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Soldier jumps on grenade: Hero Marine who saved squad in Iraq denied Medal of Honor - TomoNews

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SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA — After years of fighting for a Medal of Honor nomination, the family of a heroic Marine sergeant has given up and instead accepted a Navy Cross on his behalf. Sgt. Rafael Peralta died in Iraq after absorbing the blow of a grenade that would likely have killed members of his team. He was just 25. Former Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel rejected the Medal of Honor bid because the details of Peralta’s death are still under dispute. On the morning of November 15th 2004, Peralta’s team was clearing houses in Fallujah. Inside the fourth house, the team threw open a door to find several insurgents armed with AK-47s. The Marines exchanged fire with the men and killed one of the insurgents. During the fire exchange, a bullet struck Rafael, severely injuring him. Reports indicate Peralta was struck by a bullet from his own team as he tried to move out of the line of fire. As the remaining insurgents retreated, a grenade landed next to Peralta. Initial reports indicated he pulled the grenade under his body in an effort to shield his men from the explosion. But later reports contradicted that story. “I can remember people saying it would be the right thing to do, to say that he did more than he did,” said Reggie Brown, who was inside the house with Peralta, during a 2014 interview with the Washington Post. “I disagree with everything my fellow Marines proclaim to have seen,” Brown said. Other Marines have disputed Brown’s statement. Regardless, Peralta’s body did absorb the blow of the grenade, which normally has a 5-meter killing radius. On Monday morning, Peralta’s mother accepted the Navy Cross, which is the second highest award a Marine can receive. Peralta’s brother spoke at the ceremony and read the last letter he received from the fallen hero. In it, Peralta told his little brother to “just remember that I already lived my life to the fullest.” Peralta was a Mexican immigrant, who reportedly enlisted in the military the same day he received his green card. “His legacy will carry on as long as the Marine Corps stays alive,” Rick Peralta said during the ceremony. ----------------------------------------­--------------------- Welcome to TomoNews, where we animate the most entertaining news on the internets. Come here for an animated look at viral headlines, US news, celebrity gossip, salacious scandals, dumb criminals and much more! Subscribe now for daily news animations that will knock your socks off. Visit our official website for all the latest, uncensored videos: http://us.tomonews.net Check out our Android app: http://bit.ly/1rddhCj Check out our iOS app: http://bit.ly/1gO3z1f Stay connected with us here: Facebook http://www.facebook.com/TomoNewsUS Twitter @tomonewsus http://www.twitter.com/TomoNewsUS Google+ http://plus.google.com/+TomoNewsUS/ Instagram @tomonewsus http://instagram.com/tomonewsus -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "Crying dog breaks the internet’s heart — but this sad dog story has a happy ending" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4prKTN9bYQc -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-
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Text Comments (269)
Amos Sivan (1 month ago)
Oorah! Rest well brother, we have the watch
John White (1 month ago)
It's understandable why he wasn't awarded the MOH. The details for such anaward have to be crystal clear.
quintin vesga (3 months ago)
*Marine jumps on grenade
Tmoddrummer 35 (4 months ago)
He’s a marine. Not a soldier. There is a difference
Tmoddrummer 35 (3 months ago)
Burak Coskun Say that to a Marine and see what happens.
Burak Coskun (3 months ago)
Tmoddrummer 35 Marines are soldiers to they just a different type of soldiers
Jedi116_ (4 months ago)
This is controversial af..
Mark Lumley (4 months ago)
Marines are never called soldiers, that is what Army personnel are called. Marines are called Marines. That said if there was so much confusion as to what happened then why award the second highest award? If this Marine received the second highest award for rolling onto a grenade to save other Marines then the award should be the Medal of Honor.
ismail alansia (4 months ago)
Janeth Martinez (5 months ago)
What ever his death was he did deserve that medal 😤😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢
Enrique Cortez (6 months ago)
El compa peralta, listo para cual qier chamba
Vosk Velcrow (6 months ago)
Well we are not from the same country but in the french army we are teached to respect all soldiers no matter where they come from so RIP Rafael
karl doofenschmirz (7 months ago)
He enlisted the day he got his green card he is more patriotic than Donald trump
Rielero805 (7 months ago)
If he where white, the medal would be in the hands of his family.
U wot m8? (8 months ago)
I don’t think the marine would beg and complain for the Medal of Honor... He is a hero either way.
