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Worst Foods for Arthritis

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https://secure.losethebackpain.com/products/heal-n-soothe/24/pp-heal-n-soothe-5-worst-pg1 - What are the worst foods for arthritis? Certain foods can actually increase the inflammation in your body and actually make it worse. Are you eating any of these foods? Watch this short video then click the link below to find out which foods can help you eliminate your arthritis pain. http://losethebackpain.com/hns_arthritis-LBP074.html
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Yasmine Nazarine (2 года назад)
You are absolutely right thanks eggplants & 🍅 are no good my stepfather said that many yeas ago & i believe it some vaggie for cooking not good for this paine.
Shhh (2 года назад)
if your autoimmune then no gmo crops
Ham AlA (2 года назад)
Eat whatever God produced and eat economically. Avoid eating killed animals, thrown to ground, injured animals. Avoid eating man processed food such as oils, can food. God said if you didn't find the above and you should eat, then before eating them economically say this, In the Name of God, most merciful most kind God, I eat. Remember, food is made in the ground, packed with chemicals in factory and sold after months in stores; If you can cut off the last two then that's the food. Fresh food such as milk need to be heated to kill it's germs.
lisa reddick (2 года назад)
every damn food I LOVE
Ikallicrates (2 года назад)
I've been researching this online since I was diagnosed with arthritis, and the information is contradictory to say the least. One website tells me to eat grapes because they contain anti-inflammatories, another site tells me to avoid grapes because they're high in sugar. One site tells me to drink (low fat) milk for calcium to strengthen my bones, another site tells me to avoid milk and/or replace cow's milk with soy milk, and a third site tells me to avoid soy products! One site told me to avoid salmon because it contains purines, but elswhere _on the same site_ it told me to eat salmon because its high in Omega 3 fatty acids!
Sheila Sefhedi (2 года назад)
is eating meat bad for oesteoathratis
Linda Venable (2 года назад)
Is this good for RA and Gout too?
thejannellerj (3 года назад)
I was eating eggplant regularly and came to a point where I could barely move my right arm for almost a month.
Michel Nadon (3 года назад)
acidic food make hearth burn flare up ??? I eat a big grape fruit before bed and as long as i can see the acid kills stomach bacteria and i sleep fine . same with big boles of hot soup ( almost to burn mouth )
Prem Coelho (3 года назад)
Wat are the right foods to eat to fight RA for good...I'm sure all those who suffer would love to rid their precious bodies of this dreaded disease...
1400deadwood (3 года назад)
I clicked and all I got was a big advertisement.
Lila Zaveri (3 года назад)
I have terrible knee pain what to do
Fefee10 (3 года назад)
Oh forgot to say: add applie cider vinegar with water,......then drink. Don't eat lemons too, avoid at all cost until well. When joints are weak, and painful, then Lemmon is a No No! Lemmon is great for healthy people only!
Fefee10 (3 года назад)
1 tbsp Organic apple cider vinegar. Everyday until you forget what knee pain????? Don't eat any citrus fruits,....that's all
Essence Stanley-Savage (3 года назад)
Soooo everything I eat then?
prome123doesg Minecraft (3 года назад)
my mom has arthritis in shoulder and leg😯
Fefee10 (3 года назад)
Oh forgot to say: add applie cider vinegar with water,......then drink. Don't eat lemons too, avoid at all cost until well. When joints are weak, and painful, then Lemmon is a No No! Lemmon is great for healthy people only!
Jim Jimmy (3 года назад)
How can tomatoes increase the inflammation in our bodies? They are alkaline
Fefee10 (3 года назад)
When joints are painful avoid lemons and tomatoes at all cost. These are for people with normal environment of the healthy bodies
Fiona Fay (3 года назад)
They contain a compound called Solanine. This is like a toxin to ppl with autoimmune arthritis and psoriasis.
sandra valani (3 года назад)
Also...I would like to mention that I used to be able to waitress all day long. My body shut down cause I was battling major stress from painful issues in my Life!
sandra valani (3 года назад)
27 years ago...I had Fibromyalgia and neurological problems so bad that my doctor suggested that I have an operation and be in a wheelchair for the rest of my life. I told him No Way...I had my two month baby to raise. I went for extremely painful ac upture treatments and gave them up...cause they hurt to do. I took up light gardening and swimming and slowly retrained by body how to work. A lot of mornings I sit up in my bed and do light stretches to get my body to work...in spite of how much pain I am in!!! Within an hour I start to walk and move much better!!!!
greenytaddict (3 года назад)
why are peppers and tomatoes good in one video and bad in a other???
