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Doctor Who- GMTV Liz Sladen and Freema 6-27-08

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Richard Arnold talks to LIz and Freema about Doctor Who, contains a clip from Stolen Earth, unfortunately the same one we have already seen. :(
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MagicalMusic34 (10 месяцев назад)
IT’S LIS! Everywhere I look, everybody keeps spelling her name wrong and it’s pissing me off, now. And yes, that includes you lot here. L.I.S. Not “Liz.”
Joe Thornhill (2 года назад)
who is he talking about when he mentions a rumour that a long term companion won't make it in the episode ? i remmember watching a repeat of stolen Earth and Jorneys end on dalymotion a few months ago and i can't think who he's talking about.
DoctorWho ScenesUnscored (1 год назад)
He was talking about Donna Noble. If the Doctor hadn't have wiped her mind she would have died, and the doctor knew that. Sorry it's so late aha
RassilonTDavros (3 года назад)
I always get a little sad when people talk about how she never aged- it reminds me that she never really got around to it...
Mr. JustAGuyWithALightsaber (1 год назад)
RassilonTDavros I'm sure she did, what do random people online who don't know anything other than her looks and the character she played know? Though I do agree in terms of Sarah Jane. There's a reason companions leave in the first place (other than actors not wanting to get type cast) They're not young and naive anymore. It doesn't make sense for the, to play the part of the companion. In that sense, it is odd seeing really old Liz Sladen or really old Katy Manning trying to pull off the same character they did decades ago in any context other than a convention. Part of me doesn't want to see Sarah Jane become old, or if she does, she should be a different person. Oh and I don't know what the hell Davies was thinking making Sarah look like she had a crush on the fourth doctor. (It's insinuated in that episode with David Tennant and Mickey in the school)
ZD Cosner (3 года назад)
Huge to respect to Elisabeth Sladen and Freema Agyeman for putting up with this presenter's idiocy and foolishness. God, what an absolute twat he is. Dickhead.
Mike Gordon (3 года назад)
What a complete dick that interviewer is I'd love to smack the living shit out of it if he had spoken to Lis sladen or any iconic treasure like that on the BBC I wouldn't be surprised if he got the sack you could tell by Elisabeth's face at his crude key's on the table remark she wanted to smack him her self but being the professional lady that she was she kept her cool............
Shauna C (4 года назад)
Elisabeth Sladen got more beautiful as she got older!
Brandon McCarey (5 лет назад)
We miss you Liz.
dandaman62 (6 лет назад)
R.I.P. Liz
shayla chinyou (6 лет назад)
TheRudimentary (7 лет назад)
R.I.P liz sladen . u will be missed xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx so,so sad
Meangrl19 (7 лет назад)
I love Sarah Jane and Martha! Both really great companions!
joel1975 (8 лет назад)
Both women are hot...!
scifiradioguy (9 лет назад)
When you're an actor, ya gotta do what ya gotta do!
Sadia Prapti (9 лет назад)
liz has her own show on cbbc called sara jane advetures i love that show
harriet2501 (9 лет назад)
God who is this fool of an interviewer?!??
PringlesJingles (9 лет назад)
God that presenter's an idiot. Respect for Lis and Freema for putting up with his dumbness.
Antda Hiade (10 лет назад)
my two favourite companions and my two favourite actresses
nightowl685 (10 лет назад)
liz has aged insanely well:)
glnelson1956 (10 лет назад)
Freema and Lis both look beautiful here. Lis showed great class and intelligence in the way she defused several of the goofy questions that were thrown at her and Freema!
Silva (10 лет назад)
Oh Freema looks soo good!
Barbara Dickson (10 лет назад)
Poor Lis having to sit through this crap!!
beeoneeighttwo (10 лет назад)
aww thank u so much for uploading this i really can't wait for this series finale, it looks soo good, it's gonna be epic! oh and freema looks lovely :)
WcFreedomX (10 лет назад)
saturday night won't be the same in Hong Kong as well i have you know

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