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TAKE WATERMELON SEEDS AND BOIL THEM THE RESULTS WILL SHOCK YOU Channel : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAQFhcM76KuHj2U7_t8U8NA Keyword : TAKE WATERMELON SEEDS AND BOIL THEM THE RESULTS WILL SHOCK YOU watermelon, health benefits of watermelon seeds, benefits of watermelon seeds, beneficios da melancia, semente de melancia
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Pralhad Brahmane (1 day ago)
I think eat the seeds of watermelon directly if exist in watermelon
Club Anglo Talking (28 days ago)
Thank You Musictherapy! Wonderful Advice but not a Word about easily removing the Seeds from this Fruit? The Rind of Watermelon has more Benefits Therefore simply Liquidize the Whole Watermelon add a quarter of a glass of Plain water to each Glass of juice you drink to make it easy to drink and Enjoy!
Gigi Devoe (30 days ago)
may have been a good videobif shown how to preserve the seeds & rinds.
Bundis O'connor (1 month ago)
Grinding melon seeds. Not convinced
What boil ?
Ginge J (1 month ago)
Sick of these fing robot videos. Won't watch them all the way through.
BOBSI BURTON (1 month ago)
Educate the robot
Rock 'n Roll Daddio (2 months ago)
If you eat watermelon seeds you'll grow watermelons out your butt.
Abel Modimola (2 months ago)
I experience many things that am not aware of it
Abel Modimola (2 months ago)
I experience many things that am not aware of it
capnchip (2 months ago)
All I got was.....boiled no-good -now watermellon seeds
Ama Pokua (2 months ago)
No public comment
Ama Pokua (2 months ago)
To retry
Ama Pokua (2 months ago)
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Altex lan (3 months ago)
I just buy ready made open seeds n dry fry them n eat.nice
rasta jaman (3 months ago)
Mohammad Eshaghzehi (3 months ago)
How I make thats liquid?
King Boonie's Showtime (3 months ago)
Sayyan seed
Mike Jay (1 month ago)
King Boonie's Showtime synsu bean
MattDollars (3 months ago)
Its only cause the growers pick the watermelon before they grow seeds they not smart like that
Arbus S2000369 (3 months ago)
Eat this and you will have a robotic voice...try it.
Ashley Hipsky (1 month ago)
Arnel Bustamante hilarious
Julia Broadway (3 months ago)
Very interesting
Uday Shanker (3 months ago)
B comlex vitamines are heat labile! boiling the water melon seeds lose all vitamins! Better to ear raw seeds!
Oge Emma (4 months ago)
hygienic expert
Marcia Shirley (4 months ago)
Thanks a lot respect
Loduvo Loishooki (5 months ago)
God is love
Jo Jo Johnson (3 months ago)
Loduvo Loishooki i tried this and died when the sharp edges of the seed tore into my bung hole as i rode my unicorn through the streets of north korea.. thank god for Satan.. HE brought me back specifically to tell you this.. Hes worried about you..
Carmine Mercogliano (5 months ago)
Roger Barkor (3 months ago)
I need hearb that can treat hornier diseases
esther addo (6 months ago)
I need herbs that can treat sickle cell deceased please
John Jordan (3 months ago)
esther addo black seed oil
Robert Tchakounte (7 months ago)
Traduire en français bienfait
Robert Tchakounte (7 months ago)
Pviews iq (8 months ago)
I eat em raw. not for any reason tho people think am wired when I eat it
Enrique Martinez (9 months ago)
It's so hard to buy and to find watermelons with the seeds
Jim Achmoody (2 months ago)
Just bought one, cost a little more.... tastes better, juicier
frank barthel (3 months ago)
frank barthel (3 months ago)
Enrique Martinez not here in the philippeans lots of Elon and seeds 20 pesos a kilo 30p uk.
brian rice (5 months ago)
You can go to Asia food store , Indian health food store also Wal Mart is good too
abdullahi maiwada mukhtar (10 months ago)
Any person that may need the seed eithr papaya or watermelon seed send your address to me. I will did for you.
