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Electric Control Line model aircraft.

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This project wants to inspire people, to build a balsa wood airplane from a drawing. It gives all the instructions to build a ready to fly C/L electric model. Features: - Beginners model; with some help from age 12 on. - Simple construction with full size plans. - Common tools and easily obtainable materials. - A balsa wood mid-wing C/L airplane; wingspan 16". - Electric DC brush airplane motor; 6 to 9V, 5A, 37W. - Power over control lines. (2x6m. or 2x20Foot. long) - Control handle with on/off micro switch. - Line made from 0.6 mm copperwire, enamelled. - Sealed battery, min. 7.5AH, carried with you. - In- and outdoor useable. - Finally, cost about 40 $ excl. battery + charger; flying is free! Complete project with drawings and partslist on: http://www.instructables.com/id/Build-and-fly-a-CL-model-aircraft/
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Текстовые комментарии (17)
Michel Camargue (11 месяцев назад)
Super ! bravo pour cette réalisation, c'est simple et efficace !
Felipe de Santanna Oliveira (1 год назад)
Muito legal o seu vídeo, me inspirou a construir um para meu filho se iniciar no VCC (como é conhecido o control line aqui no Brasil). Bons vôos! Very cool your video, it inspired me to build one for my son to start in the VCC (as is known the control line here in Brazil). Good flights!
wyzko (1 год назад)
Yeshwanth Nagendra (1 год назад)
Excellent !
Michael Barton (2 года назад)
Many hours of fun between ages 9-16 spent with balsa, epoxy, piano wire and Cox .049 engines. I still have several that need to come out for fun now that I'm a single empty-nester. Thank you for sharing your building methods.
soumita bhattacharya (3 года назад)
can you make another one with foam?
tdshaker (3 года назад)
Good Vid. But you have superior building skills, that a lot of C/L newbies don't. You make it look easy. Also, your battery is a remote battery worn on your person. All elec setups I have seen have the small hi tech battery in the plane. Your way is not the way most experienced elec. flyers do it. Copper lines?
larz hillbot (3 года назад)
Great video, i have been wanting to try control line with a small trainer type balsa model, your video sure inspired me to get going and i also like that you used electric power for easy on off option.
Abhishek Chopra (3 года назад)
Sir, truly your work has been a source of inspiration to me. I wanted to do something that kindled my inner passion in Aircraft. I seek guidance of yours to help me build a model of my own !
deanznz (4 года назад)
I picked up some building tips :-) and thanks for taking me back 35 years, with fingers covered in castor oil trying to start the 049 on the wind back spring starter, if your fingers slipped you got a nice wack from the prop, the louder the wack the louder your mates would laugh, numb finger, arr those were the days.
lasersbee (4 года назад)
Excellent... Looks like my 1st ever DIY Control Line Plane that had a COX Thimble Drone engine to power it when I was a young kid. Mine was Raw Balsa..:Thumbs UP:
Akarsh Seggemu (4 года назад)
Enjoyed watching the project, looking forward to try it :D
Stephen Martin (4 года назад)
Brilliant Berto braught back memories of flying control line again. How did you go spinning in circles don't know if I could cope with that any more.  At least with your design you can stop when you get giddy and don't have to keep going until you've run out of fuel. Cheers and thanks for the fun
Rod Summers (4 года назад)
Excellent Berto, Good job.  I used to build free flying models when I was a school so this brought back some fine memories.
Berto A (4 года назад)
Rod, it was for me a retro project. 50 years ago I had the last time a control handle in my hands. Making and flying the model was an AHA erlebnis. Watch also the instructable: http://www.instructables.com/id/Build-and-fly-a-CL-model-aircraft/
Berto A (4 года назад)
Don Renaro (4 года назад)
Hi Berto. Ik zag je vliegtuigje voorbij vliegen :) Knutselen en spelen als een kind. Leuk project.

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