Myandro Myandro (3 года назад)
Nothing left to eat thanks
Michelle W (3 года назад)
I have to convince my husband of this. It has worked for me to avoid them for the last year and yet he is so stubborn.
David Hawkins (3 года назад)
I'm a recently diagnosed gout sufferer (yeah, welcome to the club!) and already I am beginning to tire of all of these "don't eat this, avoid eating that" videos on here. How about some more balanced guidance on the BEST foods to be eating?! Anyone with half a brain cell should already know that red meats, shellfish and sugar are some of the key culprits.
livin abox (3 года назад)
well aint that strange, i ate all those veggies when i went vegan and it stopped all of my problems including vasculitis. But yeah SUGAR is a killer.
Quick Nutrition (3 года назад)
+livin abox Sugar is probably the worst. Is it hard being vegan?
Woops (3 года назад)
My artheritis is so bad it made me become blind in one eye
Wendi Phan (3 года назад)
My boyfriend and my dog avoid nightshades for a while now because they almost instantly feel the inflammation in the joints when consuming them.  Sometimes when he feels like having catchup, we'd make Filipino style catchup with bananas and vinegar.  Or I make it with steamed pears and apple cider vinegar if bananas are not available.  
Quick Nutrition (3 года назад)
+Wendi Phan Those are good tips. I didn't realize that bananas and vinegar helps with arthritis. Do you put tomatoes in Filipino catchup?
remedyfarm (3 года назад)
I'm going to try this:) Thanks for the idea. Cheers!
pakijew4 (3 года назад)
stay away from dairy , sugar and red meat , they all number 1 ,
Arne Mørk Midtbø (4 года назад)
I miss the scientific basis for the claims in this video.
DrAtul Wayal (4 года назад)
very nice and factsabout food.
Mohan Wayal (4 года назад)
Pk song.com
patricia hetherington (4 года назад)
It's what we eat and what we are absorbing.  If you're not feeding your body and joints well, they will break down.  It's like your car; don't put crap in AND put the best in for operational maintenance 
death cross (4 года назад)
Maureen Rees (4 года назад)
I do not eat bread or refined carbohydrates. I have always despised sweet things  and never eat transfats.. I eat none of the vegetables mentioned.  You are talking total rubbish.  Despite healthy eating all of  my life; exercising; maintaining a healthy weight, I have still developed osteoarthritis to both hips.  There are no foods that can prevent it neither are there any foods that can reverse it.  However, my healthy regime has resulted in excellent skin and muscle tone and this I can definitely advocate.
Maureen Rees (4 года назад)
No, I am reluctant to try anything that has not been tried and tested and as I disagreed with everything she said, I would be concerned that  it may do more harm than good.
Bonnie S. D. (4 года назад)
I, too, eat whole, healthy foods and have a bad case of arthritis in my hips. I am tempted to try the enzymatic, herbal supplement being sold at the link. Have you tried it? Are you going to? (Andrew G., I also had a bit of a hard time finding the link...)
Dick Hamilton (4 года назад)
gluten is a protein, made of amino acids. It cannot be 'processed into sugar'. This is absolute nonsense.
Richard Lewis (4 года назад)
+OurHumbleLife I think it is really the Monsanto's Roundup poison that is in or on the grains. Most people can tolerate organic gluten sources.
OurHumbleLife (4 года назад)
Many people with arthritis have shown great improvement after going on a gluten free diet. Many people who do not have celiac disease but suffer stomach, digestive  and bowel problems become well, when avoiding gluten. Gluten *does* cause inflammation, and most diseases and health issues all stem from inflammation. Dr. David Perlmutter, a Board-Certified Neurologist, believes gluten  and carbs are destroying our brains. He says that carbohydrates, even the whole-grain carbs that many of us think of as the good ones, are the cause of almost every modern neurologic malady, including dementia, decreased libido, depression, chronic headaches, anxiety, epilepsy, and ADHD. He refers to gluten as a modern poison. Gluten is not good for us. I really don't need to offer up my personal health issues; people know how to search the web for information.
Dick Hamilton (4 года назад)
+OurHumbleLife as I understand it, hashimoto's is an autoimmune disease of the thyroid, so I don't see what that has to do with gluten. But let's accept that because of your overactive immune response, you actually have a problem with gluten. so avoid gluten, but don't go around telling people that gluten is bad for them without first telling them about your hashimoto's, or without asking them first whether they too have hashimoto's or over-reactive immune systems as you do. your problem is rare, not at all common. don't dish out bad advice because of it. By far the largest proportion of people have no problem with gluten. The people who really really have a big problem with gluten, people with Celiac's, number no more than 1% of the population. Their problem can actually kill them, if it is unrecognised.
