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Survival Gardening Tips: Planting an Edible Food Garden at Home

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John from http://www.growingyourgreens.com shares his tips on how you can be prepared just in case... He encourages everyone to start a survival garden to survive. Learn what to grow and more in this gardening video.
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Rare Jewel (4 months ago)
I want.. 😍
sillydog70 (6 months ago)
Hey you never know having a survival garden might be a great idea just look at Puerto Rico or Venezuela having a Plan B just might be smart Just don’t forget to have a pressure cooker and a lot of canning jars
don't forget protection john. if shit hits the fan, u know people will be coming for ur land..
R R (1 year ago)
Hi John, wud u share the link to where to bought that green house. It's pretty awsom.
Keith Confidentiality (1 year ago)
Thanks. Man that garden look awesome, I wanna make something just like that.
NOBOX7 (2 years ago)
is it possible to make a liquid compost ? that could be added to your irrigation water supply ?
David Bradley (2 years ago)
Wow, great tutorial on survival gardening but more of a 101 level. I was looking for advice for the Louisiana Gulf coast (hot, humid, very wet and sometimes very dry). Right now I start the spring trellis garden with golden peas in mid-February, on March 1st I inter-plant black Aztec Corn, then March 30 Florida speckle pole beans (8 feet apart), then April 1st Seminole pumpkin or Tahitian Melon squash also 8 feet apart spaced between the pole beans. That's all in one 4'X40' raised bed and I have 17 raised beds that size plus a few smaller raised beds. I have two 4'X40' raised beds (no trellis) dedicated to peanuts, two 4'X40' raised beds (no trellis) dedicated to golden amaranth and two 4'X40' raised beds (no trellis) dedicated to purple yams. The peas die off by June, the corn gets harvested by June 30, the pole beans, amaranth and squash produce until November and peanuts are harvested in September. Winter crops are parsnips and comelina sativa (oil crop). As for greens I go for a lot of wild greens that are abundant (lambs quarters, wild amaranth, dock, plantago, white clover and even dollar weed). I also dedicate one bed to tomatoes, peppers, summer squash and Malabar spinach. Finally, one small trellis bed for luffa squash and I have a small 8'X4' asparagus bed, a small 4''X4' green onion bed, a small 4''X4' leek bed and a small 8''X4' elephant garlic bed....My question is....Have I missed something obvious to you (besides okra) that grows well in my location?...Almost forgot, I have 8 fruiting banana trees, three blueberry bushes and 3 peach trees all inter-planted with strawberries....and about 12 herbs in pots.
Tsukani Takuda (3 years ago)
so i was wondering... have you ever tried cactus? to grow and eat, i hear it tastes good, and the ones with the fruit is especially good, just don't get the kind that grows bitter fruit because you will have to end up cooking it for it to become sweet.
David Bradley (2 years ago)
do a search on what is called guerrilla gardening
skellieann1 (4 years ago)
Where would I get the best organic seeds? Also, how do I prevent cross pollinization between my plants? Thanks for everything you do. You're my inspiration.
Resplendent (4 years ago)
if there is a situation where there really is no access to food, I.E a survival situation, then your garden won't last long. It's best to have it out of view, or have a garden dispersed in the forest or something.
Andy Cova (1 year ago)
Nowadays it's not a luxury to be masterfully prepared for any type of crisis, check out Trankors Survival Secret to be in the know. Google it if you value these type of things.
Kenney Madsen (4 years ago)
Growing food in plane sight for everyone to see is fine as long as live is as now, but lets just say shtf life some project. Then growing like this in the frontyard, is not really brilliant, because lots of people will come looking for that food. But Survival does not have to mean the end of the world scenario. I mean everyone needs to eat, which is survival. So as long as other people will let you have it to yourself and family, its perfect to grow your own.
nico austin (1 year ago)
True, still a good video though
in2alltheworld (4 years ago)
Thank you for the encouragement and info. You mentioned drying kale. How could I do that?
StarksBrothersHomes (4 years ago)
Very informative, thanks for sharing. 
