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How Bespoke Italian Leather Shoes Are Made

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In a small workshop in Florence, Saskia Wittmer crafts leather shoes that are as unique as each customer. MADE is a series of simple, lovely short films that demonstrate how everyday luxury objects are created. Video by Leila Hussain.
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Dody Suratman (3 hours ago)
Bespoke shoes are like fine mechanical watches, they cannot be measured with their price-tags. These are the few things in life that I definitely spend big bucks without hesitation if I could afford them.
Ruman Ahmed Khadem (15 hours ago)
Respect for you my dear. It's beautiful to see someone doing something in such an artistic way.
NDK0 (16 hours ago)
Aww and he ties it in a very bad way
andres gonzalez (1 day ago)
Love ❤️
Panharith Mann (2 days ago)
This is amazing
S Almanza (3 days ago)
Funny, says Italian made but there's an Asian lady making them
Ibrahim Naif (3 days ago)
It's a beautiful art.
Rafaela Machado (5 days ago)
This was poetry!
Miniciks1 (5 days ago)
Unbelievable talent, thank you for sharing.
Steven Biars (7 days ago)
I've got a $950 pair of Italian leather shoes. I didn't spend nearly that much on them, but I appreciate the artistry and work that went into making them.
Hayel Areed (8 days ago)
great products but I'd prefer to buy a car for the same sum of money
sync232 (8 days ago)
Its just a shoe.
mohit Pandey (8 days ago)
MrAnymeansnecessary (10 days ago)
Bespoke actually defines a unique wooden "foot" and at least a single to-be-destroyed pair for fitting. but then bloomberg is capitalist, what would you expect?
1 louis (12 days ago)
This is ot bespoke... bespoke is made from a block a wood, not a premade shape that you modify... she's lying !
জয়েছ (13 days ago)
Dear lady I really appreciate your skills and love for shoe making arts...
BingBong Boopledoop (15 days ago)
Neat. I'll put that on a list of things I'll never own. I'm sure my Oligarchs will enjoy them though.
Osvaldo Perez (17 days ago)
Amazing!!!!!! Simply beatifull!!!!!!
beautiful shoes, talented craftwoman, a model who doesn't know how to tie shoes laces... smdh!
Mohd Raymee (19 days ago)
What does Bespoke means? Can someone help me pls
Saskia's shoes are worth every penny. Given care and regular repairs they last your a lifetime. What else does these days? Bravo to the film team. Love it.
Nhom Fesh (21 days ago)
When you are in love with your job
Luke Tipping (22 days ago)
A white ginger and an Asian woman making “Italian” shoes. How Italian.
Cristian Gamboa (25 days ago)
All my respect to the artisan, but I am not the type of person who would wear that kind of shoe regardless of price.
Beryl Meyers (27 days ago)
The only thing I learned from this video is that Saskia really likes the word particular.
Kt Vo Thi Kieu Trang (27 days ago)
Nè anh bạn mua một ₫ôi giày ₫i vưa voi chân anh ₫ó i no biết anh style bao nhiêu mà cũng khong ₫ủ tiền mua cho anh mà anh cũng có là gì cua i ₫ể i mua cho anh ₫ôi giày nên anh tự mua ₫i i sẽ giup chọn kiểu giày phù hop voi ca tính tuổi tác nơi anh sẽ ₫ến
n1rwana (28 days ago)
how much a pair cost ?
Oscar Parrilla (28 days ago)
Aaron Archuletta (28 days ago)
Can any of you broke asses in the comment section tell me if they are comfortable and worth it?
Tom Servo (28 days ago)
Those shoes cost exactly what people are willing to pay. If you are not willing or unable to afford them then they are not for you. Don't worry about it. There are many things you will never own just as there are many things you have which other people will never own. And guess what - it doesn't matter.
Ok. Now..... How the fuck to they take out the inside that they pinned???
ElDurdanta (29 days ago)
And this is how you sell a normal thing for 10times its actual cost incurred. For people thinking that the price is justified as they make it working several weeks, yes, it takes several weeks. But in all that time they are not making just one but several pairs of shoes. But I know people will abuse me for saying this as I live in a world where they buy phones from Apple with $1000 just because it is designed in California. They don't care that it is being made in China and costs maybe $100 in raw materials. Increasing prices to absurd levels gives people a feeling that they are actually wearing something a non-luxury brand won't be able to provide...
wow! beautiful!
regine jessica vasquez (1 month ago)
okay but labor should really cost a lot. people who says china makes them cheaper welll its because they have cheap labor!! (that's why companies put factories there, duh). still won't buy it bec of the leather.
Rajeev Kamalasanan (1 month ago)
Excellent workmanship!
Linda Martin (1 month ago)
yes; Dead. Baby. Cow. I was into beautiful leather shoes too, until I saw a pic of a mom cow and her baby be Ing forcefully separated and the mom had real tears in her eyes. I wish there was a way to CReate synthetic shoes that did not require the death of animals for our comfort and egos.