Enrique Martinez (10 months ago)
We all can get the seeded fruit from the farmers market
Henry Berning (8 months ago)
Enrique Martinez
Carolyn Tui (10 months ago)
very good but when do you drink and do you put it in your hair. what... do you put it in a pestle and mortar to get the oil. alot of information. not enough instructions on HOW to use
Orumwense Osazimn (11 months ago)
Thank you very much God bless you
FAQUIR ISSUFO (11 months ago)
How to cure premature ejaculations
Mduduzi Mthethwa (7 months ago)
Eat slowly
Kollie E Massaquoi (8 months ago)
what can make man sexually strong.
Mary Grace Monsanto (8 months ago)
FAQUIR ISSUFO (11 months ago)
How to cure premature ejaculations
big Holliday (1 month ago)
Watermelon cures that
David Fornah (8 months ago)
FAQUIR ISSUFO....show me to cure premature enjaculation
FAQUIR ISSUFO (11 months ago)
How to cure premature ejaculations
Enrique Martinez (11 months ago)
We can purchase water melon at a farmer's market is the best way of retaining the seeds.
Carnel Stephens (9 months ago)
Enrique Martinez
Eli Joy (11 months ago)
Hi dear how to do watermelons seeds 🍉 how to make water melons 🍉 seeds oli ???
William Angel (11 months ago)
Yeah it is really good when a person speaks not a computer
Sarah K (11 months ago)
who's tried it and have notice anything different it did you started to speak like the robot lol. the only seed you should avoid is Apple if you have to much of it you produce arsenic that is not good for you.
STANLEY JUSTICE (3 months ago)
Sarah K yeah before this videos got posted on you tube I used to blend fruit this way and I only did it for my health. Everything in me was very fine including my immune system. You always drink this not less than 1hr before your meals.
john chisulo (6 months ago)
Sarah K 0
BroccoliQueefed (11 months ago)
That voice is disgusting. We're not robots. We want a real human speaking.
Dave Christensen (11 months ago)
the computer voice allows them to lie, and not be libel
Tony Tony (11 months ago)
Paul Osei Agyeman
Cool_Cat007 Smoove (1 year ago)
Never buy fruit that doesn't produce it's own seeds. Eat all seeds of fruits
iJamie8467x (21 days ago)
Cool_Cat007 Smoove y'all are fucking retarded (+_+) Do your research, Seedless watermelon ain't GMO it's a Hybrids Nothing wrong with it, here watch a factual video it may help https://youtu.be/bkhhCi7nMFI
juanita cox (23 days ago)
Cool_Cat007 Smoove not all apple seeds contains sianide did I spell that right how do you spell cianide ?
Equalizertime (23 days ago)
Gigi Devoe (1 month ago)
Joshua Inez Galvez. yes organic apples all parts are eaten skin, flesh & seeds. helps kill cancer cells in the body which we all have from birth#!!!
CHOSEN FEW CMC (1 month ago)
They're so good for you! Google it!
Jeff Roberts (1 year ago)
Stop with fake voice.
Jeff Roberts
Paul Smith (11 months ago)
Jeff Roberts GB9 Xbox I
Captain Heinie (1 year ago)
SADLY. Seeds are now absent from this fruit here in the UK along with grape seeds. can not find any seeds in most fruits.
J Salas (1 month ago)
That because we choose technology over natural, green fields over concrete, buildings over tree, cars over horses ECT. My point work for a better planet not a better income..
Fawn Muhammad (1 month ago)
Jim Achmoody (2 months ago)
Only a few species
jasmine coleman (3 months ago)
NWO doesn't want us growing our own food. They want us dependent on them . Dumb us down and we can't even grow our own food. We need to mail seeds from U.S to you!
abdullahi maiwada mukhtar (10 months ago)
Send your address for me I will exported it for you from Nigeria.
JON Cunningham (1 year ago)
Robot voice is great for those that do not speak English well. Would you prefer the hindu or other accent? Now stop talking about this automated voice please, as it is totally a distraction to those interested in the contents discussed here. Thanks!
John Hardin (3 months ago)
More injuns!