Jimmy H (4 years ago)
Great information and ideas! Having the right seeds makes a big difference in how well they thrive!  Make sure you have good seeds!
aaron karl (4 years ago)
gardening and shooting guns only in america 
Financial Survivalist (4 years ago)
I love your vids. I'll definitely dehydrate my kale this year, but you do realize that humans lack the proper enzymes to digest the same fibers that cows can, right?
Red Spaniard (4 years ago)
Very educational John ! You have the most extensive knowledge that i know can and will help mankind in the difficult times ahead....but not only for survival and good nutrition but also for such great tasting natural foods that  this earth has to offer ....keep speading the good news dude!! (:
Sheds Direct (4 years ago)
I strongly agree that having a garden at home planted with plants that can be eaten, directly or through cooking, is absolutely an awesome idea! Aside from the fact that you can save some of your money, food is readily available in your garden. 
Badlil baby (4 years ago)
If you had to pick one fruit / vegetable what one would you pick
Glenn Sosinske (8 months ago)
Badlil baby potatoes are probably the best to grow. Fairly easy to grow. The Irish survived off them for hundreds of years.
mechanicalbu11 (5 years ago)
Gardening is my first love but going to the range and shooting is up there almost with that. good you practice your rights to own a gun, guns like a shovel or a rake are only tools completely safe in the hands of trained citizens/civilians. and love the vid good job and insight on survival gardening.
Dennis Mai (5 years ago)
Great video!
Gabryel Leão Caldas (5 years ago)
Nice job friend. Nice self sustenance.
M MK (5 years ago)
omg molokhiya!! I love molokhiya!! :D :D. I didn't know it was more nutritious than kale! I will definitley buy some then :D. (I live in Egypt).
Guardian 227 (5 years ago)
Hey im in the high desert of California and im having trouble finding good things to grow can you help me out?
akaratekid1 (5 years ago)
u need to hide it
mockingbird430 (5 years ago)
What if your neighbors are hungry too in an emergency situation? They could steal your veggies at night. I think I'll apply your concept of survival gardening to indoor gardening, lol. Great video!
bbaker02 (5 years ago)
Personally I love it, but I bet your neighbors hate it.
vidjogamer (5 years ago)
Dude you are the best
piggiesrsmoken (5 years ago)
p.s. forgot to add this some of us are on our own with no real support system you know how people are lazy or just don't care to help somebody out with out some type of profit involved thanks Sir in advance...
piggiesrsmoken (5 years ago)
hey how about making a few videos for us handy capped people whom are on a low budget we need a doable cheap way of getting a decent to big harvest...I have never seen a video out here for my people...so wrap your mind around being quite possible the first ever out here to help us out....
aclee05 (5 years ago)
love your stuff though man haha
aclee05 (5 years ago)
6:13 greatness so corny lol
preparedchipmunk (5 years ago)
How many people can your front lawn supply leafy greens for?
fehr783 (5 years ago)
that was my first thought as well. (unless he's planning on guarding it with his gun 24 hrs a day)
Monica Garcia (6 years ago)
wow that is my dream garden : )
BigBearHuskyMusher (6 years ago)
I'm surprised you haven't any vids on aquaponics. Man ... I bet you could grow some killer plants and fish. Now that's survival foods
BATTLEREADY (6 years ago)
spiritconcat (6 years ago)
do you have any tips how to take care of celery, i heard wrapping the stocks putting wood around them. so if you have any tips i really appreciate. thank you
theajtruth (6 years ago)
Sir I want to be like you , I've been focusing more on agriculture rather than art lately . I have a hydroponics system,some tomatoes growing in bottles hanging by a window ( hanging bottle garden ), outside my window I have bonsai and more tomatoes growing.
freakga (6 years ago)
tie this guy's hands down and i bet he wont be able to talk. lol kidding
loveplaywork (6 years ago)
John- it seems sometimes that there are 2 kinds of people in the world- 1) those who decide to learn from every moment and 2) those who are compelled to always comment negatively and complain about every moment. Great job at handling the # 2's. I appreciate your videos and learn something every time.
