles and more: http://www.bloomberg.com Connect with us on... Twitter: https://twitter.com/business Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bloombergbusiness Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bloombergbusiness/
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Text Comments (1608)
nO (1 hour ago)
Black Mirror.
Edith Undo (2 hours ago)
One day we'll have to send each other letters to prove our identity...
Shuji (4 hours ago)
so this is what all those spirit speakers are using
Incision (4 hours ago)
This is going to get into the hands of scammers and solicitors. We’re dead thanks guys
Jäger (5 hours ago)
The AI clone voice sounds very sinister idk just something about it. The perfect balance of it sounding accurate but not perfect. It’s reminds me of the uncanny valley.
Cruism (5 hours ago)
Is that you Mac Demarco?
Bento (7 hours ago)
Please stop making AI
My_NiBBa (9 hours ago)
Looks all fun But what are the applications.
prod. Callan (9 hours ago)
aussie mother
WalkinOSF (11 hours ago)
Actually they have a point. They are making society know about this technology. With so many political interests I’m sure someone already came up with this idea and brought it to life without informing society of course.
Xylina Gareys (12 hours ago)
El De La Chevy (12 hours ago)
i can talk like optimus prime so i wouldnt doubt it lol.
Justin zamora (21 hours ago)
let the best prank calls ever begin
RebSike (21 hours ago)
"Believe half of what you see, and none of what you hear."
Tate Sands (22 hours ago)
But why create this? I feel like it will just create more issues
EnigmaOGN (23 hours ago)
We are literally going to build our own extinction.
Iwan Heis (1 day ago)
will be misused
Salvadiggity (1 day ago)
Pinche Jose. No mames guey
Ismail Can Selcuk (1 day ago)
Well can it fake someone’s laughing?
Vanda Dy (1 day ago)
Sounds like a drunk Donald Trump
WMWMWMWM (1 day ago)
This is not new tech lol it's been out for 20 years ...
Chase Alford (1 day ago)
Phew, just in time to eternalize Sir David Attenborough and Morgan Freeman.
But MOM!!! (1 day ago)
But like why
eddieisfiction (1 day ago)
Hey guys Billy Mays here calling you about your virus in your computer. With a few Walmart gift cards, you can set it! ...and forget it!
Raden Mulyadi (1 day ago)
the one (1 day ago)
If im gonna die, my kids can still talk to my fake soul 🤫
pier99francesco (1 day ago)
4.56 Microsoft support?
AltShiftSpam (1 day ago)
Deepfakes and this. rip.
Graphic Designer (1 day ago)
Whats with the stupid high pitch ringing as your intro??
Yung Fox (1 day ago)
so when it gets more and more perfected it might replace voice actors in animated movies and games, cool
Joe Bigornia (2 days ago)
Adobe has announced this over a year ago. I’ve heard samples of Adobes and it’s a lot more cleaner than this.
Amri Anoos (2 days ago)
Can we get a rap song by 2Pac if so?
Alan Lacard (2 days ago)
I hope they can preserve Douglas Rain's (voice of HAL 9000) voice before he dies. He turned 90 this year.
Tahoe Jones (2 days ago)
So their strategy to comfort people with this technology is "boiling frog". It will work too; Unfortunately, always does.
sympul (2 days ago)
How does this technology help anything tho? Tell me one useful, positive application.
sympul (2 days ago)
Sarah Cash (2 days ago)
what's the use for this except for scamming?? what happened to the idea that technology is supposed to serve humanity?
Joe MassePoes (2 days ago)
AI lives matter- liberals 2021
xD2270 (2 days ago)
We are fucked up
Kuchi Kopi (2 days ago)
Buncha nerds
Fire Ant Productions (2 days ago)
What happens if Steven Hawking does it
Earl Johnson (2 days ago)
Can it sing like Frank ocean
FishyFLCL (2 days ago)
Sounds a little robotic
brendesigns 86 (2 days ago)
CNN would love this
that one guy (2 days ago)
Professor Farnsworth
vdgitaliano (2 days ago)
Impressive... and extremely scary.
mentilly all (2 days ago)
Fuck this. Just why? Why do some people even want to be so demonic?.. When thought about further and further, just wanting more power for it's own sake doesn't make sense, and loses any reason...
CIA funded black project
Jodie Stephens (2 days ago)
This tech could be used on people with locked in syndrome etc.
somacoda (2 days ago)
This will come in handy later
Hábner Costa (2 days ago)
That's the kind of thing that shouldn't be created
V I N I C I U S (2 days ago)
Now i want the Google Assistant SDK and put my voice on it
Zane Burko (2 days ago)
Yay Montreal!
The Curious Mind (2 days ago)
In the future we may have to start a conversation with a password/codeword between close friends so we know that its really us talking, but then there could end up no way of knowing if a recording is someone or not, thats crazy
StevinSto (2 days ago)
But what positive things could this be used for? I feel there's more potential for it to be used maliciously and with negative intentions before anyone or any corporation would use it to better humanity.
RyanNStuff (2 days ago)
Get Morgan Freeman and you've got the best audiobook ever
SapuSeven (2 days ago)
Oooohhhh soo scary......