DerpyCats 101 (8 months ago)
My dad was with him, he's in the documentary about him. I'm learning more and more about what happened, all respect for him.
GOT DA POKE (9 months ago)
If he was kill on accident so what he was helping the army
Zurjix (10 months ago)
he didn't get a medal, he got a fucken destroyer
FUGYOO (10 months ago)
A true American hero who joined, served and died for the country he chose to be a part of. He didn't do it in the mexicant army. They haven't been in a war since the Alamo. Not like the cowardly faggot kneelers and antifa pussies.
Icarus V. (11 months ago)
Something's fucked with our government holy shit..
BulletSh0t (1 year ago)
Who cares if how he died?!! HE SAVED HIS MEN FROM A... *GOD DAMN GRENADE!*
Michael Xia (1 year ago)
Honour and respect
Bailey Nora (1 year ago)
who care he dead
David Carrero (9 months ago)
Bailey Nora think. What if he were your brother.
Big Albert (1 year ago)
it's because he was Mexican
RedInterceptor (1 year ago)
This isnt the first time the government has awarded the medal of honor to someone who didn't deserve it. They have to do a thorough investigation and get the details straight. So don't get too upset about
AceZGaming (1 year ago)
Just tell the truth "Pentagon" .
Alex Kohler (1 year ago)
Someone fix this title. He wasn't a soldier. He is a marine.
c20 caillou (1 year ago)
A marine is not a soldier
Burak Coskun (3 months ago)
c20 caillou Marines are soldiers to they just a different type of soldiers
Migurl Romero (1 year ago)
stupid amerindan Soo close 2 the usa G . far from the true living God
sih1688 (1 year ago)
That's under stupid traitorous obama.  Trump has a US Navy Destroyer name after  Marine Sgt. Rafael Peralta .
sTaTiiCz (1 year ago)
this man is such a hero
Respect to this man. May he rest in peace & his memory never be forgotten.
Lj Hendrickson (1 year ago)
How could that son of a BITCH deny a TRUE HERO???!?? Thank YOU for your ultimate service, XOXO
sih1688 (1 year ago)
That son of a Bitch is obama back in 2015.  Two month ago Trump's US Navy has a New Destroyer name after him,  and many people here misunderstood Trump has no heart for  people fighting for America.
XxchampionsxX Clan (1 year ago)
its just a fucking medal
King.K The Best (1 year ago)
rictherealtor (1 year ago)
Trump wants him in his coffin deported.
sih1688 (1 year ago)
Don't behave like a typical democrat liar!     Trump have a US Navy Destroyer name after  Marine Sgt. Rafael Peralta .
Dont Spread (1 year ago)
he died for his brothers, he wouldn't care that he didn't get the medal, he would care his brothers survived
Virgilio D Campli (1 year ago)
tancks for wall against troglodit terrorists muslimins !!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 💪💪💪 tancks from Italy 🇮🇹
SixCorso (1 year ago)
He is a hero to this country may he Rest In Peace
Kelly Mack (1 year ago)
B's to all those who answer the call put it on line are hero's to me i say thank you
bluekeet (1 year ago)
at least they named a destroyer after him.
Z Naz (1 year ago)
isnt a ship better than a metal
Annoying Pickle (1 year ago)
but if he was white...
Alex da Vinci (1 year ago)
They named a destroyer after Piralta. That's badass!
sammy lee (1 year ago)
bro, why would you should your own man?
Inferno (1 year ago)
Team Killler!
Josep Sankhill (1 year ago)
If trump was there he would have receive the medal.
Ed M (1 year ago)
damn marine work on your shooting😤 R.I.P
AndrewPlayz (1 year ago)
You are messed up if you disliked this video
King Vito (1 year ago)
Change the freaking title, we are not soldiers, we are Marines
Burak Coskun (3 months ago)
King Vito Us marines are soldiers to they just a different type of soldiers
SpitFire (1 year ago)
We can't get a Medal of Honor okay I guess a navy cross might work WOW REALLY...
Vault Boy (1 year ago)
Guys.. He was given great honors, there is an active service ship baring his name and those can be active for upwards of 50 to 60 years; he was given a navy cross too. Which is a grand honor in itself; for a medal of honor to be given everything has to be clear; as far as I remember war commendations.