gardenkeeper707 (6 years ago)
Sheet mulch. weeds are blocked out. let some of your leaf crops go to seed and old fruiting vegies drop. U will only grow you own weeds. Food forests
gardenkeeper707 (6 years ago)
your getting good. garden looks great. Root crops are actually very high in vitamins. beets, carrots for example. Potatoes are tuberous and not a root crop. lower amounts, good calorie source
zekehooper (6 years ago)
What I love about your garden is that it shows you don't need alot of land to feed yourself. just the will power to do it.
frequentfiler (6 years ago)
Great video! Thanks for posting!
brrag (6 years ago)
i admire you for all your hard work but i don' think planting a "survival" garden in your front yard next to the street is a good place to do it.
5Language (6 years ago)
Do you know that there are laws against gardening in your front yard in the US lol, crazy place man... your neighbors probably don't have a problem with it... pay them off with fruits and vegetables to stay quiet lol.
TheXJthatCould (6 years ago)
yec1JF (6 years ago)
@growingyourgreens I like a lot of what you say in this video - especially about how important root crops are, etc. But saying that a person can get all the nutrients they need from plants is incorrect. There is zero vitamin B12 in plants so you gotta either take supplements OR eat fish, eggs, milk, meat, etc. to be healthy.
IcarusFlying (7 years ago)
OMG i love your front yard !!
randude1 (7 years ago)
@asherah5000 Research...sprinkle food grade diatomacious earth all over...
mangyscavenger (7 years ago)
Couldn't you harvest some of those broccoli seeds for sprouting? Sprouting seems like a good way to cover long term storage and excellent nutrition for quick, on-demand/as needed emergency food. Very compact storage compared to the final bulk of sprouts.
RoBlOxDuDe3000 (7 years ago)
chop your curly kale cabbage into the pan, wash and then add 1 tub of yoghurt and 2 tubs of water (whisk yoghurt an water together) with a spoon of red crushed chillies and salt. Boil, and simmer until water dries up. Take off the heat. Take some butter or oil and crush some garlic ( i use a whole one) and dried coriander and brown ever so slightly and then add it to the curly cabbage and stir it around for ten minutes. Tastes beautiful with chappatti/naan or fried chappatti (Prantha).
thedankinfidel (7 years ago)
What kinds of vegetables grow well indoors under flourescent lights ?
Outsider Productions (7 years ago)
I live in Fort Lauderdale Florida and there are So Many pests it`s unreal! Whiteflies are the worst but there are so many types of fungus ect.
knylande (7 years ago)
I really like the set up, and agree with you on that everyone should have the knowledge of gardening. It's a lost talent. However saying this is your survival garden in case something happens, I have trouble believing. What makes you think your neighbors will be so kind as to leave you alone when they get hungry. You'd wake up in the morning and your front yard would be empty. lol. I can't even grow a garden in my front yard as of now without people taking from it.
DreamsCatcher101 (7 years ago)
I watched this video about 3 month ago when i had a lawn and swing in my garden. Now i got a raised bed, containers and a greenhouse with all sorts of things growing in them and ALL edible. And more raised beds going up next year. I wanted my 5 year old daughter to know how to grow her own food and she loves getting her hands in the soil and planting the seeds for me. Had to make her a dibble to get the depth right but she knows what a dibble is now and knows how to make one too :) Good job.
Mandalore06 (7 years ago)
Man, how the hell do you have the time or energy to maintain that kind of a garden?
The Long Project (7 years ago)
Growing so much out in the open, if something SHTF happens......the neighbors are going to raid that garden. =/
arshia2008 (7 years ago)
in case of an emergency neighbours will be happy with you, they will be able to take anything they want from your garden.
its the normal weed! Its edible!
yec1JF (7 years ago)
is the Chickweed you are growing just the normal weed that grows almost everywhere? or is it a domestic variety? thx
neomisterp (8 years ago)
Wow, I've thought about converting our front yard to garden style but was so worried about people stealing our veggies or it looking odd. Your place has a unique look to it, and I also noticed none of the 'recognizable' veggies are on the outskirts so less chance of theft. thank you for making the video.
jimmie200 (8 years ago)
I love your videos. I live in central Florida on the coast and I would like to plant Kale trees. Where do I get the seeds?
