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Most-Wanted: Meet the King of Bulletproof Cars

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Nov. 11 (Bloomberg) --- Armoring your vehicle is the latest craze among the uber-wealthy. Texas Armoring in San Antonio is the biggest private vehicle armoring company in the world, protecting celebs like T.I., Mel B and Steven Segal. They produce about 200 vehicles a year and project that number to double in the next five years do to a spike in demand in the U.S. CEO Trent Kimbell tells Bloomberg what it takes to keep this niche business on the top of the vehicle security market. (Source: Bloomberg)
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Chousour aNime (4 days ago)
Here is my question.... can you play ps4 in it.
NFL YoungBoy (6 days ago)
And bring this to Chicago
NFL YoungBoy (6 days ago)
Do my 2007 Nissian Murano
gluxeo (14 days ago)
*”protection” ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)*
Anuj Nagpal (21 days ago)
What if the driver shoots you?
The demand in the US is booming. As it should in a "civilized" society.
kbflorida888 (21 days ago)
Most people dont get shot inside their cars. It’s walking on the street, a mall, sitting in a movie theater or at work/school.
zero ghost (24 days ago)
i need this in gta online
Deepak Tejale (24 days ago)
Why real billioners like Sir Warren Buffett or Bill Gates dont purchase such type of vehicles.🤥🤥🤥
Wakili Njogu (25 days ago)
Lester San Juan (30 days ago)
Dirk Diggler (1 month ago)
Our profits are really small 🤣🤣🤣🤣 so what percentage of the payment is done in private accounts!??
Edgar Engles (1 month ago)
Or you can say crimes are increasing. More crimes more business for you.
Ethxn (1 month ago)
Not illegal to add a siren?
SKULL CRUSHER (1 month ago)
What news have you heard t.i almost kidnapped LMAO some people think too highly of themselves
Branden Gutierrez (1 month ago)
Trokiando cuhhhh
Goodfella2.0 (1 month ago)
Who the hell is after Steven Segal besides Van Damme?
DJ supreme (1 month ago)
I would buy it
DJ supreme (1 month ago)
I want that
Datu Vlogs (1 month ago)
I have 20 2018 Cadillac escalade
Datu Vlogs (1 month ago)
All my SUVs are bulletproof and bomb proof
Roth Henderson (1 month ago)
I have a 1999 Suburban k2500 that's Bulletproof I paid 12 grand for it it has a twin turbocharged by Bank's 454 it does not run at the moment
Marshal General (1 month ago)
can it stop PTRD 41?
Waleed ahmed (1 month ago)
If you did nothing wrong and you owned your money without stealing. You don't need protection.. Allah is your protector.
C M (1 month ago)
Doing well because of high demand?! Lmao you charge through the roof and make an incredible profit off of every vehicle. I love how rich people always act like they aren't bringing in the big bucks...
Tsar Pushkin (1 month ago)
Meanwhile a poor man prays to "JESUS" for protection while PRIESTS AND POPES use Armoured cars
Tsar Pushkin (1 month ago)
What if im not rich but need protection ????
Guess you have to buy a 50 bmg,
StraightToThePoint (1 month ago)
It would be traditional to stick a nokia phone inside it
graylobo133 (2 months ago)
This guys sell to narcos too
Yunusa Abdulrazak (2 months ago)
This guy basically just described Femi Otedola
Ninja (2 months ago)
And if you are broke come with me
Akenture (2 months ago)
The linustechtips twin
MoeTV (2 months ago)
Why couldn't you build xxxtentacions i8😩
Kingfish 85 (2 months ago)
Id love some armor for protection in stockton cali. Ive seen my share of shootings. Not fun.
Orange Juice (2 months ago)
Its booming because drug cartels
Squid Rider (2 months ago)
I'm poor and need protection, so I guess I'm F'd lol.
Leaobardo Rendon (2 months ago)
cartel 🤔😂💯
keiwanne Tyler (2 months ago)
Where is this place
John V. (2 months ago)
Trevor Philips (2 months ago)
when you need to make it back to the warehouse but spot a tail on the minimap ...
