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Soldier Found His Wife Was Cheating So This Is What He Did

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Sometimes when boy meets girl, boy meets trouble. This story is a cautionary tale – not from love, because, we have little control over that – but, over what can happen if you misuse someone’s love… Cheating Wife & Signs of Cheating: http://smstrackers.com/how-to-catch-a-cheater-with-10-cell-phone-spy-app-tricks/ She slept with 60 Men. Soldier Found His Wife Was Cheating So This Is What He Did Subscribe for more videos: Subscribe to Our Channel Here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCemhHCb3oLtJ7J6VToQC8OQ Like, Share and Comment: For copyright matters relating to our channel please contact us directly. Source: https://goo.gl/huZYtE Hashtags: #Cheating #SoldierWifeCheating #WifeCheating The Images and information used in the video is just for sharing and entertaining purpose. As per rules, we have shared the source by giving a link back to the main page where we have gathered the information from to share with out lovely audience. For any copyright issue, please directly inbox to us. Images Credits: Main Source and Google. All the images are the material of their respective owners and have been shared for informational purposes only. Feel free to contact us for any copyright issue.
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Текстовые комментарии (5592)
Ese Doza (2 часа назад)
Talk about deja vu
MDnumber10 (2 часа назад)
60 Men?!? Holy fck that's alot
Gear Grinder (5 часов назад)
Same basic shit happened to me when I was in the Air Force. Whores like that are one of the reasons for MGTOW.
Kevin Hugh Welsh (5 часов назад)
Pretty sure she's got AIDS
cyborg 2000 (7 часов назад)
This is why I stay single because I tried being loyal and love but ALL I've seen is hoes I've been there done it can't trust no female I've been happier single more of my own money for me and don't have to worry if I'm being cheated on or not ahhh the bliss of the single life 😃
andrea cavaliere (7 часов назад)
She not worried at all. She likes her new job as a porn star clearly .. did some research
Amiel Alcantara (7 часов назад)
Ken Fett (8 часов назад)
This is, without a doubt, the dumbest, lamest, video I have ever seen on YouTube or any other social media site. What a waste of my precious time. To whomever posted this, you should be embarrassed. I feel sorry for your friends and family that you posted such garbage. I lost 3;35 of my life that I'll never get back.
Enigma (8 часов назад)
Take a normal job in your own country to avoid such problems instead making troubles to other countries, a wife can not live only from email love.
Candy Meschke (10 часов назад)
This pisses me off! These women marry military or construction men knowing that these jobs can possibly have extended periods with no husband and that's their excuse..I couldn't stand being alone. You knew this in the beginning what changed?
Chris Hayes (11 часов назад)
Ben Walker (12 часов назад)
This here is proof that all women are fickle. If they aren't getting 100% of your attention they will cheat on you. Why even get married? And to you women who cheat and sleep around you are the problem you are the cause why less men want to marry. No body wants to bring a hoe back to there mother. Marriage has become a big joke.
Stacey Potter (13 часов назад)
That’s not good 🧐🥶🤯😱😨😰😓😥
yungbreezy12 (15 часов назад)
Her dumb ass had a loving and caring husband and still stepped out on him smfh dumb ass and her family snitched on her 😂😂😂😂😂
Elena C (15 часов назад)
Sounds like the woman is a narcissist. They inherently lack empathy and are constantly seeking a source to futher feed their ego and cheating is typically a way to get the supply they need. This is truely a sad story all around. Everyone is unhappy and the narcissist will also never be able to find true happiness due to their repressed and deep insecurities. I feel sorry for the child.
FLEA (16 часов назад)
its 2019, im not reading this shit. yikes youtube
Unkn0ne Gamer (16 часов назад)
This bitch is a slut
Rosali Vazquez (17 часов назад)
Shes from Rochester NY
james johnson (17 часов назад)
USMC my choice. No regret.
james johnson (17 часов назад)
Military people are not the brightest people. Die for someone you dont know.
Lukan Kazmierski (18 часов назад)
I would've came to her with a bat and beat her pregnant stomach in
TheOrangeSpot (19 часов назад)
That's what happens when you're in the military and married. Your girl is gonna want to get fucked sooner or later. Lol.
THizZ 701 (19 часов назад)
Actually this guy has a sad story. He suffers from a rare condition knows as Pneumoniae perfecta. When he was young, his mother told him he was worthless and abandoned him at a hospital. He grew up in an orphanage and was bullied for his looks but he always tried to stay positive. He told himself that he would always believe in himself and achieve his dreams, no matter what others said. When he got older, I completely made this story up and you’ve wasted your time reading this.
Nina Greene (19 часов назад)
Best word to describe her , HOE !!!
Ray Dugas (19 часов назад)
She reminded me of a Arby's double meat with cheese.
Rumors FN (19 часов назад)
This is on pornhub
Jeremy Tanner (20 часов назад)
He got lucky. Usually the more men the woman cheated on you with, the more of the mans property she gets in a divorce. This guy should have been homeless when she was done with him in family court.
