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What is a Higgs Boson? - Physicist Michio Kaku responds

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Theoretical physicist Michio Kaku explains the larger implications of the God Particle's discovery. For more CNN videos, check out our YouTube channel at http://www.youtube.com/cnn Or visit our site at http://www.cnn.com/
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Colin Jemison (8 дней назад)
1:00 - 1:08 Micho Kaku said "you me even love" Nikola Tesla said "if you want to to find the secrets of the universe think in terms of energy frequency and vibration" 528 is the love frequency. If God is love, don't you think they would be somehow connected?
T McGe (14 дней назад)
Seems to me, the more they try to defunct GOD, the more they prove he exist and is the creator!
Joke & Collage
Jatz s (30 дней назад)
mfw every religious people in this comment section is being hypocrites by cussing and swearing at those who are studying science
methlokaiju (1 месяц назад)
Oh Kaku.....the Higgs Boson wasn’t “the spark” that led to the creation of the universe. That is absurd. It is simply an oscillation in the Higgs Field which when particles interact with it, get mass. What he is confusing it with is the Inflaton which is a hypothetical particle that made up the also hypothetical Inflaton field. I heard from many he made this blunder on CBS, but also in CNN? That’s quite disappointing.
CrazyToKeepSane (2 месяца назад)
We were created by another universe who were studying their own universe and their Higgs boson was super huge for us and they can't see us because we are the result of that. And we just unknowingly created a universe that is to small for us to measure that is going to create another universe and into infinity.
Robert H. (2 месяца назад)
My psychic medium/Tarot reader has a better explanation than this quack.
Alan Q. Wake (3 месяца назад)
Religion will never disappear because man needs a creator. Only when AI take over can logic grow and flourish.
Tommy G. (3 месяца назад)
He is absolutely right they found the God particle which means that God was involved at the beginning of the universe. They try to explain life without God by coming up with a big bang theory, yet they end up needing God for a big bang to happen.
Leaetta Hyer (3 месяца назад)
The Higgs boson is homosexual but still occasionally likes a nice BBW fat girl !
Rasen Shuri (3 месяца назад)
Man! Can't wait for all these people who are so sure to die... That higgs boson they tryna find...well, there's abundance of them in Hell.
Rocky Nelson (4 месяца назад)
What do you know? Another bunch of scientists say, as Mr. Hawkins said, God did not do it. In 1859, Mr. Darwin said it. His proofs do not exist. For two hundred years, "enlightened" folks had new ideas. Science now admits, others had it wrong, but you should believe us this time.
Rad Dmx (4 месяца назад)
watch time (5 месяцев назад)
Reporter is so calm and composed
fntime (5 месяцев назад)
Michio Kaku has the talent of explaining physics in very understandable manner.
THE EXILED (5 месяцев назад)
Hebrews 11:3 King James Version (KJV) 3 Through faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God, so that things which are seen were not made of things which do appear. just like the two different unseen air the hydrogen and the oxygen to form the water that can be seen by the naked eye
Charlie Daniels (5 месяцев назад)
Disprove religion!? Uh, I don’t think so hunny. A creator exists and you are only observing His works. This only proves how amazing God is. Get that straight.
TrigunOfox (5 месяцев назад)
poor western world thinking that religion is ALL around "Genesis" or "Christianity" ... They just forgot that their are another religion that goes hand to hand with sicence... And that science keeps confirming that religion and the existing of God... Yes, if you can't believe it, look it up for urself: The Qur'an mentions numerous scientific facts that none was disproven by the latest modern science. Here you go.
Yellow Synth (6 месяцев назад)
but you are leaving out genetic engineering Mr Liar
Randy Scott (6 месяцев назад)
These questions will never be answered because one theory leads to another at some point our theoretical physics breaks down it appears to me to be the same old story the alchemist provided the same services at one time and then as of now humanity had belief in them. All things change and in 50 years these theories will be outdated!
waqar ali (6 месяцев назад)
Chris S (6 месяцев назад)
So bc we allegedly discovered a particle we don't completely understand, we can now claim to know how the universe started, even though the whole concept of the Big Bang is really only an educated guess, and we really don't know how aforementioned particle accomplished the guess. And that will more than challenge the concept of God. That's like a child saying his dad doesn't exist bc he just understood how some of the female reproductive organs work. I'm all for science and finding the truth, but discovering how the universe works does nothing to change the fact that if you believe there is no God you have to have more "faith" than someone who does. A world-view without God answers few questions, in particular the important ones. Namely, what is love, what is evil, where did I come from, why are things as they are, and coming full circle how did the universe, including the Big Bang and the Higgs Boson, come to be in the first place. Science is the study of the natural; religion deals with the supernatural. They are not opposites nor enemies; you do not have to choose sides nor commit intellectial suicide to believe in God.