Pethello (3 months ago)
"our profits are usually pretty small", of all the things he said, this is the only one i do not believe him.
Edwin Jeremiah (3 months ago)
Can u armoured Toyota Highlander of 2013 model?
Alberto Portugal (4 months ago)
My anus is a carproof whatever I didn’t think this through
Riviere Marc (4 months ago)
I love americans everything there is superior. In Europa in south africa they proved thousand time how they don t need to do that because all the whole world knows it
J.J. D. (4 months ago)
mel b -lol has been steven s. has been t.i. has been nuff said
MotionInMotion1975 (5 months ago)
I love having an armored SUV. The problem is that once you get rid of it to get a new one, the armoring is worth nothing, you can only sell the car for as much as 10% more than its original value.
Nainoa Usita (5 months ago)
they forgot to add the small hole so u can shoot back lol
Nicholas Littlejohn (5 months ago)
Luxury vehicles attract dangerous attention.
Evan Faraday (6 months ago)
Can these be for any type of car? Even a sedan. Say a Subaru Wrx?
Em Love (6 months ago)
Bitch needs to wear pads on his pits 😂 so gross!
Angela Johnson (6 months ago)
you still have to get out of the vehicle some time Ed Moore from Maryland
Dean Manickum (6 months ago)
Would love to bring this operation and market bullet proof vehicles in Durban, South Africa.
fistteam (7 months ago)
@25: "30wreight-wround type ammunition"...What, was he drunk during this production?!? LOL
California Wynn (7 months ago)
He talks to damn much about who he works for bad for biz
saul chm (8 months ago)
so they blow the head gasket to do that smoke
Savage Days (8 months ago)
If 2PAC was in this car the day of the shooting....HE should been alive today. TRUE STORY 😂😂😂
renge99O9 (8 months ago)
Meanwhile, the U.S. Military left thousands of MRAP vehicles overseas simply because they didn't want to pay to ship them back to the USA. Costs about $12 grand to ship one back, cost between $600 grand and $1 million to build each one. You paid for them, but you can't buy them back.
SATAN (8 months ago)
50 cal and your screwed
W8MPX (10 months ago)
You can bullet proof you own car without paying a high price
Cailou (10 months ago)
Can it stop my Ejaculation ?
Rex Luminus (10 months ago)
Cailou Yes it can. It has a rejection ejection lever.
exotic_ sk11s (10 months ago)
But can it run roblox at 103038282 fps at 4k rez?
no name (10 months ago)
Y'all take EBT
Flipped (10 months ago)
"on this episode of demolition ranch, can it stop the 50BMG?"
henry Sanson (10 months ago)
I doubt their earnings are little lol
david sanders (10 months ago)
Interested in hacking , message me on Instagram @sandersdavi affordable price and quick
Dutch Schultz (11 months ago)
Is it from fema& are oun us army? Just wondreing. Does anyone heard anything about the victims in Florida& Houston. I hope you all look into it. Dont let them take your firearms away. Dont go with us army. Go with your local or state militia..PLEASE IN THE NAME OF GOD TO LOOK INTO THIS
iwan (11 months ago)
so it can also stop a 50bmg?
you mean the Pit Bull VX?
Sergio Zamorano (11 months ago)
Titanium is the most powerful material for armor.
Joemammasdaddy (1 year ago)
what if were not rich, yall offer Vetrans discounts
Im not rich and i dont need protection but i still want one :(
Tony Nyangi (1 year ago)
50 cal proofing??????
Nik Murphy (1 year ago)
Oh yes, I am most certain that people are climbing over themselves to kidnap Steven Seagal.
MR BOLEUS (1 year ago)
America is a place with the highest number of sheep for shearing.... That's the power of capitalism....
RL R (1 year ago)
Scary Spice needs an armored vehicle...hilarious!
Noah Jones (1 year ago)
if your rich*
John Marston (1 year ago)
I would love to see an armoring company for the people. Everyday people could use stuff like this, we need protection too, it's not just the rich. If I could I'd buy one for my mom and my girl.
notruyet (1 year ago)
How about Machinegun? can that car protect it?
Spikes Hostage (1 year ago)
what about the tires?
