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The Painstaking Art of Making a Luxury Watch

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The Swiss watch brand Arnold & Son builds all its own movements and tools in-house and from scratch. Each timepiece is a painstaking work of art that takes hours to come to life. Read more about process here: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/features/2017-05-16/how-is-a-watch-made-from-scratch Video by Zach Goldstein, Brian Schildhorn ---------- Like this video? Subscribe to Bloomberg on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/Bloomberg?sub_confirmation=1 Bloomberg is the First Word in business news, delivering breaking news & analysis, up-to-the-minute market data, features, profiles and more: http://www.bloomberg.com Connect with us on... Twitter: https://twitter.com/business Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bloombergbusiness Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bloombergbusiness/
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EuroSchlager Abteilung (1 month ago)
This is the reason why Swiss Watches are very expensive and the best quality, and this is why Chinese and American people who lack organizational and patience skills can never do precision mechanical watches.
Dark Soul (2 months ago)
Unbelievable ... just worth it ...
Dr.h luvs art (2 months ago)
They must be so good at Operation
krismeel (3 months ago)
Pfff, el ultimo cartier que vi costaba 138.000 euros. 30 mil es nada en comparación.
rajesh godara (3 months ago)
i will surely buy one when I get job , this kind of complex art and science make me proud that I have five fingers.
addicz2 (3 months ago)
Phyrexian GHXST (3 months ago)
im a huge fan of watches but ive never heard of that brand
RollaArtis (3 months ago)
I happen to know that luxury brand watches are not made in a painstaking way - CCT machines just spit out the ready made parts ad infinitum. The painstaking part is increasing the value of the brand by clever marketing, including the use of a name cynically purloined from a famous English chronometer maker from the past.
Petar P (3 months ago)
Even crazier to think of all the complications that some watches have. Like the IWC Big Pilot Perpetual Calender, which keeps track of the time, day, date, month, and year, and has a power reserve and moon phase. Not to mention it accounts for months that have 30 or 31 days, and accounts for leap years, all done mechanically. Or the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Grand Complication which has all of that and a split second chronograph, all for the low price of roughly $700,000.
Randall Lawkin (4 months ago)
Very cool
FullMetalMunchies (4 months ago)
I see why the price tags of some of these watches is 100k. Totally worth it if you're able to spend money on the best of the best. These kinds of watches aren't for your everyday plebs but more for people who make like 7 figures and more a year. .
trumps butt (4 months ago)
um honestly i only care about how it looks idc how it's made
Terry (5 months ago)
It's all about the finesse...
FCB43ver (5 months ago)
zis iz very interesting
FirstName LastName (6 months ago)
I'll stick with my Casio.
Leepek (6 months ago)
cool job there... I want to work in that factory :D
CamdenBloke (6 months ago)
I'm surprised they are using crappy hp keyboards and not cherry switch models. :-P
SpikeShroom (7 months ago)
I thought this was gonna be some bullshit cash grab video, but this is actually a respectable process (unlike that "high end" speaker assembly video). It actually takes a lot of time, effort and nice materials to build these. Is it worth $30,000 for one of these? Probably not that much. But it's impressive nonetheless.
Suki Lah (7 months ago)
Brian Burk (8 months ago)
On Pateks level
Joseph Groulx (8 months ago)
The quality control methods they use are astounding.
bimal pati (9 months ago)
Great job. Let us keep horology alive for a few more generations. I am with u all for such activities.
Floral Mogul (9 months ago)
VERY TRUE that watches are MORE valuable over time!.....The Rolex you buy now is much MORE valuable over time...for example.
Floral Mogul (9 months ago)
WOW!....THIS is FASCINATING and very EXTRAORDINARY artistic interfacing and monstrous technique mastering....WOW!... Much LOVE and much RESPECT, .....from 🇺🇸👍☺
kaunas888 (9 months ago)
This is as honest and transparent a video of how a high end watch is actually made. Basically it is made industrially, and then hand finished with electric tools, and finally extensively tested. But, no it is not made by a 5th generation Swiss Master Craftsman high in the Swiss Alps painstakingly hand crafting every component like they did 200 years ago.