Lubov Mudrost (6 месяцев назад)
According to the spiritual master Peter Dunov/Beinsa Duno there are other dimensions in addition to the 11. The spiritual world is of another dimension. And yeas, no one dies, we only leave on earth our worn out clothes, and in approx. 45 years we come back on earth to continue our development. Blessings to all!
Mudfossil University (6 месяцев назад)
(Higgs Field photoed)......This is ACCELERATED LIGHT.... Look at the white rays (Boson Particles) attached to the dotted heads (Higgs Field) which is the circular (magnetic Field) in the dotted polarized magnetic field using the AETHER which is these elemental ..... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LY7Z1KhA_Eg&t=3s
Alex Cruz (6 месяцев назад)
What big conversation? If this particle was the fuel that set up the explosion that created the universe. who then created this higgs boson particle? I guess the big conversation is over.
Alex Cruz (6 месяцев назад)
What big conversation? If this particle was the fuel that set up the explosion that created the universe. who then created this higgs boson particle? I guess the big conversation is over.
williano Likulia (7 месяцев назад)
They are trying to prove that God does not exist and the Bible is wrong while in its own word the Bible did explain that from one thing everything came to be, it’s is just a scientific explanation of what the Bible was saying. As for the the reason for the explosion I’m curious to see them find the cause of that explosion, explaining how it happened or the first element of that event does not explain the reason or cause further more I don’t understand why bring love, the very prove that he brought, coming from the Bible is the existence off material and immaterial(aka spiritual )thing.
AndrewFM (7 месяцев назад)
how a physicists picks up women 1:06
Zerbin Auto (7 месяцев назад)
He still fales to explain where this "crystal" came from to cause his bang.
Sejo Hajdarbeg (8 месяцев назад)
I really do not understand,how many things Kaku expect to resolve with Higgs Boson.Mass,Big Bang,even before Bing Bang time and Multiverse.Otherwise I respect Kaku and lke to watch him but his imagination is much to big
ClockWork the Protogen (8 месяцев назад)
Please disprove god, i'd really like to see that XD
Trev James (8 месяцев назад)
We must discern the word 'Could' and 'we believe' nothing here is known it is only theory. I do like to see his enthusiasm for what he thinks MIGHT come to be but again it is still all completly unknown.
Angel Dancer (8 месяцев назад)
So Elvis is alive but God isn't.... that's okay but please, please don't tell me take you seriously
FAULTYCLONE001 (8 месяцев назад)
Fucking politics
Serjio Hernandez (9 месяцев назад)
Jesus said that God has many rooms in heaven
Serjio Hernandez (9 месяцев назад)
White holes
Bruce Pate (9 месяцев назад)
No scientist, or anyone else will ever disprove God to me.
PRODIGY AIRLINES (9 месяцев назад)
But god couldve made the partocle though XD
DJ May (9 месяцев назад)
This doesn't disprove God exists, in fact it puts more evidence into the idea that there must be an intelligence behind it
Victor Coleman (9 месяцев назад)
Dude, your never cross the beams...
Valdenir Silva (9 месяцев назад)
Gravity Bender (9 месяцев назад)
And how did that crystal come into existence.
Smith Ed (9 месяцев назад)
The higgs is going to destroy religion that has to be the most ignorant statement I have ever heard in my life it's laughable
O R (10 месяцев назад)
Michio Kaku is full of shit. He literally thinks everything, the enormously vast universe with its incredible mass, came out of nothing because of a particle that is invisible. It is obvious by this short segment that the entire agenda behind this theoretical bullshit is to disprove of god and intelligent design. And they know 99.99% of people do not have the skills, time, or interest in delving deep enough into the math and physics behind their propaganda to even try to refute it. They'll just accept it as fact even tho it is not.
johnnie cameron (10 месяцев назад)
Dandog Zbutt (10 месяцев назад)
man im christian and i live in a very democratic part of ohio, so im surrounded by athiests, and theyres two types of athiests: theres chill ones that dont care about youre religion but they respectfully state that they are athiests, neither of us try to disprove the other(my friends basically). then theyre are dicks that when religion comes up they like give a weird look to everyone in the room like "ha look at this idiot". its the look like when youre with your family and youre uncle say something racist and everyone just looks at each other like "uh oh, shouldnt have said that" thats the look i get when i mention im christian. some athiests treat us like we're mentally ill or retarded or both and it gets on fucking nerves
AR Ethan (10 месяцев назад)
Great Explanation. Thanks Prof. Michio Kaku. If religion dark aged bullshit ideologies, we have accept it, we should respect Science which makes our life better not hallucinated and crazy prophets. Religion kills many Scientists and other Genius and damage the good of human kind. Often religion appear as terrorism because religions are crazy dark ages stupid and hallucinated(mentally ill) peoples. And we human are extremely susceptible to hallucination.
