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Having trouble getting Wu-Tang on eBay (05 Sep 2017)

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Chris Hansen (5 days ago)
It's nice to know even rich assholes have to deal with India for customer support.
Chris Hansen (5 days ago)
He was a Hillary supporter. Go figure. Who the fk pays 2 million for some old Wu-Tang bullshit.
hippa2dahoppa2 (2 months ago)
hees talking to some guy in turkey or india who has no clue who th fuck wu tang is
Monika Wheeler (3 months ago)
Will miss you Martin!!
Peyton Smith (19 days ago)
Monika Wheeler he will be back in a few years
Evil Gary (5 months ago)
Free Shkreli!
Ale T (8 months ago)
Hi so I'm assuming you archived most of his videos from the unlisted links?
Mobile253 (8 months ago)
Free Shkreli
drake (8 months ago)
How are you still uploading?
or is it...
Andrew Goulding (8 months ago)
This channel isn't run by Shkreli.
Tom Wessel (8 months ago)
I miss you Martin. POW MIA

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