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The Gruesome Case of the Papin Sisters

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If you'd like to donate a dollar or two, so one day I might be able to do this full time & bring you videos more often!! - you can find me here at Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/ObsoleteOddity Or be seen wearing very cool ObsoleteOddity merchandise! Here's my online store! https://www.zazzle.com/obsoleteoddity Say hi to me on Facebook! Send me an invite :) I don't bite, lol - only rules are: be friendly to me & my friends! No cussin' - no politics - no religion - no spitting! https://www.facebook.com/ObsoleteOddity Oddie's Historical Feature - Episode 17 This Historical Features details the the story of the Papin Sisters – their upbringing – the murders - and their trial & final years. Christine & Léa Papin grew up in Le Mans, France. After a tragic upbringing, things appeared to be going in the right direction for them; they had a good job as head servant/cook & chambermaid in a the house of a wealthy middle class family. By all accounts, they were fed & treated well & had a comfortable heated room on the third floor of the large house of Monsieur Lancelin & his family. Then one day, the girls snapped...leaving a horific trail in their wake. No one could quite believe that these two kind & demure young women, could be capable of such shocking & grisly murders. Many thanks to one of my sweet viewer's 'Melissa Sutton' for suggesting I research this case. Check out Oddie's Historical Feature playlist here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list... Music: Sad Ghost Story - by JM Scherf Music
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ObsoleteOddity (2 months ago)
Hope you enjoy this latest platter of creepiness my friends! Regulars will by now know that I can't answer all the comments, but always read them...so keep 'em coming! :) If you liked my offering..please THUMB UP - leave some kind feedback, and if you're new here and like what you've seen – please SUBSCRIBE (it's absolutely free of charge!) ..to be notified of new uploads!...and please SHARE my videos with family & friends who you think might enjoy such offerings. This will help me and help my channel to grow! I appreciate your support! Here's the link to my Zazzle page for fan merchandise: https://www.zazzle.com/obsoleteoddity/products Here's the link to my Twitter page: https://twitter.com/ObsoleteOddity1 Here's the link to my Patreon page: https://www.patreon.com/ObsoleteOddity
Cathy T (8 days ago)
ObsoleteOddity i just discovered your channel. The story of the Papin sisters kept showing up on my recommendations ,so i decided it was time to watch it. Thanks for sharing your research into a part of history. Very sad, tho interesting story.
Cindy Lash (12 days ago)
Jeffrey Crafton (13 days ago)
ObsoleteOddity q
teresa rojas (1 month ago)
ObsoleteOddity ,,
Kristine Harkin (1 month ago)
Well that was just horrible, it’s hard to believe people can be that horrible
Robby Arnold (5 minutes ago)
Ive been on you tube for over 10 years and this channel is one of the best Ive stumbled on editing , music , and the historical pictures , films , are second to none ,.outstanding work, Ive been watching these videos for several hours , and I only wish I had a great narration voice like Obsolete Oddity,s narrator , great work ,,,and a very honest host ....which is rare on youtube , and I very rarely give kudos to YT videos
Erin D. (2 hours ago)
Your voice is so wonderfully incapsulating and charming! I had turned on this video to use as background noise while drawing, but your narration instantly took my full attention! I think I’m definitely a fan now.
Tracy Patten (2 hours ago)
I wish you could do books for the blind. Love your voice - soothing and relaxing.
Olimata Kah (11 hours ago)
in addition to Top5s, i love this channel......
ASMR Hangout Spot (12 hours ago)
I like your voice. It is ASMR
Tick-Tack girl (22 hours ago)
why not mention the older sister. would love to know what happened and what she thought of this??
Miss Debra (1 day ago)
Why did the one sister look so much like a man? That part makes me wonder what was really going on.
Tess Margaux Helén (1 day ago)
Really creepy and the sadly story. Thank's a lot even the text on screen. So great and much better than subtitles.
Linda Bassing (1 day ago)
Love and hop
Blessedone333AZ (1 day ago)
No this is because the older sister had demons which the younger sister invited into her soul too. DEMONIC possession is what happens when mankind rejects God and JESUS.
Crackles McFarly (2 days ago)
DAMN! I mean I have never heard of this! and DAMN!
YouTube User (2 days ago)
oh god, i'm watching this alone in a dark house.
Robert Ragan (3 days ago)
AH! that's hella creapy
tracey fitzgerald (3 days ago)
I love all your videos
wuddafxuppp (3 days ago)
So...if this isn't real........who the FUCK cares.....?! Jesus Christ.
