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Depakote Review / Life Update

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some 411 on my life since I last posted!
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Frank Lopez (1 месяц назад)
Hi dude what dose did it do you take your med? Are you still on it? Are there any issues with you liver? I’m scared about that I’m starting It tomorrow, thank you.
Frank Lopez (1 месяц назад)
Epileptic Jew cool yea I’m taking a multi vitamin, milk thistle (protects the liver) and began 250mg today for Bi polar disorder. Thank you.
Epileptic Jew (1 месяц назад)
Frank Lopez hello! I was on 500mg and liver wise I just had to be careful with drinking or else I’d have problems. Good luck!
Hannah Duggan (2 месяца назад)
I was first introduced to Depakote when I was 16 years old. My crazy aunt Judy will always just come to my house and talk to me for hours and hours about becoming a woman. At my great uncle Tony's funeral, Judy gave me an empty Depakote bottle. I just looked at it confused and Judy said that it's a drug that all girls have to take so they can become women. Then Tony's super tall brother, my great uncle John, just came right up to me, took the empty Depakote bottle out of my hands, threw it on the ground, stomped on it, picked it up, and chucked it out. He even said, "never take Depakote. Depakote is bad and illegal. You don't wanna end up like Tony, now do you?" And when I was 17 years old, Judy began feeding me Depakote so I can gain weight. When I began gaining weight, my clothes were all too small on me. When I was 18 years old, Judy fed me Depakote every day and I began gaining more and more weight and then I became addicted. On the first day of school, I kept on falling asleep in marine ecology class. My teachers had to wake me up. I even had to go to apartments and I kept on falling asleep there, too. I would sometimes take top long in the bathroom just to throw up in the toilet. And my friend Lauren was all like, "Hannah, are you okay in there? Do you have an upset tummy?" And one time when I was at a job site, Judy kept on texting me while I was working and she told me that I had to take Depakote every day. My boss Linda was being so mean to me when I texted Judy "can't talk. Working." Every text message I got was from Judy. After work, Judy kept on feeding me Depakote until I gained so much weight that I couldn't fit into any of my clothes, so I had to borrow clothes from my aunt Dop, who is a super plus size lady. But all of her clothes were all too small and tight on me, so Mommy had to buy me XXXL plus size maternity clothes when I was on Depakote. When I was 19 years old, this mean boy named Wajahat kept on beating me up and calling me disgusting and stupid because he thought that I was pregnant. He thinks that everybody who gets pregnant are disgusting and stupid. He even banged my head against the window so many times. I would always cry on the bus when he was doing that, but then this older boy named Michael said, "Wajahat! Enough! Quit banging her head against the window! Hannah seems very sick and she looks like she's doing illegal drugs. Leave her alone! She needs help!" I rode the bus with all boys and two annoying girls named Theresa and Francesca. Theresa always beat people up and Francesca talked way too much. During summer school, I began feeling very sick. On the last day of summer school, my head was killing me and I got very sick. My bus driver saw what was going on and since she was both a mother and a grandmother, she knew what to do. She saw that I was sick, so she dropped me off first and this mean boy named Robert said, "what are you doing?! You were supposed to drop me off before Hannah!" And the bus driver said, "Hannah is very sick." And then Robert said, "girls are always getting sick. It's because they're the ones who get pregnant. I want Hannah to die!" I was so hurt by his words that I went into my room, took the whole bottle of Depakote 5000 mg, and lie down in my bed, hoping to die. Hours later, my little brother Jed said, "Hannah?" And then I'm all like, "God? Is that you? I hope it's time for me to die already." And then Jed said, "no Hannah it's me Jed. Mom made roast chicken." And then I came down, very sick. I began eating the roast chicken and throwing everything up. On my 20th birthday, I just ate my birthday cake and drank my milk. After that, I stopped eating. After my 20th birthday, I began spending lots of time in my room in my pajamas and throwing up. Mommy even took me to the hospital and I had to go many times. I quit Depakote cold turkey, but the doctors and the nurses didn't know that. But then they asked me what drug I have been taking and I said, "Depakote." And then the doctors and nurses let out this dramatic gasp and told me that Depakote is highly illegal. And then, I even had a live video chat with a guy who helps all recovering addicts. He was very nice. He said, "Hannah, you should have told your aunt that you didn't need Depakote." And I said, "I did. She even told me to take the drug because it would turn me into a woman and I said no. She kept on pressuring me to do it and I kept on saying no. But then she kept on feeding me Depakote 5000 mg." And then the guy said, "well that was very wrong of your aunt to do that." Mommy stayed in the hospital with me. So did my uncles and aunts and cousins. And one time on Sunday, when I was in the hospital all wired up with my IV, Judy came in the hospital and tried to pull my IV out of me and said, "Hanmah, you need to go to church." And I said, "I'm in the hospital. I can't go. Look at me!" I even called Mommy and she came over to the hospital, took Judy into the bathroom, yelled at her, gave her multiple spankings, and told her to walk all the way home because that was her punishment. Later, when I was still in the hospital, I got lots of get well soon cards from people at school. One was from my friend named Brett. It was a poorly drawn picture of me in my hospital bed with my IV, but I found it sweet. And one was from my friend Emily. It was a picture of drugs with a circle and a slash on it. It was a poorly drawn picture. And one was from this new kid named Michael who was only 5 days younger than me. When I went back to school, I weighed 112 pounds and I met Michael. He was a very handsome boy and he was very nice, but he had anger issues and he usually got emotional and cried at the littlest of things, but I found that very adorable and sweet about him. He was very cute and helpful and he became one of my very good friends. Judy now learned her lesson and never gives anybody Depakote.
bcnonken (2 месяца назад)
Your really cute
Ley Quinn (8 месяцев назад)
Great to hear that your experience has been good thus far. Especially glad that your seizures have pretty much stopped for several months. That's great! I have never had a seizure before, it's a mood issue and anxiety issue for me. I REALLY SUFFER IN SILENCE... btw I laughed so hard at you stopping to investigate your cut lip???...saying... {what the hell is this?} :p lmao too funny!!!!! Anyway...back to my point here. Um, ok, so....from a person who's high anxiety and irritability are tweaked out, I say this with total repect. PLEASE, PLEASE, don't hold your phone and THEN record your videos... It's ultimately FAR TOO DISTRACTING and makes it very difficult to follow you. It's jiggling around like mad. With the utmost respect...maybe use a stand for your camera...get comfortable to make your next video...THEN HIT RECORD without picking up your phone. Your video was great, just hard to watch....virtually impossible for me to follow or focus on your story. Not meant to be rude, just said with respect. thanks. Get well...stay well. The internal suffering is rough at times. Cheers!
Epileptic Jew (8 месяцев назад)
Hello! First off, thank you for the kind words and especially the advice on the technical aspect of my channel! I have been working to improve the audio and visual and believe that my next videos will be higher quality. Your support means the world, Henry.

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