Tobias Boss (2 days ago)
I think their reactions were fake I mean u can easily tell it's a computer generated voice
baileyboy125 (2 days ago)
Pair this with a deepfake and you got trouble
Ivan M (2 days ago)
now those indians will have english accent when calling about arrest warrants
Properganda (2 days ago)
Leak all information to Wikileaks. Org
Hamelton Notlemah (2 days ago)
Incredible, but results in unusable evidence in court (because vocal recordings could be fabricated). As cool as it is, maybe it's one of those things that's better not made?
Cubeazza (2 days ago)
This + deepfakes = the most extreme fake news
RodeoSwappingBoogie (2 days ago)
So it’s basically voicaloid?
Lick my Nautz (3 days ago)
Everybody said everything and no one said anything too lol rip using vocal proofs
spark (3 days ago)
So what's going to happen when we can't trust video or audio of a person? It's gonna be really easy to impersonate someone over the phone via video calls soon. We're gonna have to get microchipped or something just to verify our own identity.
3r1c4 M4R13 (3 days ago)
So don't believe anything you hear or see. Got it. Thanks to technology, you have blurred the lines between fiction and reality.
970357ers (3 days ago)
What's wrong with Wolfie? I can hear him barking.
Tony Olynyk (3 days ago)
Reminds me of anthony bourdain
Brandon Inu (3 days ago)
get david attenborough right now.
Levo GAMES (3 days ago)
Can I copyright my voice?
Ethan Nguyen (3 days ago)
Be Right Back
Cirq Alvis (3 days ago)
Artificial Intelligence: Become Human
ASMR Meditations (3 days ago)
(((( B L O O M B E R G ))))
Crimson Mask (3 days ago)
The computer lacks any kind of inflection, and I don't believe you can easily teach it where that would be appropriate without getting into some advanced Turing test acing AI, on top of the mimickry. My suggestion for a workaround would be to create a notation script for the typing user to indicate a range of inflections manually, _or_ translate from spoken input, extracting timing, inflection, and other tonal cues from that source. The former would probably still be robotic to a degree, though simpler to use. The latter would avail professional actors to take on the roles of real-life persons -- from historical figures to iconic actors of the past -- without needing to be a perfect mimic as well as a convincing actor.
QuestionMan (3 days ago)
I can see no solid reason to code this stuff in the first place. What's their justification for generating this code? Fake news?
Evan Price (3 days ago)
Striking precision? Pft i could tell the difference with ease.
Mark Sorious (3 days ago)
What I think positive about this is like when someone passed away and just felt missing them you will just listening to their voice or maybe in the future just having a conversation with the AI feeling that the person is away but not totally gone.
nachowarrior1 (3 days ago)
I remember this in Mission Impossible 3
Robert Daniel Curtis (3 days ago)
I can clearly hear the robotic sounds in it though. Nobody else can?
a person (3 days ago)
"Unfortunately, technology, it's not possible to stop it." Well, I mean... You could just stop it. You're creating it. Just stop doing that. I honestly can not think of a legitimately useful reason for this technology other than to make malicious activity easier.
a person (2 days ago)
@nicolorau How about we all just agree not to do it?
nicolorau (3 days ago)
if they dont do it others will, they are showing to everybody that this is posible and that is important
Good Dog (3 days ago)
I did not say that, it was an AI voice cloner 3000 not me
King_zombie101 (3 days ago)
Are these 2 people gay if so, they about to get some AI dick
Ijul Dzulfadli (3 days ago)
No more expensive cepebrity dubs.
JMASHR (3 days ago)
Charles Dunn (3 days ago)
This tech already exists, how do you think most of these channels on YouTube who want to say something without speaking works?
Avinash Francis (3 days ago)
1 flaw with the test. He should have called his mom from a telephone booth or something, not from his mobile phone.
SixOneCyx (3 days ago)
Yes yes because this guy gives a dick about the poor natives running from his territory.Ha.
Mangesh Chalan (3 days ago)
they might have had an takeover order from CIA already
JoseitoEdlVodao (3 days ago)
Sons of bitches!!
Sol Usman (3 days ago)
Wait until they come up with technology that can change your lip movements in a video 😨
djdimasik (3 days ago)
A whole minute? Ain't nobody got time for that
M H S (3 days ago)
That sounds like Cortana
Christopher Simms (3 days ago)
I would love to read the source code
KOBF Pigmother (3 days ago)
This is not something we should be afraid of. This doesn’t help us. Sure it’s nice for a joke but I don’t see how this is beneficial. I like the idea of ai but I don’t like what this ai can do. I’m glad we know about it so we can learn but it’s scary.
Chogi Wa (3 days ago)
Some things shouldn't exist. This is one of those things
Fredrik Riefenstahl (3 days ago)
This together with Google Duplex could legit mess up society! 😬
i. virtan (3 days ago)
That's something we really need, so Callcenters can claim you have accepted something, you never wanted.
james ferrante (3 days ago)
this is old technology, the DEA were using this in Miami in the 1980s.

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