Matt Smith (10 months ago)
I have just never understood why people buy these things. I am constantly banging my left hand against things all day. by the time my Timex reaches its end, it looks like it's been through 5 world wars. I want to spend as little money as possible.
Koji G (11 months ago)
I know one day my iPhone will rest at the bottom of the landfill, but mom Omega has the possibility of being buried with you LOL The 5K pricetag is worth it for some I guess 👍😄😄
Master Beethoven (11 months ago)
Nice, im gonna download one from Piratebay
Jay (1 year ago)
I wonder why not a single employee was wearing gloves.
TONPUSON0 (1 year ago)
What accent does he have?
Master Beethoven (11 months ago)
J.A.M (1 year ago)
You're Bloomberg... not the home shopping channel. No one wants 6 minute ads
Javier Ponce (1 year ago)
I love my Seiko's, boluvas and citizens. I love Japanese watches because all parts are made in house and are affordable for the common people. As gorgeous as Swizz watches are, you have to be careful were the parts come from (some times China). Just assembled in Switzerland. These look legit though
J0828 (2 months ago)
Arnold & Son is owned by Citizen, they have no incentive to upsell their watches while making them in China.
Duke Of Prunes (4 months ago)
Cang I just had UPS deliver my first Grand Seiko today -- it's so pretty that I have not worked up the courage to wear it yet!
Cang (5 months ago)
Bob's Performance They are, their Grand Seiko series is some of the best watches available
Eazy Street (1 year ago)
I use these speakers for my door bell. Still sounds like a door bell.
luis montenegro (1 year ago)
When I was younger I always wondered why my dad liked so much watches. Now I understand.
MyTruckinLife ACE (1 year ago)
Wow so nice. And I thought my citizen eco was nice.
CockatooDude (11 months ago)
The citizen eco is nice, not to mention more practical. For 30k, these aren't watches, they are sculptures which happen to tell time.
Mikdefish (1 year ago)
newfound respect for watches
R69NIX (1 year ago)
No one fits the name "Master Craftsman" more than a great watch maker (and yes "watch" not a "time-piece", fuck off with that bullshit).
Mark Henry Dela Torre (1 year ago)
I always consider a traditional watch more practical than a smart watch. I will never buy a smart watch. because I dont consider them an investment.
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Killian Crausaz (1 year ago)
La Chaux* de Fonds
Altex lan (1 year ago)
why take the Painstaking Art of Making ancient Watch??? quartz are dead accurate, change your old thinking. many are stuck with it.
sam b (1 year ago)
Rather buy an Apple Watch instead.
anime Is my Life (1 year ago)
id rather get a smart watch its more worth it and u can always chave the face of the watch that u want
S24 (1 year ago)
Best way to spend aall monet
Officer KD6-3.7 (1 year ago)
My Omega was pricey but at only $3200ish probably a bargain compared to these.
Nurdin Kani (1 year ago)
This js so satisfying to watch.....
Valkarez (1 year ago)
watch the video before making a snarky comment about how your quartz watch is more accurate
richard gonzalez (8 months ago)
Quartz watches are more accurate and yes there are high end quartz watches.. Bet you didnt know quartz watches could have rubys in them too.. But mechs are far more beautiful and enjoyable imo..
Jay (1 year ago)
Is it bad that I got a boner from that?
Avron Fernandes (1 year ago)
I have a 5 dollar Swatch watch.
techstyle123 (1 day ago)
+Elias Westeren he never said where he bought it ...he might have dropped on a lucky deal
Elias Westeren (3 months ago)
In that case, it's a fake. There are no Swatches around that price.
Dumitru Benes (3 months ago)
it gets you wherever youre going just as fast as these.
CockatooDude (11 months ago)
And you know what, that's perfectly fine.
Raggedy Exynos (1 year ago)
Apple watch is the future
ObsessionPC (1 year ago)
very cool. I love how all the precision workers are licking their lips when they work, haha.
venum06 (1 year ago)
Please make a subbitle un french please
BBM movies (1 year ago)
2:41 Make their own tools but still use a toothbrush 😂 yet very nice watches
zenquad (3 months ago)
Though, what makes it a "tooth" brush ?
