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Healthcare Reform: Reporting and Compliance

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Louisiana health insurance is changing under the Affordable Care Act. http://www.bcbsla.com/reform In order to ensure that employers are complying with the Affordable Care Act, large employers will be required to report the following to the federal government: 1. Whether or not the employer offers benefits to their full-time employees and dependents. 2. Whether or not the employees have the opportunity to enroll in minimum essential coverage under an employer-sponsored plan. 3. Any applicable waiting period. The law mandates that enrollment waiting periods for new hires may not exceed 90 days. 4. The lowest-cost plan option in each enrollment category 5. Employer's share of the total cost option in each of the enrollment categories 6. Names, Numbers, Addresses, Taxpayer IDs of all full-time employees receiving coverage For more information, visit healthcare.gov.
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