OurHumbleLife (4 года назад)
+Dick Hamilton  Gluten told me that. My Hashimoto's disease symptom's lessened and improved tremendously after giving up gluten. Giving up gluten has been the only thing that has helped me.
Dick Hamilton (4 года назад)
+OurHumbleLife really? who told you that, apart from the people in this video? It doesn't cause inflammation in me. And I prefer the gluiest stretchiest bread you can get - high protein, high gluten.
Ginny marycozzens (4 года назад)
so..........what is number one?????
Sue Sita (4 года назад)
ste (4 года назад)
dr kirit kumar parikh (4 года назад)
good to learn
MMODoubter (4 года назад)
Youtube infomercial.
Mostafa Kishk (4 года назад)
Ginger and 1 Anacin and 1 aspirin in water, it is nasty but works, and ice pack avoid tomato and potato and the night shades, eat clean and natural but I eat turkey....and walk half hour a day early mornings when it is cooler , cooler is good  eat green salad each meal, ...get a chopper, Knox Gelatin forms soft bone in between the joints and helps bones...put Knox in warm water and drink each day...
nadine louise (4 года назад)
I'm not happy about the with holding of the number one worst food. Very misleading and really a waist of time
Wak Job (4 года назад)
Yeah, yeah, yeah... Try to eat 100% healthy?  Most of us working smucks will go broke! The foods the average family can afford are killing us.  But the bills have to get paid first.
Maureen Rees (4 года назад)
You do not have to be rich to eat a healthy diet. I was born in a small mining village in Wales and like all miners' families, we were poor. My grandma had a large couldron that was always full. It consisted of marrow bones; lambs tongues, lentils, barley and vegetables. It was beautiful and cost virtually nothing.  I was brought up on bone broth and I was a healthy child. You just need a pot,cheap cuts of meat and vegtables. The bills will still get paid and you will be alot healthier.
Sue Sita (4 года назад)
Yes that's scary, and if can't or don't cook, you are just screwed... But if you can cook at least a few times a week, legumes of various kinds, rice, barley, cabbage onions, carrots...don't cost a lot and can make a big pot of wholesome food...And these food are not notorious for holding on to pesticides so don't have to purchase organic if it's not feasible......Just purchase what ever fruits, veggies (wash them) and meats are on sale at Grocery Outlet or Walmart and .add grain or eggs...Dairy gets expressive. The kids have to get used to just eating what mostly their parents eat like they do in most of the rest of the world..But wholesome cookies, granola and muffins are great and the kids can help make them. They love that.
MMODoubter (4 года назад)
True. Starvation will kill you sooner than gluten and sugar.
Andrew Gulick (4 года назад)
I didn't see a link below the video.
Sue Mitchel-Runow (4 года назад)
Not all fries are cook in trans fats which are saturated..Heated unsaturated fats can cause oxidation and inflammation problems..Trans fats clog the liver..This is poorly researched and written.
Sue Sita (4 года назад)
+OurHumbleLife Yes..and the salt is not so helpful either.
OurHumbleLife (4 года назад)
Potatoes themselves cause inflammation. Not just fries.
Sue Mitchel-Runow (4 года назад)
Gluten in wheat product is a large protein molecule not a sugar molecule. Some people do experience irritation and inflammation from it, which can be sever. But she is equated it to the complex and simple sugars in baked goods...which have their own problems but not are connected to gluten's.
Dick Hamilton (4 года назад)
+Mostafa Kishk yeah, more complete nonsense.
Mostafa Kishk (4 года назад)
Dr, Wallack and Glidden on you tube...Youngevity....
Carlo Grinaldo (4 года назад)
drink more water ,more help...
LLuE88 (4 года назад)
Anne O. (4 года назад)
thanks spear fisher
DynastyLove (4 года назад)
actually raw potato juice is highly anti inflammatory
torry nerheim (4 года назад)
I tink your'e bad sale!  I think most people know whats best for them but just don't pay attention to their body needs! to make my point go back to baby food!
Chuna Rai-nelson (4 года назад)
Fariba Rafati (4 года назад)
Bert van Kaathoven (4 года назад)
I can't click a link, but it's better to concentrate to detox your body. I use aloe vera freedom, kurkuma in my food and gingertea. Pain gone within two weeks :) Now, six month later it's going better than ever.  