John Danté (11 месяцев назад)
This is giving me goosebumps on a positive scale! So much excitement!
akruti Mishra (11 месяцев назад)
Higgs boson gave the universe mass than how is big bang true because it says all the mass of universe was concentrated into a single point called singularity . can anyone explain ? if the Crystal was massless than what about singularity ?
TPlus Gaming (1 год назад)
Why religion is involved
sanjuansteve (1 год назад)
I’m a layman, but it seems the most obvious & logical explanation for particles acting like polarizable axial or circular, helical waves as they travel is that they’re orbiting something (a dark (or anti) matter particle perhaps). It's not unlike Earth being pulled into a wobble by the moon, or a distant star's wobble evidencing planet orbits making our trajectories as we fly thru space have an apparent axial or circular helical wave (like a packet) as well, depending on the orientation of the orbit. And since we think we know undetectable dark matter exists and should be 5 times as common as matter but don't yet know where it's distributed, it seems a logical possibility that we are in a sea of dark matter (the Higgs field), even in otherwise empty space, and every particle (photons, electrons, etc) is paired (entangled) in orbit with one. I think gravitational waves could be dark matter waves and that gravity might be caused by the density of dark matter. This could explain the double slit experiment results, including with a detector with some interaction between the dark matter and the detector (and perhaps dark matter entanglement), it could explain the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle, as well as explain the deflection of the axis of the particle's wave motion (orbit orientation) moving thru polarizing filters rotated less than 45 degrees apart, etc. Perhaps the only reason for photons' max speed limit is caused by the dark matter they're paired in orbit with interacting with other dark matter. This could also explain why the universe is expanding from the central singularity point of the big bang outward in all directions faster than the speed of light into previously completely empty universe space, given that there is no dark matter there yet.
Chris Bell (1 год назад)
When we cool matter to almost absolute zero.... are we looking at the out cloak of the higs boson?
Russ G (1 год назад)
I could have gotten a simpler explanation from Professor Irwin Corey!
Chuck Summers (1 год назад)
So.........they found a new particle and thats all. Its not the god particle because the god particle does not exist. Find a new particle and then discover its made up of smaller particles and you can divide that by infinity. There is no end. Nassim Haramein was right all along, you can divide particles to infinity, there is no end.
Anael Gamboa (1 год назад)
Science is amazing and complex I can not understand it. That it makes me want to stop understanding it and believe in a "God" that does not exist.
john smith (1 год назад)
I love Michu but I just read last night, that during the "awake" test last year at cern. That neither the Higgs boson nor the Higgs singlet were found in the amounts previously thought. Therefore not enough of these particular were present during the "Big Bang" , so I believe this proves. IT WASNT A BIG BANG , that created the universe!!!
Maxmud Xareed (1 год назад)
NOW IT IS 2017 and the higs boson has uterly failed
Jason Farver (1 год назад)
ok you cant rule anything out... except God... whatever.... Life comes from life... so there was always life even before the.... whatever
David Johnson (1 год назад)
Godless atheists like  Michio Kaku will have a chance to know God exists when he burns in hell!
Tom (1 год назад)
Omg! What if they start cloning the spirit particle? On the bright side if they use mine, the world would go back to normal.
Charles Hammond (1 год назад)
LOL CNN always trying to distract people from the point with their same lame cringy discussion topics. Had NOTHING to do with religion but with the geometrical fabric of our intelligent universe. Media is a rip off. Break the veil my friends, like Kaku.
Grimm Reaper101 (1 год назад)
what veil this idiot kaku is dumb as fuck
Joseph Martelli 7777 (1 год назад)
How foolish is this guy
Jonas Grumby (1 год назад)
awesomecamero776 (1 год назад)
*literally explains the higgs boson perfectly to her* "ok its still very complex"
MrBoJangles (1 год назад)
Ignorance is bliss... I ain't here for a long time i'm here for a good time. God's speed people, whatever that is.
