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My Experience with Lamictal/Lamotrigine

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My experience with Lamictal/Lamotrigine and weaning off of it.
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Marcus Schmück (2 месяца назад)
Lamictal makes me angry so no no for me.
Iva Marie Gutowski (2 месяца назад)
I remember feeling emotionally flat
KC Etheridge (3 месяца назад)
I just started this pill at 25mg for one week. 2 a day the next week. 4 a week on the 3rd week and 8 a day on the 4th week. And hate it so bad worst headaches ever and takes so long to get off doctors suck these days
AndTronic (5 месяцев назад)
Thank you for your honesty and for sharing this information with us. This has really turned me off of Lamotrigine. I'm going to try any natural ways to deal with my bpd rather than take these awful drugs.
I'm A Badass!! (4 дня назад)
Have you tried CBD oil? The kind with 0% THC.
Melissa Alvarez (2 месяца назад)
AndTronic yes try not to use meds it’s been HELL for me tapering off lamictal the side effects are awful I even wanted to suicede and stoped eating sharp middle pinches on the head that left me weak headaches all day. I take if for epilepsy’s has 3 while asleep within a month it was on 2011 and I’m still taking it till now September 2018 I tried to stop but couldn’t
pradeep acharya (7 месяцев назад)
i am on lamictal for 4 yr now and for the past 7 months i am noticing some hair loss .is it the side effect of lamictal?????
Iva Marie Gutowski (7 месяцев назад)
pradeep acharya I would ask your Psychiatrist or Doctor. Hair loss happened to me but mainly from Depakote. I had some from Lamictal too.
banny birdi (10 месяцев назад)
Bcz I coming in malesyaa. So I need limitical limoteigen. So I thought this easly provid mee Bcz I need itt. It's too good me. My emotional all controlled with limitical. U understand I'm safring in bipolar disorder 2. So plzzz little hlp mee. I give u bst wishes.
banny birdi (10 месяцев назад)
In milesya
banny birdi (10 месяцев назад)
Number Nd all detail
banny birdi (10 месяцев назад)
Humble requst to u
banny birdi (10 месяцев назад)
Can I you sent me bst humble men Nd bst psychiatrist in milesya bcZ I need it.
christy dennis (1 год назад)
im stable with my lamictal
قناة طبخ و أفكار (1 год назад)
is that medication mix people fat
Lynn Jackson (1 год назад)
Psychiatry is a scam. Yep, psychiatry is pseudo-science, no science no cures. Psychiatry is to medicine what astrology is to astronomy. A placebo. Labelling an adult with a mental disorder is stigmatisation not diagnosis and labelling a Childs behaviour [ADHD} is an appalling abuse of childhood, so giving a psychiatric drug is toxic poisoning not treatment. "Behaviour control is not science, it is not medicine" Thomas Szasz. "It's an industry of death". Yes, people suffer greatly with feelings of sadness and can descend into an ever-darker depressive pit. The great and powerful, the rich and poor alike, Winston Churchill for one. Western Dr's know of no remedies it's not in their training at the medical schools. So where to turn to find our children and our love one's a fix to this malady. Our own research on the biggest library on the planet, the internet. I know our Dr's tell us not too and I would suggest too look beyond their pages on google past the NHS, the government and the charities set up on mental health. Deep into the internet I have found the Dr's that have plans for those that want to get well. The lady that is leading the way on all things mental health is Kelly Brogan MD,a holistic psychiatrist she is a trained Dr from America and her testimonial page and u tube page is a great start to learning. She has a book out called a mind of your own, explaining it all and with a comprehensive plan to get well, which can be ordered from Amazon for £12.00. Belief is everything today and drug companies have hijacked the NHS and no more so than in the ever-booming trade of Psychiatry. Now it's our choice, we decide. Careful what you believe. The person that takes medicine must get well twice, once from the illness then from the medicine. May I suggest unplugging the telly and research it all for yourselves, a good start is with u tube, "The history of psychiatric treatments". Your body/mind your choice, lots of Dr's on the planet, tricky find a "good" one .[yes they are all lovely, etc].http://kellybroganmd.com/video-testimonials/
David Billyard (1 год назад)
Lamotrigine depletes the following : calcium,carnitine,biotin,folic acid,vitamin a,b12,b6,D and K so use supplements,or eat food high in these minerals/vitamins.
