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No Liability for Vaccine Manufacturers

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Taxpayers have paid over $3.7 BILLION for vaccine injuries while vaccine manufacturers are liability-free with no incentive to make safer vaccines. Help Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and World Mercury Project demand vaccine safety policies that start with good science and a clean regulatory process.
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Kim Gordon (11 месяцев назад)
The Corporate Scrooge gets richer while Tiny Tim pays the price.
Helz Belz (11 месяцев назад)
The thing i dont understand is every business must have liability insurance by the legalise laws so how come they manage to avoid this practice being that it is a law and being that they are litterally poisening and mutating healthy children cells and neuro systems?? And may i ask you this in 1981 hiv vaccine was made apparantly to prevent cancer from forming now in all the statistics and data if you look since 1981 the hiv vaccine..the rates of cancer rose a mass amount per year since being brought into practice breast/lung all different cancers exploded since the stated dates of 1981 now my question is this hiv is an virul auto immune condition which causes our immunitys to be depressed and suppressed and not work to its normal capacity.. now every child who is taken to doctors get the same response oh its just virul now is it that these kids children and adults elderly are being given vaccines that are suppressing their immunity which in turn is causing virul hiv which then in turn causes all these auto immune conditions in everybody because hiv is virul and it corresponds to 21 different virul infections including every single one that seems to be in our kids immunitys these days..now if you take anti biotics or doctors prescribtions then take an hiv test you will get a positive result most of them do this aswell so clearly if they do this baing that they are toxins then vaccines which are far worse toxins must be comprimising our childrens immunitys could it be that they are makin every1 virul hiv patients because nobody would even think to test there kids for such a thing.. so maybe hiv sits dormant for years unnoticed whilst children are all suffering so many different viruls all being that the same as the virul hiv because i highly believe that this is the main cause of keepin ill health alive by these pharmaceutical companys?? Do you have any insight on this??
yogini sd (11 месяцев назад)
The whole issue sickens me. I am stripped of my right as a mother to make medical decisions for my children via the "tie-breaking" ability given to dad. This is EXPRESSLY DUE TO MY QUESTIONING AND RESEARCHING the use of vaccines on my children, AND my openness to actually ASK a doctor about something I had questions about., With a drastic reaction like this, one can't help but wonder WHY are they ENFORCING FORCED VACCINATIONS SO AGGRESSIVELY? Both of my sons are effected. They would both qualify to have waivers, however, they (the waivers) are SCORNED AND DISAVOWED OPENLY by the courts, doctors AND the school! This is a far bigger problem than many can even dare to imagine!

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