M P (3 months ago)
BBM movies toothpick, the most widely used watcmakers tool
Internet Comment (1 year ago)
Lyam Lexa (1 year ago)
That is the real art that equal its values and price...
hartanto hartanto (1 year ago)
this thing is more cool when being made than being used, it's like a high stake jigsaw puzzle
Quen Loust (1 year ago)
Epilepsy warning: 5:25 - 5:32
Gio (1 year ago)
Never heard of this brand but after watching this I'm extremely impressed they look incredible
octane (1 year ago)
billions of humans in hunger, and yet you spend your talents on nothing...
Skimtar (2 months ago)
You eat almost every day. Hunger comes and goes but watches last longer. Complain on Justin Bieber's page or any other useless people in society.
Rasa Khosrofar (3 months ago)
octane Let's all leave our works and go help the hungry people, yay
Wowoli Wowol (3 months ago)
billions of humans in hunger and you are still wasting your time on youtube videos
Elias Westeren (3 months ago)
octane Oh boy, you would hate traditional art. Billions of dollars and amazing talent spent on "nothing".
Symbolic Bass (1 year ago)
I want a brietling or Rolex badly!
Elias Westeren (3 months ago)
The Navitimer is an icon. Other than that, I don't like the direction they're taking.
Cang (5 months ago)
jazz03 Vintage Brietlings are fine
jazz03 (1 year ago)
brietling is hot garbage. midrange rolexes are great. hell even rolex's low end stuff look good and last decades.
Adam Rae (1 year ago)
those finger condoms lol
Персей (4 months ago)
Fat from the fingers has an acid reaction .... Неужели это забавно? А пальцы докторов и докторов то же забавные? А костюмчики микроэлектронщиков?
Jonnathan Crane (6 months ago)
Those are to keep the oil from the skin from sticking on the metal.
jharris947 (11 months ago)
They're not finger condoms, they're normal condoms for the Japanese market. lol :-)
topher (1 year ago)
$10,000+ "arts and crafts" pffffffft
NallePu83 (1 year ago)
I want a arnold Schwarzenegger watch
NallePu83 (1 year ago)
or Chuck Norris watch
NallePu83 lol wtf how about a Dorian Yates watch
Tan Tan (1 year ago)
my girlfriends dad bought a 68,000 dollar watch.... I almost felt ashamed of my 10$ casio watch
MUEED ANIM (1 year ago)
I have no idea what I'm doing here
Rxonmymind (2 months ago)
MUEED ANIM Lol. You could have landed in a lot worse places than this. 😊
Z Malek (1 year ago)
Wow , this factor looks crazy, like they're creating alien devices . I love watches because these type feel like little mechanical kingdoms inside something so small!
Brandon Saravia (1 year ago)
Are they wearing small condoms on their fingers
M. (1 year ago)
Brandon Saravia they're called finger cots and they're used to protect the parts from fingerprints and hand oils.
Andrew Smith (1 year ago)
Must be frustrating if you sneeze while assembling the watch
We are already dead Fam (2 months ago)
You know when you’re about to sneeze. That’s why people don’t just randomly sneeze in each other’s faces.
Strings 1043 (3 months ago)
ShadowOfDeath24 (3 months ago)
They turn their entire heads backwards as dar as they can and, or aim straight for the ground between their legs
Shah Legno (5 months ago)
This is Funny..u win
Jeviar Firsta (1 year ago)
Andrew Smith then it would be a treasure hunting 😂
Ravi Rajyaguru (1 year ago)
When a watch costs more than an average Toyota!
RolexReplicaReview (8 days ago)
FamGt It sure is not, but you could never tell it from a genuine in a blind test:)
FamGt (8 days ago)
RolexReplicaReview still not a real rolex
RolexReplicaReview (14 days ago)
My friend builds Rolex watches and they are 1:1 perfect clones of a genuine Rolex, he has worked for Rolex so he knows the art. I dont have to pay the price of a Toyota for them 😄
Rxonmymind (2 months ago)
This is something that can be handed down for generations.
xavi Bon (1 year ago)
How bout a $300 watch. Does it have the same art and craftsmanship? 😂
wpaia (1 year ago)
funny thingis digital or batery watch is more accurate
edwong3 (4 months ago)
The standard for COSC certification for a mechanical movement and one that is quartz are light years apart. For instance, a mechanical movement will earn certification with a -4 to +6 second per day variance while quartz is required to keep time within 10 seconds PER YEAR. I love both types and they do have their pros and cons.