MJ Brewer (3 days ago)
My personal opinion of the story is that the rich are heard and the poor are silenced, as is the way of "upper-class humanity." Here is my version: The mistress and her daughter returned home to find the two girls in each other's arms. They mocked the Papin sisters, threatening to run into the streets to tell the world, perhaps even forcing them to perform acts on each other for their own entertainment, or they would reveal the sisters' indecent acts, publicly. The madame forced the sisters to sodomize each other for her own amusement and to "teach her daughter a lesson." When a particularly heinous act was enforced on the younger Léa, Christine called the madame a liar, stating the mother clearly enjoyed watching. Disgusted, the madame claimed she wished her and her daughter could "unsee" the act they'd witnessed. Infuriated, Christine grabbed a hammer and forced the mother-daughter team to commit sexual acts on each other. When it was discovered the daughter was menstruating, the mother refused engagement, certain such a sin would damn her forever in the eyes of Christ, she refused to gaze upon her daughter's naked body. The madame stated that only trash would commit such an indecency. Christine then ripped the women's eyes out and took a hammer to the madame to the point of unconsciousness. The daughter screamed in terror at what she was witnessing, so Christine also removed her eyes. The girl lay in a bloody mess of clothing and her mother's remains, sobbing. Afterward, the younger sister, Léa announced her distress with the situation. Announcing her contempt of the current situation, Christine ranted about the indecency of the women murdered, and beat them even more, ensuring their deaths. Christine couldn't believe these people had the right to judge her after all she'd been through, as hard as she's tried, even attempting to become a nun with the grace of God. Why had He forsaken them? Realizing the situation they were in, she coddled her younger sister and took her upstairs to soothe her. Not knowing where to go or what to do, the sisters removed their soiled clothing, climbing into each other's arms for comfort. The authorities arrived. And upon observing the curdling scene, were able to draw their own conclusions. Despite the statements of the mad, low-income, servants, these findings are published as facts. Case easily closed and the decency of the murdered "victims" remains intact. To this day, nothing has changed. Mankind goes to great lengths to protect the "good name" of people such as OJ Simpson, Donald J Trump, and anyone else who has money at the time. "The poor aren't worth the time in salvaging," apparently.
Laila Hernandez (3 days ago)
They are defo not well , after seeing each other for a long time , his can one say to another “ say yes please “ when trying to unbutton the others blouse
This channel is a treasure. Glad I found your videos 🤩
bayno shipper yt !!!! (3 days ago)
How could a 10 year old girl seduse her dad? I'll bet she didnt even know what rape was
snowblo1 (4 days ago)
I've watched this particular one more than a few times now, it never gets old to me.
Don Stuck3 (5 days ago)
love your short films you really go the distance in painting an authentic recreation of these old but bizzar crimes. Im a crime scene investigator in Indianapolis primarily homicide and suicide and the attention to detail and the thoroughness of the whole project is very similar to how we operate in recreating a scenario. Keep up the wonderful work.
ObsoleteOddity (4 days ago)
Thanks for your great feedback my friend! Cheers!
Cheyenne Dejesus (5 days ago)
They are buried in the same place yet we dont know when they died??
Elizabeth Marshall (5 days ago)
So scary my sisters face went pale at 9:48
neocush1 (5 days ago)
I know people who have had worse lives than these girls and they never killed anybody and certainly never ripped out anybody's eyes. This is about something deeper.
Jan (6 days ago)
very good 10/10 👏👌 also your voice is soothing
Country BoyFilms (7 days ago)
not to be mean but why are they so ugly and they look lik men
guy grip (7 days ago)
French you got to.admit beutiful.looks. What sinn these two girls had done to.them and made them.so crazy. May they rest inI peace. They needed love not stern strictness. Thats what brought on hate.
Natasha Kate Cadiz (7 days ago)
Your storytelling abilities are superb! Good job, sir!
teigrgwyn (8 days ago)
quality storytelling quality photographs appropriate transitions excellent sound queues legitimately one of the extremely few videos i found myself unable to deny a like
ObsoleteOddity (7 days ago)
Thanks for your great feedback my friend! Cheers!
Candace Cottrell (8 days ago)
First time viewer, and now a subscriber! Very good story telling, and I like how u state the facts without embellishment, u have a new fan now.
ObsoleteOddity (7 days ago)
Thanks for your great feedback and sub Candace! Cheers!
Dee Lish (8 days ago)
I wonder what happened to Émilia
Simon Eden (9 days ago)
Great stuff buddy, Cheers, from Australia :)
Hyacinthero (9 days ago)
amazing narration! your French pronounciation aint bad!
SrirachaMom (9 days ago)
Excellent story telling!!
Texas Borough (9 days ago)
Your videos to bored
ObsoleteOddity (9 days ago)
So are you and you can't write properly
Christina Luv (10 days ago)
What happened to the oldest sister?? Emilia? I know she became a nun, but didn’t see her sisters anymore?