Kelvin Price (1 год назад)
minor blood "disorders" are no big deal. if the medication is working I never worry about it. you won't go into a severe anemia, pancytopenia, or agranulocytosis. however often a mood stabilizing antipsychotic works fine by itself. the original VIP combination was lamictal and lithium.
Iva Marie Gutowski (1 год назад)
Kevin Price Thank you so much. I am a bit of a hypochondriac for sure. since making this video it has went back to normal i think. Except I have a bit of fatty liver now. Thanks again so much!
Mario Yiannakou (1 год назад)
I want to run my fingers through your hair and kiss your cherry lips
Brandi Sodemann (5 месяцев назад)
Mario Yiannakou weirdo
Steve Foss (1 год назад)
be respectful dude!
Melissa Bare (1 год назад)
lamictal and effector are a good mix for my bp2 after about a month I felt much better
VanessaSimon26 (6 дней назад)
Melissa Bare How much do you take of Lamictal.
VanessaSimon26 (6 дней назад)
Melissa Bare this is so good to know. I am on Pristiq and started on 25 on Friday today is sunday. And I am supposed wait 4 more days. But I wanted to see if I could tolerate 50 so I took two tonight. It made me feel dumb and tired. So I will go back to 25 mg. Tomorrow night.
The Capsule (1 год назад)
anyone have experienced tiredness? because i feel super tired
Timothy Devolld (1 месяц назад)
Jennifer Marquard-Clanton (1 год назад)
I was diagnosed at 15 and I don't think there's a drug I wasn't put on....LAMICTAL is a wonder drug, you have to start low and tirate slow it takes a month about. Rash can kill you if you have it STOP!
Rod M (1 год назад)
I took this a few years ago with gabapentin and I noticed a reduction in anxiety the next day, took it for three months and stopped for almost ten years and was med free. Started dealing with some depression/anxiety a few years ago and my Dr prescribed the same thing, except this time it was a generic made by teva and the next day I noticed nothing!!! Kept taking it wondering just when it was going to kick in and it never did. My Dr had me on it for over a year and I even had to take time off work and he still kept me on it!!! I tapered off and felt awful and didn't know it could cause a withdrawal effect but it sure did. I went back on it awhile later mostly because it was like my body needed it and it still never helped. This is a serious anti seizure med and thsee were the side effects that caught me off guard because they just crept up on me; lowered immune system, insomnia, frequent urination, dehydration, dry skin, sore throat, fever, insane headaches, stiff neck, fever and burning eyes like you wouldn't believe...could barely see! This drug might work for you and that's awesome, BUT it is a very dangerous med and gsk is not the most honest company on earth (check out their 3B fine!!!) and I really do think there are some serious dangers with this med that were never disclosed (oops! I bet they said). I also suffered hair loss and gray hair. I was way better off smoking weed than taking any psychotropic med by a long shot, you really have to wonder just how all of these drugs got approved, and testing performed by people employed by the company that stood to profit from them is pretty much the biggest conflict of interest on earth...how could it not be??! I have no idea how I received benefit the first time but from what I've read this drug just slows your brain activity down so of course you would feel less anxious...you'll feel less everything. Regret ever taking it again and for the people that it works for that is awesome, the people that it doesn't...I hear you! Thank you for sharing your video and experience, it's appreciated. Peace
Mark JN (2 года назад)
I'm only taking 50mg. My headaches and dizziness have progressively gotten WORSE. I have been in bed for the last 4 days. (My APN's office was closed on Thanksgiving, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday so Ive not been able to reach her.) I cannot continue feeling this terribly. The psychiatric industry, therapists, etc. have done me so much of a disservice for years. I pay good money, I put medication in my body, I seek advice and counsel, and in the end professionals take my money and I receive very little in benefit.