Maxforce (8 years ago)
God im fucked, economic collapse is just around the corner and all i have is 7 ounces of silver. no garden and not enough money to stock up. any tips?
coldfire2227 (8 years ago)
Man you better guard that garden well. If your starting a garden right in your front house there will be some hungry people that will check out your crops. Dont forget the mauders and raiders that might destory your plants. These are all things to consider while trying to substain yourself in a survival situation. I would suggest getting some security cameras at any choke points to your garden. If I were in your shoes I would grow that garden in your backyard or in a contained area next year.
AMVayanefan (8 years ago)
It's terrible how almost everybody forgot how to grow their own food. Even during the Victory Garden days during WWII, so many more people knew how to garden. Now we have to look our grandfathers and great-grandfathers (and mothers) and ask how they survived as kids. I'm always amazed when I hear my wife's family, who were all farmers, talk about how they had and ice-house and root cellars and how much work they did just to keep food on the table. Me, I started square foot gardens this year.
phantomcreamer (8 years ago)
@growingyourgreens You are right. However, I would say that nuts and grains are also very important nutritionally because of the Essential fatty acids. There are some fruits high in fats, but not they don't have the correct ratios. In fact hemp seed has the perfect profile of omega 6 to omega 3 fatty acids.
Eating greens for the nutrients and then fruit for the calories, the nutrient and caloric needs would be met, and you could definitely live off of those together.
Point taken. I was trying to make a point, on how nutritious greens are.. We could certainly can get all the nutrients we need from greens, but not all the calories, so yes, cows can get more out of them because they can digest cellulose and we can't. Cows can even eat wood stumps and get calories from that, but we obviously can't.
Im not sure about that one. I do know that even greens contain small levels of fat.
Food4Health1Spirit (8 years ago)
I've heard that when cows eat grass, the bacteria inside the cow convert part of the fiber into butterfat, so when a cow eats grass, it also eats saturated fat. Since man cannot convert the fibers into fat, we need to eat fat as well.
BuddyClubGardening (8 years ago)
Ha. Funny you guys mention Will Allen. I'm gonna go out to his project early next week to buy some stuff. I'm going to ask if I can volunteer at his place.
Dont worry. I did see Will Allen. Im not yet done with the greenhouse layout, shelving, etc.. Basically we got it up, and had to start filling it before the layout was completed. So many projects here.. spring planting takes priority. Also looking into a hydroponic setup for the greenhouse.
phantomcreamer (8 years ago)
It's an unfair comparison to say that cows eat greens all day so we could too. Cows are ruminents and therefore they have a fermentation chamber where bacteria actually do the digesting of the cellulose matter. Humans absolutely do not digest cellulose which is a major component in plant matter. That being said, most Americans have deficiencies in fiber and other minerals that are available in greens, so they are important part to our diet.
thpt (8 years ago)
It gets embarassing at about 2 mins in. Sorry, couldn't finish it.
72542 (8 years ago)
Great video. I hope more people start realizing that growing your food is better security than having money in the bank. Growing your own food is security.
Penni Shelton (8 years ago)
This video totally gets me stoked! I'm going to share it today on Raw Food Rehab. Love what you're doing....inspirational! Penni Shelton
mysciencenow (8 years ago)
yeah hands off gardening in a massive scale of different microclimates and orchards that is my next project
Yes, they are. They do like full sun; however they do produce for me on the shady trellis next to my house.
Vivian's DIY Projects (8 years ago)
I would love hands-off gardening! Gonna be a while for that here. lol. Great advice, all of it. Keep the vids coming.
1111atreides (8 years ago)
It cracks me up that when I surf the web for survivalist tips, my conservative gun-toting carnivore teapartier self is always tripping over liberal pansy vegetarian pooftahs. Growing your own food must be some sort of vortex where we can all agree. La la la la la. Peace! (Lock and load!)
Rick INSC (8 years ago)
nice job John,I like your vid
mreisma (8 years ago)
are those grape vines growing on your garage door? i just picked up a grape plant from walmart. hopefully it'll thrive.

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