Prophetess of MeoW (1 year ago)
There was a movie made on here called "Greencard Warriors" about a kid who jointed army in exchange govt promised his fam would be legal here if he joined army. Govt made a lot of lies to recruit during 'the surge'
Hot, Manly Mustache (1 year ago)
Soldiers are members of the Army, not the Marine Corps.
Cody same difference (1 year ago)
Stormagadon (1 year ago)
HE IS NOT A SOLIDER!!!! HE IS A MARINE!!!!!!!!!!!! This man is a hero, I would lay my life down for him any day of the week! To all people who serve, past, present, and future, I salute you!
Erfgghhh Knvffvcg (1 year ago)
Fuck a medal he's a hero in my book
CSOR AUDEAMUS (1 year ago)
A true Hero, Semper fidelis
Edward Altamirano (1 year ago)
This is why these protestors setting shit on fire and destroying shit disgusts me. If I was a veteran, it would make me sick to my stomach to see the snowflake generation abusing my contribution.
Edward Altamirano (1 year ago)
Clara oswald (1 year ago)
i love guys like him they come to our country legaly and they have respect for our country that guy is a hero and in my eyes he is and will all ways be an american
Walkthroughs With J.R (1 year ago)
Now this is a loyal soilder
Dylan Meier (1 year ago)
God rest his soul and God bless all
ExistingGamerYT (1 year ago)
They still should give him a Medal of Honor
ExistingGamerYT (1 year ago)
The guys stupid
Armada (1 year ago)
Wrong title!
Bill Patikamanant (1 year ago)
Fuck this person who rejected the Medal of Honor let's see how would you feel if they rejected the Medal of Honor while you served and died
Geovani Alvarez (1 year ago)
He's a marine. He smothered the grenade under him no doubt! Semper fi!!
Sherman DaVinci (1 year ago)
He isn't a soldier, he's a marine. Get it right.
Иосиф Сталин (8 months ago)
A marine is a type of soldier. A soldier is a person enlisted in an army, armed force, a military in general. A member of an armed force is a soldier regardless of function or rank. Generals are soldiers and so are enlisted men.
Zachary Thomas (1 year ago)
ARQUITECTOSTAR dude you're literally like everywhere, stop embarrassing your pathetic ass. For those of you that are seeing this jackass AQUITE, don't buy into his bs. He started shit talking on Michael Murphy's memorial video, and claimed that he served in the U.S. Navy yet the bitch lives in Pakistan. He also praised the Japanese when they attacked Pear Harbor on a history video, so much for a "Navy Veteran" right?
Psychotic Digitz (1 year ago)
eli milton (1 year ago)
Marine not soldier
Burak Coskun (3 months ago)
eli milton Marines are soldiers to even the pilots of Usaf are soldiers
joined the Marines the day he got a green card. I can respect that.
SmithN' Wesson (10 months ago)
Hell yea. Thats a bad dude
Future Sailor Sanchez (1 year ago)
I'm already in guy.
Sherman DaVinci (1 year ago)
Future Sailor Sanchez lol calm down SJW. You're in for a rude awakening IF you join LOL
Future Sailor Sanchez (1 year ago)
Yeah davinci is that a problem? They're fighting for us so why not.
Sherman DaVinci (1 year ago)
The Guitar Progress Channel so he can get his full citizenship, lots of them do that. But it is cool that he decided to go infantry.
FlyBoy (1 year ago)
It's because he's a legal immigrant. They don't like legal immigrants in the "Obama Administration"
slippin rich (1 month ago)
He was killed in 2004 Obama wasnt President it was Bush why didnt his administration give the metal
Sherman DaVinci (1 year ago)
+kelly shea #MAGA  
Sherman DaVinci (1 year ago)
+Hi Oh then what was the point of you saying that cucktard
Sherman DaVinci (1 year ago)
Hi Oh he didn't say he was you fucking retard
Preston Garvey (1 year ago)
Colonel_Shrek no he's not illegal
renjixsan (1 year ago)
It is always pretty cool to have a ship named after you. That is a huge honor.
Tre Johnson (1 year ago)
god bless him
Aaron Pixler (1 year ago)
Im a Fallujah Marine. Unless you were there every one should keep their comments to their self please. This place had a lot of evil. A lot of us that survived relive Fallujah in our minds every day. Uncommon acts of valor were an every day thing in Fallujah. Rest in Piece y friends.