ricky wood (2 года назад)
I was on this drug a long time ago and it worked great for my moods, anxiety, depression and all my mental health really, I came off it cuz I had terrible acne (Not the rash) on my face neck and scalp but also on my back and chest too, my dermatologist couldnt help me besides giving me antibiotics which never worked, was just wondering if anyone has had this problem and how did they get their acne under control whether it be by more drugs to stop it or any herbal or holistic ways or supplements just anything even if its over the counter stuff or anything you find in your cupboard, I'm quite desperate to go back on them as they really helped me and im a real train wreck at the moment, I read that drinking Sea salt water and Apple cider vinegar helps as an example but I cant see it myself but does anyone have any suggestions ? Peace..
https://www.generosity.com/medical-fundraising/social-experiment-cheaper-meds-for-everyone/x/12935804 please share on facebook and twitter thanks!
simon341 (2 года назад)
low red blood cell count but normal hemoglobin and hematocrit? that's not thalessemia at all, it's hemodilution.
cafold (2 года назад)
I came off lamictal 7/8 months ago. I was on 200 mg and no other medication. It was not a pleasant experience. Dizziness while being active is the worst part. I am currently on a journey of beating my bipolar type 2 without any meds. I currently in a low period but I am coping well. If anyone needs any advice just ask or if anyone has any advice for me I would love to hear it...thanks
Abhisar Gupta (5 месяцев назад)
cafold.. Hi need urgent help with regard to Lamotrigine withdrawal effects. A friend of mine stopped taking Lamotrigine and is suffering like hell now. Condition is deteriorating day by day. What could be done to stop it. Please help.
Mark JN (2 года назад)
+cafold Dysthymia and anxiety.
cafold (2 года назад)
Em Jay Enn There is no need to remove your comment, what are you diagnosed with if you don't mind me asking?
Mark JN (2 года назад)
+cafold Thank you for your support. Actually, I am considering removing my comment because the cause of my symptoms probably had nothing to do with Lamotrigine. I had been on a low dosage anyway.
cafold (2 года назад)
Em Jay Enn How are you feeling now? I am over a year off the meds now doing much better but its not a easy road. Constant obstacles. Keep on pushing through, you will be fine I promise
eric the half a bee (2 года назад)
Thanks for sharing your experiences, Iva Marie. I started taking it about 4 months ago and I find it works well for me. I'm currently on 150mg. I find I've got more stamina and I'm more focused, mentally. I understand, however, that for some it can have serious side effects. I used to be on Naprogen (sodium valproate/naproate??) but it didn't really help and gave me the shakes, so now I've been put onto Lamictal. I did try a very small dose of Seroquel (25mg) for chronic insomnia but it had the opposite of its intended effect; causing extreme restlessness. All the best for the future! Eric the [Bee/2]
JohnnyDeppforlifee (2 года назад)
You are a pretty woman but I notice a tiredness to your eyes sorta like a sadness in a way. :( I'm on lomotrogine and been getting crazy side effects. I been getting skin bumps and itchy but I did recently stop my antibiotics of 6 months due to acne rosacea. So idk if it's cause of that or the lomotrogine. I am just afraid of getting the rash since I have skin issues in the past and present. I been getting chills, chest pain, neck pain n stiffness, ear pain and swollen lymph node beside the ear, fever , bad headache, and bad lightheadneas/dizziness, which I experience all the time but not as bad as now. Vivid nightmares and insomnia . Slight trouble breathing in . hope it's normal and will go away and not a serious thing happening to me. I'm on lomotrogine because cipralex wasn't working for me, and I tried suicide, ended up in hospital for 2 weeks, I do feel better mentally but physically I have no idea what is happening to me.
