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South Philly! Point Breeze. We buy properties. PhillyProp.com 267-776-2397

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http://www.phillyprop.com 267-776-2397 Philadelphia, PA. Point Breeze. South Philly. Probate investors in Philadelphia. We specialize in buying property from people with all kinds of issues relating to their home. PhillyProp.com will give special attention to those facing foreclosure, in foreclosure or losing their home in a tax sale. While it may seem everything is lost there are options we can provide to give you the best possible solution. If you are receiving mortgage foreclosure, tax delinquency or auction notice do not delay. These matters are very time sensitive. Our specialities • Facing Sheriff Sales • Mortgage Foreclosure • Owe Back Taxes • Need of Major Renovations • Need of Cosmetic Re-face • Divorce • Death of a loved one • Undesirable neighborhood or just need to cash out and move on with their lives
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