ThinBlueLine-204 (2 years ago)
Many Marines and others who deserve the MOH or other award don't get it. A friend of mine has been out of the army for 10 years and has yet to receive some of the things he earned.
TF Ripper Marine (1 year ago)
Mohner Lisa I'm glad we agree I'm amazing. you on the other hand are almost average. but thanks.
ThinBlueLine-204 (2 years ago)
Many Marines and others who deserve the MOH or other award don't get it. A friend of mine has been out of the army for 10 years and has yet to receive some of the things he earned.
TF Ripper Marine (1 year ago)
AJ Calacci ignore Lisa, she and her boyfriend are muslim terrorists wannabe's from a little town in Belgium. if you want to have fun with them call the Belgian embassy and give them the plate number of the rv in her pictures. tell them they tried to recruit you. my guess it's if they get her computer she's gonna have some explaining to do. lol could be funny.
ThinBlueLine-204 (1 year ago)
Mohner Lisa I'm joining the marine reserves once I graduate high school because of the tensions with Russia. I don't want to do it to kill, I want to do it to defend. I'm hoping to join as a firefighter or MP.
Petros Nikolakopoulos (2 years ago)
he earned a bonus level in Iran. He'll receive it soon
Mickey Flores (2 years ago)
let's just pray n praise a fallen comrade n battle buddy as a Army vet n Chicano God bless u N ur familia carnal.....
Ethan Clemons (2 years ago)
Just look at the body it's as easy as that was he shot in the back? If so then the Marines told the truth and he didn't smother the grenade. If he was shot in the front it's most likely true that he covered the grenade.
odie gwapo (2 years ago)
+Ethan Clemons are you sure it was on his abdominal ? and you sure there's a possibility of not damaging the head? it's your call
Ethan Clemons (2 years ago)
+odie gwapo So if he covered the frag with his stomach his back is fine so check for bullets on his back if theres bullet wounds there bingo. Also there is a huge noticable difference between shrapnel damage and a bullet wound
odie gwapo (2 years ago)
+Ethan Clemons oh men. like I said its logic. but questioning me "what" that means you don't understand. let me explain. you like to know where the bullet wound came but how? I tell you this. what happens to a person's body after been exploded near a tactical grenade?
Ethan Clemons (2 years ago)
+odie gwapo What?
odie gwapo (2 years ago)
how the heck would you know the bullet wound. ? think about it. it's just logic
mrjodoku (2 years ago)
Semper Fi Marine. Now take your post in Heaven
Junomaster2006 (2 years ago)
That's because the medal went to the courageous caitlyn jenner.
atul Jain (2 years ago)
he should hav thrown it on the militans ^_°
Tlaloc Reyes (3 years ago)
Anyone notice the bud light on his grave?
julle huu (3 years ago)
1:11 lol
Raksmey Chan (3 years ago)
Hahaha stupid marine
Toxic Anomaly (3 years ago)
Oorah semper fi
Murica 1776 (3 years ago)
But bruce... I mean caitlyn jenner came out as a tranny! Shes a hero! Why doesnt he... I mean she get a medal of honor?
Dreamformeable (3 years ago)
John Trolovinski (3 years ago)
+Dreamformeable false*
Dreamformeable (3 years ago)
+John Trolovinski With a name like a TROLovinski i wonder who is falce here???
John Trolovinski (3 years ago)
Stfu ur religion is false. Science is love Science is life :)
Mr. Zora (3 years ago)
dirty mexican
death mam (3 years ago)
To hear that there are disputes about his death and that he is essentially not worthy for the Medal is disgusting. How can just awarding him with the Medal be such a difficult task for the government to do. The fact that his family had to fight for months and still not get recognition highlights how it's pointless for a person to give their life for 'their' country.
Mountain Lion (3 years ago)
if he was white it would have been a different story
John White (1 month ago)
Go cry to your Mommy.
mm ix (3 years ago)
PERALTA FOR PRESIDENT!!!! Oh wait. He''s dead.
t000000000MUCH (3 years ago)
That's amazing the day he got his green card he insisted and died saving fellow Americans, this man is a true hero
simpleguyfa2 (3 years ago)
Every Muslim country always want WAR! Europe would must take them as new country and make living peaceful.
I.K.E. ASAP (3 years ago)
How long did it take you to think of that idiotic response?
SirEvilestDeath (3 years ago)
He got a medal and uss destroyer named after him. One medal of honor isn't much compared to having people live on a massive structure named after you.