Jennifer Marquard-Clanton (2 года назад)
Oh yeah I just turned 50
Jennifer Marquard-Clanton (2 года назад)
LAMICTAL saved my life.i was diagnosed at 15 and have been on all meds you can think of, became toxic to lithium 20 years ago, been on LAMICTAL/seroquel since then. I'm now highly functional and am a partner with a well known consulting company. Miracle! Sorry you are on not getting results. Btw I'm on 225 Mgs LAMICTAL and 200 seroquel at night. Best of luck!
Alyan 83 (7 месяцев назад)
you're highly functional on 200 mg of seroquel? I find that very hard to believe
Jennifer Marquard-Clanton (1 год назад)
Seroquel packs the pounds on not the quel
Emily A (1 год назад)
Jennifer Marquard-Clanton did you gain weight on lamictal? I'll be trying it soon.
Giorgio House (2 года назад)
+Jennifer Marquard-Clanton it would work by now but it will destroy your organism soon....
Romanticgal (2 года назад)
+Jennifer Marquard-Clanton  I take Lamictal.  It helps me.
ricky wood (2 года назад)
It gave me such bad acne I had to stop (by myself) then i couldnt deal with the cold turky so went back on it at half the dose and still feel bad and it gets worse everytime i go down a dose, wish i could stay on it but i cant deal with the acne cuz I felt really down about being spotty i mean real bad acne as in teenage acne, being a manic depressive i feel ugly as it is so with bad acne made me even worse, now i dont know what to do cuz my mood is proper shit my depression is real bad, its either feel ok-ish being on lamictal but looking disgusting, or feeling really so bad with better skin, seems we cant win either way, im pissed off really cuz lamictal was really working for my depression, now im going through the horrible stages of coming off it and my anxiety and panic attacks are crazy and the depression is sky high, i hope once i get off it completely all these side effects will go, but then all i will have is an anti depressant on its own (Mirtazipine) which worked great with lamictal for my depression but Mirtazipine on its own dont seem to do much at all except for making you eat and sleep, I dont have Bipolar so the Pdoc wont give me another mood stabilizer, and from what ive read they all mess with your skin, and the 1s that dont mess with your sex life (who wants that either) aint got a clue what to do now cuz mood stabilizers mess with your skin (i struggle with adult acne anyway, the shrink never told me anything about it could cause it to get worse) and then as far as i know there is only Mirtazipine and Trazadone over here in the UK that dont mess with your sex life, Trazadone made me feel worse, I know there are some really old 1s Maoi's that dont cause that but they dont work for me anyway and the side effects of them old 1s are crazy, we dont even have (Wellbutrin) over here which dont mess with that side of things, just wish we ALL could get dealt a decent hand even if its just once in a while.
dudefrombarrie (3 года назад)
before I share my experience with lamotrigine meds do work differently on everyone so what happened to me does not mean it will happen to you but here goes.....I absolutely lost my freaking mind on lamotrigine. I started at low dosage as recommended to avoid rash which I had no issues with. Got up to 300mg. I lost the entire summer of 2015 as if I were on a bad acid trip!! My moods were all over the place to the extreme. I have never felt so weird in my life and it is hard to explain but none the less one of the scariest things that has ever happened to me. I pushed through because of all the good things I heard about Lamotrigine for Bipolar II which I was diagnosed with at around 20 years old. I am now 49. I quit Lamotrigine and went back to my cocktail of Lithium, Cipralex (Wellbutrin as an adjunct) and clonazapam which I think I have been on so long does not really work any more. I take .5mg twice a day. I seem to be back to myself much more but still have depressive episodes that just seem to float in unexpectedly every once and a while. there were days were I could not even speak while on Lamotrigine. I have no idea what happen all I know is that I will NEVER go back there. If it works for you I am happy for you! and best of luck. It is not easy dealing with mental illness what so ever. To all of you who struggle, keep on keeping on. It does get better. Take care of yourself physically and mentally. I sore back is one thing, a sore mind is another. there were a few time this summer that I very strongly considered "Checking Out". I do get the black cloud feeling once and a while but no where to the degree as I did before.
Danny Chandia (3 года назад)
Thanks for sharing!