Cavaleiro . : (1 month ago)
😃👍👏Marcelo - Brasil 😃👍👏😃
Abhishek Sangavikar (1 month ago)
*India was once buzzing with such small regional centric workshops* with all the brilliant artisans... The *British* literally for their selfish gains *destroyed our native craftsmen & traders.* *Now forever we have become slaves to* puma/ adidas/ nike & *such monotonous giant industries* thats causing the death of skill & the regional heterogeneity. Even till 1980s we had sections of the huge markets meant specially for the cobblers that had *amazing skilled workers with unique cultural backgrounds* like *Islamic, Rajputana, Kohlapuri, & Lambada* to name few which in turn *produced cultural centric variety of footwears.* And am just talking about my hometown Gulbarga that is 1 among the 640 districts of India. These markets were once popular for their unique craftsmanship *but now they just sell those company made shoes & footwears* & that too of black (pirated) quality. And lastly people who once cherished such custom made footwears esp. here in India due to the eternal colonial hangover love the European branded companies.
It's fantastic video, awesome women,more than nice picture. It's kind of art.
Jalees Khan (1 month ago)
You caught my attention when you said " its important to listen" this statement shows your dedication and quality you put in your job. Yes shoes reflects a person personality.
cherkkiable (1 month ago)
this is an art
ruzzell907 (1 month ago)
One day, I'll be able to afford such beautiful shoes. A worthy investment that I can wear for many years or even decades.
Vikas Kodap (1 month ago)
Such a beautiful woman, you inspire me.
GIVONELLI (1 month ago)
a luxury hand made pair of shoes like these, don´t demand more than 50 work hours
hickorydickoryduck (1 month ago)
Oh, to be able to wear bespoke footwear.
steven litton (1 month ago)
fucking goodness! i want to be a shoemaker just like her!!! <3 so inspired. -love, alexa
Julio González (1 month ago)
No entendí nada solo vi pero ella hace zapatos wooo que bonitos dónde puedo ver sus zapatos para compras 😊
Mirren Kelly (1 month ago)
Stop murdering animals.
yukiebelle (1 month ago)
me still my beating heart ❤ i miss shoemaking..I wish we were taught how to make the sole properly though
Sarath John (1 month ago)
I do Love the Quality and the way it is being made!! But, you should have never shown the price for a pair of these shoes!!! In India, I can buy a pretty decent used car for the amount required to buy this pair of shoes!! Whatever things manufactured have a fair value and in the name of luxury and hand crafted professionalism, this is a total rip off!!! But, we have lots of humans among us who just blindly keep on admiring luxury and are ready to throw any amount of money for such items. I really admire the way such companies convince certain category of humans among us to pay any amount of money and reap 100 to 1000 times profit for services and goods in the name of luxury and quality!! I really wonder if the professional hand crafters are paid well compared to the price of such goods!!
Catinthe Box (1 month ago)
Custom made shoes are the best. And they last long for years compare to factory sneakers and fake leathers that fall apart within a year.
ice water (1 month ago)
Have the Chinese bought the company yet
Wilson (1 month ago)
I was expecting shell cordovan at least for this kind of price
ErenThorne (1 month ago)
Why must it be made from an unethical material? You people are retarded.
James Marir (1 month ago)
I love her passion
Mikwal (1 month ago)
a shoe is a shoe
Kryptonite (9 days ago)
well, this is an indulgence
Rob Brown (1 month ago)
If I had the income I would love to go to her shop and have a pair made, old school craftsmanship in todays cheap throwaway world is hard to find.
Sonja Groenewaldt (1 month ago)
I love shoes! After this clip I have more respect for shoes and leather. What an art!
Carlos Cotal Calvetti (1 month ago)
R. Mercado (1 month ago)
Absolutely wonderful. The shoes were remarkably beautiful as well!
garnettfor3 (1 month ago)
this is perfection
Crypto Pirate (2 months ago)
what tannery did she say?
Myles Shank (2 months ago)
This was so well done! I’d love to make a film with you guys!
Sigbjørn H.E (2 months ago)
Only hire women, huh.
Diana E (2 months ago)
Who else got a stupid add before the video
Christian Celajes (2 months ago)
these are really beautiful leather shoes
duchesswannabe (2 months ago)
Ummmm... I doubt they spend 3 weeks on just one single pair. They most likely have 5 or 6 pairs going at the same time. Cuz once You glue something down you have to wait at least 24 hours for it to dry. They won't just sit around and wait for glue to dry...
Leo Pinewood Lane (1 month ago)
So she makes 10 pairs at the same time. If you work on one shoe at a time you will have down time. If you work on 10 shoes at the same time the down time goes down. They divide the labor of the shoe making between them selves. You know the term man hours right?
Dumy Jobby (2 months ago)
they are bloody expensive but damn theese are some beautiful shoes.
Kristine Willems (2 months ago)
Sorry, with that money I can give my neighbours a descent bathroom They both need desperately...
Fawk Ell (2 months ago)
Bloomberg propaganda to show an accomplished woman. Let's be honest, it doesn't take three weeks of work. If the lady charge $500 for a pair, she wouldn't fulfill all the orders after this Bloomberg ad. So she puts an outrageous price and maybe some wealthy/crazy people will order some. Beautiful shoes. Remember it's YOUR measure.
