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$1,000,000 or SAVE A LIFE, What is worth more? (Greed Social Experiment)

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$1,000,000 or LIFE, What is worth more? (Greed Social Experiment) *TURN ON MY POST NOTIFICATIONS, NEW VIDEO EVERY MONDAY!* Fortnite - https://www.youtube.com/user/JoeySaladsGaming Vlog - https://www.youtube.com/user/JoeySalads2 App - https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/joey-salads-tube/id1313608862 Subscribe to my Vlog Channel https://www.youtube.com/user/JoeySalads2 ADD me on http://Instagram.com/joeysalads Twitter https://twitter.com/JoeySalads https://www.facebook.com/JoeySalads
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Text Comments (13679)
Joey Salads (2 months ago)
What would you choose?
Max Staal (1 month ago)
Deathstar5829 2 (1 month ago)
I would just leave
Ryan Yo mom (1 month ago)
The money
Sunset&La-la (1 month ago)
Joey Salads save a life
Rosa Gonzalez (1 month ago)
Save life like if you egree
Japhet Anciado (1 hour ago)
1m isnt a sobig amount anyway
the watcher (6 hours ago)
Ahh man thats a life new gtr getting deliverd
Junny Armenta (7 hours ago)
Save a child's life
Blue Wolfy GODDESS (8 hours ago)
Ok ok ok let me get this straight why would they choose the money. When a a life cost more then a million dollars
antonette nikas (8 hours ago)
I hate greedy people and I'm homeless liven i n my mom sisters house
Shadowipe (8 hours ago)
He didn't pick to kill the kid, you he wanted to better his life with the "money" In the case. Self preservation is worth way more than the preservation of others. Hell I would take a million dollars and become a doctor, one life to save many. Fuck your logic
Blake Cihacek (9 hours ago)
I would put the briefcase back and say that child's life
lockjaw666 wolf (9 hours ago)
Wow just wow humans are terible
IcedLipGloss (9 hours ago)
i could understand if it were a pic of an adult, but a child???? the 1st and 3rd guy are wicked lmaoo (and no im not saying someones life is worth 1 mill but ijs its easier to justify ur decision when its an adult involved lol)
His name is dj
I love kids not money bro I have a kid
Eric Hargrave II (10 hours ago)
I would save the kid
arleth zazueta (10 hours ago)
Easy the life
Mandy Tramel (10 hours ago)
Save a life
Deliaheartstoys (11 hours ago)
Javier Pena (12 hours ago)
T_dog T_dog (12 hours ago)
Props to guy#2
tylerslap64 (12 hours ago)
a life
Vimppu Veera (12 hours ago)
i would pick the life because i have a little brother and i don't want him to die.....so...yeah but the last prank whatever it is did he ran away or did he gave it to you??!
SoulKeeperHuncho (13 hours ago)
Save a life
SoulKeeperHuncho (13 hours ago)
Who ever said money your wrong your a dirty person no money is worth a human being
Brittan Girouard (13 hours ago)
Save the kid
Ducky Luck (14 hours ago)
If I was in front of the last guy who ran away I'll catch up to him and beat the sh*t out of him 😂😂😂
Yomar Lopez (14 hours ago)
*save a life*
TheCopperhound84 (14 hours ago)
Joey Saaaaalids Gay Last Name
Muhammed Ebrahim (15 hours ago)
I would put the money back
Wolfy Youtube (15 hours ago)
monster (16 hours ago)
fuck off i dont care about a ramdom kid. a random kid isnt worth any more than a random stranger is, and a stranger is worth nothing for me. if we switch up the story and make it a friend's relative.. or someone i know, i'd choose the kid.
Aliyana Myles (16 hours ago)
danisnotonthechair (17 hours ago)
...I wouldn’t let anyone borrow my phone
Alex Meza (18 hours ago)
Im taking the money
Xd You cool (19 hours ago)
The black guy was the best
Mellakah Elliott (21 hours ago)
Earn money the hard way
Mellakah Elliott (21 hours ago)
joh nny (23 hours ago)
i would take the money cuz i can BUY women *ehehehheheh* WITH DAT MONEHZZ
my name is jeff (23 hours ago)
Save the life boyyyyy
Michael Lemgo (1 day ago)
Quick question, why the black dude refuse the money and all the white dudes accept the money
Melam Hashwa (1 day ago)
The 2nd guy is a hero
Fire Dragon (1 day ago)
What if you save the life and the kid wins the lottery and gives you 1 million dollars and 1 cent?