Adrian Weber (7 months ago)
Alias Rehbar time is an illusion, my pet
srikanthlives (1 year ago)
Same what China makes with a heart touching story with words like Art, Handcrafted, Painstaking. So, I need to pay more $$$ for this story.
RJ (1 year ago)
Once bitcoin price hits $30,000, will definitely buy one of those Damnn, it was so nice buying bitcoins at $300. Never again tho:(
ThatForeign Slut (9 days ago)
i remember my first bitcoin cost 8 dollars canadian....fuck me right..
I hate my username (4 months ago)
All these idiots investing in bitcoin... Robux is the only cryptocurrency that matters.
Scott Fulps (7 months ago)
You'll be able to buy Bitcoin for less than a penny...just wait.
Cullen Herring (7 months ago)
Lol when bitcoins are 25000 now
Tekno77 (1 year ago)
Porter Christenson lol it's around $4000, highest XBT has reached
Ain't no Slice (1 year ago)
You guys should hire more people with parkinson's disease.
Madao (5 months ago)
You are biased and joyless... Why would this humor be unacceptable?
Adrian Weber (5 months ago)
Madao There's no condoning it
Madao (5 months ago)
Yes it is, plenty of people with parkinsons make fun of their own handicap... In fact plenty of people with handicaps make fun of their handicaps. Same way i make fun of my autism sometimes. xD This joke was rather harmless, grow up. : / If people weren't allowed to laugh at their disabilities and handicaps, the world-wide suicide rate would probably be exponentially higher than it is today... Embrace humor, it is a treatment for depression. :)
Adrian Weber (7 months ago)
parkinson's isnt funny, you sociopath. This is humor in 2018!
mrJillesOom (8 months ago)
you wishing him those diseases is even worse than the first comment made
Naked Eagle (1 year ago)
Or just make a Quartz watch.
TheDutja1 (1 year ago)
Always considered this to be the art... Watch making...
k1mgy (1 year ago)
You can't take it with you.
William Cao (1 year ago)
k1mgy What are you referring to?
Painted Pony (1 year ago)
04:45... 'tick-tack'? I'm not sure this guy is a watch expert.
MrOhWhatTheHeck (1 year ago)
He's a French-speaker.
Jeviar Firsta (1 year ago)
Painted Pony well because the mechanism uses something called pallet fork that got two pallet with different surface thus when the escape wheel hits it, the sound that was caused by the teeth hitting those pallet would be different/distinctive thus the tick-tack.... while the quartz watch just simply goes ticks-ticks. And fyi, that watch with ticking seconds hand is a mechanical watch with a dead-beat mechanism, the inspiration behind why quartz watch ticks instead of sweeping smoothly across the dial while this mechanism already around from 19th century
Pat Bocchicchio (1 year ago)
Urban Gentry Watch Club Represent!
Alex Zakhartsov (1 year ago)
or you can buy a quartz watch for $9.99. It will be as good in time keeping but not as good in bragging rights
CamdenBloke (6 months ago)
You just don't get it. It's not about bragging, it's about owning something built with the level of precision and craftsmanship that is described in this video.
MicroKORGI (10 months ago)
A quartz is infinitely more reliable but very boring
Eman M (1 year ago)
Or just buy a Apple Watch that does another million things an save yourself some money
Mike M (8 months ago)
N. C. Then what is the "horological meaning" I keep hearing/seeing snobs talk about when they look down on quartz, smartwatch, and low end mechanical if it's not about telling time or accuracy?
David Horgan (8 months ago)
Kids just don't understand...... Why buy a Ferrari and you can get a Camry? Same logic.
N. C. (1 year ago)
i bet u are just a random kid who doesn't understand what art really is. watches are not for functionality or other useless shit, they are made to look good on you, be elegant. i will never use an iwatch on me for some dinner with a lady, it looks like a peace of crap for kids.
Jeviar Firsta (1 year ago)
Rob 351 that's what I'm talking about.... I got an omega c-shape constellation from 64, and it's still my daily watch. And more, even swiss electronic/quartz based watches produced around last 70es to 80es aren't survived anymore due to discontinued parts and things.... And I suppose it would be the same with iWatch as we currently got the technology to provide and produced those vintage electronic watches but it's not the case....
