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Before & After 70 Pound Weight Loss Transformation

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Text Comments (5132)
High Carb Hannah (2 months ago)
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Steven William (5 days ago)
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E. Meyers (11 days ago)
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abdelmoutaleb lamaani (20 days ago)
i can't losing weight wathever i did, can you help me please !!!
Thanos K (22 days ago)
High Carb Hannah I'm 13 and I'm doing the same thing with you but I will never start doing drugs and alcohol and cigarettes cause I'm playing football AND with my way I lost 9kg in 2 months.Plz answer
Kristian Baum (1 month ago)
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GAMING ONLY (4 hours ago)
Before pics in bikini and after pics no bikini 😥 😥😂
Jean-Paul Nederland (18 hours ago)
Watch David Goggins if you want to be Motivated. MOTIVATED. MOTIVATED.Motivated. MOTIvated. Motivated. Motivated
Sophia Sophia (22 hours ago)
cavecanem (1 day ago)
How did you exercise your hips? :)
araccely :v (1 day ago)
this book in spanish please :C i love your channel c:
xt.just. me (1 day ago)
Can u help me? Im 15 , 153 cm and weigh 48.5 kg . Im a little chubby and want to get rid of that can u help me please? Maybe do smthing that teens can also follow (p.s. im a girl)
Diana Kushenovs (1 day ago)
This is so beautiful😍🙈😭❤You have a one more subscriber...❤🍃
Yomna Mater (2 days ago)
What about the cellulite girl what happened to it?
Star Inc. (3 days ago)
Thank you ❤️
Tsetsi (4 days ago)
Oh my goodness, what a dramatic change!
sevi zezou (5 days ago)
30 bananas in a day!!!! ?..
Dharm Singh (5 days ago)
Xxx के
ozy (5 days ago)
Don't people realize that body building , has a extreme negative effect on a persons sexuality??? Men become feminine, because their testicles don't function properly. And Women become extremely masculine, manly. Body building is not natural ……..natural muscle from your everyday life activities is different from gym " working out"....... it is not natural..... the repetitive movements with resistance in order to tear muscle fibres to promote muscle growth and change your physique is UNNATURAL, in my opinion
Judith Krailler (7 days ago)
This is late, but what leg exercises did you do for skinny legs? I'm on a girl's track team and its helped but my legs are naturally thickish and idk some of the meat wont go away
Gotta bleach tha Anus (8 days ago)
Now, how do I get to this and still eat like a pig? That's the real question
Nanette McCrone (9 days ago)
Well done girl!!!
Berqm Gt (10 days ago)
She was lookin’ Better before
Busy Bee (12 days ago)
Fat shaming is horrible Why do this??
Vanessa Lora (13 days ago)
Amazing story. 🙂 Congratulations Hannah. 🙂 You hit a couple of bumps in your journey but you managed to pull through and you accomplished your goals. 🙂 This is something you should look back on and always be proud of yourself for. 🙂
Orange (14 days ago)
damn girl you are thicc. lemme grab those sweaty fatty ribs and rub them in my face
Sasha Pivovarov (14 days ago)
How is it possible. I can't believe. How did you get rid of the extra skin on abs?
Busy Bee (12 days ago)
Sasha Pivovarov surgery
hourglas39 (14 days ago)
나인도츠9dots (14 days ago)
this is very impressing!
patrick petrula (14 days ago)
great J O B
Bao Vo (14 days ago)
Congrats! Awesome work 💪! What is the seasoning you did for the potatoes?
Shawn Boggs (14 days ago)
Congratulations on your hard work, determination, and great choices.
Solo Bird (14 days ago)
Sahil Saini (15 days ago)
I will still love you when you fat, you don't need to change ...but good job
bballlifewade33 (15 days ago)
She looked better with a little more meat 😊😊
El conver rojo (15 days ago)
still fat hoe
EmmaIsNotAMan (15 days ago)
you kinda look like Mariah Carey
007 Me (15 days ago)
Neo Virz (16 days ago)
My simple tips : 1. Throw away the junk food 2. Control your lust 3. Eat boiled eggs to stay full 4. Do your activities while standing or walking 5. If you are lazy, play games, don't think about food 6. Swap snacks with tasty fruits (watermelon, banana, melon, pineapple, black grapes) This is how you stay normal tho, not fit nor fat.
ros reder (16 days ago)
ياىئىىىىىىىىى شكعد اسون بنفسجن
Leila User (16 days ago)
Happy for you Sister ... i hope to lose 30 pound of my weight realy i am so sad .
Abeer Jerusalem (16 days ago)
Woww amazing 😉
defector antal (16 days ago)
idk what kind of retard eats 30 bananas a day and expects to lose weight honestly. what the actual fuck
Andina Nur Amalia (16 days ago)
You just eat healthy food and you get your body 😱😱😱
Vivis Lou (16 days ago)
I'm in really good shape like I have great stamina,endurance,core strenght,arm strength,and my legs are in really good shape but I have rolls on my stomach!And I hate it!😥So I'm really trying to lose weight and this really helped thank you!!!
Kim Barro (16 days ago)
Wtf. 30 bananas a. Day? U need only to have 2PCs of banana a day .
abidin öz (17 days ago)
Sarah DO (17 days ago)
You're so gorgeous!! 😍
Alaa Alfandi (17 days ago)
You are an inspiration. I cried watching this video!
margaret omg (17 days ago)
Just letting you know you look AMAZING!