Bert van Kaathoven (4 года назад)
it's a yellow colored root also called turmeric :)
Mostafa Kishk (4 года назад)
What is kurkuma ?
enteringunqie (4 года назад)
not informative AT ALL all i see is someone trying to promote another product !!!
sharanya vast (4 года назад)
incomplete information!!!! not properly enlightening...... dislike
James Tomlin (4 года назад)
Me and my family have to eat what we can get, we can't be picky. I guess my diet is part of my problem, but there's nothing I can do about it. Fresh foods cost more and processed foods are more abundant. I already barely buy groceries, and I know it's the same for millions.  The system is truly screwed up. Read that Mrs. O!
dharmasuu (4 года назад)
Gluten is a protein. But that is not the only misleading information in this video. And there are several prosecutions going on right now - and jail-time convictions - which I hope will stop this kind of product sales through misinformation and false statements. Talk to your doctor instead.
Clara Lizano (4 года назад)
If you don't like people this then shut up and don't post the opinion
Clara Lizano (4 года назад)
Sounds very interesting ill try it
Klairee Berry (4 года назад)
3 oz of beef has way  more trans fats than mc donalds French fries
SinnG Yaweh (4 года назад)
in the below link have read it, but  l would like to send e-mail to you but the email box is not activited, please see to it and get back to me. thanks
Don Miller (4 года назад)
Gluten is a protein, not a sugar or carbohydrate. So I guess we can see how reliable this video is!
Budd james (4 года назад)
There are people out there who are seriously ill and desperate."PLEASE" DO-NOT TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE VULNERABLE BY PROMISING A "MIRACLE" DIET.Diet is very important, but it is "NOT" the b-all and end all for eradicating all diseases.I know this because I have had a great diet all my life and was super fit but still  succumbed to a mystery illness called Fibromyalgia.Diet helps :) but it doesn't cure :(
Verneice Robinson (5 лет назад)
Do it work for people tht have cancer
Sue Mitchel-Runow (4 года назад)
+woodlefoof2 true.. chronic inflammation can lead to cancers though.
woodlefoof2 (4 года назад)
cancer and arthritis are completely different arthritis means inflamation of the joints, osteo, is because the joints are worn down from improper use and age rheumatoid is an auto-immune disease where the body for whatever reason has forgotten that these joints are part of your body and begins to attack them cancer is where your cells begin to mutate. this usually happens when a cell is damaged and survives. afterwards it splits into 2 mutated cells those 2 into 4 those 4 into 8 etc etc.the cells steal resources from those around them and dont die at their given time. cancer is your own cells growing, stealing resources and killing you they are both your own cells attacking you. but very different causes as to what is happening
dr-nocka. (5 лет назад)
Im not clicking it
dr-nocka. (5 лет назад)
Im not clicking it
keehotee (5 лет назад)
Number 1 has to be DAIRY.
Byron Mengel (5 лет назад)
there is no link to click on to continue.   very annoying.  Had to give you a thumbs down for this reason.
Mellissa Lehto (5 лет назад)
I have had severe inflammatory Rheumatoid arthritis since the age of 28, went on all the medications possible, then went off, started walking with my dogs, after barely being able to get out of a chair, now can walk 5 km a day, diet is something that is KEY, if I eat even 5 chips, within minutes I cant use my hands...food is the enemy now, finding things that help are so important...its good to know the worst foods, helpful...but I already know my own, and am now working on getting rid of all gluten..
Mellissa Lehto (4 года назад)
Hello...I would love to chat with u more....can u friend me on Fb...? I'm under Mellissa Lehto hilchey ..
2faatcaats (4 года назад)
I would be interested in knowing what medications you took, what were the results, and why you chose to stop taking them.  Did the walking help you out, or were you able to start walking after stopping eating the foods that made your body react negatively?  
skirts365 (5 лет назад)
Too much whole wheat caused me an issue.  Sardines---totally unrelated---caused me severe gout.  Strong coffee counteracted the gout within a few hours.  Fried food may be cooked in virgin coconut oil and should not cause issues unless over-cooked.  Lemon juice in plain water only, taken on empty stomach, soothes the joints, as does the unrelated fish oil.  But---the lemon will remove calcium from the arteries (!!!) because citric acid is a calcium solvent!  Do not leave lemon on teeth longer than 2 minutes without rinsing; it will start taking enamel off.  It can be safely used if used correctly with plain water which is drink fast and rinse 5 x.