Robin McAdam (1 год назад)
God says he is the beginning in the end the Alpha and the Omega and you guys are trying to create the beginning when God said let there be light. so it is true When God Says I Am the beginning and the end
Black Jack (1 год назад)
A Higgs boson is just an extremely small particle. it is everywhere in our universe, even if we remove all matter, the emptiness will still be fully filled with higgs bosons. These Higgs bosons combined make a higgs field which is then everywhere even in emptiness. Now all the matter which is composed of tiny atoms and elementary particles like neutrons protons electrons etc, interact with this higgs field. They touch this higgs field at any given time, or say they travel through it all the time. This interaction or the effect of higgs field upon them all gives them their mass. The mass of anything comes from its touching the higgs field, or say its travelling through the higgs field. Just because it is a very important particle which fully fills our space even with and through inside all the matter, it is referred to as God particle. This any way has nothing to do with religion, it doesn't proves there is God or not. I believe in God wholeheartedly, i am not an atheist. Those who are curious about God, they should understand that all holy books tell us that God hid His kingdom and angels etc from our eyes so to test us in this life and reward us in hereafter, so believers should believe in God with this curtain of the unseen, but there is also this fact that these holy books have been corrupted by humans too, and we believe what is right in them, not every thing.
-IOI- (1 год назад)
Crickey. Try to accurately predict what will happen when you impact a copper-rich projectile into a asteroid before trying to predict the origin of the universe and the possibility of existence outside our own realm. I wonder why these few main celebrity promoters (Nye, Ndgt & this Bloke) never speak of the Electromagnetic side of the universe. You know, the stuff that seems to make everything we experience (and us) possible. From the charge in an atoms nucleus to the nervous system and neurological system in our bodies, to the visible light part of the spectrum, the energy to run our devices, lightning and the arouras, right through to the earths Ionosphere and magnetic field. EM discussion and promotion to the main steam seems to stop somewhere there. Like Earth and its life are the only things to be so dominated by this mysterious and 'subsequent ' force. Gravity based science/religion cannot even be properly explained with the 'settled' science in the main stream, we need to invent exotic, un-observable and un-detectable mass and energy to make it work. Nor can we explain the Suns workings and origin. Nor the formation and position of the planets in our OWN solar system. Nor the readings returning from the voyager satilites as the cross into the interstellar medium (let alone the truth in the 'constants' we base our mathematical exploration of the universe on) How many 'surprises' do we have to endure before the question is raised, "Are we wrong. About everything" Have a look at the real science going on in the poorly funded backroom.... Plasma Cosmology. Fascinating, observable, and testable ideas.... That are doing a pretty good job at predicting more and more of the world around us....
-IOI- (1 год назад)
Bit of a rant there... whoops... It's bloody insulting though that I am expected to blindly believe such rubbish. 50 years from now, today's society will be looked upon in the same light as those that believed you could sail of the edge of the earth.
Chris Nelson (1 год назад)
I'm a little bit confused. It seems to me as if the higs field is just another name for the string in string theory. But rather than just looking at the string they are looking for a propery of the string and trying to seperate it from that theory whilst not bothering to explain it. Yet this guy says that he believes in string theory. Seems to me as though he's another one of these tv scientists like that bill nyle guy. By that I mean he doesn't seem to know WTF he's talking about half the time and he feels a need to bring far left politics into everything like the rest of these "scientists"
andre fruth (1 год назад)
I believe this as much as jesus and santa... lot's of people say it's so... so it must be. grow the fu.
Alexander Cunningham (1 год назад)
This is how pathetic scientists are, 1st of all he didn't even explain what the higgs boson is, only what the collider does at face value. Then jumped straight into disproving "religion" or The bible specifically and The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. So pathetic as to even mention elvis. This is a waste and most likely distracting you from something way more important.
Alexander Cunningham (1 год назад)
Basically the scientists are "killing" the certain numbers of "god particles" which crates black holes. These black holes are causing major changes to take place in earths atmosphere, underground or in other words all over earth. They really don't know what will really happen only that this process is unbalancing everything from weather, climate, even down to the people. The goal is to erase The Creator, The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and do away with His laws and commandments so that they can commit unspeakable acts of abominations. Vanity
Yvette Ugalde (1 год назад)
The split moment of creation itself revealed... *Insert Mind blowing explosion noise*
ADEM SAADI (1 год назад)
so you are saying that this particles are the only responsible of creation of our world , okey let me give you some question , how your soul is created ?? is it with this particles ??
doneal82 (1 год назад)
for a smart guy he is dumb as ever , no way you can say what happen before God created the Earth
Ahmed Al-Salahi (1 год назад)
who created that boson? no matter what, anything needs to be created?
Ndn Rockr (1 год назад)
This guy is just assuming everything is created by a giant explosion. You, me, this earth, love etc. Where is his evidence? If he is one of the so called rationalist scientists, he should not 'assume' or 'believe' the things without getting real proof/evidence.
Luke Johnson (1 год назад)
This has what to do with disproving God? Pride goeth before the fall.
