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Dymatize Nutrition Elite Super Mass Gainer Reviews - Supplementing.com

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Dymatize Nutrition Elite Super Mass Gainer Reviews - Supplementing.com http://www.supplementing.com/brands/dymatize/
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fartun abdi (3 года назад)
Can women use it ????
Tim Smith (3 года назад)
Great product but crappy design!!! With such a large dipper, the mouth/opening of the jar should've been much wider! I can barely fit my hand in there yet alone hold the dipper. Also, when scooping the powder, it gets on the back of the dipper and creates a mess when you pull it out and falls everywhere! I love the product and it's also priced right which makes it even a greater buy! Just fix the crappy design, I suggest a smaller, rounded scoop so the powder can't rest on the back and make a mess when pulling it out!
mizan johari (3 года назад)
When can I see the difference?
jordanism kingsley (4 года назад)
This is closest to Serious Mass.
JBL Pyro (4 года назад)
these 2 know nothing lol they're reading off a card. why don't you just talk about a supplement without relying on a sticky note, useless people.
Punisher3545 (4 года назад)
taste is horrible 
Dsutphin91 Ds (1 год назад)
Punisher3545 crazy As hell lol
Abu Jahsir Shumate (4 года назад)
Question one cup equals one scoop right? Please someone help me
IcemanX (3 года назад)
the container should come with a HUGE scoop. It's 2 (two) heaping scoops to make one serving. The problem with the 6 pound container is that that scoop is almost too big to get out of the container with your hand holding it.  It's kinda funny.
steven stratton (4 года назад)
will it help me get fat fast
I AM MUSIC (4 года назад)
dont listen to these donkeys ...1900 calories per serving ...enough said 
JBL Pyro (4 года назад)
+steven stratton u need to eat more food dumbass. not rely on a supplement, fucking typical dumbass saying hes a hard gainer when you don't fucking eat. pathetic. 
steven stratton (4 года назад)
thanks im like way to skinny lol
ishmael yacoobali (4 года назад)
hell yes man 
Jerry Cherry (4 года назад)
The scoop inside is really big , i am not sure how to consume this . Could you please help me out here one scoop is like a cup which is a lot of powder and 2 scoops would be even a massive amount of powder so im not sure how to take this . Help pls ! 
EX GANG (4 года назад)
and can i mix that with milk ?
Jerry Cherry (4 года назад)
yes you can 
EX GANG (4 года назад)
how much grams should i take immediately after workout !? 200 grams is enough ?
Yatin Sawant (5 лет назад)
Confused on how much scoop to take..whole scoop is too big..I weigh 60kg and i am about 18yrs. I take half scoop 2 times a day. Is it fine if i continue this or should i increase? Please Help! :)
Joel Khoo (5 лет назад)
Keep in mind that the carbohydrates is derived from maltodextrin, like most other weight gainers, and it has a GI of 130. Table sugar is only 65. So weight gainers like this should be taken during and after a workout. If you take it in between meals, you are just gonna make yourself fat.
Yamid Quintero (5 лет назад)
how many scoops by a shake? thank you
Arthur Vanlokeren (5 лет назад)
how many shakes should I drink a day ?
darkilustrisimus (5 лет назад)
darkilustrisimus (5 лет назад)
I've got two more questions. During these hot summer days, should I keep my protein powder in the fridge? And is it ok if I mix the powder with a water and then bring it with me to the beach, where it stays inside the bag, which stays on the sun for around 3-4 hours, untill I finish my training? Will it still be drinkable after that? Looking forward to hearing from you :D
darkilustrisimus (5 лет назад)
darkilustrisimus (5 лет назад)
Should I drink this before or after workout?
Neeraj Kumar (5 лет назад)
is there any side effects of this mass gainer .. please help ...m looking fwd to buy this :)
Brandon Cruz (5 лет назад)
usually, mass gainer contains high amounts of protien, too much protien in a regular daily basis, can cause pain in your kidney. Best way to avoid that is to use it every other day. Trust me i had the same problem. lol
a65142able (5 лет назад)
i used it for 6 days then i started to have pain in my kidney area any reason for that ??? i was using mp assault as my pre workout

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