Alexander Dashit (3 года назад)
It's the white cell count usually that causes problems with lamictal... not to say you are wrong at all :) Very pretty girl btw, keep up your bravery !
Alexander Dashit (3 года назад)
Brave beautiful woman. Depatoke gave me the worst side effects. Just started on Lamictal and it shows promise for me. If you wanna talk please tell me your facebook or skype or whatever. :) (been on most drugs)
lesterclaypool1 (2 года назад)
+Alexander Dashit Iva-girl is a special soul, to be sure.
Ivy M (3 года назад)
Thank you for this interesting video. I´ve been on Lamotrigine for about 2 years, I´m Major Depression sufferer. Lamotrigine is the only drug I have no problems with. I directly startet with 50 mg then went up to 100, for me it works very well. By the way I´m allergic to Seroquel too, even to St. John Wort I´m allergic. So, I´m glad I found something that works with very litte or no side effects, and very importantly: NO WEIGHT GAIN! :) Thus, my experience with Lamotrigine is very good! The only problem I have is in summer, when It´s hot, while making a lot of sports outside, my blood level of lamotrigine decreases rapidly and I get panic attacks and my anxiety back.
Ivy M (1 год назад)
Yes this is true! I have been on 100 mg for about 3 years and symptom free! No weight gain at all! I personally even LOST weight :) It takes a while to reach the therapeutic dosage because you have to increase the dose very slowly in order to avoid serious adverse events like Stephens-Johnsons-Syndrome. I was lucky I could immediately tolerate 50 mg then we increased to 75 mg for about 2 weeks and afterwards 100 mg which I tolerate very well.
Emily A (1 год назад)
Ivy M I'm excited to try this for my moods! How many mg are you on? I heard it takes a while to find the right dosage and no weight gain Is a plus
Gera Bardamu (3 года назад)
I have Bipolar II and Lamictal 200 mg had fucked me up about 1,5 years, so i left it by weaning off. Say bye to unbearable depression and hell lotta anxiety Of course my 400 mg Seroquel and 1500 mg lithium each day treatment continues.
Gera Bardamu (3 года назад)
+Gera Bardamu And i had hair loss too :/
Marco Reasco (3 года назад)
Thank you! I'm taking 400mg for my seizures and didn't realize it until I hear it from someone else because I been on it for so long
calla medlin (3 года назад)
I'm so sorry to hear you had a bad experience with lamictal! I have epilepsy and I've been on with medication since I was 12. I am now 26 yrs old. I also had a easy pregnancy and a healthy baby boy while on with medication (he's now 3 yrs old). I wish you the best of luck and again I'm sorry you've had such a unfortunate experience with lamictal.
Melissa Alvarez (2 месяца назад)
Congratulations of ur baby. Can u tell me on what doses you were when u got pregnant?
Iva Marie Gutowski (3 года назад)
+calla medlin Thanks! Glad it worked for you. We're all just different I guess.
Dan C (3 года назад)
Hope you are doing well now! I started on a slow build up of Lamotrigine a few weeks ago, similar to what you described (+12,5mg every two weeks) and am doing alright, but I'm starting to become really suspicious of how quickly the psychiatrist is prescribing medication to me :( She just prescribed Risperdal 1mg and it just seems like the most awful medication from what I've read! The Risperdal is just for a few weeks to help with obsessive thoughts, but I don't think I'm going to take it because of the long list of terrible side-effects. As for the Lamotrigine -- I'm only on 25mg at the moment so I will report back! :) Have you had any similar experiences with feeling almost paranoid about the medication you've been put on? I would never stop taking it cold turkey, but feel like there has to be a better way than cramming your system full of powerful medication :( I can't believe I'm writing this as it seems almost like there's a conspiracy behind it, but I'm a bit worried that there's some shady business going on with all these medications being prescribed so quickly and easily. Sigh...Good luck to you! :) I have subscribed.
hermitwoofy (3 года назад)
+Daniel C Yeah, the profit motive is kicking in more lately, antipsychotics are being prescribed sometimes for relatively minor problems. In the old days you had to be pretty severely messed, almost nonfunctioning, in a stupor thinking constantly about suicide for months on end, or on the manic side maybe bouncing off the walls laughing or yelling and believing you were Abraham Lincoln.