Evan Shang (2 months ago)
Starting to really get sick of this "made in Italy" frenzy. It's a German woman working with two other presumably non-Italian ladies, using non-Italian materials. Nowadays if it says it's made in Italy it's rarely made by Italian craftsmen, sometimes not even 100% actually made in the country. At the end of the day this fascination is just pure vanity. As long as the craftsmanship, quality, and professionalism are there, who gives a fuck where they make it?
Peter Morley (2 months ago)
Great video, beautiful shoes and craftsmanship and I love the way she describes the whole process.  Doubt I will ever own a pair though.
Prometheus (2 months ago)
Passhy y0 (2 months ago)
That. Was. Beautiful.
Neizan Algren (2 months ago)
pure snobism
Aj R (2 months ago)
Now, I call these SHOES. It is such an elegant art. Worth every penny!
SkylineToTheSeaAndMe (2 months ago)
If you think about a shoe, in human terms and perspective, it is seemingly so simple, and yet it is one of the most important possessions a person can own. I have 20 or 30 pairs of shoes, and yet none of them fit quite right (causing foot pain, pain elsewhere, in the body, and sometimes injury).
TraumaER (2 months ago)
$4100? I’d pay no more than $150 for those. 🙂
Alex Paulsen (2 months ago)
I love Italy for its hand crafting and centuries of traditions passed on from father to son, etc. When it comes to brand loyalty, Italy seems to create a lot of it.
Wahab Sh (2 months ago)
METTRIIK (3 months ago)
TBH you could find handmade shoes in Mexico for cheaper and they use full grain vegetable tan leather.
Krunoslav Šokić (3 months ago)
...the way that waxed linen thread seals itself is pure genius...:D
guillermo duncanson (3 months ago)
Kinda want her to make my next pair of shoes
Christopher Harris (3 months ago)
Nice video
Mark Leo Gante (3 months ago)
I tried to wear My grandfather's original Italian-made pair when i was about college age. He was so happy to find that it fits me perfectly so he decided to give it to me as a send-off gift. He told me he can't afford to buy a new pair for me because it's going to be even pricier than when he bought it decades ago, as a consolation, he jests that in no time, I'll be buying meself my own pair. His shoes, now 28 years old, is a reminder that those artisan shoemakers did an exceedingly excellent job in keeping to their promise of quality, comfort and style. Damn I'm only 24 and my grandfather's pair is 4 years older than me.
Bill Meeh (3 months ago)
"... If you ask the price is because you can't afford it..." ;)
Kryptonite (9 days ago)
what a useless thought
hugo (3 months ago)
di indonesia hal kaya gini gak dihargai, ditawar terus sampai cuma 100rb
احمد الحسيني (3 months ago)
do you know how many lives can you save with $4000 ?? and you want me to pay it for a foot ware ......it's shocking what the world is becoming to..... while one person is spending this much money for shoes another is dying of hunger and thirst
METTRIIK (3 months ago)
احمد الحسيني Its for the rich, no one is forcing you to buy a pair.
Yatharth chaturvedi (3 months ago)
My proudest fap.
Samantha Peters (3 months ago)
I wish I could afford handmade dress shoes. My big toe on my right foot looks fat, and ugly (due to operations). No commercially made dress shoe can fit over it.
Geert Perton (3 months ago)
All those little kids saying you can get the same shoes, same quality, for just 10 or 100 bucks. They have probably never worn dress shoes in their size, let alone having worn these kind of shoes. Stop saying things you barely know something about, please.
Insolentish (1 month ago)
Both of you should really consider killing yourselves
Sydney Austin (2 months ago)
Geert Perton the difference in boys and men..Ya cant change that... (been a shoe Hoe for 5 decades).Bespoke that is..
Gavin Burnes (3 months ago)
Looks kinda easy
METTRIIK (3 months ago)
Gavin Burnes Everything is easy, you just need the right tools and materials.
lian moreno (3 months ago)
god touched her hands and gave her the grates set of hands to make high quality leather shoes for us imperfect humans.....
officialfabioj (3 months ago)
I value handcrafting its such an art, that's why I also value my loafers and my fedoras
E. H. (3 months ago)
I have had this crazy idea of learning shoe-making as a hobby for quite some time now... Don't know where it comes from, but every time I see the shoe-making process it affects me like a sedative )))) I wonder if it is actually possible to start this as a hobby, but I guess the amount of instruments one needs to make a pair of shoes is just too high...
Nitin Goswami (3 months ago)
Well said a shoe is not just an object
Anuj Saraswat (3 months ago)
very expensive shoes this shoes is Agra making only $30 Made in India
Slow Cheetah (3 months ago)
$4,000 shoe? sure thats fine, but 3 weeks on 1 shoe is a terrible business model
Haseeb Nedarya (3 months ago)
Cap toe oxfords in brown...😍😍
rajgoyal1990 (3 months ago)
Handicraft things are way better than machine made things. Though industrial revolution made things cheap and they were produced at fast pace but it also threw the artisans out of their jobs and professions.

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