Miguel Romero (5 лет назад)
Ya balio madre me boy a morir de hambre no mamen
Miguel Romero (5 лет назад)
Ya balio madre me boy a morir de hambre no mamen
Susie Porter (5 лет назад)
sugary things are bad that is true but again a tiny treat can't harm use honey instead of sugar,i don't eat bread because I am coeliac but not giving up spuds as can't stand rice and popcorn is bad for my skin I find but may be a food diary may help a bit still think teeth metal fillings mercury  toxins got a lot to answer forand may be in the future when they are phased out arthritis and coeliac and autoimmune diseases will die out in my opinion as the antibodies made to toxicmetals mercury are carried down from mother to baby and this cycle needs stopping ban mecury fillings in uk it would save us all our health and a fortune.
Susie Porter (5 лет назад)
some people are giving us evil health ideas there whaky ideas are to make them money don't be conned and ignore these nasty greedy con merchants it really is a load of rubbish,there is no proof any diet will help arthritis it is twaddleand I have read that about psoriasis too mine comes and goes but going to get my metal fillings out and replaced in dribs and drabs over the next few years as this is more likely making my health worse than any silly food you can name its twaddle and it is silly to believe it and a bit dangerous as you would end up malnourished if you did this quackery diet the silly ones telling us this probably do not have any arthritis or skin troubles any way so they have no room to talk on it because they know nothing.
Susie Porter (5 лет назад)
its a load of rubbish mind you metal mercury fillings do seem to cause many autoimmune conditions and it has been band in most countiries already to betterment of physical health well being,if you follow all you are told you can end upiller than ever and I know that is true  personally use a varied diet and a balanced one with plenty of variety wash all vegetables well and avoid junk foods and processed and do not be silly about other peoples opinions use your own brains and own ideas they are more likely to help you work out a good diet that is balanced.
Budd james (4 года назад)
Now thats sensible information that I would listen too ;)
Emerald GoatGirl (5 лет назад)
click hmmm um no thanks i dont really think the nightshades r bad
Trini Manso Garcia (5 лет назад)
Si no son en Español, no ponerlos. NO ENTIENDO NADA. Gracias
Leo Lawson (5 лет назад)
Click this link below?!  Why not just tell us?
renee2nadia (5 лет назад)
Anne Pringle Burnell (5 лет назад)
Short and informative.  Not an in-depth explanation, but gets the conversation started.  Thanks.
Sue Mitchel-Runow (4 года назад)
miss informative
LoseTheBackPain (5 лет назад)
in the area directly above this comment section, you will see an About link, that contains a short description of the video as well as a link to read the full article. Sweet potatoes are very different from regular potatoes, and do not contain the inflammatory properties as other potatoes. Hope that helps! Thanks!
Cyndi M (5 лет назад)
You say the "link" to find out the #1 WORST food is at the beginning of the description...can you be more specific. What description?? And another question, in your list of foods NOT to eat (that increase inflammation) you listed POTATOES. How about sweet potatoes & yams...are they also on the DO NOT eat list? Thanks (-:
Steven David (5 лет назад)
if a person has low vitamin d and low hemoglobin and he is suffering from arthritis thnn can we take the sources vitamin d and hemoglobin please reply me as fast as you can because it is urgent
SKATEROBICS (5 лет назад)
where"s the link?
LoseTheBackPain (5 лет назад)
Hello, the link is in the very beginning of the description. Thanks:)
Balwinder Kaur (5 лет назад)
Thank u so much for your offer. How do we get the free Books please... Is it an ebook or will it posted . I am from Malaysia. thank you.
Terri Hunter (5 лет назад)
Where is the link to find out #1? Or what is #1?
Alexandria Daniela (5 лет назад)
MsBestsunshine (5 лет назад)
Oh my goodness thank you so much for this useful information!
LoseTheBackPain (5 лет назад)
Yes, we would like for you to come learn more on our website. We spend tens of thousands of dollars of month to maintain a website that hosts hundreds of free articles and over 100 free videos. If you like the information you are getting from our website and wish to buy one of our great products, that is great. If not, there are tons of free resources that don't require spending a single penny. Thanks.
Catt astroficka (5 лет назад)
Jeremiah, he wants you to follow the link and buy their books/products. That's why the #1 worst food wasn't shown.
Keith MacBean (5 лет назад)
Just the facts mam.
LoseTheBackPain (5 лет назад)
Thanks Paul!!
Paul Sanyasi (5 лет назад)
Useful information to help reduce and prevent some Arthritic conditions.
Soleil Grey (5 лет назад)
I agree with Jeremiah! :(
Jeremiah Sorbera (5 лет назад)
there is no reason you could not have put number one in the video...

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