Iva Marie Gutowski (3 года назад)
+Daniel C Thanks for your comment and for subscribing. I want to go off of my medications all of the time but I remember how sick I was without them. I also read every single word on the inserts and drug info sheets. I hate all of the side effects which I seem to always get. Keep us posted about your med change.
1st name (3 года назад)
i take 300mg x2 for temporal lobe epilepsy,ive been on it for a few years now but i think it may be causing small short quick mood swings with me.I also believe it effects my memory.
Iva Marie Gutowski (3 года назад)
+taekonetko Well good
1st name (3 года назад)
both my neurologist and gp know my neurologist said it most likely is they are both a side effect of the drug its nothing serious and i agree its not all that bad and better than having or having worse seizures = )
Iva Marie Gutowski (3 года назад)
+taekonetko You should call your Doctor and see what they say. Hope everything works out alright.
Boxing Reverend James Toney (3 года назад)
www.theroadback.org/lamactilsideeffects.aspx has a list of over 186 side effects.  Google Lamotrigine rash and scroll down to the goryist picture. It shows a beautifull 37 year old girl with bipolar disorder who had her face melted off by this drug. Yikes!
Tiffany M (3 года назад)
Thank you for your information im starting the process this week to get off of Lamotrigine.
Tiffany M (3 года назад)
Thank you for your information im starting the process this week to get off of Lamotrigine.
Tiffany M (3 года назад)
Thank you for your information im starting the process this week to get off of Lamotrigine.
Iva Marie Gutowski (3 года назад)
+James Toney Scary! I'll have to check it out when I get the chance.
Boxing Reverend James Toney (3 года назад)
My first few weeks on Lamotrigine were a living nightmare. I experienced hot flashes, fever, flu like symptoms. I also noticed I had way more mood swings when I first started taking the drug. I started vomitting in the morning, I experienced great muscel fatigue, Sore legs, and a dry sore throat that would not go away.  Two weeks after taking Lamotrigene, I blacked out and lost conciousness. I really thought I was going to die. The incident took place at the Roller rink with several witnesses who saw me slip in and out of consiousness repeatedly. Several weeks later I had experienced the same thing at home after the Doctor increased 25mg to 50 mg.  She told me I had to double it again. I do not want this horrible plague. I am so sick from this drug I can't even participate in sports untill I make a recovery. I will never take lamictal or lampotrigene again, but I am scared because the side effects supposedly start when you decrease the dosage. So I am quitting Cold Turkey and Pray that I survive (TEN) thats Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis or SJS Stevens-Johnson-Syndrome.  Hopefully I can survive comming off of this, but I really feel like i'm dying and I wish I never started taking it.
Edres Mn (2 года назад)
Just because you are Uncle, I am not going to challenge you anymore. It is as hard physically for you as mentally. Safe the left energy for something more important, maybe writing your experience in a book, you can always write sequels!
Mark JN (2 года назад)
+Edres Mn Who said that it's a "SH%^& medication" ? The side effects, from what I have read, can be severe, as they can be with all psychiatric medications. Why shouldn't people be aware of that? The law certainly requires it. Basic morality requires that you let people what MIGHT happen before you prescribe for them any medication. Sigh. Nevermind. Life is too short to deal with people like you.
Edres Mn (2 года назад)
True Uncle but if you got sick because of it, it also does not mean that we lie to people and tell them that this is a SH%^& medication!
Mark JN (2 года назад)
+Edres Mn So because X works well for YOU, others should not be informed of the risks of X because it worked well for you. You are an ignorant person. (By the way, how do you know I am a kid? Honestly, do you see how ignorant you are? I could easily be, say 63 years old, and you'd never know better. That seems to be the pattern for you.)
