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Stealing Car Tires Prank!!

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Text Comments (5178)
Daniel P (5 days ago)
dead channel still has over 10 million subs lol
kodaknikoned Gopro (13 days ago)
1:28 "yo the muhfuckerz from YouTube" 😂😂
Meme Shell (26 days ago)
Sajjan Singh (28 days ago)
this remind of my days when i used to steal people's tyres
Pakistani songs (28 days ago)
1:28 what he said ???
SHEALWAYSREIGNS :/ (28 days ago)
Subscribe to my new YouTube channel yeeeeeet
Pathma Ram (29 days ago)
How do they know who's car is who's?🤔🤔🤔🤔
Angry Grizzly (1 month ago)
This Is So Stupid.
Adolf Hitler (1 month ago)
Roman has the biggest balls in the whole world.
Mitcheru - Kun (1 month ago)
Mauricio Ramirez (1 month ago)
Good job guys.
Muhmmed 03 (1 month ago)
don’t do pranks in da hood so fucking dangerous
Marvelbrian (1 month ago)
Steven (1 month ago)
dont give them gift cards
Steven (1 month ago)
Fuckin pussy ass
What the f*** are you doing with his tires
amin 365 (1 month ago)
How do they know when the owner comes to there car 🤔
Jason Diaz (1 month ago)
Why they don't do this to white people tho?
Illuminati STUDIOS (1 month ago)
Ya'll motherfucker's from Youtube
Mo Enes (2 months ago)
Thay was crazy xD
jr gaming (2 months ago)
This is my car don't teach my car man my car
Elijah Henry (2 months ago)
They first guy 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Simon Eluemelem (2 months ago)
What about the cop
Typek lol (2 months ago)
2:25 Police superman lol
ExtremeXgamerz 2621 (2 months ago)
1:30 Busted
alejo cadena (2 months ago)
Evil Mario (2 months ago)
Buff dude is only there to lift tire 😂
Max Tolar (2 months ago)
They did it on a cop omg 😂😂😂
Itz Mario (2 months ago)
Yet again he pulled up in the wrong hood
Haji Aliyev (2 months ago)
Your Internet (2 months ago)
10m subs
恋歌 (2 months ago)
Pachiki Shalaputa (2 months ago)
Chase Holstein (2 months ago)
The second one was funny... Black dude got behind the female real quick.
Moshi Mongelwa (2 months ago)
bri marie (2 months ago)
Don’t know if leaving a tire iron lying there is such a good idea ?
cattleNhay (2 months ago)
I hate U.S costumed criminals..cops..cut off their fingers.
Samantha Chavez (2 months ago)
Andre Rasel (2 months ago)
owh...you mother fucker from yutuve 😂
Angela Worden (3 months ago)
Savageeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Roman Atwood
Ninja (3 months ago)
1:40 that Collin Kaepernick
Dawn Dawn (3 months ago)
the gift card is nice, some compensation for the shock xD
FoxeyPlays (3 months ago)
yoo you're the mother forkers from youtube lol
erick sou (3 months ago)
For a bit I thought they wold get in trouble with police man
Ali Laghari (3 months ago)
0:11 savage smile
VangZong Xiong (3 months ago)
2:13 I think was the best. Liked the video!😄
-Yoshikage- -Kira- (3 months ago)
I thought Roundabout was at the beginning lol
Lol Lol (3 months ago)
Why do you aim at black dudes all the time on pranks?
CoTeriux YT (3 months ago)
*This video should be "How to make Black guys mad"* sorry about the rasium
Miguel Morales (3 months ago)
“This is my car right here”
Mireya Romero (3 months ago)
Infinite Godz (3 months ago)
On cops man!? You got swag!
Kermit The Frog (3 months ago)
Why was it just black ppl?
Inyan Gaming (3 months ago)
Thecoolvits 16 (3 months ago)
I am not sure if it’s not cool or cool but I still LOVE THEM
RacinGIRL911 (3 months ago)
“Are you fucking NUTS????!!!” Yup! LMAO!!!
Mangala Mlala (3 months ago)
I like it m bruh
Baylin Rios (3 months ago)
That 1st one confused me soooooo much lol xD
rascal (3 months ago)
You enjoy living on the edge... enjoy the bruises...
Eric D. (3 months ago)
If they were black, pranking a cop...dead on site.
LegoMaster 101 (3 months ago)
What, they didn't give the cop one?
NetGlow WORLD (3 months ago)
You both are so crazy! Making joke with a police! 😂😂
Jeremy Ramos2321 (3 months ago)
1:24 he knows them
Make part 2
Narshap (3 months ago)
You are mother fucker youtube :D
cookieBoyMC MC (3 months ago)
the previa owner was mad! lol
Yossef Haddia (3 months ago)
Ohhh!!! U Mother fucker from YouTube
Tania Garibay (3 months ago)
Good one
AuckLnd AuckLnd (3 months ago)
I miss you Roman ;)
this i france hahahaha
Jeron Playz (4 months ago)
the last one lol
21 JET (4 months ago)
missed u guys 2014
Anthony Lagana (4 months ago)
love it
Ameen Khan (4 months ago)
Including fucking cops you rocks
SanAndreas091 (4 months ago)
1:58 this dude doing it right!
Nedaa vevo1 (4 months ago)
Xxx lll 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧
fox 1337 (4 months ago)
2:00 CJ ? XD
jahkelsen jeune (4 months ago)
Omi Khan (4 months ago)
This is my fucking car.Dont touch my car.
cHr15 Sh4B0b (4 months ago)
1:15 faith in humanity
Pablohackero (4 months ago)
Finally people didn t kill tou
Muhammad Anugraha (4 months ago)
2:00 Gta San andreas
Vin2JGaming (4 months ago)
1:26 the best
Jerry Ao (4 months ago)
lol you should of given the cop a gift card for a new set of tires
talk to point (4 months ago)
1:49 is he rapping😂😂
Maynard Gurion (4 months ago)
hahahahahah!!!whats funny
Asif Miles (5 months ago)
Are you guys f-ing nuts!
Wayne Guerrier (5 months ago)
Mustafa Khan (5 months ago)
2:01 that guy is gonna be mad when he finds out that I️ touched his car on purpose
Het Gamertje (5 months ago)
I love iT !!!!!
Gilberto Hernandez (5 months ago)
Your savage Roman is the king of savage
Rayman V (5 months ago)
God's plan
HoboAssistant (5 months ago)
If Vitaly wasn’t there, guaranteed Roman would’ve gotten tackled tot he ground
Utati Wentworth (5 months ago)
Ome day you gonna get killed.
scott swift (5 months ago)
1:28 yaaaaaaay :)
American Paisa (5 months ago)
Chief? No real DEPUTY would call their Sheriff a chief. He’s simply the Sheriff.
hounds hounds (5 months ago)
Brandon Bowers (6 months ago)
"This my car!"

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