John Stavrou (1 год назад)
i think every solar system is a function
Ganesh (1 год назад)
Boson means.. satyendranath bose which is indian scientist discover mathematically equation
dAvrilthebear (1 год назад)
explain the Higgs and the boson, both
Ideology aside - isn't the theory that the Higgs Boson was one of the particles to collide and create The Big Bang supposing that Space/Time existed before the big bang? I'm not an intellect and would love some guidance by an Academic in the field.
HAllA MALSI (1 год назад)
This proof that there is an authority ie God who plan and decide the collission of the particles and the outcome. Science has no proof what created the higgs Boson, it just discover and explain. Religion provide the answer ie God the unseen Power who decide and causes these to occur.
Grimm Reaper101 (1 год назад)
and what proves a god doesn't exist some stupid ass people that overthinks everything like an apple falling when they should be using logics and relativity
Grimm Reaper101 (1 год назад)
and everything in that book proves more that a god exist than all the theories combined , life proves that a god exist the only way you don't believe there is a god that means you don't think you have a soul as well
Plazmica 032 (1 год назад)
And what prooves God, a single book that was written by humans?
SVAIDY NATHAN (1 год назад)
I am telling time, yes time is one and only the certain forever and other things all are uncertain, which means changing changing and change to other form or energy field, everything going to be destroy-able then time still goes on and on forever...then what is the time means, which is distracting with everything and all of us? once gone everything then time can also not survivable, it need medium to travel like us, so human beings only think and struggle about time, but others not?
Jimmy Biggs (1 год назад)
I have never heard a better explanation of GOD saying, "Let there be Light" And Jesus Creating that Light. The Lord Jesus Being The Word of God, The Lesser or the Second personality of the God Head, the Son of God. John 1:3 “All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made.” hence the 'God particle'. This is the best explanation that I have ever heard Period Thank you Dr. Mickio Kaku.
What...the...funk! (2 года назад)
If they answer the how we got here then the why goes out the window. So religion and the god theory goes bye bye. Why is everyone so scared to know the answer? It will go against the indoctrination you've been lead to believe.
Cheeky Monkey (2 года назад)
chi. ki.
Cheeky Monkey (2 года назад)
Simphonyh Man (2 года назад)
Higgs Boson/Big Dump
mpking1374 (2 года назад)
This guy spends so much time on TV, radio, writing popular science books (no less important), does he still do much physics?
Victor Minor (2 года назад)
Turnover... Higgs Boson- found 2012.. Notified DBATEAM.. No Update Have a good day.(2016)
Ebbaneeza feelgood (2 года назад)
Casey halelton your a clever one .....thank you that was very intresting
woloabel (2 года назад)
nonsense!  a bunch of thieves in the center of worlds attention.  refrain from feeding this socalled state sanction science as truth.  they don't even know but what they do know and they never say is that all this is a weapon.  this buffoon was created by Edward teller the father of death--hodrogen bomb and these ppl are the makers of death!
SUN SHINE (2 года назад)
Lawrence Stanley (2 года назад)
Ever wanted to learn the language of "speculationese?" Just listen to Kaku, he's a master at it... Just listen to phrases like "we think," "might have," "maybe..." What do we know for certain? "In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth..."
Riot4Peace (1 год назад)
Certainly, god is made of ink and paper. And, found in a book, apparently.
SVAIDY NATHAN (1 год назад)
I am telling time, yes time is one and only the certain forever and other things all are uncertain, which means changing changing and change to other form or energy field, everything going to be destroy-able then time still goes on and on forever...then what is the time means, which is distracting with everything and all of us? once gone everything then time can also not survivable, it need medium to travel like us, so human beings only think and struggle about time, but others not?
nuno line (1 год назад)
Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind - Einstein.. You can actually have a conversation that Coincides with both. Like in the tale of the Creation when God said "let there be Light" and with Science where there is a "Big Bang"
Lawrence Stanley (1 год назад)
+Piece Sauce Why, because you disagree with what I'm saying? I hear godless people all the time telling me that they can be moral without God. If you are an example of godless morality, then I hope that you do not teach your children to mock those that they disagree with.
Ripper (1 год назад)
Lawrence Stanley it's either that or your just retarded.
C James (2 года назад)
Bull shyit
Kevin Knorr (2 года назад)
This guy talks bullshit in such shallow circles. "This is big, its deep... Elvis may still be alive!" It makes me wonder if he really even understands any of it. He sure can't explain anything very well. He always appears to be either fielding "questions" or giving a "live" talk, but then always dodges quickly into overly scripted, TV commercial "goo goo gaga."