Troll (3 years ago)
Getting tired of this jumping on grenade bs. Why not just pick it up and throw it?! -_- they try to be heroic like that cause they've seen it in movies
MetalSkeleton56 (1 year ago)
And they had bad grenades so the fuses weren't manufactured to be cut shorter
MetalSkeleton56 (1 year ago)
Well no sh!t because you were out in the open.
Troll (1 year ago)
MetalSkeleton56 lol Noobs I done threw grenades back at the viet congs in the viet war
MetalSkeleton56 (1 year ago)
Troll you are a true tardbag. He can't just pick a grenade up, stand, throw it, all when he's already wounded. Would you take a risk of the grenade bouncing back to you as it hit the wall because you missed the doorway? What if someone closed the door? What if you threw it, and because a grenade is like 40 bullets in every direction, you would have about a 6% chance of getting hit with two of those fragments? Actually do something productive in the comment section, although I am guilty of not doing that as of right now.
Sneaker GOd (3 years ago)
Your own buddy kill you wtf
goatanything (3 years ago)
So this guy gets the Navy Cross & has a destroyer named after him, yet I've been bugging the Navy for over 30 years to award my father the Purple hearts he earned in WWII & Korean War!!!!   WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Israelite Daggerz (3 years ago)
If it were to be a fucken crakkker he would've got a statue built for him. Fuck the white government!!
haha LOL haha (3 years ago)
He's not a Soldier. He's a United States Marine!!
Lavish (1 month ago)
You would not call a sailor a soldier, an airman a soldier, and certainly you should not call a Marine a soldier. A Marine is a Marine, he is distinguished by his training, history, and his uniform. It's fine if you didn't know that but don't assume
Burak Coskun (3 months ago)
haha LOL haha US marines are soldiers to even the pilots of the airforce are soldiers
Ryan (3 years ago)
he is got a destroyer after his name that is equivelent to a medal of honer and becuz of the uncertinty of the incident the gov. cant just give away medal of honers like it is nothing look at the victorien cross 4 example its almost impossible to achieve it and thats how it should be this doesnt downgrade the heroic actions of this man . and btw  a medal of honer reciever never says that he deserved the medal .
Ryan (2 years ago)
+jo mana its is extreme if that's the point then we owe millions of bodies the medal of honor
jo mana (2 years ago)
+Ryan Freeman Death is not extreme enough for you?  
Ryan (2 years ago)
+jo mana true, I'm not down grading his action .... I don't want the medal of honor to become a slippery slop... its supposed to be for extreme gallantry and selflessness in action he was selfless but it wasn't extreme
jo mana (2 years ago)
+Ryan Freeman I disagree. he could have rolled away from the grenade to avoid getting injured further but he pulled the grenade  toward himself to protect OTHERS.  That is an action beyond self.
Ryan (2 years ago)
+jo mana no that's efficiency in battle, nothing to do with an action beyond ones self
NightWolfXVI (3 years ago)
I don't care what anybody say his a true American hero.
ǝqnʇnoʎ ɹW (3 years ago)
Nope Jenner is still more courageous than this man....
Doug Carter (7 months ago)
ǝqnʇnoʎ ɹW SO many SICK people with a computer CUT off your hands with a bandsaw.
King Joe (1 year ago)
ǝqnʇnoʎ ɹW just to prove men are better at everything, a man got woman of the year.
ǝqnʇnoʎ ɹW (3 years ago)
+Emanuel Pacquiao Sheman of the year plox
jo mana (3 years ago)
+ǝqnʇnoʎ ɹW Time magazine is going to name him Mawoman of the year.
ǝqnʇnoʎ ɹW (3 years ago)
Bruce Jenner is more courageous than Gandhi
Mc Whopper (3 years ago)
If you're going to name a Destroyer after him, then why not the medal?
BeingHonest (3 years ago)
+Joseph Guzman you nailed it
xH4L0-SN1P3Zxalt lol (3 years ago)
+Darryl hall Better to have a Destroyer named after you. You'll be more permanently remembered. Even with a MoH he won't be remembered by everyday people for very long.
Joseph Guzman (3 years ago)
They don't want to give away benefits. Depending on the metal and classification you die from; the family can reason a lot of benefits Such as lifetime medical, school cost, military base access, etc.... It's always about the money! May this great American Hero rest in peace!!! Aways heart breaking!

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