Tita DL (10 days ago)
No se entiende nada porque está en Inglés
ObsoleteOddity (9 days ago)
Porque no hay subtítulos
Tita DL (9 days ago)
ObsoleteOddity entonces porque no ponen subtitulado en español
ObsoleteOddity (9 days ago)
Eso es porque es inglés. lol
Mary R (10 days ago)
Horror of horrors! Such tragedy. How do you ever fill a bowl that has a gaping hole? Futility.
Diamond Bunny (10 days ago)
*just starts watching*😥😱😭😭😭😭😭😨😰*faints already**☠
Max Castro (10 days ago)
Why isn't anyone pointing out the obvious? These women were freaking old school witches. Reference 18:20 also depicted in The Wizard of Oz
lisa johnson (11 days ago)
Sorry they did not killed that horrible woman that give birth to them..
Wow. 1 to the great piece. And 2 wow the mindset of that time. Child raped so send them away. And the good Christian woman mama is, blames the child to save face with the neighbors. Fkn neandrathals.
SSJ MArroch (11 days ago)
is snape reading
Kelly G (11 days ago)
Great video. I must ask if you are from Jersey/Channel Islands originally, as your accent sounds like you are?
Kelly G (11 days ago)
You're definitely a mixture, but really sound as if from Jersey. Google the accent, and you'll see what I mean. Thank you so much for your rapid reply!
ObsoleteOddity (11 days ago)
I'm from Australia - but lived in England for years too, and now live in Switzerland for many years....so there's a bit of a mix. lol
blackcougar1959 (11 days ago)
ObsoleteOddity. Do you have a Patreon Link, kind sir?
ObsoleteOddity (11 days ago)
Thank you so much for your kind feedback and welcome to my Patreon community! - much appreciated :)
blackcougar1959 (11 days ago)
You're very welcome, Your channel content is amazing and very high quality, My husband truly enjoys these wonderfully eerie stories too. Another more than satisfied Patreon supporter of your fine channel, present and accounted for.
ObsoleteOddity (11 days ago)
Thank you my friend for your support - looking forward to you being part of my Patreon community :)Here's the link to my Patreon page: https://www.patreon.com/ObsoleteOddity
Samantha Robles (11 days ago)
Bud, this has to be one of my favorite story telling videos ive ever heard. I just stumbled upon your channel today and my goodness im gonna be watching the rest of what you got. Good job n love the voice. A thousand 👍👍👍👍 to you good sir.
ObsoleteOddity (11 days ago)
Thank you Samantha for your kind feedback - much appreciated :)
fondaE Spirit (12 days ago)
Past midnight and sick, still I went watching this after popping in my YouTubefeed.. Wtf, wrong move...o_O
L M (12 days ago)
Wonderful. It's a pleasure to listen to you.
Colleen Wasner (12 days ago)
Luana Natalia (14 days ago)
Someone to translatter?
Fortnite God (14 days ago)
Can u make another vid of this but going into deeper depths of an explanation plz
rkb100100 (15 days ago)
Sounds like childhood in Islam
Planning Gurlillaz (15 days ago)
Love ur voice!! Subscribed!! 😉
ObsoleteOddity (14 days ago)
Ria (15 days ago)
You used some of the wrong photos/images for the era ie Edwardian for 1920’s and early 1930’s. They are easy to find but maybe you would encounter copyright issues.
GamingHub (15 days ago)
Please try to explain the movie called devil inside
Leeza Peche (15 days ago)
Wow I thought you pronounced them great 👍🏼 I loved this story
Wade Raney (16 days ago)
Good portrayal !
Doominatrix (16 days ago)
They were born inncoent, but then made cruel and evil, by cruel and evil people. Sometimes I think about...parenting control. i mean nearly every murderer has a bad backstory, abusive parents etc.
Isla Reyne (15 days ago)
It''s the same thing people do with pit bulls, tbh. Nothing is as cruel and vile as human nature.
Mary King (16 days ago)
Newby!!!!! Love your channell💝
dt k (17 days ago)
Great story. I'm a new subscriber.
Luna Mai (17 days ago)
This is very well put together! I think you did a great job!
Liza Boone (17 days ago)
Amber F (17 days ago)
This as a fascinating story. Thank you for this video.
Stevie LoveLess (17 days ago)
I love your voice!