I_crave_ravioli (1 day ago)
The world is over populated anyways so win win for me either way
Osmary Lopez (1 day ago)
GreenGhost HD (1 day ago)
Why sometimes black people have better personalities than whites
Taj Keighran (1 day ago)
Save a life
fortnite bros (1 day ago)
Anyone notice that the only one who passed the test was the BLACK GUY
Why will people do that 😢😭😢😢😭😭😢😭😭😢😭😭😢😭😭😢😭😭😢😭😭
Poisoned32 (1 day ago)
Like who if you would choose money
Life save
Michael Obinna (1 day ago)
This shows how disrespectful and CARELESS some white people are the black guy could’ve done the same and ran off but he didn’t
Tayler Allbritton (1 day ago)
Jade Heil (1 day ago)
adam the warrior (1 day ago)
Soul TheGoat (1 day ago)
Save a life
pekachu (1 day ago)
Put the money back
pekachu (1 day ago)
Just put the money back instanly
Jerome Thompson (1 day ago)
Christi O'Cain (1 day ago)
Isaiah Juarez (1 day ago)
Save a life
Vincent Bourassa (1 day ago)
Why....what....when...where...SAVE A FUCKING LIFE!!!!!!
devon windsor (1 day ago)
Save a god dam life it’s simple money is nothing compared to a life
Rene Beck (1 day ago)
I know This will sound cruel but................ I would Take the money cause I dont know that Child..... Gosh I bet im gonna get flooded by hate comments
Christopher Urguia (1 day ago)
The life
Jayden Simsmons (1 day ago)
The girl
somali henriquez (1 day ago)
Josh Morgan (1 day ago)
What kind of question is that of course i would choose to save a kid i would save the kid even if i was poor fuck money its filthy
Cowleon Gaming (1 day ago)
I pick the life
Save a life
KriNgyKreW OYT (1 day ago)
for people to take the money don't be mad they just have been put in a situation they've have never been put before like people say "oh i'm just gonna leave it there" think about what you would actually do not what you think you would do (edit) also it's easy for people to say it not in *PERSON* IN PERSON PEOPLE it's never happened to you so you just can't make an opinion off what you think would happen
Isactheboss 20 (1 day ago)
God bless the 2nd guy!👌🏽
Nathan Ramsey (1 day ago)
Dont get me wrong idc for the child but I'd rather be rich knowing i worked for it rather than killing a child for it
blan5220 blan5220 (1 day ago)
save the life
Ebba Gestlöf (1 day ago)
Save a kild
Foxien Playz (1 day ago)
Life is precious. Money isnt as precious money cant be told as precious but can be told as helpful life is something you cant get. Within a job...just stop being so ungrateful I hope somebody gets that question and knows you went money so they say ur the target and he said yes your dead. He says no your not.
Crystal Diamonds (1 day ago)
I would pick the life
teolv 01 (1 day ago)
The last guy though 😂😂😂 Didn't even let him finish his sentence
Ashley Roberts (1 day ago)
you are so rude and mean and now i am unsibrubing from you
Delciene Andrade (1 day ago)
What would you choose
RandomDuDe Random (1 day ago)
The 1st Guy is a disgusting human being actually No he is not a human being
Patrick Pornillosa (1 day ago)
Save a life
Mildred Escoto (1 day ago)
If you’d really rather have a million over the life of a PERSON?!? A fucking child ?! You’re fucking sick in the head
Don Pablo Anulysse (1 day ago)
🤣🤣 money
Gonzales Frederic (1 day ago)
I would be at a loss as to what to tell to the prankster... But taking money and let somebody die... No way, l would be gnawed by my conscience and steadily abhor myself to an insufferable point, and l suppose ending up killing myself. So no. No way.
safia hamdi (1 day ago)
never do that choice the right choice let people live
LEMON FREEZ (2 days ago)
Only the black guy always save people than white guys..
Mcdonald French fries (2 days ago)
It's very hard to decide If you get a million dollars you can buy anything! But... the child dies... If you save a life, it will let the child a happy life! But... we don't get any money... But personally I would choose save a life
Mcdonald French fries (2 days ago)
Obviously save a life! Nobody can buy a life Not with a million dollars Not with a billion dollars Not a trillion dollars
TheArrow PvP (2 days ago)
Says we’re so obsessed with money. I’ve never seen more adds on one video in my life.
NM Gaming (2 days ago)
Theres nothin worth more
Jacklyn Kady (2 days ago)
I will pic the life
Paul Montesclaros (2 days ago)
Moral of the story is to not trust people who say "no you're good"
ERod (2 days ago)
Casper White (2 days ago)
The life
Mr. Coelophysics (2 days ago)
In terms of blind morality, yes it is the good choice to save the child. But then if, for example, I took the money to give to charity or to pay the huge medical bills for my younger brother, that would take affect also. There is always more than one side to everything. This is the kind of choice the police make, what medical professionals make. To save a life, save a larger quantity, etc. A colder, but more open view of morals.
Logan Bass (2 days ago)
I didn't even understand the last part of this episode like when the man was running away
Bowen Price (2 days ago)
Save kids life
DaWonds COD (2 days ago)
Money fool
Jayden Corona (2 days ago)
Save a life
Sylas Linhares (2 days ago)
I would save a life

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