Edres Mn (2 года назад)
I have been warned from Brintellix, same shit you were saying just now. I decided to be positive and know I will not necessarily get the same result. It has been working for me great with no side effects, kids like you should not only SHUT UP, but also GET LOST. FUCK YOU too kiddo
gkamericanprincess (3 года назад)
I was on lamictal and lexapro as well. I never knew that the hair thinning loss was caused by lamictal. I have that as well.
Brandi Sodemann (5 месяцев назад)
gkamericanprincess it’s rare
Sammy E (3 года назад)
I understand the hair loss. I started taking prenatal vits to help with hair growth
ricky wood (3 года назад)
+Iva Marie Gutowski wow I dont like to look at the side effects as I end up getting them lol, so try not to look at them, I hope I dont get this side effect I dont wanna be bold :(
Iva Marie Gutowski (3 года назад)
+ricky wood Hair loss is listed as a side effect but I personally lost my hair from a different drug.
ricky wood (3 года назад)
Does it cause hair loss ?
Iva Marie Gutowski (3 года назад)
+Sammy E I did that for a while. Now I just take regular woman's multivitamins not prenatal ones. I started using that special shampoo, Nioxin I believe, and it's finally getting decent.
ricky wood (3 года назад)
What dose does it take to work for depression and mood with Lamotragine ? I am on 300mg at the moment and still I dont feel good Im also on Mirtazapine 45mg, which dont really help, but I hear good things about Lamotragine but my mood and depression is still there, I will admit I do have some better days now, before when I was just on anti-depressants (I must of been on them all over 21 years of servere depression) before my shrink added Lamotragine I was just always in a Dark Black place, but now I have some OK days and some bad days around 50-50 which is better, but I was just wondering what dose is best or will help me more as I thought 300mg would of been enough (I take 150mg at night and 150mg in the morning) I hear people going up to 400mg but im not sure, any help would be great, cheers in advance.
ricky wood (3 года назад)
+Iva Marie Gutowski Yeah I will kepp you informed depression is evil, Ive seen a few of your vids I feel for you girl, life can be nasty when we get an episode I dont have bipolar just acute depression, thing is its crazy as there is no reason for me to be depressed I have no money troubles I had a good childhood I dont concider myself ugly (although when im feeling sorry for myself I do) was not bullied at school but really I have had no triggers to be like this, so really I should be "normal whatever normal is" I suffer from bad anxiety and panic attacks too, I remember having my first ever panic attack at the age of 18 i am now 38 and damn that scared the life out of me i thought i was having a heart attack then from that day ive either had panic attacks or on the verge of having a panic attack or real bad anxiety, maybe the first ever panic attack might be the cause I dont know it did stop me from doing a lot of things and was and still am on Diazepam for that damn 20 years on Diazepam, I guess I have missed out on a lot of my life cuz of the panic attacks and anxiety, a lot of the time in my late teenage years and in my 20's i missed out on what most younger people do as i was scared of having an attack, i want them years back but cant obviously cant, i cant leave the house without diazepam in my pocket in case i get an attack, sad life eh! 
Iva Marie Gutowski (3 года назад)
I had to come off of lamictal and my depression is barely under control. I struggle with it everyday. Yes, I am also on the antidepressant Lexapro. I have been taking it since January 2006. I'm sorry you are having such a hard time. Let me know how it goes with your meds if you want. :)
ricky wood (3 года назад)
+Iva Marie Gutowski Im Happy you dont suffer from depression anymore and you have it under control wish I could get it under control, I am now on 325mg about to go up to 350mg if it dont help after 350 mg I might have to consider something else, did you go on anti depressants too ? or at the same time ?
Iva Marie Gutowski (3 года назад)
+ricky wood I honestly don't know about the meds and doses. I was on Lamictal for nearly a year at 200 mg and it was helping my lasting depression. Everyone is different though. You may require more or less than me. I am not on it at the moment. 
Mark Rosenholtz (4 года назад)
What shampoos did your dr prescribe you for your hair? Thanks so much. Great video!
Iva Marie Gutowski (3 года назад)
+Mark Rose It's called Nioxin. 

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