Casey Hazelton (2 года назад)
I thought the intent of the experiment was to use the discovery of the higgs boson to prove the existence of the HIGGS FIELD. No one ever really looks past the boson its self. The field of which its from is the real discovery, or at least I thought. Tho it seems that what this field is really made up of is still under debate. What if this field is not only the origin of mass, but the original source of energy? It may be possible that mass can be created from energy alone. Einstein predicted that energy=mass, of thats true, then so is this idea. Think of the higgs field as an seemingly endless sea of energy that fills every knick and cranny of our observable universe. This sea would be some what like the oceans of earth. As water is made up of molecules, the Higgs field is made up tiny, TINY bubbles that are microscopic when compared to atoms. You may even say they're they're the size of electrons, maybe even smaller. Throughout the field there is a relatively even flow of energy thats in constant motion. Energy is never at rest and essentially this is what energy is, motion. But because this sea of energy is always in motion, the field is constantly fluctuating. This would cause Energy to be at higher and lower concentrations throughout the universe. As energy moves from one bubble to the next, the bubbles expand and contract as they transfer the energy from one to another. When a bubble receives energy, it expands in the opposite direction from where the energy was recieved and as the bubble expands out it transfers the energy through contact with the bubbles that surround it. This would cause the energy to spread out in almost all directions giving a wave like effect...ripples through the higgs field.
Casey Hazelton (2 года назад)
The way these newly formed atoms would be able to organize their mass and energy so precisely can be explained by the some what recent discovery of primer fields. If you have seen the primer field video on you tube you'll see how magnetic fields can blend causing very specifically structured patterns to form. These patterns almost perfectly resemble the classic structure of atoms. And the way the magnetic fields are formed are identical to the way gaps with in the higgs field would how back in to reseal the gap. If any of this is true then magnetic fields are no more then energetic forces that redirect energy by altering the flow of energy thru each field particle bubble to a specific direction. So all magnets really do is realign field particles to force energy to flow in specific directions or even patterns. If you do watch the primer field videos then you may have to bare thru the majority of many of its outrageous claim but the facts of the discovery remain the same and thats how magnetic fields can specifically organize matter and energy. This theory can explain almost any phenomena on the known universe as well as why it continues to expand faster and faster, the concentrations of field particles are more scarce towards the edges of galaxies so bubbles have to expand more and more to transfer their energy. The rate at which. Every time energy transfers from bubble to bubble, the majority of the energy is transfered in the opposite direction of where in entered. But not all the energy is sent straight across, fractions of the energy are spread evenly thru the bubble in all directions to maintain the bubbles balance of energy (so it wont pop, no energy=no bubble) this gives the wave like effect of all matter and energy. This spreading of energy, however, breaks the energy down dividing it into eventually nothing as energy that reaches the edges of galaxies is lost forever. As this lost energy enters the voids of space between galaxies it is divided among the scarce amounts of field particles until it is divided into nothing (or is lucky enough to reach other galaxies). Atoms have usually long been broken down by the time they reach this far but their divided mass still must remain. It is possible that mass that reaches this far can no longer maintain the energy required to sustain mass. The energy is so scarce That the charge of every quark is lost causing their mass to achieve a negative charge, or no charge at all resulting in zero energy mass. This "dead" or "negative" mass may be able to explain the mystery of dark energy as well as dark matter. Its possible once energy have been around for so long Its charge can no longer be divided and reaches a negative or even "anti" state. This would go for mass as well, once mass is depleted of all energy it would become dead matter possibly even with negative or anti state's. This would also explain why there is so much more of this in the universe then regular matter, the universe is old, very old, and this process would have been taking place since the beginning of time (or energy at least) and it would only make sense that after so long the amount of dead matter and energy would eventually out number the live. A simpler way to think of it is like this, imagine if no one ever died on earth, over time the elderly would greatly out number the young. All young become old, but not the other way around, that is the flow of time. The inevitable course of energy. But energy doesn't just die around the outside of galaxies, but every where through out the field. Every where, all the time energy is reaching its end, the point where it can no longer be divided. As if its diluting into the emptiness of space. But where does this dead energy and matter go once divided to this point? The answer is apparently everywhere. This dead energy simply inhabits the same place singled out field particles take, the space between each field particle. This broken down energy and mass is so small that its microscopic when compared to field particles, that them selves are already microscopic compared to atoms. This dead matter and energy, in small amounts, is harmless to living matter. But this dead matter and energy has been building up since the beginning of time, so its count is far greater than the live energy