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Inside the Resolution Copper Mine, 1.3 Miles Underground

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Mar. 14 -- There are deeper mines in North America than the Resolution mine but none with a single shaft this long. It is a 6,943 foot concrete barrel, 30 feet in diameter bored into the mountain of Arizona and took six years to dig. Bloomberg's Matt Philips journeys toward the center of the earth to check out this engineering marvel. (video by Adam Wolffbrandt)
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Steve Irnwitt (2 days ago)
Copper prices needs to go up Jesus that’s an insane job
LEE YONG KANG - (6 days ago)
This is better than the unsafe old mine
ghjghjgjhghj (7 days ago)
Robots going to take so many jobs
Twentyfifty 5 (10 days ago)
What is the sigma heat content of ur air at shaft bottom??
fhhsvnggbh (1 month ago)
why the fuck wont you idiot americans adopt the metric system. ie 0 degrees celicus water freezes 100 it boils. makes life a lot fucking easier. Makes you sound fucking stupid when you say its 100 degrees outside.
diln chil (12 days ago)
fhhsvnggbh because we can how about you fuck off
Joe Smith (2 months ago)
Are they hiring? How do I apply for a job with them?
chillydog72214 (10 days ago)
Joe Smith I'm ready. Got 16 years in coal I'm ready for a change to metal!
Fuck Google (2 months ago)
i wouldn't have picked up a shovel without the permits first. that should've been number uno.
jrich8112 (2 months ago)
Did he say 6 "B"billion invested ?!?!??!?!
Kyle Sonsalla (11 days ago)
jrich8112 Yes
Selvyn Quijada (2 months ago)
$6 billion dollars investment, invest in real-estate; would be alot better!
Gold Digger Wright (3 months ago)
My entire family were miners. Hard working men who appreciate life
jrregan (3 months ago)
Fed permits hold up the project until 2020... Not now! Trump Trains in hi gear!
pa bits berry (4 months ago)
Macassa mine in Kirkland lake Ontario was 7325 feet deep And was at one time the deepest single lift shaft in the western hemisphere . Creiton mine in Sudbury Ontario.over 7000 ft deep. Kidd creak mine in Tiimmins Ontario is the deepest base metal mine in the world almost 3000 metres.
Earl Berta (3 months ago)
pa bits berry nyygvbmkon
Steven Rowlandson (4 months ago)
Is the ore body the only one or are there others near by?
blastman8888 (7 months ago)
What they don't say is the surface drops into the hole all the beautiful desert is going to look like a big pit all the animals that live on the surface will be killed and jeep trails which we have been using for years will be closed off.
This Is Google (1 day ago)
blastman8888 so what?
Justin Carman (1 month ago)
You do realize, that because the vast majority of overburden is extremely competent sandstone, that subsidence will be extremely minimal. If there's any at all. Your desert and jeep trails will be fine.
Al Jass (1 month ago)
blastman8888 ah yes, “jeep” trails through animals and a beautiful desert.
Ian Smith (2 months ago)
blastman8888 do you live there?
shramik h (1 year ago)
j hope they don't get the licence
A A (2 months ago)
D L don't forget to remove all central ac
Fuck Google (2 months ago)
nepali hercules selective conservation. thats cute.
DM MM (2 months ago)
Walk, instead if driving your Subaru
journeystarr (2 months ago)
nepali hercules shut the fuck up, liberal pussy. Go hug a fucking tree or cry to your vegan coffee. Fucking pussy. Grow some balls.
Orion Riedel (1 year ago)
idk about blowing up the ceiling that sounds like a horrible idea and a massive cave in
Dank News Bruh (22 days ago)
With that logic, deepwater horizon should not have happened.
nuclearTANK (3 months ago)
I grew up practically next to that mine and method there planning to use is called block cave mining it really is bad idea, the rock down there is so tough that when try try this they're gonna get boulders the size of houses, and I know for sure no one is gonna be willing to unjam it
RYoungPDX (10 months ago)
Orion Riedel they obviously know what they're doing. You're not the one mining lol
shramik h (1 year ago)
do you see how tall buildings are? and inside there's a lot a space. how come the ceiling doesn't collapse? because there are support structures. you don't need to be smart to know that.
Henry H. (1 year ago)
And don't forget the land ABOVE the copper deposit. If that deposit becomes a giant hole, the whole land above it could collapse. I wish videos would explain more and dumb-down less.
الحمد الله رب العالمين
osman613 (2 years ago)
Adam Booth (2 years ago)
Really interesting episode thanks!
dzeep ndlovu (2 years ago)
block caving...

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