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Planting a Vegetable Garden for Winter in Northern California

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John from http://www.growingyourgreens.com shares with you what he is planting in the winter time in his front yard raised bed garden. He is planting a variety of starts. He also shares what is currently growing in his garden in Northern California
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Courtney Meows (1 день назад)
I want to know if that ended up being a true tree collard or not
tonytoes2 (4 года назад)
Great knowledge. Thanks for sharing
Deana Tankersley (5 лет назад)
I planted seeds directly and kind of late, =( will certainly start my seeds a lot earlier for my future winter gardening here in Georgia..but thanks as always for your great info..=)) planted collards,pak choy,brocolli,sugar snap,spinach..and a few others..
MrsGlorya86 (5 лет назад)
I had no idea you could grow a garden in the winter. I will definitely be trying it out this winter. Thank you for the information!
Rick Hutcheson (5 лет назад)
John, beginner gardener here. You mentioned rock dust. Is there more than one type?
thecinnamonlady (6 лет назад)
John this is off-topic but I can't find the video where you talked about DE. Now I bought a bag at Home Depot and got it home - it talks about killing critters and sounds like it might be toxic to use on my veg garden. Please either refer me to your advice or e-mail me at thecinnamonlady@msn.com. Thanks!
Susanna McIntyre (7 лет назад)
Wow....I remember when you planted those tree collards. Where do you suggest I purchase those. I would love to have a little collard forest like yours ;)
Time. If I plant lettuce today, it will take a few weeks to get to the point where they are TODAY if I buy them. It IS getting colder here and days shorter (less light), and with the cold comes less growth. I want to be able to eat sooner rather than later. TRUE, if I planned it better I could have started them in the greenhouse, but Im pretty much a one-man show here... I did have an eposide on buying vs starting seeds where I explain this.. check it out..
GOONIE H (7 лет назад)
I cant wait to see if you are right about that tree kale mine is purple like the one you have and i bought it in palo alto ca. I laughed about the guy getting a little pissed off when you questioned him, glad to see im not the only one who has ran into that situation buying plants/trees. Places thought i was nuts asking for their rock dust , and thought i was a idiot for purchasing a filter for my drip line. Sometimes you just gotta do what you know is right for yourself.
I had the video showing harvesting, and I have been dehydrating the seeds.. yummm.. You can also eat the flesh. (or juice it)
The Santa Rosa Farmers Market.. on Wed and Sat.. Kinda far to drive... Im sure a local nursery would have some good starts.
I have grown wheat before (for fun). It was fun to eat FRESH wheat kernals. I do grow wheatgrass in trays in the greenhouse sometimes. I think that its easier to buy wheat than to grow it.. I encourage people to grow things that would be expensive to buy, such as mache in the winter time.. Unless you just want to grow it for fun!
n foster (7 лет назад)
I have the green tree collard you just bought and I have had them for a year. I did not pay 25.00. Centrose nursery in southern california. I think I gave you the nurseries name previous. I got the purple and green ones there.
Joe Serrano (7 лет назад)
Hmm...something tells me although the winters are chilly here on the central plateau, sometimes we may dip below 35°F, but usually its cool, some frosts present,...gonna try my hand at growin' these veggies,...thumbs up to ya good buddy and thankin' ya for another AWESOME UPLOAD!! =D
Vladivostok (7 лет назад)
Have you ever considered growing wheat? I live in Northern California (pretty close to you) and I was wondering how it would grow here.
DiscountJuicers.com (7 лет назад)
try azomite. c o m for retailers near you.
DiscountJuicers.com (7 лет назад)
That's on "The List" to do... So many things to do!
jerrydff7 (7 лет назад)
thats good to know im from the South Texas were you buy rock dust?
Yes, you should be able to grow in South Texas in the winter. Northern Texas gets colder. Check the USDA hardiness map
jerrydff7 (7 лет назад)
can Tx work to??

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