and mass we experience today, filling the empty spaces between field particles pushing them further and further apart forcing each bubble to expand even more, thus driving our universes expansion even faster. Eventualy all live energy will run out and the universe will be a desolate place as live field particles will have less and less energy to fill them, and eventualy, will have divided into nothing. (no energy=no bubbles=no mass=no life as we know it) The Higgs field will be depleted and a new field of negative dead energy will take its place. Possibly giving birth to a whole new universe with All new laws of physics completely different or even opposite to our own. Maybe even the reconquering of the anti particles. As of right now we cannot know. This theory (if accurate) would still just be one more piece to the puzzle. Its not to rewrite the laws of physics but to help better understand what we already know. Also.... This theory can explain the true nature of gravity. For Atoms to sustain structure, they must use the constant flow of energy from the higgs field. Remember That Atoms are just field particle bubbles who's trapped energy has been reconfigured and restructured. Even tho they have been separated from the higgs field, they're still bubbles. Its the bubbles "shell" that holds an atom together. As we can observe thru watching regular soap bubbles, they can merge, divide, and build pressure but of All the things they can do, one thing is certain, no air=no bubble. Again, same with energy, no energy=no bubble. So in order for atoms to retain their bubbles structure, they must always have energy, and energy cannot exist in the same bubble indefinitely, so energy must be cycled thru the Higgs field. Atoms are always in contact with field particles. And with each pass of the orbiting electrons, energy is transfered (collected) from surrounding field particles to maintain a balance of energy required to sustain the bubbles structure. As energy is collected by atoms, more energy moves in to maintain the balance of energy of the field particles so their bubbles won't pop. On small scales we dont notice it, but on massive scales like moons planets and stars (and what not) we not only see but can feel the massive amounts of energy pouring in to supply and maintain the balance energy used by each and every atom. We know this as Gravity and it would only make sense that that more energy an object uses, the more gravity it will experience. As massive objects, like earth for example, collect from a rock to the size it is today, the amount of energy required by each and every atom grow as well. Over time the planet begins to funnel in energy more and more creating a permanent magnetic field that guides energy from the higgs field in as if the planet was a single atom, giving us the magnetic field we observe today. These magnetic fields can tangle with other larger fields like That of stars forming solar systems like our own. This would explain why gravity is so dominant and seemingly cannot be redirected. Energy exists with in bubbles on the smallest scale possible, any smaller than that is dark matter and energy (matter thats been divided to the point where it cannot retain energy or any charge). Existing on this scales allows it to be capable of moving thru almost anything, even between atoms. All atoms use energy from the higgs field so energy must be able to get to them, and it does as we can clearly see. That is why gravity, in most situations, can not be adverted. All atoms need it so all atoms get it. I wrote This on my smart phone so please forgive any poor grammar. If any thing is unclear, just ask and I will gladly clarify or explain further if need be. for now I'll leave it at that, theres gotta be a better way to do This. (lol)
Casey Hazelton (2 года назад)
This could mean that matter is formed by whole atoms at a time. Tho it is also possible that this process simply creates one particle at a time, quark by quark to eventually form protons and neutron by neutron, ect, ect, all depending on the amount of field particles that were singled out as well as the duration and surrounding levels of field energy. The newly formed sub atomic particles would then drift thru the field until contact is made with another sub atomic particle that has a compatible charge. How ever it currently seems more likely that matter is formed into whole atoms at a time, and this is why: When energy is brought to rest the majority of it separates its charge into positive, neutral and negative. The negative maintains motion by clinging to the edges of the bubble sphering the center. The positive charge is confined to the center and is brought to an almost absolute rest and is divided in tiny clusters of three (the quarks) and forms the protons. But for energy to exist it must have some sort of motion. Tho most of the continued motion of the energy is spread out in the outer most of the bubble, some is still trapped in the quarks of the protons in the center. Since not all the energy is brought to a full rest with in the protons, the protons form a small bubble like particle with a zero charge (the neutron) to allow the left over energy to cycle (basically extra room to move). Its also possible that neutrons originally form with a slight negative charge and is balanced by the positive charge of the proton resulting in a neutral charge. These neutrons can be thought of as bubbles them selves that are formed by newly formed mass with in expanded bubbles (singled out field particles) that regulate the flow of left over energy. By the time the gap is closed the singled out field particles (bubbles) will have gained mass and would no longer be just another bubble, but instead an atom. This new atom would then be unable to blend back in with the rest of the field, so it continues to exist as its own particle, separate from the higgs field. So why doesnt this trapped energy get used up or break apart when reintroduced to the field? Well actually it does, just very slowly. When energy exists in one place for too long, it