Rob 351 (1 year ago)
I have a 1927 Rolex.......I wonder if the iwatch will be around (last)in 90 years
joshuag94 (1 year ago)
Where can I get one?
Samuel S. (1 year ago)
joshuag94 go to their website for starts dumbass
25k Trading (1 year ago)
I ruined one of my Rolex watches' because I let some humidity in and it rusted up the movement. It looked so terrible when the Jeweler opened her up (it's a dam Submariner too). I just got another one. Thank goodness for being wealthy; these peasants don't understand art.
Juan de la Cosa (4 days ago)
Small note: Most Rolex owners are actually middle class with upper class aspirations...
Danny Sattar (8 months ago)
I can buy a dozen Submariners and pay all in cash and I don't even consider myself rich. I notice rich people never brag about their wealth. You're nothing but a bitch on the internet.
LIT GOD (9 months ago)
25k Trading shut the fuck up bitch
Bernardo Lozano (10 months ago)
25k Trading suck a fat one plz
Envinite (11 months ago)
+25k Trading; My boi, you can only brag and call people peasants once you wear something like Lange. Rolex is like a mere casio of the swiss watch, nothing more.
haumāna o nā akua (1 year ago)
Ballet, painting, sculpting, hand-made watches... where will they be in 100 years?
blaximperia (13 days ago)
Where will the arts be in 100 years? In an even better situation. Maybe not in your household though, since you don’t seem to value it.
jam626 (1 year ago)
haumāna o nā akua If your talking about survival, they will survive. In fact technical careers are more in threat to automation than artistic ones.
Jeviar Firsta (1 year ago)
O S well they've been around for 200 years though.... could last couple centuries later I.guess
furqan (1 year ago)
I'd get sacked in 1hour lol
sayfami sayfami (1 year ago)
Stories lmao
Roger Nevez (1 year ago)
so painstaking that china is making them for $9.99
Chris D'oulmeth (6 months ago)
Of course it will be shitty if you pay 50 dollars for it... Now if you pay 400-600USD for a well made fake you'll get a lot more for your money because its not put together by children in some dirty garage but by people who earn a decent living off it and so have an incentive to make a quality product. Look up the Noob factory V7 Submariner for example, its arguably the best Rolex clone out there. Its available with either one of these clone movements: SA3135/3130, the A3135, and the A2836.
Nerd_United (1 year ago)
I have yet to see a Chinese built movement that makes use of jeweled bearings. That alone doesn't bode well for the long term durability.
0WubMusic0 (1 year ago)
They don't have a movement even close to this.
bucky13 (1 year ago)
I paid $50 for a "replica" Rolex once... Don't do it. I had to re-adjust constantly because it would lose minutes over just a couple weeks, the finish wore off, the face got scratched to hell because it wasn't real sapphire, and the band fell apart. And this was just from wearing it every now and then over a 6 month period. If you want a nice mechanical watch, save up a bit and buy something real that's in your price range. I ended up buying a $400 Bulova watch on special for $250 and it's perfect. I wear it just about every day, minus the days where I'm gonna be getting greasy or muddy, and it still looks brand new. I always get compliments for it, and I know from experience that women are instantly more attracted to a man with an expensive looking watch.
kokoro (1 year ago)
newfound respect for the thing on my hand
Charles Leach (1 year ago)
heyy before. hé mákes it priváté (youtube vid) >> #rGkdI08IIy3dGg and thánk me later ón ! hii before he makes it privaté (youtube vid) >> #rGkdI08IIy3dGg so thank me later ón !! DE PIMP MOBIEL - GTA 5 Online Funny Moments Football Players Angry After Substitution ●HD Cristiano Ronaldo - Transformation From 1 To 32 Years Old
X. Chen (1 year ago)
You guys should try harder trolling.
Croo ookie (1 year ago)
What's that thing? If it's one of those watches and you're just now respecting it lol kinda odd.
kokoro (1 year ago)
Martin Malmgren HAHAHAH SOZ OKAY ON MY WRIST FRIEN ON MY WRIST (it's 1am and iiiim clearly muddleheaded rn)
Tech 7 World (1 year ago)

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