Herlinda J. McKenna (19 days ago)
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GEM (19 days ago)
Your stomach still looked great. Firm. And I mean before u lost the weight ! That’s great. U look amazing
DrakonyaPrime (19 days ago)
Here's an amazing video about power of will and determination and STILL i see some morons in the comments saying ''she was beautiful before also''. Get the fuck outta here with that bullshit and take your ''i'm not fat , i'm fluffy'' crap somewhere else.
Anjali Vithlani (19 days ago)
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Nico Eeek. (20 days ago)
You rule!!
Luna Creates (20 days ago)
Wait.... I’m lost.... did you just say you lost weight by eating only... potatoes?! Someone please help cause WTF
Nicholas Paul (20 days ago)
WOW. Brave and beautiful. Congratulations!
Ace Marshall (20 days ago)
She had thick lags tho. That's sexy
Level UP (20 days ago)
more or less fat, she looks good
хронометраж позитивный?
Ednelma Maria (20 days ago)
O ruim e que não da pra entender 😢😭✌
DIANA PURNAMA (21 days ago)
I love your story 🤗 struggle is beautiful..
Karen Mashuryan (21 days ago)
Kwther Alfaraj (22 days ago)
I cut dairy products and i reduce eating glutein products as well as allergy food such as beans, lentil, lemon, avocado, broccoli there is more in beginning i felt sad then i get used to it with feeling healthy ❤
ANTONIO TRILLO (22 days ago)
Alana Rivera (22 days ago)
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COub foX (22 days ago)
Elissa Gustavsson (22 days ago)
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Green Apple (22 days ago)
Banana cannot eat too much no good
Cate Jo (22 days ago)
RESPECT. You showed real will power, not everyone is that resilient and strong, Beautiful!
Alberte E (23 days ago)
*>>2w2 >> Weightttt loss doesn't begin in the gym with a dumb bell; it starts in your head with a decisionnnn > **https://t.co/ulDqhr6avk?dede45tef44** >>>3232>>>*
s חן (23 days ago)
kathleen bantugan (23 days ago)
You inspire me a lot 😍😍
Sahil Srivastava (24 days ago)
She was beautiful before as well as after.
Beauty Beauty (24 days ago)
Eva (25 days ago)
You are amazing !
Surianna Graham (25 days ago)
Wow wow wow
nichtskönner (26 days ago)
i hate Salat and Greens :-D Nice Transform.
Nick Norton (26 days ago)
Damn your freaken HOTTTT, you showed your butt in a thong when you were heavy why not show that thing when you toned up ;)
Na Ngọc Thái (26 days ago)
I feel better😆I am trying my best😆😆😆
Debasish89 Das (27 days ago)
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matematik hocasi (27 days ago)
derisi sarkmamis hic.Skin is perfect.How?
emily mckendrick (27 days ago)
this is amazing I watched this and its truly inspiring I have a similar body shape and have gone to through the same struggles. Love your book also just so inspiring and some great recipes
Relatively Reggio (27 days ago)
Wow! 3.8k 👎🏻 why would ANYone vote thumbs down?! She’s amazing!
CC K (27 days ago)
you look beautiful even when you're fat!
Kevin Pratama Holmes (28 days ago)
How to solve the loose skin?
Sweetiie X (28 days ago)
How did those marks in your thighs go away?
NovaLife (29 days ago)
The only reason you have to eat soo much and so many carbs is because the vegan diet is a diet you're supposed to follow (in nature) only if you have no option, which means is a survival diet before your body starts to starve and digest itself and it's fats deposits after the animal protein it needs and your brain is close to half fat, which is bad news for your cognition if you're a vegan. I was dependent of lab-made suplements so I wouldn't completely screw my body on this starvation diet before I realized what I was doing. Don't wish that for anyone.
Farid Chaynane (29 days ago)
That ass tho!!!!
Luke Hughes (29 days ago)
UgandaKnuckles (30 days ago)
so thicc i kum inside
Gloria R. Ulmer (30 days ago)
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death painful (30 days ago)
Thigh Gap!!!!!! You know you love it.
Barbara Pearl (30 days ago)
OMG I just discovered your channel, this video brought tears to my eyes!!!! You're such an amazing girl, congratulations on this! WOW, the before and after is so real and so WONDERFUL!!!! Your story sounds like mine. I still have 15 Lbs to lose. Take care XXXX (I just hit the subscribe button!) ;-)
Julius Caesar (30 days ago)
1:10 Oh no! It's Mr. Mackey!
Nicola Jaramillo (30 days ago)
This is so inspiring. Amazing changes wowwww
Hodor Hodor (1 month ago)
Shit She looked good before and after
did podfo (1 month ago)
Beautiful and love your beauty and love all the details of your body and focused on your stomach and belly I hope you sense
Jorginho Loukili (1 month ago)
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burymedeep 2093 (1 month ago)
Omg you're smoking hot my girlfriend needs do this like now
Kristian Baum (1 month ago)
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dulich dathanh (1 month ago)
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CHRIS SMITH (1 month ago)
U don’t need a food plan. Cut out sugar and carbs and u will get shredded
Maya B (1 month ago)
Wuuaaa!!!! Amazing!!!
wreagfe (1 month ago)
Happy diabetes! :D
elitestar (1 month ago)
any loose skin problems or tummy tuck needed etc.?

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