decomposes and breaks up into seemingly nothing. This may be why the nature of energy is motion. To exist it must flow or cycle, so the laws of physics revolve and originate from this fact. As the negative energy (electrons) spins, or spheres, around the centered mass of the protons in the outer limits in the bubble, it transfers energy from the surrounding field particles towards the center mass. This process is similar to how we generate energy by moving a magnet around or thru a conductive material. If an atom were to loose 100% of its energy it would break apart. So for an atom to exist, it must maintain some amount of energy. A field particle is basically a bubble that is shaped by energy. Remember that as energy is transfered into a bubble, the bubble expands until contact is made with another. Once the energy is transfered out of one, it contracts, but the flow of energy through out the field is constant so the bubble would never be able to contract to the point of implosion (except maybe in extremely rare conditions) before more energy can flow thru again. So atoms maintain their energy by transferring it from the higgs field to retain the flow in the outer shell's and by storing it with in the surviving cycling mass in its center. How ever, these field particle bubbles are so small that they can squeeze between atoms and if they are not used for supplying energy to the atom, they can expand causing conjoined atoms to split apart. This process helps matter on more massive scales (such as moons, planets, stars, ect.,) form into the shapes of seemingly perfect spheres or close to it. Field particles both create and shape matter, as well as destroy it. Energy trapped in an atom doesn't last for ever. It can only exist in the same bubble for so long. As the energy in the bubble dissipates, new energy is cycled in thru the Higgs field. But the rate at which energy decomposes is slightly faster than the rate it can be replenished, so inevitably all matter decomposes. Some matter is more stable than others so it is able to transfer energy much faster, Bismuth, for example can transfer energy almost exactly as fast as it depletes so is can hold its structure ALMOST indefinitely. If at any point a bubble looses ALL of its energy, it simply pops and the matter with in it is no longer held together and exposed to the higgs field causing immediate break up of the atom or deterioration of the field particle bubble.
Casey Hazelton (2 года назад)
That alone could explain how particles can act as both as wave and a particle, they're particles that produce a wave...ripples through the higgs field. So long as a particles has some form of charge (energy), it can produce a wave. Now, as to how mass may be formed through this. Since this field of constant energy is constantly fluctuating, certain portions of the field could potentially fluctuate in opposite directions cause brief gaps to form with in the field. When this happens individual field particles, or bubbles, can be singled out forcing the energy with in to be brought to rest. When the motion of energy is brought to a halt, it (in a manner) solidifies. Einstein must have had an idea of this when he proposed energy=mass. but not all the energy is brought to rest, when a field particle is singled out, it will first attempt to expand to release the energy, but can only expand so much. When the limit of its expansion is reached, the energy in the centermost of the bubble is brought to rest resulting in the formation of mass. The energy in the outer most of the bubble, how ever, is able to continue motion by clinging to the edges of the bubbles where the most space would be present. It then creates layers in which certain amounts of energy can be retained at any time. This could be what we know as the electron shells that surround atoms. How much mass that is created would all depend on how long the field particles were singled out (time in which the bubbles were excluded from the rest of the field)
RJCHOICE (2 года назад)
Hey science deniers, tell you what. Get off the internet, pray your message to god, and ask god to relay it to the rest of us.. If that works, you may be on to something, otherwise? Science FTW.
Victor Minor (2 года назад)
He made a newer video talking about how a new Math is introduced into physics explaining that there is INDEED a God.. yup, they have already proven that everything about our universe is mathematically symmetrical to the precise decimal of number's and sounds.. The universe it's self can almost be God speaking himself.
Despiser Despised (2 года назад)
Hey anti religious regressive, fuck you. Fucking indoctrinated useless idiot of the leftwits that desire power.
Ryan West (2 года назад)
This was the WORST explanation of the Higgs Boson/Higgs Field I've ever heard. I call BS.
methlokaiju (1 месяц назад)
Ryan West Totally agree. I heard by many he made a similar blunder on CBS. Now thousands will think the Higgs Boson is the reason why our universe exists. He seems to have confused it with the Inflaton.
jordantiste (5 месяцев назад)
Agreed with the OP. The discovery of the Higgs says nothing about what happened before the Big Bang. The discovery of the Higgs Boson proves the existence of the Higgs field, which says that vacuum has a non-trivial energy associated to it. The field was initially postulated to explain why particles have mass. In the end, certain particles travel throughout the universe but interact and are 'slowed down' by this field. This 'slowing down' is experienced as those particles having mass. Interestingly, the neutrino is a particle whose mass is not explained! As the SM is written, there should be no interaction between the neutrino and the Higgs field.
Azzam Al-tairi (8 месяцев назад)
Can you explain it to us ? (Try to make it simple)
Sharpie (1 год назад)
Ryan West no it's because you're stupid
Daniel Peace (2 года назад)
Ryan West I too think that way
Juan (2 года назад)
explosion! *wince* explosion!! *wince* the explosion!!! *artery explodes*

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