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Top 10 in 10 in 2: Overview of Michigan's 10 in 10 Strategic Plan

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Communication Feedback Survey: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/TGD7W2T Michigan's 10 in 10 Strategic Plan: http://www.michigan.gov/documents/mde/10_in_10_Action_Plan_543856_7.pdf Top 10 in 10 Website: http://www.michigan.gov/top10in10/ Source: Michigan Department of Education Hello, I am Norma Jean Sass, Chief Deputy Superintendent at the Michigan Department of Education. This is the first of many short, 2 minute, informational videos we'll be doing to keep you informed of where we are in the construction of Michigan's plan to make us a Top 10 education state in 10 years--10 in 10 in 2 The goals & strategies that form the Top 10 in 10 vision were the culmination of more than six months’ worth of stakeholder input and public comment on what it would take to, once again, make Michigan a premier education state In this construction phase we've engaged stakeholders and taken the 7 goals and the 44 strategies, and developing them into four key focus areas--these will form a framework through which this work will take place. The four focus areas are: Learner-Centered Supports, Effective Education Workforce, Strategic Partnerships, and Systemic Infrastructure. They will help us make this plan actionable. We look at these areas like a multiplication problem—you need to address each area because if any one of them is a zero you do not get the outcomes you desire. They all are inter-related. Since the State Board of Education's approval of the Top 10 in 10 framing document, MDE has been setting the wheels in motion to carry out the work at all levels of the system....from Lansing to the classrooms. It is important to build capacity internally -- allowing MDE to better support local and intermediate school districts. Our mission is: supporting learning and learners. To that end, we have spent a great deal of time with our beginning work on the Systemic Infrastructure focus area, which also aligns with Goal 7 of the plan. In the next 10 in 10 in 2, we will examine the components of our key focus areas and begin to talk about implementation. We look forward to working together to put Michigan on the road upward. It will take a commitment from all of us and we can do this! Please go online to see the Top 10 in 10 strategic plan. Also, your feedback is important throughout the implementation of our plan. Please share your thoughts with my office any time. Thanks for watching! See you down the highway!
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Colleen Shoup (1 год назад)
I am certainly all for Michigan being in the top 10 states for education. I believe we used to be, or at least I felt we were. That is until the legislature, big money donors, and "public think tanks" (Mackinaw Center) decided to devalue education and educators by taking away bargaining rights and not treating us as the professionals we are. All of the education "reforms" seem to entail degrading teachers, creating the current teacher shortage. Michigan will be lucky to have teachers in ten years. I know I will not stay in this declining profession that long. Don't get me wrong It IS about the students, but nobody knows that more than teachers, and yet policy is created not by educators but by business people! Public education is doomed with Betsy DeVos at the helm. Though I understand MDE is trying to make this "10 in 10" campaign "fun", the status of Michigan's education system is far more serious than implied by this video.
Karen Vanderberg (1 год назад)
The hard hat actually got my attention. Cheesy or not, it helped make the message stick in my head. Thank you for being creative!
BandL Niles (1 год назад)
As an educator who left K12 education before I could retire due to frustration and disgust at how we were treated and the leadership that is taking us down the road, this is a good example of the things that make me shake my head. My trust in what they have to say is incredibly eroded by videos like this!!! The last thing I would do is compare my organization and its plan to the roads in Michigan at this moment, WOW??? This comes after the State Congress is looking to gut public education, its employees and students future. Be sure to watch in about 12-16 months they will be on to the next "new" thing or whatever the "Devos'" family wants. Makes me want to cry and the worst part of it is, the only way we can say what we believe is on the WWW. Nobody is listening in Lansing!!! Rant over! Time to go back and be happy!!!!
Colleen Shoup (1 год назад)
Kara P.: I was in no way criticizing your Mom. I am certain she is well liked and qualified for her position. My point is that to improve education in this state the MDE (which is a government department) must take into account the loss of quality teachers every day due in part to politics. All the proposed improvements to education will be moot if there are no teachers to teach.
Colleen Shoup (1 год назад)
Michigan education better...correct? It is difficult to separate education from politics since the legislature is constantly affecting educators. She really should know something about it.....
Weez naz (1 год назад)
Please don't do cheesy things like put on a construction hat, that was really corny.
Kara Pajor (1 год назад)
That's my mom she's amazing so who cares!
Matthew Oliver (1 год назад)
Nearly lost me totally at the construction hat.

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