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Snowflake eel attacks clownfish (survives)

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One of my clown fish wondered into the wrong area, right into the snowflake eel's den. Sorry it's hard to see, it was in the very back of the tank behind the live rock. The clown fish escaped and survived, extremely lucky fish.
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Ares (9 месяцев назад)
The clown you have acts odd. All of my fish tail slap my spotted eel to let it know they are not food. Yours just kinda stayed still hoping to not get bit. Also, the eel likely just needs an increase in feeding. Mine eats daily till he's ignoring the food. I let it go a day and my skunk shrimp disappeared. If they're not hungry they won't bother anything. That rule applies to green morays as well as any other.
Cajun Floridian (8 месяцев назад)
It was a new clown fish that my wife bought and when we introduced it to the tank it went under the live rock way in the back of the tank where the eel is always at and I guess the clown fish didn't realize there was an eel hovering over it until it attacked. The clown got away unscaved and is doing just fine now. Also the eel eats plenty, he's just a little territorial of his little area back there under the rock.

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