Daniel Potts (20 часов назад)
hope he went mgtow after
Jacob Salas (21 час назад)
Lol saw this in porn hub
Brady McClutchie (21 час назад)
lord nutjob (23 часа назад)
She's nothing special anyhow no big loss soldier
The Cannabis Connoisseur (23 часа назад)
Vernon Williams (1 день назад)
Feel so sad for the soldier. This shit has happen to me. And I know it has distroyed his peace of mind!!!
Ciera Allen (1 день назад)
Women can be pigs when it comes to sex. So can men. Sex is suppose to only be with your partner NOT WITH 60 MEN!!!! And its suppose to be the ultimate way of showing love to your partner romantically but this bitch can't think straight when somethings between her legs. I find it vile and disgusting how women and men like her think its ok to cheat and honestly hope they rot. Especially this scumbag. I can't imagine what that poor man went through... Me in still a virgin and about to be 20 because I want to choose the right path for me and only have sex with the 1 man I love. Apparently this is not what that women was thinking. And I want to wait till marriage.
Joshua Welch (1 день назад)
Yo I need tht link
ESP/Mike (1 день назад)
OUT of town trips to Walmart?????...c'mon...EVERY town has a Walmart...and how long does it take?????....fuckin cheesy chic!!!!!
David Lee Powell (1 день назад)
Leave her bud. . you should get the best of your life.
Al Koten (1 день назад)
Just got back from pornhub I was beating my meat to that porn video. Damn she is hot. Hopefully my girl back home isn’t doing this kinda shit to me.
Stacy Flack (1 день назад)
She should be taken to the edge of town after the baby is born. Her family should take the baby or put up for adoption. After the baby is safely away , she should be stoned to death. Cheaters wreck lives , sad thing is never there own.
nikhil punchoye (1 день назад)
Oh please! She is a pornstar! Her boyfriend knew what her job is!
baby joker (6 часов назад)
No he didn't that was the whole point of the video
wyatt allen (1 день назад)
Shes on pornhub. Under gdp (girls do porn) yeah i watched it hell ive been deployed myself you need that shit out there haha
Yank ee (1 день назад)
Any man who trusts a woman while they're separated is a fool. She'll be spreading her thighs within two weeks.
matt ? (1 день назад)
I feel bad seeing her on pornhub. Never get married before a deployment.
Jack Lizzard (1 день назад)
Lose the music!
James Nobles 72 (1 день назад)
Worst waste of time ever. No content.
fritzb43 (1 день назад)
Never get married, guys. It's not worth the trouble.
Glen Harrilal (1 день назад)
Damn slut should've died.a slow painful aids death, sluts will be sluts...they wonder why successful men avoid making commitments to them ,goldiggers.
Geoffrey Thompson (1 день назад)
Saw that chick on PH no lie.
Hardysr (1 день назад)
3 minute video just to say they got an divorce☠
Eleanor Keeton (1 день назад)
Whole video millitery man ; cheated on ; divorced ; justice served.
There’s a hair On your screen (1 день назад)
Jesse McDerment (1 день назад)
So shocking??? He got a divorce. The end. 😂
coho slayer (1 день назад)
The chick never gets hurt, there’s always a lineup of men just waiting and willing to pay for her shit as long as she pretends to love him. Guaranteed this whore was sliding up and down on another cock the same week she moved out.
Uriel Sanchez (1 день назад)
She a slut
Uriel Sanchez (1 день назад)
Who else paused this video so many times to read what there saying?
Ashton Mak (8 часов назад)
Shut up, I don’t want to talk about it
UKVerbal War (9 часов назад)
learn how to read faster 😂😂 it isn't that hard
Your Trash (12 часов назад)
Anjin- San (1 день назад)
YAWN. So what did the soldier do? What a waste of time....
Ronnie Rink (1 день назад)
Who cares who a woman sleeps with . Only a fool worries over a woman .
Matt Daisley (1 день назад)
Porn$$$. I guess if she made like big cash .I could like it .I could find a real woman. With her ass money .lol
CHOLO Gaming (1 день назад)
People in here asking for her name for "research" kill me lol
Stan Cannon (1 день назад)
Women who are strikingly attractive are (unless they have a strong devotion to Jesus Christ) always looking for a faster gun. They spent their lives being accepted solely on their beauty, therefore never have to develop social skills because they are always wanted by men. They are nothing but trouble, as was this example. Kudos to the judge for giving her the boot but all she'll have to do is count a few ceiling tiles and some other fool will pay her way. Oldest profession in history.
Stan Cannon (1 день назад)
+Yank ee I agree with a large majority of your post. The only caveat is I believe mothers aren't grooming shopping partners, there molding gold diggers. They teach their daughter (assuming she is attractive ) - to go to or search for the easiest way to get the Mrs. attachment, by very in conspicuously landing the potentially wealthiest individual within their reach. Sad really that it's come to this but all you have to do for proof is observe. ...exmple; 70 year old man with millions gets duped into marrying a 25 year old "10", while the family (sons,daughters etcetera) are screwed (literally) out of their right full inheritance by a financially glutinous bimbo.