Rex Luminus (10 months ago)
DJ.Spikes Hostage. No luck in that department. Unless you buy ...am................ Or you can install 4 extra..... Wheels. Made of.... Some vehicles are equipped with those. Yes.
brod7676 (1 year ago)
only if you are rich
AlanVlogsForFun (1 year ago)
There's a lot of poor people here in the comment just Being jealous of the rich
Elie (1 year ago)
aren't u supposed not to mention your customers for security reasons?
Diego Station (1 year ago)
Bullet proof cars are sick asf
Rex Luminus (10 months ago)
Diego Station. There are 100% bulletproof cars even the tires!!! No. Shi!!. BTW. $50-100 K only.
Michael Grey (1 year ago)
at :31 shows three ppl who no one is going to care for once they realize who is in the vehicle.
Nawh Yawl (1 year ago)
so u take a hundred thousand dollar vehicle, charge 400,000 to armor it...then say ur profits are low. yeah, right! the people actually doing the work probably earn under 20 bucks an hr too.
Paul Archibald (1 year ago)
I'm into electric / solar panel vehicles do they make bulletproof electric vehicles?
Dragon Ball (1 year ago)
young dolph
Siriyak Cr (1 year ago)
aslong as there is weapon industry/manufacturing US won't be safe, this because people from internal or external they are participate in crime
Siriyak Cr (1 year ago)
where there is a weapon there is crime example American/Russian/Afghanistan/Iran/Iraq/Pakistan so.on in India there no such weapon shops so that people don't try kill other or themselves like Batman premier so here they don't need such car ultimately they have come out of car and even presidents got killed even though they had such car
Macmittens411 (1 year ago)
what if there was an accident and they needed to break the glass to get you out??
Al Je (1 year ago)
If you're not rich, don't come to us!!!
john Stinglette (1 year ago)
This company sucks, I still got shot
BeenuZz (1 year ago)
west africa lol. With all the rpg there, that light armor looks like a joke to waste money on.
Ricardo Ellison (5 months ago)
BeenZz Yes, with a cheap rusty old Soviet-era RPG-7..it would sail thru this armor..& spray the insides of the vehicle with molten copper..,incinerating its occupants.
D. M. Cook (1 year ago)
The way things are going, armored vehicles will be a standard in America by 2020! These crooks and cartels are breeding like cockroaches!
I'm not Anonymous (1 year ago)
1:52 funny how they say that "More Americans believe gun violence is rising" when actually it is becoming less common.
Gregory S Hutchison (1 year ago)
I stick with the BMW 7 High Security and the S600 Guard that I drive regularly now. Vr9 and Vr10 ratings respectively.
Nicholas Littlejohn (5 months ago)
SONGS N STUFF! (6 months ago)
Your my driver!
Robert Bidochon (1 year ago)
+Gregory S Hutchison  Oh, ok. Your 7er uses the 4.4 V8 or the 6.0 V12?
Gregory S Hutchison (1 year ago)
I can't upload videos of the actual vehicles due to security concerns, but there are videos already uploaded of each vehicle.
Robert Bidochon (1 year ago)
Can you upload videos on both of these please?
Twisted Soul (1 year ago)
Shut the fuck up telling us ur profit is so small u fucking piece of shit
Twisted Soul (1 year ago)
ArsenalFanSince '02 bitch don't act like 8th grader I ll fuck u up , profit what makes these business survive u dumb fuck
GunnerSol (1 year ago)
Purplesasquatch don't bother this guy is an idiot that even a 5th grader would understand economics better. with a biz like this there can't be such a huge profit, it's just enough but not over the top as you think
Twisted Soul (1 year ago)
Purplesasquatch did u listen to him he said high demand I hope u understand what's high demand mean
Bulby (1 year ago)
I already explained it but you won't listen, it's not likely a company buying cars and rebuilding them with armor and James Bond type features has high profit margins. The market is small, the materials and labor are expensive, and they also have to maintain a front.
Kwashiem Brownseed (2 years ago)
Going to need this for some protection against stupid hairy trigger finger Cops.
Kofi Boateng (2 years ago)
if your rich and want an armored car

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