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Justin Bieber - Love Yourself (Live From The 2016 Radio Disney Music Awards)

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Text Comments (8959)
jungkook maknae de ouro (11 hours ago)
oh justin...come and love me
Nina Karlina (15 hours ago)
guys I tell something.do you think who is the most popular sing ever in the world. Michael Jackson or Justin Bieber
Zaza Zaza (1 day ago)
QQq'n'; n
Zaza Zaza (1 day ago)
QQq'n'; n
Anisha Behera (3 days ago)
I love u justin 😘😘😘😘😘
Tanja Fengewisch (3 days ago)
Nice Mann
sukla Haldar (3 days ago)
I love the song. 😍😘😚❤💝💘💓💜💗💖💛💚💕💋💞💟👍👌👏
Fitrah Azima (3 days ago)
Can i have your subcribers only 1m justin?😁😂
Erpan 0411 (4 days ago)
(i'm indonesia)2018?
Charles Emanuel (4 days ago)
Acordes todos errados. Kkk
Robson Pereira (5 days ago)
Justin Bieber vc é o cara
Anisa (6 days ago)
La pelicula del Pobre (7 days ago)
Dew CamZian (7 days ago)
ร้อนหรอ อีดอก
Daniel Correa (9 days ago)
What is the song at the beginning?
farrah jean mcclearen (10 days ago)
The teacher is my music teacher and she show us the video of love yourself Central high school today
Gaming Appie (10 days ago)
1:06 he forgot the lyrics
Tony Strek (12 days ago)
Pussy chords
To Yang (14 days ago)
Abhishek Pandey (14 days ago)
Justin Bieber 2018 No brainer song Option A 👍 like Option B 👎dislike Option C 😱 wow Option D ❤️ Love
Nita Barimbing (15 days ago)
I love you Justin ❤
Kelly Roger (15 days ago)
2018 anyone September?
Tida Ndiaye (17 days ago)
I love you Justin💗💗💗💗💕
younus N Nayaz Nayaz (17 days ago)
like! if u love Jb... I Łøvê Jùšťįń.. man wd bigggggggg heart ♥ 😘❤
Tjalebgwa Butale (18 days ago)
Get a hairline Justin 😹
Sayan Mondal (20 days ago)
Tuyen Ly (20 days ago)
he is a special talent ❤
J sangita Biber (20 days ago)
Your look kill me
Jihan Santoso (21 days ago)
Kaya pengemis
Jennifer Frotten (22 days ago)
Good song
1:09 to 1:27 best part 😱
anushka yadav yadav (23 days ago)
You are my hero 😎🤩😍😍😍😍😍
JUSTIN Biebre (23 days ago)
SO OMG😊😉😉😂😂😭😭
bst love (24 days ago)
Wow amazing
Noah Brunstein (24 days ago)
They did something because these kids did not immediately pull out their phones and take a video of it
Jagdeep Kour (24 days ago)
Jastin i love ur all songs😍
B.R. choudhary (25 days ago)
Great Justin biber
Robeen Ali (26 days ago)
you are coming
김동범 (26 days ago)
Yeison Rap Aguilar (27 days ago)
crazy guys (28 days ago)
and thıs monkey gırl who has a green haır.she ıs a stupıd
Emma Drew (29 days ago)
Wow!! , I love him ❤❤💜💜
Faisal khan (1 month ago)
Justin bieber is the man with big heart and he is really a #legend
Swaberine Sahabooleea (1 month ago)
Swaberine Sahabooleea (1 month ago)
Ranjan Bori (1 month ago)
i love yr songs
nattapong pusomjit (1 month ago)
Love Justin
Snek (1 month ago)
All da girls be wet...from tears,of course.
노란오이 (1 month ago)
Tahira saba (1 month ago)
ooh wowwwww i just love love love love justib bieber. Btw this is better then the original one😉
Abhishek Pandey (1 month ago)
Justin Bieber 2018 No Brainer song Option A 👍 like Option B 👎dislike Option C 😱 wow Option D ❤️ Love
Thays REIS (1 month ago)
Justin Bieber Love❤❤
Marcelo Queiroz (1 month ago)
2018 <3 haha
Dâve Vaiphei (1 month ago)
Love you jb
Luis T (1 month ago)
I'm sorry but Ed Sheran song this better
Haha ugly
kapil official (1 month ago)
justin your bigest fan from nepal i have a big dream to meet you one time
faisal nord (1 month ago)
Kidal bung
Shiva Raj (1 month ago)
Hatija Akhtar (1 month ago)
No one likes u Justin Bieber
Bailay mood (1 month ago)
Unicorn Girl 105 (1 month ago)
Ya you should love yourself bec no one loves you
Bunny Sai (1 month ago)
My idol Justin Bieber
Jejeje que regale unos 1 mil suscriptores me vuelvo loko
Neevi Bieber (1 month ago)
Luv uh jus
Shadin Artonat (1 month ago)
Wow 😮😮
Brayan Ramírez (1 month ago)
Para vvhguj al hifgjggj🍔🎈🍄
iiixxi ixxiii (1 month ago)
١٠ مليون بس؟ انا لو مكانك احذف الاغنيه ذي
alawi iraaq (1 month ago)
iiixxi ixxiii المقطع الاصلي للاغنية فيه اكثر من مليار مشاهدة
Konah Washington (1 month ago)
Ubaid Ahmed (1 month ago)
🔥🔥 He sounds like it is in the studio, even after it is live.😘
orlibey montes padilla (1 month ago)
Que bonito justin Bieber gracias por estar en este mundo😊😍😁
Mohamad Bakhet (1 month ago)
La Footballeuse (1 month ago)
Vane Molina (1 month ago)
😐 I'm belieber ..... who else is belieber?
Mc Harry (1 month ago)
Cadê os 40 milhões de inscritos?? Sumiu? YouTube boicotando Justin Bieber
love music (1 month ago)
come to my school😍😍👍👍☺️
El Chokly (1 month ago)
Stan todas mojaditas
Nirjon Anis (1 month ago)
Zuber Dakhil (1 month ago)
Justin Fucker Bieber
Xavier Mateo (1 month ago)
kiiiooii slosooscoo
mari sudhir (1 month ago)
Canadians are way too emotional
Lais Oliveira (1 month ago)
amo 😍😍😍😍
Miya Cohen (1 month ago)
Omg i want it 2
Rick Das (1 month ago)
l like Justin beiber
Bidyot Saikia (2 months ago)
Jb is all of one
Chamkaur Singh (2 months ago)
So lucky guys
Lelin sarkar (2 months ago)
The most favourite singer ♥♥♥ #LoveFromBangladesh♥♥
yusuf WTF (2 months ago)
💃💃💃👏👏👏😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 يا مشيبهم انت ههههههههه good job man 👍
Amit Rawat (2 months ago)
Nice bro
#zueiras (2 months ago)
Q bosta slk
RENHOAR COM (2 months ago)
Adrián carrasco (2 months ago)
Wtf 😱 40 millons of suscriptores
Данил Иванов (2 months ago)
Хорошее видео) го ко мне)
maram akraman (2 months ago)
Funn GT (2 months ago)
الجوكر لات (2 months ago)
You beth
elioth zavala (2 months ago)

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