Yank ee (1 день назад)
By and large, very true. But it depends on their upbringing. I've known many a very attractive female who was stingy with her goodies and showed class in other ways as well. For the most part it's up to a stern dad who can teach his daughter(s) the rewards of self-discipline. Unfortunately, moms - more specifically, today's moms, just want to groom their daughters to be buddies...shopping partners, if you will. Morality and discipline aren't important to them, because many, if not most of them, were sluts themselves in their younger years - which is why many are raising their kids as 'single moms'. That aside; a significant number of today's mothers are very emotionally damaged by a licentious youth, yet still refuse to understand what that will do to their daughters. You don't have to be religious to know what I'm talking about.
GOD BLESS US ALL (1 день назад)
Trust no bitch is what my mom's told me
apiece ofdirt (1 день назад)
Lame AF
Daula East (1 день назад)
What a stupid hoe.
Steven Watson (1 день назад)
This happened to me except I wasn't in the military and thankfully wasn't married to her! I got a lucky escape as I found out she was crazy
Sam Labo (1 день назад)
Kritter_Keeper 420 (1 день назад)
This is an everyday occurrence. Dumb video. I thought I was going to see someone get their ass kicked
Dancing Diva (1 день назад)
Dumb shyt
J T (1 день назад)
women want to say they are victims..but usually courts side with the female and screw the man for life.
alextheskaterdude07 (1 день назад)
Can’t Understand Normal Thinking
WORLD RECORD EGG (1 день назад)
Marvin Hunt (1 день назад)
My niece with breast cancer was married to a "hero military man." He cheated on her and posted on Facebook " That bitch came two times." Some of your heroes are douchebags.
Steve Thompson (1 день назад)
Goddess of Anime. (1 день назад)
Im sorry but......shes a hoe
Matt Barba (1 день назад)
We don't love them hoes
BRANDON TYLER (1 день назад)
She wasnt just cheating shes on pornhub
A T (1 день назад)
What a ho bag
Ryan S (1 день назад)
60 GUYS?!?! Even for porn stars I'm pretty sure that's an incredibly high number lol. WHAT A WHORE 🤮
Sexylittlebat (1 день назад)
I'd like to thank her for her service ✊✊✊✊✊💥💦💦
Lisa Stoddard (2 дня назад)
People you are blaming this all on the woman. It goes both ways! Men cheat on their wives when there away. Don't be so naive!
Tyler Robbins (2 дня назад)
Shoot her 2:18
Billy Hudtwalcker (2 дня назад)
The Frost Inside (2 дня назад)
The real lesson don't use people it always bites back worst.
Jeffrey Myers (2 дня назад)
Most states will not allow a divorce to be finalized if the wife is pregnant. Probably not what actually happened.
ERNEST HENNESSY (2 дня назад)
Garry Mcgrath (2 дня назад)
He could cut the baby out of her stomach and shove it down her throat and choke he to death with it, there's a million things he could do none of which I would suggest would end up being to good for her but hay it's his life let him deal with it !
For ever Dead inside (2 дня назад)
Seen it, man she could slob the knob well!
KDwolf productions (2 дня назад)
I hope the soldier is okay. Nobody deserves to go through such problems with sluts these days.
jumpinjakeflash1 (2 дня назад)
Ridiculously too long. Interesting story and I feel really bad for the husband. But ain't nobody got time fa dat.
Colleen C (2 дня назад)
I guess you guys have never heard of the soldiers finding fun on their weekends off? I never thought ANY soldier I've ever known was faithful when deployed - unless they were in a jungle without women for 50 miles. That never happens
Crom (2 дня назад)
There's at least one unfortunate Joe in every unit with a whore for a spouse.
Anonymous _Omega_ (2 дня назад)
2:37 to to?
doniwhips247 (2 дня назад)
The chick in the thumbnail is the soldiers sister not his girlfriend. She did a porno
Bryan Park (2 дня назад)
60 men? Woah.
raimon lungeen (2 дня назад)
True Love what a load of crap The only true love comes from My pets . My dogs & Bird . As for women, True love,amounts to lots, lots ,of $$$$$$$. Thats their true love
TFfolkes (2 дня назад)
as a Marine we all know soldiers and sailors are gay
Jeremy Oliver (2 дня назад)
She was on porn hub
Daz C (2 дня назад)
‘Soldier found out his wife was cheating so this is what he did’. All he did was divorce her, nothing out of the ordinary there.
Colin Rowe (2 дня назад)
Reminds me of the Guy who'd returned home from 3 yrs in Iraq.. He was so happy and blessed to hold his 3 month old child for the first time 😂😂👊
Derek Greene (2 дня назад)
There is no story ,don't watch it
Eryck :/ (2 дня назад)
She a whole thot

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