Evelyn Andrews (17 days ago)
I feel sorry for them. I think it was the mother who started them on their way to insanity
Romano Coombs (17 days ago)
'Everything is about Class Warfare; except Class Warfare. Class Warfare is about Power.' These girls were abused and clearly snapped. Unfortunately, the society, the legal system, and their mother were not hanged for their crimes against the sisters! The cycle of uncorrected mental, financial, and physical abuse, continues. #DystopiaNow #ThereIsNoJusticeInHistory -The Internet Police
kjymo (18 days ago)
The mom is a bitch. Im sorry :/
Julia Vitkin (18 days ago)
Curiously clicked this video. Creeped me out a little but I'm glad I listened to it ^_^
Helen Allard (18 days ago)
The world is a horrible place to live in at dates as these are. No one understood what these poor girls went thru growing up in these times. I cannot imagine how much horror they went thru just trying to please their terrible mother along with other relatives they inccured...God has taken care of these girl's in my eyes...
Jacqueline Parker (18 days ago)
Well you have just gained a new subscriber👀! I love the fact this channel has cases I really have never ever heard of it’s all new stuff not always mainstream stories repeated/repeating over and over also well thought out and researched videos, thank you so much for the videos and you have an amazing voice! Thank you!
ObsoleteOddity (18 days ago)
Thank you for your very kind feedback Jacqueline, very much appreciated!
Bobbie Lewak (18 days ago)
Are all of those pictures real?
mrfester42 (18 days ago)
The technical psychiatric term is wackadoo!
gigadrill0000 (19 days ago)
Good video thanks for the upload.
Kacey (19 days ago)
Well that's crazy.
sailormoonfan2016 (19 days ago)
your voice is good for describing/ storytelling. The story was creepy.
Dustin Merck (19 days ago)
I happened upon this channel in search of "creepy folk tales"... this is even better. Subscribed.
ObsoleteOddity (19 days ago)
Tatyana Gordon (19 days ago)
This is one case where the mother is the one to blame.
Alexa Calderon (19 days ago)
I would die for an asmr video from this amazing man and this was so fascinating 😊😊😊
ObsoleteOddity (19 days ago)
Thank you for your very kind feedback Alexa, very much appreciated! I might be venturing soon into ASMR on my Patreon site, I'll try it as an experiment and see how it goes :)
Nelly Fisher (19 days ago)
I had to turn the speed to 1.5 bcz I can't stand waiting for the narrator to finish.😂
jhovy ahnne (19 days ago)
I like the way you narrate..it give me chills..good work there..
Genre _69 (19 days ago)
Your voice fits in with the story type very well.
Starkia Matthews (19 days ago)
Chelle Sides (19 days ago)
Sooooo is this a true story? Wonderful job on telling it! Love your channel!
ObsoleteOddity (19 days ago)
Thank you for your very kind feedback my friend, very much appreciated! yes it's a true case.
L.FROST VEVO (20 days ago)
Wow. You make spectacular content. It so well made. Ima sub
#Allensolly78 myob (20 days ago)
Hey dear ...u gained a subscriber 🤓
Nitzia Martin (20 days ago)
I think the stories are wonderfully put together. Your calming voice sounds like if my dad is reading a book to me and, sometimes I simply fall asleep like if it was a lullaby. Thank you for always sharing and for being kind to others.
ObsoleteOddity (20 days ago)
Thank you Nitzia for your lovely feedback!
AngiShy (21 days ago)
as english is my second language, i has some problems understanding to some words as i have never heard them before...maybe it would be good to use some more frequent words tho...but anything than that, i enjoyed the story and i kinda understand their situation...this type of disorder grows by the way they live and how they live...for example, autism is something you are born with, but for example personality disorder is again something that appears and grows depending on how the person lives and what experiences mostly in childhood...so i feel rather sorry for these two sisters for having such a hard life
Chronically Sherry (21 days ago)
I would say they were likely witches!
Mimi Anastasia (21 days ago)
Ohmygasshh,sexual too..
Lupita De Anda (21 days ago)
There's a movie to this, really interesting
WolfDogamer (21 days ago)
So i clicked on this vid because i thought this would be about 2 young girls maybe twins, that would grow up and somehow be murdered or have a mysterious childhood or life but this completely freaked me out..You made me terrified of the dark again.
The Duder (21 days ago)
The first "crime" sounds like clear cut self defense. One should not do what they do not want themselves. Well, JUST the initial attack. lol The rest..... WHOA!
Debra Ross (21 days ago)
Love your voice.........
Johnny Yuma (22 days ago)
The man has a great voice and narration. Kept me glued the entire video. My first time watching an ObseleOddity video.
Keandra Fitzgerald (22 days ago)
So what they going to do kill everyone🙂
Selma Providence (22 days ago)
So sad so many kids are born into a life where they have no chance of a good l8fe n it's still happenintoday 2018 rip to all
Kissamyazz (22 days ago)
Before I got to the part is sexual advances I knew they was fucking weird they should make a movie I'm very interested
Kissamyazz (22 days ago)
They were lovers I'm sure lol
Imani Crystal (22 days ago)
i blame the psychic. he/she created the sibling delusion.

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