Camella Joseph (8 months ago)
t bjoshua
JON Cunningham (1 year ago)
Well yes , but i am sure that some of these that post videos are foreign and sound really bad with their English so this is the better option... lol
gwinnyb (1 year ago)
I don't mind the robot voice! it is the bad grammar and misuse of English words that bothers me. they could at least get the sentences and words correct or the programmer could take some courses in basic English
Musictherapy (1 year ago)
Who remembers being told if you eat watermelon seeds you'll grow a watermelon in your gut. Haha we are conditioned to throw out and not ingest the most vital parts of of the fruits and vegetable's we love to eat (the peels , rinds,and seeds) scare tactics to decrease population health and longevity.😑 how manys times have you've thrown out those. Rinds seeds stop throwing away those watermelon seeds and avocado seeds peels and rinds crush them in a processor and dry them and take them make a tea extract ect stay healthy live longer and wiser spread the knowledge not the miseducation of misinformation .💚💪✌🙏
Equalizertime (23 days ago)
Fianoomaxwell Patrick (4 months ago)
+Fhenikx MetaSun MerKabah Hey sup u
Fhenikx MetaSun MerKabah (8 months ago)
YESSSS...now this is Life longevity!!!!!
ejike odih (9 months ago)
. .
elisila ackone (11 months ago)
Musictherapy what did you say about avocado's seed ,there is sam thing good and new to me i had from you
Castlevi3w (1 year ago)
That fucking skanky old pan will haunt my dreams for weeks.
Enrique Martinez (1 year ago)
why would you boil the seeds when you can get the most benefit by just eating them !
Planety Sanity (1 month ago)
Seeds have enzyme inhibitors. These stop breakdown and assimilation of internal benefits. So boiling grinding soaking of seeds is necessary to overcome this obstacle
Teonna Chain (2 months ago)
C.G Jung you look like you're close to death. You should skip this video and find out what spinach do for the body🤔
Carrel Bickham (2 months ago)
1000Kbaby I think he's trolling
1000Kbaby (3 months ago)
C.G Jung lots of people want to be darker that's why white people always tanning
Mark DeSousa (4 months ago)
maybe make tea ;)
Ed Bengtson (1 year ago)
People get over this robotic voice or computer-generated voice issue that they're using nowadays! it's now the 21st century. The majority have a computer, the majority have a smartphone. This is now what they're using so quit Complaining! Get used to it, the same way you had to get used to Learning your laptop your home computer, your smartphone. It's the wave of the future plus it's much easier for business to get information out to the masses!
Scott Day (2 months ago)
Ed Bengtson it’s still lazy and annoying tech is supposed to make it better not annoying. They lose me every time I hear robot voice video is stopped
ROBERT HAYS (2 months ago)
I actually can not understand most of the words from robots. and over the phone can not understand any word. Idont even know when it gets through talking. I just keep hitting the ) button until a person comes on line to talk
angel Irene Crim (10 months ago)
THERE IS !!! A REASON WHY those artificial voices Do Not resonate with many of us, especially Those Of Us that are awake and are not conformed to programming
mary jane (1 year ago)
Simple.  Don't listen to it then.
mary jane (1 year ago)
Don't listen to it then.
Ed Bengtson (1 year ago)
Super impressed...thank you...
Samir Yakoo (11 months ago)
Ed Bengtson a
Mika B (1 year ago)
Ariel Bermudez (3 months ago)
Mika B
Louis Cabrera (1 year ago)
I tried it and I shat for three days.
MrNaturalliving (1 month ago)
Shitting I'm assuming you meant and not shat! Shitting is gd getting rid of unnecessary stuck biles, it does speed up your metabolism you know.
phallca (1 year ago)
Better than shtanding for that length of time Louis :)
Divine love (1 year ago)
Louis Cabrera you made me laugh so hard...😂😭
Wanda Johnson (1 year ago)
Louis Cabrera so it works
Darocaon The Dragon (1 year ago)
Why the robot voice, it makes this sound not true.
thess Garcia (2 months ago)
Omar Colley that’s true..
Omar Colley (2 months ago)
Nothing is wrong with the voice,understanding is what matters.
Camella Joseph (8 months ago)
+angel Irene Crim tbjosnua
angel Irene Crim (10 months ago)
Yes I hate the Robot Voice and had to Unsubscribe from several Channels The Female Robot Voice is Far worse than this one
DIANE MEILLEUR (11 months ago)
Wake up people's... "Believe " Gods Natural Creations" £nought as been said.
Spacepuft (1 year ago)
Wow, I really was SHOCKED!
Bootsy Pendragon (1 year ago)
why? did it work for you?
Rachel Ketagoda (1 year ago)
You can also get to see
Rachel Ketagoda (1 year ago)
Marvia Dixon .
Marvia Dixon (1 year ago)
no no
vburkans , (1 year ago)
Spacepuft oh yea, me too

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